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Ultimate Smart Mop

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Revolutionize Your Cleaning Routine

Introduce the future of home cleaning into your life with our Ultimate Smart Mop, a cutting-edge cordless sweeping and mopping robot cleaner. Designed to make your life easier, this innovative machine combines advanced technology with user-friendly features to ensure your home is impeccably clean with minimal effort. Whether you’re tackling dust, spills, or the everyday mess, this smart cleaning robot is your go-to solution.

Key Features

  • Power Efficiency: Operates under 800W for energy-saving cleaning.
  • Extended Run Time: Enjoy up to 120 minutes of continuous cleaning on a single charge.
  • Convenient Water Tank: Comes with a 200ml water tank, perfect for thorough mopping without frequent refills.
  • Cordless Freedom: Move freely around your home without the hassle of cords.

When to Use Your Smart Mop

The Ultimate Smart Mop is ideal for daily use, capable of handling everything from light dusting to deep cleaning sessions. It’s especially perfect for those busy days when you need a helping hand to maintain a clean and inviting home environment.

What Makes It Special?

What sets our Smart Mop apart is its ability to blend high efficiency with user-friendly design. Its cordless feature provides unparalleled flexibility, allowing it to reach under furniture and tight spaces effortlessly. The large water tank and long battery life mean you can clean larger areas without interruption. Plus, its power efficiency ensures a greener clean, reducing your environmental footprint while keeping your space spotless.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Effortless cleaning with automatic sweeping and mopping.
  • Environmentally friendly with less energy consumption.
  • User-friendly design for ease of use and maintenance.
  • Powerful performance with a long-lasting battery.
  • Cordless convenience for unrestricted movement.

Bring Home the Ultimate Cleaning Companion

Don’t let cleaning tasks take over your free time. Embrace the convenience and efficiency of the Ultimate Smart Mop. With its sophisticated design and powerful cleaning capabilities, it’s the perfect addition to any modern home. Order yours today and experience a cleaner, more comfortable home without the effort!

57 reviews for Ultimate Smart Mop

  1. Vincenza Ankunding

    Been using it for a week, and it’s helping keep the tiles cleaner, especially with a toddler around. After my Braava jet started acting up, this one took its place. Just gotta block it from carpeted areas since it doesn’t avoid them on its own. I wish I could add cleaning solution to the tanks instead of just water, though.

  2. Rocio Kling

    The long-fibered pads are a plus, making sure the mop stays in touch with the floor. Had an iRobot mop before, and the pads hardly made contact. I don’t mind that it doesn’t vacuum since I prep with a stick vac first. My kitchen’s got textured tile, and it handles it like a champ.

  3. Louisa Boyer

    Keeps the tile floors looking good.

  4. Brady Batz

    Our small tiled area was a bit neglected, not gonna lie. But this bot’s stepped up to the plate, cleaning better than expected. It’s smarter and more efficient than I thought it would be. A definite step up from not cleaning at all.

  5. Levi Pouros

    This little device is a gem, though the original pads aren’t the most durable. If you can’t find replacements, no sweat—DIY time. I crafted my own from old towels, and they’re just as effective as the originals. Just cut, sew, and you’re set!

  6. Annetta Johnston

    Super straightforward and leaves things spotless.

  7. Jany Herman

    Why did I wait so long to bring this wonder-bot into my life? It’s a cleaning wizard, smartly dodges obstacles, and runs a solid 50 minutes—perfect for sneaking under beds and around chairs. It’s quiet, adorable, and just brilliant. As a big fan of their gadgets, this mop’s become my top pick. Bought it for my folks and spreading the love to the whole family. If you’re about that cleaning life, maybe it’s not for you. But for me? It’s all about more quality time with my loved ones, letting the bot handle the mop work. Big thanks for the extra free time!

  8. Tracey Kub

    Got it mainly to tackle the endless pet paw prints, thanks to my lab who’s a pro at bringing the outdoors in. It shines when you break the room down into smaller sections, getting each part nicely cleaned up. It’s not about straight lines but gets around well enough, and you can nudge it to hit any misses. Huge fan here—it’s been a back saver.

  9. Ulises Pagac

    Snagged this hoping it’d be the hero of my in-between mop sessions. Dive into the instructions—don’t skip wetting the pads first. With a new puppy making messes, this thing’s been a dream. And guess what? You can even use it to wash walls. If it’s in your budget, definitely consider grabbing one.

  10. Helen Gibson

    Love it

  11. Katlyn Bruen

    Honestly, pairing this mop with my vacuum bot has been a game changer, especially with two dogs and a cat around. The vacuum tackles daily fur battles, and the mop sweeps in every few days to deal with the paw prints. It’s whisper-quiet—I can kick it on at bedtime and won’t hear a peep. Not the go-to for deep cleans, but for keeping those doggy footprints in check? Perfect. Plus, with a little puppy in the mix, it’s ace for quick clean-ups. Given my back issues, it’s been a real lifesaver.

  12. Berniece Stiedemann

    Remember, it’s a bot, not a superhero! But for what it’s worth, it’s amazing. Simple, effective, and surprisingly efficient with water. It doesn’t leave floors drenched. Been telling everyone about it.

  13. Maritza Predovic

    It’s not the brightest tool in the shed, but it cleans like nobody’s business. Previous models from another brand were good but didn’t last. This one’s doing great, especially around edges.

  14. Kaya Walsh

    This device has been a revelation! Initially, it seemed straightforward, but the ability to steer it precisely where you want is fantastic. And if it misses a spot, just switch to hand mode and buff it away. Love that it’s water-based but allows for cleaning solutions on the pads if needed. Super convenient.

  15. Tad McKenzie

    Hits all the marks for me without breaking the bank. Just moisten the mop pads after filling up the tanks with your cleaning solution. I’ve found just a couple of drops of dish soap work great. It’s quiet, effective, and fun to watch. Keeps the floors in good shape between deeper cleanings.

  16. Elroy Bednar

    This gadget has been a game-changer for me. Cleans well even in the dark, and the battery lasts a decent while. The pads are easy to clean, and setup was a breeze. Super satisfied with my purchase.

  17. Esther DuBuque

    After returning another brand’s model due to some disappointments, I found this one and gave it a shot. It may not have a virtual barrier feature, but its advanced sensors and navigation more than make up for it, covering more ground efficiently. If you’re in the market for a compact, effective cleaner, this is the one to try.

  18. Lesley Gottlieb

    So far, so good with this one. It’s outlasted any other floor cleaner bots I’ve had, which barely made it past a few months. Handles small spaces like a pro and rarely gets stuck. Definitely recommend.

  19. Kacie Reilly

    After lots of research, I landed on this mop bot and it hasn’t disappointed. The fact that it uses reusable pads instead of disposable ones is a big plus for me. Wishing it had a bigger water tank but adding a bit of Fabuloso does the trick. It’s quiet, efficient, and keeps my floors looking good, even if I have to block it from carpets. I just set it to run while I’m out or asleep, and it does its thing.

  20. Joyce Hammes

    Two months of use and no hiccups with charging or performance. Just remember to check the water tank and prep the pads correctly. Follow the instructions to the letter, and it works wonders, keeping my floors spotless.

  21. Rachelle Lemke

    A year in and still impressed. It’s quiet, thorough, and just keeps going. Gifted one to my parents, and my dad, in particular, appreciates how quietly it operates and the duration it cleans for.

  22. Marcos Herzog

    This has been a solid addition to my cleaning arsenal. Makes mopping a breeze across all floor types. So glad I decided to go for it, it’s been living up to the hype.

  23. Marquis Fisher

    Got this faster than expected and was eager to try it out. Charged it up, mixed some Bona floor cleaner as recommended, and let it loose on my kitchen’s hardwood floors. Did wonders, especially with my occasional cooking spills. About half an hour later, my floors were shining. It’s been a game-changer for keeping my place tidy with minimal effort.

  24. Bernadette Ritchie

    Blew my expectations out of the water, especially on my oak-colored laminate that shows everything. Leaves the floor shining, streak-free, without making it too damp for the laminate to handle. Honestly, it mops better than I ever could—without needing a paycheck or complaining. Perfect for anyone who could use the help or just wants to take it easy. Plus, it’s quiet, just hums along like a back massager. Feels like we’re stepping into the ‘Jetsons’ era with this tech.

  25. Clarabelle Tromp

    This thing keeps my floors looking sharp! It’s my second mop bot buy. Had an Everybot before, handed it off to my folks. Stumbled upon this one and it’s a keeper. Just make it part of your routine, run the vacuum bot first, then let this mop follow up, and you’re golden.

  26. Reilly DuBuque

    Totally loving this little helper! It’s my go-to for daily spruce-ups in the bathrooms and kitchen where it seems like dirt just loves to hang out. Pop it into one of the bathrooms, give it 10 minutes, and boom—spotless. Kitchen’s done in 15. We’ve got these vinyl plank floors that look like wood, and it just sails over them, no problem. Can knock out the whole house in two rounds. For big clean-up jobs, I switch to another mop, but for everyday stuff, this is my hero. Quick, quiet, and gets the job done.

  27. Taryn Hilpert

    Totally in love with this mop! It’s a blast to watch it do its thing in different patterns. Our floors are a bit uneven, but with a nudge here and there, it cleans even the tricky spots. Some say it’s only good for a quick once-over, but that’s not been my experience. With a bit of manual control, it tackles tough spots just fine. Plus, switching it up to focus on problem areas before letting it roam free again makes multitasking a breeze—I can keep the floors clean, handle the dishes, laundry, and cooking all at once!

  28. Elmira Weber

    This little gadget does a solid job on our hardwood floors, picking up where our vacuum bot leaves off. The pads pick up a surprising amount of dirt, easy to clean, and the floors dry quick.

  29. Bertram Hartmann

    Had the Braava 300 for a while, which was alright, did what it had to, even if it meant running it a few times over. When it finally gave up, I looked for something with a bit more oomph. Dived deep into reviews and comparisons, and this one came out on top. Was a bit wary since it didn’t have all the fancy smart features, but it cleans like a dream. Doesn’t skip a beat or miss a spot. Been using it non-stop since Christmas, and it leaves me smiling every time.

  30. Nikki Bednar

    This bad boy just gets the job done. Wasn’t chasing after a high-tech mop, just needed something reliable for the kitchen floors. This one’s hit the mark, with battery life to spare and living up to the hype.

  31. Robb Cartwright

    Picked this up a few weeks back and wasn’t convinced at first, but now? Totally sold. It does a bang-up job on our tile floors. Definitely recommend giving it a try. Cheers!

  32. Amara Schmeler

    If you’ve got pets, this thing’s a must-have. It’s awesome for any floor type.
    The whole plug-in-to-charge bit feels like a missed opportunity. It’d be cooler if it could dock itself to charge. Next model should definitely have swappable batteries or a dock. A bigger water tank would be a game-changer, so you’re not refilling every half hour. They should totally open up an accessory shop; I’d first in line for a dunk tank that cleans the pads on its own. And a find-my-bot beep feature would be the cherry on top. It’s so close to perfect, I’d still tell anyone with floors to grab one.

  33. Gracie Green

    Super easy to get going.
    Just runs on water, no fancy cleaners needed.
    Quiet as a mouse.
    The water tank’s a bit on the small side, so you might need to refill it halfway through. Cleaning the pads is a breeze.
    The bit where you attach the water holder feels a bit fragile, like it might snap down the line. A simpler snap-on mechanism would’ve been smarter.

  34. Dallin Schamberger

    Grabbed this as a replacement for my old floor-washing bot that’s not around anymore. Was kinda iffy about it since I haven’t been a fan of similar products in the past. This one’s a whole different ball game though—no bulky tanks or anything, but it still does an awesome job. It’s been tackling the grime in the tough corners of my kitchen and around the toilet, and it handled my wooden floors without soaking them. I’m digging it.
    You’ve gotta manually fill it up since it’s not as hands-off as some other gadgets, but that’s pretty straightforward. The scrubbers are solid, and overall, it does what it’s supposed to do without costing an arm and a leg. Been using it daily.
    Just a heads-up, you might wanna block off places you don’t want it wandering into. It doesn’t have the best eyes for spotting stairs in low light, but apart from that, it’s doing a stellar job.

  35. Georgianna Morissette

    If you focus on using it for targeted cleaning, it’s surprisingly effective for something so lightweight. It can’t carry a lot of water, so larger rooms might need a bit more attention. It’s very quiet, a big plus, so you can run it anytime without it being intrusive. It’s not packed with features, but for straightforward floor cleaning, it’s great. Plus, it comes with a handy remote. Just watch out—it once bumped into our vacuum robot and set it off, almost like a strategic move!

  36. Jaiden Jacobson

    Cleaning with this bot is impressive, but filling it with cleaning fluid can be a challenge with my arthritic hands. Getting the mop pads just the right amount of wet is tricky too; too dry, and the dispenser doesn’t work well. But once you get it going, its cleaning and navigation are better than any robot mop I’ve had before.

  37. Petra Weimann

    This product is a keeper. I can just set it in a room, decide how I want it to mop, and let it work its magic. It’s incredible and definitely something I’d recommend to anyone looking to simplify their cleaning routine.

  38. Colby Medhurst

    I’ve been a longtime robot vacuum user and was never really into the combo units. Got this mop-only bot refurbished, and it’s doing the trick. It’s a bit annoying that I can’t add cleaner directly to it, so I spray a bit of diluted cleaner on the floor beforehand. It’s an extra step, but the clean smell is worth it, and with pets, the little extra effort keeps the kitchen clean.

  39. Retha Padberg

    We’ve been using this robot a lot, especially with two dogs around the kitchen. It’s a step up from a Swiffer but doesn’t replace a thorough mop job. Still, we love that we can just turn it on and chill. The pads need a rinse and refill after about 30 minutes, but that’s enough to tackle our kitchen.

  40. Urban Wilderman

    This wasn’t an impulse buy because it wasn’t exactly cheap, but it’s been a game-changer for my condo with laminate floors. Despite daily cleaning with various tools, our feet would still turn black from dirt. Now, I only need to do a deep clean once a week because running this robot mop twice daily makes a massive difference. It might get lost now and then, and it doesn’t follow any logical path, but it’s simplified my life significantly.

  41. Jo Ryan

    During the rainy season, when everything’s always damp, this mop has been a lifesaver since my robot vacuum can’t handle wet floors. It does better starting in open areas or slightly sloped spaces like my patio, then moves on to tighter spaces as its battery wears down. I DIY’d some microfiber mops to fit it and it works wonders keeping my place clean. Initially, charging was a hassle, but it’s been smooth sailing since. It’s especially handy for reaching every corner and even survived a tumble down a step without a scratch. Been using it for two months now, and it’s only getting better.

  42. Merlin Legros

    With three cats and a small dog, plus all hardwood and tile floors, I wasn’t sure this would cut it. But I already have a robot vacuum that does wonders, so I gave this mop a shot. It might not deep clean, but running it daily has saved me so much time. The vacuum goes first in the morning, then I set this mop going right before heading out, and it tackles the dirt well, giving me more free time for stuff I enjoy.

  43. Kitty Schulist

    Totally into this mop. I’ve got a whole lineup of cleaning bots, including a vacuum-mop combo, but this one really stands out for its simplicity and effectiveness on hardwood and linoleum. It might not see everything and can miss spots or get stuck, but I make sure to clear the area a bit before running it a few times just to catch any missed dirt. It runs long enough on a single charge and recharges pretty quickly. The cleaning pads are washable, and I use my choice of cleaner on them. It’s a bit on the pricey side but very well-built and has been going strong for four years now.

  44. Martin Romaguera

    I’ve tried a couple of mopping robots before, and this latest one is way ahead of them. The others would leave wheel tracks all over my floors, which meant I’d have to mop up after the mop… totally missing the point. This one uses spinning pads instead, so no tracks, plus it’s super quiet. It kind of bounces off walls and furniture but somehow manages to clean everywhere really well, even though it looks like it’s missing spots. I do wish it could slide under furniture more easily, but that’s a small issue considering how well it cleans overall, and the price feels about right.

  45. Spencer Hettinger

    Had a blast using this thing, and the service from the company? Top-notch. Highly recommend. Pair it with your vacuum on hard floors, and you’ll see – it gets them sparkling. Makes cleaning almost fun.

  46. Mercedes Parker

    Grabbed this mopping bot directly from their site. It’s all about simplicity with this one, which I’m all for. It sticks to what it’s meant to do – mop – and that’s it. This means they’ve managed to keep it pretty affordable. Gave it a whirl in my kitchen with the 50-minute setting cranked to max water use, and it looks like it only used about half the tank. So, I’m getting two full cleans out of one fill-up, which is just perfect. I rigged up some simple blockades to keep it from wandering out of the kitchen. It’s pretty smart about avoiding stuff, slows down before it hits things. But, it doesn’t see everything. My fridge has this bit that sticks out over its sensors, so it kind of thumps into that, and I’ve got another piece of furniture with the same issue. No biggie, I’ll figure out a workaround. Planning on using this daily to save me a ton of time. Now, it’s not the brightest bulb in terms of ‘smarts’ – just does its thing in a set pattern, but it gets the job done. My only real complaint is that you can’t use vinegar or any cleaners in it. Just water. Which, surprisingly, still picks up a decent amount of grime. But, man, I’d jump at a version that lets you use vinegar. Even if it cost more, I’d be all over that.

  47. Mose D'Amore

    Seriously loving this new gadget. Here I am, just chilling on the couch with my coffee, and this little robot’s scrubbing the floors for me. Goodbye, mop and bucket, I’m officially retired from floor cleaning.

  48. Brooke Blanda

    Finally found a vacuum that gets all the dust under furniture and beds, where a regular one can’t reach, and mops the floors too. It’s a huge time-saver for cleaning. Plus, it’s compact, so storing it is a breeze. Been on the hunt for something like this for ages, especially one that can pick up hair and dust and mop. Absolutely love it.

  49. Marty Ledner

    Love it!

  50. Malvina Bailey

    Its only downside is the basic navigation. If it were more advanced, it’d be pricier. Just drop it in a room, give it about 40 minutes, and it’ll cover the whole area. Even managed to clean up dried tomato sauce in intensive mode. The build doesn’t feel cheap, and the water tank is okay, but could be bigger and better designed. If it had high-end features like LIDAR navigation and a self-cleaning station, it’d be a total game-changer.

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