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Ultra HD 4K 60fps FPV Drone System with Advanced O3 Air Unit 6S 2450KV VTX, Wide-Angle Quadcopter

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Experience Next-Level Aerial Cinematography

Introducing an unparalleled flying experience with our Ultra HD 4K 60fps FPV Drone. This cutting-edge quadcopter is designed for both beginners and experts, offering exceptional performance in both indoor and outdoor environments. With its advanced O3 Air Unit and 6S 2450KV VTX, this drone captures stunning, shake-free aerial footage that elevates every cinematic project. Perfect for freestyle flights and immersive videography, this drone is your ticket to breathtaking aerial views.


Advanced Features for Superior Performance

The heart of this drone lies in its O3 Air Unit, the most advanced FPV system currently available. With the capability to transmit real-time 1080P 60fps images and record up to 4K 60fps videos, the quality of your footage is unparalleled. The drone’s high-strength 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum alloy camera parts, coupled with a TPU shock-absorbing pad, ensure jelly-free, high-definition images even during high-speed flights. Furthermore, its meticulously designed video transmission system allows for a seamless and integrated setup within the fuselage.

Key Benefits and Features

  • High-definition anti-shake 4K 60fps video capture for ultra-clear aerial footage.
  • Efficient and powerful 1804 motor, ensuring smooth and responsive flights.
  • Durable construction with high-toughness, impact-resistant materials and grain-cut carbon fiber.
  • Advanced TPU shock absorption for stable and clear imaging.
  • Embedded Cob light strip in the propeller guard for visibility and aesthetic appeal.
  • Quick-disassembly design for easy upgrades and part replacements.
  • Long flight times, up to 10 minutes and 30 seconds with optimal battery.
  • Supports a wide range of batteries for versatile usage.


Why Choose Our FPV Drone?

This drone stands out for its exceptional image quality, robust build, and user-friendly features. Whether you’re capturing fast-paced action scenes or serene landscapes, its stable and agile performance ensures that every shot is spectacular. The drone’s versatility makes it ideal for a variety of uses, from professional filmmaking to recreational flying. It’s not just a drone; it’s an extension of your creative vision.


Ready to Elevate Your Aerial Videography?

Embrace the sky with our Ultra HD 4K 60fps FPV Drone and transform your aerial videography. With its advanced features, durable design, and professional tuning, this drone is more than just a flying camera – it’s a reliable partner in your creative journey. Order now and unleash the full potential of your aerial cinematography!

54 reviews for Ultra HD 4K 60fps FPV Drone System with Advanced O3 Air Unit 6S 2450KV VTX, Wide-Angle Quadcopter

  1. Jackson Durgan

    The video quality is acceptable, but it might not meet the expectations of those looking for a traditional FPV drone experience.

  2. Vincent Graham

    I’m in the process of setting it up and haven’t had the chance to test its user-friendliness. The setup instructions appear somewhat daunting. I decided to purchase it based on someone’s recommendation, so I’ll reserve my judgment on its performance until after my first flight.

  3. Laisha Krajcik

    Absolutely thrilled with this purchase! The immersive flying experience is unmatched

  4. Adalberto Ebert

    The advanced TPU shock absorption takes this confidence a step further, ensuring that the drone’s performance is not just about resilience but also about precision. It’s this combination of toughness and technological finesse that allows for stable and clear imaging, even when the drone dances on the edge of high-speed maneuvers or braves the gusty winds that would send lesser drones tumbling from the sky. The addition of the Cob light strip is not just a practical feature for visibility; it’s a statement, a flare in the night that transforms the drone into a spectacle of light and motion.

  5. Raoul Prosacco

    The detailed views and direct control this offers have made me fall in love with flying all over again. It’s an unmatched experience that I recommend to anyone with a love for the skies

  6. Taylor Champlin

    Flying this has been a game-changer. The perspective it offers is breathtaking

  7. Lorenz Connelly

    Incredible clarity and control. It feels like you’re soaring through the skies

  8. Adan Halvorson

    The long flight times are the cherry on top, offering up to 10 minutes and 30 seconds of airtime that feels like an eternity compared to the fleeting moments offered by other drones. This extended flight time, supported by a versatile range of batteries, ensures that the adventure doesn’t end just as it’s beginning. It’s an invitation to explore, to lose oneself in the joy of flight, secure in the knowledge that time is on your side.

  9. Raina Gutkowski

    Love the unique viewpoint. It’s like being a bird, but better

  10. Trace Bernier

    This has been an eye-opener for me. The unique flying perspective and high-quality visuals make every flight a journey worth taking. It’s like having your own personal window to the world

  11. Araceli Parker

    I purchased this for my partner, and it’s been an absolute hit. The immersive experience and stunning visuals have brought us hours of entertainment and awe-inspiring views. The grain-cut carbon fiber give it an armor-like quality, making it resilient against the bumps and scrapes that are all too common in the life of a drone enthusiast. This durability is not merely about withstanding impacts; it’s about providing the confidence to explore, to push the boundaries of what’s possible without the constant fear of damage.

  12. Maude Hane

    The sense of presence this flying device offers is incredible. I feel like I’m personally navigating through the skies, with every flight offering a new and exciting experience

  13. Theresia Ebert

    This gadget has taken my aerial photography to new heights. Stunning visuals

  14. Nash McDermott

    This has transformed my perspective on the world. The detailed, bird’s-eye views I can now explore have sparked a new passion for discovery and photography in me

  15. Ottis Turner

    From the moment I took control, I was hooked. The direct and immersive view from above is something I’ve always dreamed of, and now it’s a reality that I can experience anytime. The quick-disassembly design is a revelation, an acknowledgment that drone enthusiasts are not just pilots but tinkerers at heart. This feature invites exploration beneath the surface, encouraging users to understand their drones on a deeper level, to customize and upgrade as they see fit. It’s a design philosophy that respects the user’s desire to grow with their drone, to evolve as a pilot and a technician.

  16. Jakayla Becker

    The pilot’s-eye view is phenomenal. It’s like stepping into another world

  17. Celestine Cremin

    The immersive flying experience this provides is second to none. Every time I take it out, I’m amazed at the new perspectives I discover. It’s truly a game-changer for hobbyists like me.

  18. Shanny Davis

    I’ve been flying for years, but the experience this gives is something else. It’s like being a bird, with the freedom to explore the world from an incredible vantage point

  19. Abagail Murphy

    The goggles provide a crystal-clear view, and the drone’s handling is superb.

  20. Miller Ernser

    This drone is a delight to fly for both beginners and experienced users. The product is exceptional, offering fun flying experiences akin to being a superhero.

  21. Cathrine Thompson

    This drone is perfect for leisure and vacationing.

  22. Consuelo Kertzmann

    The combination of the motion controller and Integra goggles is fantastic, offering a superior experience compared to the Goggles 2. The drone’s ease of setup and operation makes it a joy to fly.

  23. Antone Gorczany

    This drone stands out for its user-friendliness, especially after completing the necessary updates. It’s essential to get a 65W or higher travel charger to avoid the lengthy 8+ hour charge time you’d face with a standard phone charger.

  24. Ryann Fahey

    This drone exceeded all my expectations. It’s truly phenomenal.

  25. Allie Cummerata

    This drone’s simplicity makes it accessible for anyone to fly, even children, with minimal instruction. Boasting a high-quality camera, manual control options, and impressive safety features, it justifies its price point, offering value that surpasses its competitors.

  26. Vesta Steuber

    Absolutely adore this drone and still find it awesome.

  27. Maynard Mraz

    The live video quality is exceptional, offering stable flight and a very approachable interface, perfect for FPV novices.

  28. Kayley Kertzmann

    This drone is fantastic for beginners. The motion controller makes it incredibly easy to operate, embodying simplicity at its best. All the features are designed to be user-friendly and straightforward. Drones come and go, but some leave a lasting impression, carving their niche not just in the sky but in the hearts of those who pilot them. This drone is a fortress in the air, its durable construction shielding it from the trials of flight.

  29. Francesca Hamill

    Don’t spend too much time pondering over reviews – just go for it! It’s a purchase you won’t regret.

  30. Rubie Herzog

    This drone is a blast to fly – so simple and loads of fun!

  31. Herta Will

    I’ve been grinning non-stop since I started flying this drone!

  32. Savanah Green

    Having flown non-FPV drones before, I found this drone remarkably straightforward to fly once set up. It’s impressively durable – it even survived a collision with a wall unscathed. While the setup and registration might be a bit complex, it flies beautifully once ready.

  33. Glenda Homenick

    This product offers a thoroughly enjoyable and engaging experience.

  34. Jamal Schoen

    Compared to other FPV drones I’ve owned, this one is by far the easiest to handle.

  35. Nora Borer

    After completing all the setup and updates, flying it became incredibly straightforward. Despite the simulator’s incompatibility with Integra goggles, it wasn’t needed. Learning from YouTube videos proved sufficient and extremely fun.

  36. Megane Schmeler

    I’m thrilled with this drone! My 10-year-old son mastered it within minutes on his first try. The handheld remote’s effectiveness surprised me. As my first FPV drone, it’s been the most entertaining flying experience I’ve had.

  37. Twila Davis

    This drone is simply fantastic.

  38. Ophelia Howell

    It’s comparably safer and more convenient. Flying it around objects and in close proximity to them feels much safer than with the FPV. Additionally, it’s quieter and attracts less attention.

  39. Jermain Sauer

    The flight experience is enjoyable. It offers a smoother and more agile flight compared to the DJI FPV, and it’s lighter too, weighing in at 393g with an Ovonic 1000mAh 6s battery, which is significantly lighter than the FPV.

  40. Sofia Ernser

    Battery life is a game-changer! Over 10 minutes in the air feels like a luxury.

  41. Vladimir Boehm

    Its resilience is impressive. As someone new to flying, I’ve had my share of mishaps (crashing into walls indoors, trees, and even a 40-foot drop due to an accidental press of the disarm button mid-flight). Despite these incidents, it only suffered minor scratches, retaining its original shape and balance.

  42. Brett Smitham

    Absolutely love the crisp, clear 4K footage this drone captures. It’s like having Hollywood in my backyard! 🎥✨

  43. Thurman Macejkovic

    The drone’s design is exceptional. To enhance its durability, I added bumper guards over its plastic body and an aluminum protector for the gimbal at the front. Flying it indoors, even after a few collisions and crashes, showed no damage thanks to these protective add-ons, making it an excellent choice for indoor fun.

  44. Keegan Luettgen

    The image and video quality this drone captures is exceptional. My only advice would be to invest in additional batteries. The battery life and charging time are as promised by the manufacturer, so having two or three batteries is advisable for maximizing your flying time throughout the day. For those looking into freestyle flying for more nuanced control, I’d suggest opting for the FPV remote controller 2. Additionally, consider the Integra goggles for a superior experience over the goggles 2, mainly due to the remote ID feature.

  45. Delphine Hudson

    As a first-timer, I was amazed at how effortlessly fun and easy it was to fly this. Wearing the Integra does require mouth-breathing due to its fit over my nose, but it effectively blocks out peripheral light, ensuring a fully immersive view. The motion 2 controller feels essential, thanks to its natural and intuitive design.

  46. Alexzander Dietrich

    The goggles provide an extraordinary flying experience, enhancing the joy of flight. The hand controller is not only easy to grasp but also becomes more enjoyable with use. Investing in an extra battery pack is something I would strongly recommend.

  47. Rahul Grady

    This drone excels in creating cinematic footage, with the motion controller making it accessible to anyone, regardless of flying experience.

  48. Maxime Vandervort

    This is the second drone I’ve purchased, and it’s been an incredible experience. Flying with a headset for the first time, I quickly grasped the basics. Within a few flights, I was executing maneuvers I wouldn’t have dared try with my previous drone. The only drawback is the absence of SD cards, meaning you can’t immediately start capturing impressive videos and photos. Had it included SD cards, this would unquestionably be a 5-star product.

  49. Ryleigh Little

    Accessing the card requires removing the bottom plate, and I was unable to locate the bind button (I ended up returning it rather than continuing with the disassembly). Also, I noticed a screw on the bottom plate was completely unscrewed upon arrival. Quality control appears to be a concern, leading to its return. Nonetheless, other two FC options seem to not have this issue, as per online tutorials. It’s disappointing because the drone has received rave reviews, and I had high hopes for adding it to my collection. Perhaps the next version will address these issues.

  50. Destiney Dibbert

    Picking this up on a Christmas sale was a great decision. The joystick-like motion controller is incredibly beginner-friendly. I skipped the simulator training, which doesn’t support the motion controller 2 anyway. It’s sparked a new hobby for me. For those encountering a country code error, bypass it by refreshing the firmware through the PC software connected to the drone, as the phone app update doesn’t solve this. This step also removes any automatic distance limitations.

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