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Unique Automatic Espresso & Cappuccino Machine with Milk Frother

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Experience Café-Quality Coffee at Home

Introducing our latest innovation in home coffee brewing: the 20 Bar Automatic Espresso & Cappuccino Machine with Milk Frother. Designed to transform your kitchen into a premium café, this all-in-one machine makes your mornings brighter and your evenings more indulgent. Whether you’re a seasoned barista or a coffee enthusiast, this machine is tailored to deliver the perfect cup every time.


Product Features

  • Voltage: 220V-240V for powerful and efficient brewing.
  • Durable and sleek housing material made of high-grade plastic.
  • Large capacity catering to 5-10 cups, perfect for any occasion.
  • Compact dimensions (240x300x270mm) for easy kitchen placement.
  • Lightweight design at just 3.6kg, making it portable and easy to handle.
  • Eye-catching green color classification, adding style to your kitchen decor.

Perfect for Every Occasion

Whether it’s a quick espresso shot to kickstart your day or a leisurely cappuccino on a lazy Sunday afternoon, this machine caters to all your coffee needs. Its robust 20 bar pressure ensures every espresso shot is rich, smooth, and full of flavor. The milk frother adds that final touch of luxury, allowing you to craft a variety of coffee beverages just like a professional barista.


Why Choose Our Espresso Machine?

What sets our espresso machine apart is its blend of style, functionality, and convenience. The sleek design not only enhances your kitchen’s aesthetic but also promises longevity and durability. It’s perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life but require the simplicity of an easy-to-operate machine. From the first sip to the last, experience unparalleled coffee quality at the touch of a button.

Exclusive Benefits

  • Quick and powerful espresso brewing with 950W power.
  • Integrated milk frother for creamy lattes and frothy cappuccinos.
  • Easy-to-use interface for hassle-free coffee making.
  • GS, RoHS, and CCC certified for guaranteed quality and safety.
  • Italian semi-automatic function, bringing authentic espresso experience to your home.


Bring the Coffee Shop Home

Don’t wait any longer to elevate your coffee experience. Our 20 Bar Automatic Espresso & Cappuccino Machine with Milk Frother is the key to unlocking barista-level coffee in the comfort of your home. Order now and savor the rich, luxurious taste of café-quality coffee every day.

66 reviews for Unique Automatic Espresso & Cappuccino Machine with Milk Frother

  1. Kelly Osinski

    I’m no expert in coffee-making, but after thoroughly studying the instructions and adhering to them, I found them straightforward. The machine is user-friendly and low in maintenance, producing excellent coffee. Using the steam wand has been enjoyable, and I’ve relished the chance to experiment with latte art.
    The machine limits output to just two espresso shots at once, which is slightly disappointing, yet it helps in moderating caffeine intake. It’s challenging to overindulge in caffeine when the machine restricts shot quantity. Sure, one could buy extra filters and holders, but I’m aware of my caffeine threshold.
    I’m really fond of this machine and believe it’s worth its price.

  2. Kiarra Mertz

    I delayed this review for several months to test the machine’s durability. I’m happy to report that it consistently brightens my mornings! The frother is in regular use, about three times a week, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed using this espresso machine. Its compact size, the straightforward process for discarding used espresso, and the ease of refilling water and cleaning are commendable. For a quality espresso, using fresh water and authentic Italian espresso beans is crucial. I suggest giving it a try and see for yourself – it comes highly recommended.

  3. Michelle Becker

    I absolutely love this espresso machine! It’s adorable and fits perfectly on my coffee bar, ideal for creating my favorite espresso beverages. I’ve been crafting tasty cappuccinos, lattes, and even espresso martinis with it! It operates swiftly, is user-friendly, and cleaning it is a breeze. I’ve already suggested this machine to all my friends!

  4. Jamison Tromp

    Switching from our Nespresso to this machine has been a game-changer. It consistently delivers superb coffee and is a breeze to operate.

  5. Efren Hagenes

    Having previously experienced a malfunction with a different brand, I switched to this one and was pleasantly surprised by its superior performance and ease of use, not to mention its charming vintage appearance. It automatically prepares a double shot, allowing me to multitask, and it’s been a hit with my friends and family.

  6. Caleigh Langworth

    I’m quite fond of the espresso machine; it delivers a steady quality of espresso shots quickly. The warm-up time is brief, which is convenient for mornings when I’m in a rush, allowing me to grab a quick shot of espresso before leaving. However, I find the milk frother somewhat challenging to operate. It appears to require practice to apply the correct pressure for heating various types of milk like oat milk. The frothing wand is effective, but I’ve noticed using a 12oz frothing cup works better than an 18oz one.
    The machine’s compact size is impressive, making it an excellent fit for smaller kitchen spaces.
    Its vintage appearance is an attractive feature.
    I haven’t encountered any problems with it and am very satisfied with the affordability and the consistent quality of the espresso shots it produces.

  7. Ressie Runolfsdottir

    Having owned several high-end espresso machines, this one impresses me with its ability to produce espresso that rivals my expensive home model, offering quick heating and straightforward operation at an unbeatable price.

  8. Leola Quigley

    Love ❤️

  9. Coty Shanahan

    The vintage design and features immediately attracted me, and they certainly lived up to expectations! I’ve even abandoned my Delonghi Magnifica, as it was loud enough to disturb the whole household and required frequent refills due to its self-cleaning function. What impressed me most is how quickly this machine warms up – it’s ready in under a minute, which has been a delightful convenience. It consistently makes a hot, flavorful cup of coffee from my freshly ground beans, complete with a creamy layer of crema. The milk frother is effective, though it initially takes a moment to generate full steam, it’s excellent for crafting cappuccinos. Considering the price, this machine is an absolute bargain.

  10. Torrance Hayes

    Easy to use once you figure it out…love the color and style very compact if space is an issue…we struggled with the instructions at first set up the were a little unclear

  11. Howard Crooks

    After using it for nine months, its performance remains stellar, making it an indispensable part of our daily routine.

  12. Trudie Wisozk

    It excels at brewing espresso and offers a fantastic milk frothing feature.

  13. Easton O'Kon

    I love the product!

  14. Colton Terry

    My mornings have been utterly transformed by this sleek coffee maker. It’s astonishing how it churns out espresso and cappuccino that taste as if they’re straight from a quaint café in the heart of Rome. The milk frothing capability is particularly impressive, creating that perfect, creamy top layer with ease. What I love most is the simplicity of it all; with just a few buttons, I’m able to craft a drink that suits my exact mood and preference. Plus, its compact design doesn’t just save space—it looks absolutely stunning on my countertop. Cleaning is a breeze, too, making the entire experience seamless and enjoyable. Truly, it’s like having a personal barista in my own kitchen.

  15. Immanuel Runolfsdottir

    I love how professional and sleek this machine appears. Great addition to my counter.

  16. Edythe Beatty

    Love it so much !

  17. Freddie Walter

    This coffee marvel has completely transformed my daily routine. Waking up to the aroma of freshly brewed espresso is now the highlight of my morning. The machine’s ability to produce barista-level espressos and cappuccinos effortlessly is nothing short of magic. The frothing feature adds just the right touch of elegance to my drinks, making each cup a luxurious treat. I particularly appreciate the customization options, which allow me to tweak my coffee to my exact liking, experimenting with different strengths and milk textures. The machine itself is a stylish addition to my kitchen, with its modern design and user-friendly interface. Cleaning up is surprisingly simple, making the overall experience fuss-free. Sharing a cup of perfectly brewed coffee with loved ones has become a cherished part of my day, thanks to this incredible machine. It’s not just about the coffee; it’s about the moments and memories created around it.

  18. Brigitte Feeney

    This was a Christmas request from my daughter, and it has exceeded our expectations. The coffee it brews is outstanding in, the machine’s quality is top-notch, and its appearance is charming. You’ll be thoroughly pleased with it.

  19. Tiffany McClure

    Loooove! No more starbucks!

  20. Oceane Windler

    Setting it up was straightforward, and once I dialed in the right grind size, the flavor was impressive! Considering its affordability, the quality is remarkable. I’ve always wanted an espresso machine but couldn’t justify the expense of a high-end model, so finding an affordable option that performs well is a win.

  21. Russel Skiles

    Price delivery and function high standard

  22. Connor Glover

    Since I got the cappuccino machine I been having cappuccino every day. I feel like I went back to Italy.

  23. Adell Kovacek

    I’m not the biggest coffee enthusiast, but my guests are, and they absolutely adore this machine. It’s become so beloved that they’ve jokingly threatened to take it home, thinking I don’t use it enough. While I prefer my espresso mixed with other ingredients, according to them, it produces an excellent espresso.

  24. Randy Murazik

    When paired with Lavazza coffee, it produces exceptional espresso. I’ve encountered no significant drawbacks. Its straightforward operation and maintenance, coupled with a superb steam function that I also use for hot chocolate, make it an excellent choice for those seeking a budget-friendly, beginner-friendly option.

  25. Kassandra Bechtelar

    Got this as a gift for my son and his family – they love it!!!

  26. Domenica Wiza

    This coffee machine is a dream come true for someone like me who cherishes their morning cup. The quality of espresso it produces is unparalleled, offering deep, rich flavors with every sip. But the real game-changer is the integrated milk frother, which whips up an incredibly smooth froth for cappuccinos. The customization features allow me to adjust everything to my liking, from the coffee strength to the milk temperature. It’s user-friendly, making my coffee ritual something I look forward to each day. The design is modern and elegant, fitting perfectly into the aesthetic of my kitchen. It’s not just a machine; it’s an essential part of my daily routine, bringing a touch of luxury to my mornings.

  27. Brook Jaskolski

    This an excellent product.. I like the fact of making an espresso at home is great.

  28. Edd Moore

    Having this coffee machine has been a game-changer for me. It crafts exquisite espresso and cappuccinos that rival my favorite cafes, right from the comfort of my home. The feature for frothing milk is phenomenal, adding a professional touch to each drink. What impresses me most is the customization it offers, allowing me to experiment with different coffee strengths and milk textures. Its design is both sleek and functional, making it a standout appliance in my kitchen. Plus, its intuitive operation makes brewing a breeze. It’s truly elevated my coffee experience, making every morning a bit more special.

  29. Elouise Bergnaum

    It was gifted to me and it works great, very easy to use and the milk froths just the way I like.

  30. Marcella Beer

    Bringing this sophisticated coffee-making wizard into my life has completely transformed my mornings. The quality of espresso and cappuccino it produces is nothing short of extraordinary, striking the perfect balance between robust flavor and smooth texture. The integrated milk frother works like magic, effortlessly creating that creamy froth that is essential for a genuine cappuccino experience. What’s truly impressive is how this machine simplifies what I thought was a complex process into something so simple and accessible. The customizable settings are a godsend, allowing me to play barista and fine-tune my beverages to match my precise taste preferences. The machine itself is a sleek, stylish addition to my kitchen, boasting a design that is both elegant and functional. Cleaning it is a breeze, which is a significant factor considering how often I find myself using it. It’s become the highlight of my morning routine, offering a moment of indulgence before I start my day. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee that it emits is intoxicating, filling my home with a sense of warmth and comfort. It’s not just a machine; it’s a daily luxury that I look forward to. Whether I’m hosting a brunch or simply enjoying a quiet morning, this device has upped my coffee game immensely, making every cup an experience to savor.

  31. Ronaldo Nitzsche

    As a parent and coffee lover looking to cut back on daily Starbucks runs to save money, I decided to invest in this espresso machine. My husband and I have used it daily for the last three weeks. Initially, setup was a bit challenging, but it’s proven to be a valuable purchase that I only wish I had made sooner.

  32. Sandy Franecki

    Given its cost and capabilities, I’m completely content with what this machine offers and its sleek appearance.

  33. Osvaldo Lowe

    This machine excels at making espresso, becoming a staple in my morning routine. On weekends, it’s a centerpiece for gatherings, where my friends and I relish the coffee it produces. It’s a unanimous favorite.

  34. Ulises Funk

    This is my inaugural venture into the world of espresso machines, having previously settled for instant coffee. The simplicity of use, ease of maintenance, and, most importantly, the superior taste of coffee it delivers have transformed my mornings. I have no grievances whatsoever.

  35. Ally Hirthe

    Ever since this coffee wizard graced my countertop, mornings have taken on a new level of excitement. The sleek, compact design belies the powerhouse it is, brewing espressos and cappuccinos that would make a barista nod in approval. What’s truly impressive is the milk frothing feature, which whips up a perfectly airy and creamy froth every single time, making each sip a heavenly experience. The machine’s intuitive interface makes it incredibly easy to use, allowing me to customize my drinks to my heart’s content. Whether it’s adjusting the grind size or the milk temperature, I have complete control over my coffee’s taste and texture. The quality of the beverages it produces has turned my home into the new favorite coffee spot for friends and family. It’s amazing how this device has not only improved my coffee game but also turned me into a more sociable and hospitable host.

  36. Jaden Greenholt

    I have absolutely no complaints about this purchase. It’s priced well and performs excellently for my daily coffee needs. I wholeheartedly recommend it!

  37. Solon Blick

    Creating the perfect cup of coffee has truly been a revelation. I was skeptical, but freshly grinding beans makes an undeniable difference in both taste and fragrance. It’s like unlocking a new level of coffee enjoyment. 🧡

  38. Earl Waelchi

    This machine keeps it simple without too many bells and whistles, featuring a sleek, professional appearance but with user-friendly operations. Mastering the correct grind size and amount requires a bit of experimentation, but achieving a perfect double espresso becomes effortless afterward. Cleaning is easy, though it’s crucial to descale regularly to prevent clogging from mineral buildup. I haven’t used the milk frother, so I can’t speak to its performance, but it appears to be efficient and straightforward to clean.

  39. Darrell Little

    This espresso machine is fantastic, featuring a versatile wand that’s perfect for creating lattes and cappuccinos with its fine yet dense foam. It’s a lifesaver on busy mornings, brewing coffee in just 20 seconds before I head out to work.

  40. Queen Boyle

    Having this coffee machine has elevated my coffee experience to new heights. The espresso it brews is simply divine, capturing the essence of high-quality coffee beans with precision. The addition of the milk frother is a stroke of genius, enabling me to enjoy creamy cappuccinos without stepping foot outside. I’m particularly fond of the customizable settings, which let me play barista and fine-tune my drinks to perfection. The sleek design of the machine adds a touch of sophistication to my kitchen, while its ease of use ensures my coffee-making process is both fun and effortless. It’s become an indispensable part of my day, offering not just a cup of coffee, but a moment of genuine pleasure.

  41. Mateo Murphy

    This compact machine is impressive. It brews excellent beverages and offers great value for money, suggesting durability and solid construction.

  42. Nils Kris

    Gifting these espresso machines for Christmas brought immense joy to both recipients. They’ve reduced their expensive coffee runs and have enjoyed crafting their own flavorful concoctions. I’m delighted by how much they cherish their gifts.

  43. Christophe Jacobson

    I never imagined myself becoming so passionate about coffee until I brought this remarkable device into my home. This isn’t just any coffee machine; it’s a gateway to consistently exquisite espresso and cappuccino that rivals any high-end café. The process is astonishingly straightforward – with the touch of a button, it grinds, tamps, and brews coffee that has a depth of flavor I’ve only ever experienced in Italy. The milk frother is the cherry on top, creating velvety foam that transforms a simple coffee into a luxurious treat. The customization options are a dream come true for someone who likes their coffee just so. Being able to adjust everything from the grind size to the milk temperature means each cup is tailored to perfection. Not to mention, the design of the machine is sleek and modern, making it a statement piece in my kitchen. It’s also surprisingly easy to clean, which is a huge plus for someone who uses it as frequently as I do. The joy and satisfaction of crafting my own perfect cup of coffee each morning have become a cherished part of my daily ritual. My family and friends are always impressed by the professional-quality beverages I serve, and I’ve found great pleasure in sharing my newfound love for coffee-making. This machine has not only elevated my coffee experience but has also become a centerpiece of social gatherings at my home.

  44. Mallie Sanford

    The machine is straightforward to operate. There was a minor hiccup with a missing part, but the customer support team has been incredibly supportive throughout the process.

  45. Electa Rosenbaum

    Returning from a trip to Italy, I was on a quest to replicate the authentic espresso experience. This machine has met that desire, bringing a taste of Rome into my home. 😊

  46. Natasha Welch

    I’m absolutely enamored with this coffee machine. It’s like having a professional barista in my own kitchen, producing perfectly brewed espresso and creamy cappuccinos every single time. The built-in milk frother works wonders, creating that ideal froth for a truly indulgent drink. The ability to adjust settings for personal taste preferences makes it feel like a personalized coffee experience. It’s compact, stylish, and incredibly efficient, fitting seamlessly into my daily life. Cleaning it is hassle-free, which is a huge bonus. This machine has become an indispensable part of my morning, kick-starting my day with a little luxury.

  47. Izabella Brekke

    This is the third espresso machine I’ve owned, ranking as my second favorite. It’s user-friendly and brews a delicious espresso, not to mention it has a stylish design.

  48. Abigale Macejkovic

    This espresso machine has quickly become a household favorite. Like many in my family, I have a penchant for strong coffeeOver the years, we’ve gone through countless coffee makers in search of the ideal one, often settling for something less than perfect.

  49. Mozell Kihn

    I must admit, becoming my own barista has been an unexpectedly delightful journey, all thanks to this remarkable coffee machine. The first thing that struck me was its elegant design, which fits perfectly into the aesthetic of my kitchen. But more importantly, the quality of the espresso and cappuccino it brews is simply unmatched. The built-in feature for milk adds a luxurious, creamy froth that elevates each cup to cafe-quality. It’s fascinating how it manages to capture the essence and richness of the coffee beans, delivering a robust flavor that’s both smooth and invigorating. The customizable settings are a dream, allowing for precise control over every aspect of my coffee, from temperature to strength. The convenience and simplicity of pressing a button and receiving a perfectly crafted beverage is a luxury I didn’t know I needed. It’s not just a coffee machine; it’s a ticket to exploring a world of coffee right from the comfort of my home.

  50. Claudine Gislason

    Producing rich espresso shots with perfect crema and equipped with an excellent milk frother wand, this machine makes crafting lattes and cappuccinos a breeze. Its design is incredibly user-friendly, making it accessible even to those new to coffee making. The controls are intuitive, simplifying operation.

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