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Spacious 5-8 Person Double-Room Camping Tent – Waterproof, Four-Season, Portable Outdoor Tunnel Shelter

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Discover the Ultimate Outdoor Experience

Embark on your next adventure with our premium Spacious 5-8 Person Double-Room Camping Tent. Designed for the avid traveler, this tent combines comfort, convenience, and durability, making it your ideal companion for travel, hiking, and picnics. Whether you’re planning a family camping trip or an outing with friends, this tent offers the perfect outdoor refuge.

Exceptional Features

  • Spacious Design: Accommodating 5-8 people, our tent features two separate rooms and a large living area, providing ample space for your group and gear.
  • High-Quality Materials: Constructed with 210D PU3000MM silver-coated Oxford fabric and 190T 68D breathable B3 mesh, ensuring robustness and ventilation.
  • Weather-Resistant: With a waterproof index of 2000-3000 mm, this tent stands strong against various weather conditions, making it ideal for all seasons.
  • Easy Setup: The tent includes pre-bent aluminum rods and a simple assembly process, allowing for quick and hassle-free setup.

Why Choose Our Camping Tent?

Our Spacious 5-8 Person Double-Room Camping Tent is special for its versatile design and functionality. The two-room structure offers privacy and comfort, while the large living area provides a communal space for relaxation and enjoyment. The high-quality, durable materials ensure a safe and secure shelter, regardless of the weather. Moreover, the reflective mylar material adds an extra layer of safety, making the tent visible in low-light conditions.

Perfect for Every Adventure

Whether you’re planning a summer getaway, a spring hike, or a cozy autumn picnic, this tent is your go-to solution. Its all-season compatibility means you can explore the outdoors year-round, assured of a comfortable and protective shelter.

Take Your Camping to the Next Level

Don’t let subpar equipment hinder your outdoor adventures. Invest in our Spacious 5-8 Person Double-Room Camping Tent and transform your camping experiences. Order now and step into a world of comfort, convenience, and unforgettable memories!  

Product Specifications:

  • Number of Users: 5-8
  • Fabric: 600D Oxford with reflective mylar material
  • Structure: Two Bedrooms & One Living Room
  • Bottom Waterproof Index: 2000-3000 mm
  • Season: Four-season Tent
  • Outside Tent Waterproof Index: 2000-3000 mm
  • Pole Material: Aluminum

Easy Setup Steps:

  1. Unfold the tent and lay it on the ground. Assemble the main and door poles.
  2. Insert the main rod into the sleeve and buckle at both ends.
  3. Fix one end with ground nails, lift and straighten the tent, then secure with remaining ground nails.
  4. Adjust the shape for optimal fullness and secure with wind ropes.

  Note: Manual measurement may have small discrepancies. Please refer to the actual product for precise dimensions.

51 reviews for Spacious 5-8 Person Double-Room Camping Tent – Waterproof, Four-Season, Portable Outdoor Tunnel Shelter

  1. Adeline Von

    Can’t rave enough about this tent. Haven’t tested it in the rain yet, but it’s easy to set up, feels sturdy, and is super spacious and comfy. You can leave off the rain fly on clear summer nights for a great view of the sky and fresh air. Fits 3 queen air mattresses easily. At 6’1″, I can almost stand up straight, which is great for changing clothes.

  2. Daphnee Quigley

    The grandkids and their parents are all fans of this tent. It’s roomy and hasn’t given us any reason to complain. Hoping it lasts us for many more years.

  3. Zelma Bode

    Participating in a group camping expedition, we utilized this expansive, multi-room shelter, and it was a game-changer for our outdoor experience. The generous size accommodated our large group comfortably, providing enough sleeping space and a separate area for social activities. The quality of the shelter was evident in its sturdy build and weather-resistant materials, ensuring we stayed dry and secure during heavy rainfall and strong winds. The interior design was thoughtfully crafted, with high ceilings and ample room to move around, enhancing the sense of space and comfort. The separate compartments facilitated an organized and efficient living arrangement, allowing for undisturbed rest in one section while activities continued in another. The ventilation system worked excellently, keeping the air fresh and the environment pleasant, even with a full occupancy. The practicality of the shelter was further highlighted by features like internal pockets for storage, easy-to-use doors, and a reliable groundsheet. Setting up and dismantling the shelter was surprisingly straightforward, thanks to its well-designed structure and clear instructions. This shelter proved to be more than just a place to sleep; it was a central part of our camping experience, providing a safe, comfortable, and adaptable space that significantly enhanced our enjoyment of the trip.

  4. Frida Dickens

    Moved on from a pop-up to this one, which has a bit more setup involved, but the instructions are clear. Fit two air mattresses inside with room to spare. Almost forgot to lay down a tarp underneath, but glad we did – it kept any moisture out when it drizzled.

  5. Vena Kris

    After three trips with this tent, here’s the rundown: It’s easy to set up, surprisingly spacious for 3 kids, a dog, and 2 adults, plus gear. Held up well against wind and rain, kept bugs out, and is relatively light and compact when packed. Honestly, can’t think of any cons. It’s a great buy.

  6. Araceli Jenkins

    It’s pretty much what you’d expect from a tent in this price range and size. No issues to report.

  7. Janae Streich

    I organized a camping trip for a group of friends, and this capacious shelter was our home base for the weekend. Its standout feature was the dual-room design, allowing us to separate the sleeping area from the living space, where we could socialize and enjoy meals together. The high ceilings and spacious interior provided a sense of comfort and freedom, a rare find in typical camping accommodations. The materials used are clearly of high quality, designed to withstand the unpredictability of outdoor conditions, from sudden rainfalls to strong sunlight. Ventilation was superb, with multiple openings ensuring a fresh airflow, crucial for comfort during the warm days and nights. Setting it up was intuitively simple, and taking it down was just as straightforward, a testament to the thoughtful engineering behind its design. Its durability, combined with the convenience and comfort it offers, makes it an excellent choice for any group looking for a reliable and spacious outdoor shelter.

  8. Josiah Lowe

    Having gone through several tents, this one stands out. Our old tent felt cramped for my two growing boys. My eldest, who’s 6’3″, can stand up in it without issue, despite it being listed for 6′. The zippers are sturdy, and there’s loads of room. Tested it in our backyard against wind and rain, and it kept dry, even with a fan left inside. My husband was pretty impressed with my tent-finding skills. Plus, the large room has a divider, which is great for storage or changing.

  9. Rene Turcotte

    Two rooms = double the fun

  10. Frida Rice

    Setting this up was a breeze, and there was ample space for four adults with two queen air mattresses. Feels like you could squeeze in another mattress if needed.

  11. Willie Hauck

    I took this shelter on a camping trip with a group of friends, and we were all amazed at how spacious and comfortable it was. The two-room feature allowed us to organize our space efficiently, with plenty of room for sleeping and social activities. The tent stood firm against windy conditions, and the waterproof exterior kept us dry during a rainy night. What impressed us most was the ease of setup and takedown, which is often a challenge with larger tents. Its practical design, combined with the comfort it offers, makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable and roomy outdoor dwelling

  12. Cierra Raynor

    👍🌄 Durable, roomy, and just awesome

  13. Cleveland Schoen

    My 11-year-old son and I set this up in our backyard as a test run before actual camping, being complete beginners. It took a bit to get it up because the instructions weren’t the best. It’s a spacious tent, just make sure your campsite can accommodate it. The original stakes weren’t great, kept shifting, so I bought sturdier replacements.

  14. Kara Gaylord

    Took this tent out on three trips, totaling six nights, and it performed excellently. Encountered rain on the last outing, but the tent stayed completely dry inside.

  15. Treva O'Hara

    After reading through the reviews, I decided this was the tent to go for, and I wasn’t disappointed. Aimed to fit a queen and single air mattress plus our gear, and there was plenty of space. Setting it up is a cinch – start with staking the bottom, and you’re good to go, even on your own. A solid purchase, indeed.

  16. Maeve Rath

    I recently purchased this expansive shelter for a family camping trip and was thoroughly impressed by its performance. Setting it up was a breeze, taking no time at all, and the space it provided was more than adequate for our group of seven. The separate compartments offered a perfect mix of communal and private spaces, making it ideal for both socializing and sleeping. The quality of materials used is top-notch, ensuring durability against various weather conditions. Its well-ventilated design kept us comfortable throughout the trip, and the additional features, like storage pockets and a rainfly, were thoughtful touches that enhanced our outdoor experience

  17. Francis Medhurst

    Superb tent for group camping! The dual-room setup allowed for flexible sleeping arrangements and storage, making our trip organized and comfortable

  18. Brady Bednar

    Have taken this tent on several trips and it’s been fantastic! As a single mom, I appreciate how easy it is to set up and take down by myself. It’s super roomy, and the optional divider wall is a great feature. Fits a full-size air mattress on each end with loads of space left for hanging out and our stuff. Even managed to fit three full beds once, though it was a bit of a squeeze. Perfect for families, keeps us dry in heavy rains, and I always use a tarp underneath just in case.

  19. Scottie Kemmer

    This tent’s a game-changer. So much room and comes with a privacy curtain that makes it feel just like home. Setting it up and packing it down is no sweat, and it all fits into a small, backpack-sized case it comes with. Absolutely worth the buy.

  20. Lourdes Douglas

    Ended up finding this gem and it totally saved our annual Rhode Island camping trip. The weather threw us a curveball with thunderstorms and relentless rain. First time out with this tent and it impressed us big time by staying completely dry. It easily fits two queen mattresses plus all our gear and still leaves room to walk around. And yes, you can fully stand up in it (I’m 5’7″). Seriously, grab this tent. I hardly ever drop reviews but this one deserves the shoutout.

  21. Kira Schiller

    Our recent family camping trip was transformed into a luxurious outdoor experience thanks to this spacious shelter. From the moment we unpacked it, the ease of setup was apparent, with color-coded poles and clear instructions that made assembly quick and hassle-free. The generous dimensions of the shelter meant that our family of six, along with our pet, could comfortably fit, with room to spare for our camping gear and personal items. The division of the space into two distinct areas was a highlight, providing a cozy sleeping zone separate from a communal living area where we played games and shared meals. The robust construction withstood gusty winds and heavy rain, keeping us dry and secure throughout our stay. The thoughtful design elements, such as ample ventilation windows, storage pockets, and a durable groundsheet, catered to every camping need, making our outdoor adventure stress-free and enjoyable. The quality and functionality of this shelter have set a new standard for our family camping trips, ensuring that we have a reliable and comfortable base for our outdoor explorations

  22. Gus Farrell

    This tent looks fantastic and is great when the weather’s good. In heavy rain, you might find a few leaks, but nothing major.

  23. Hardy Waters

    Took this camping the next weekend after it arrived. Setting it up was easy, about 15 minutes with two people. It rained on and off during the weekend, but the tent stayed dry inside. Gave it 4 stars because the included spikes weren’t great, but I had better ones from before that I used instead.

  24. Gregoria Ryan

    A family camping dream🌟👨👩👧👦

  25. Katheryn Hilpert

    Fantastic product. It’s really large and comfortable, made from good materials. I’d definitely recommend it.

  26. Nicolas Rosenbaum

    My husband got this set up in about five minutes. We had our queen air mattress on one side, set up the divider for the kids on the other side, and kept our stuff in the middle. It rained hard for a night and part of the next day, but inside stayed completely dry. Super happy with the quality. It was just right for the four of us, and tall enough to stand up in.

  27. Brent Brakus

    Organizing a multi-family camping weekend, we opted for this spacious, dual-chambered shelter, and it surpassed all our expectations.
    From the onset, the shelter’s design impressed us, with an efficient setup process that saved time and effort, a critical factor after a long journey to the campsite.
    The internal layout was perfectly suited for our needs, offering expansive sleeping quarters and a separate living area where adults and children could engage in activities without disturbing each other.
    The build quality of the shelter was top-notch, withstanding the unpredictable mountain weather, from brisk winds to sudden downpours, keeping us safe and dry.
    The fabric and poles were both sturdy and lightweight, striking the right balance between durability and ease of transport.
    The thoughtful inclusions, such as lantern hooks, mesh windows for insect protection, and adequate ventilation, made our camping experience exceptionally comfortable.
    The shelter’s adaptability was a highlight, easily accommodating different sleeping configurations and providing enough space for communal meals and gatherings. Its performance in the outdoors, combined with the convenience and comfort it offered, made our camping weekend a tremendous success.
    This shelter is an excellent investment for anyone looking for a reliable, spacious, and versatile outdoor living solution, enhancing the camping experience for groups or families

  28. Delilah Grimes

    Bought this tent so my over 6-foot-tall husband could finally stand up straight inside a tent, and it delivered! We camp maybe once a year, so it’s perfect for our casual needs. It’s huge, easily fitting our queen air mattress and luggage with room to spare. We didn’t bother with the room divider. Setting it up got faster after the first try at home, but when camping, we’re in no rush.

  29. Clifton Feest

    Setting it up is a breeze with two people, ideally sober. It’s spacious enough, and my 6-foot-tall husband can stand up in it no problem.

  30. Haven Moen

    Gotta join in with the praise for this tent. Took it camping at a Folk Festival and got hit with thunderstorms and serious winds. Despite the weather giving it a rough time with intense wind and rain, it stayed completely dry inside. After 20+ years of camping, this is hands down the best tent we’ve had. It’s super roomy, and my husband really likes being able to stand up in it.

  31. Lavonne Kutch

    Grabbed this 8-person tent for the missus and me because we like having plenty of space, especially for our highrise air beds, and still be able to move around easily. Tried it out in the backyard first, and the grandkids gave it a whirl overnight. They absolutely loved it, and so did we!

  32. Ubaldo Gutkowski

    Purchasing this large, compartmentalized shelter was one of the best decisions for our family’s outdoor adventures. The size is perfect for accommodating our large family, and the division into two rooms provides a great balance between sleeping space and an area for daytime activities. The construction quality is evident, with strong materials and a design that holds up in various weather conditions. The ventilation system is well thought out, ensuring that we stayed comfortable even on warm nights. The convenience of having two separate entrances added to the overall functionality and ease of use. This product has made our camping trips more enjoyable and comfortable, proving to be a great investment for our outdoor lifestyle

  33. Elias Ferry

    This tent was a hit this summer. Had a sleepover party with two queen mattresses inside, and there was room for another, though it would’ve been tight for walking. Even setting it up in the dark was no issue. Left it up for nearly a week, and despite the rain, no water or bugs got inside. Totally worth the quality.

  34. Zachariah Nicolas

    Setting up this tent was a breeze, took us maybe 10 minutes max with two people. It’s sturdy, spacious, and I had no trouble standing up in it at my height of 5’9″.

  35. Bethel Padberg

    🌲Comfortable and convenient for families!

  36. Keyon Rowe

    Snagged this tent last minute for a trip, and despite several thunderstorms, it stayed completely dry inside. We used a tarp underneath and a rug at the entrance, which worked out perfectly. Setting it up was a bit of a hassle in the rain without pre-checking it at home, and the instructions were iffy, but we managed. Next time will be much easier. We fit two king air mattresses inside and still had room for our coolers and bags on the sides. Overjoyed with this purchase and eager to use it again!

  37. Elmore Stoltenberg

    The tent’s waterproofing is no joke. We had heavy rain and acorns falling for five hours straight, and not a single leak. Seriously, you can’t go wrong with it. It’s also the perfect size and not too heavy.

  38. Meghan Bins

    Taking this large, dual-compartment shelter on a week-long camping excursion proved to be an excellent decision. The space it provided was more than sufficient for our group of eight, allowing for comfortable sleeping arrangements and a communal area for gathering and activities. The structural integrity of the tent was tested by a variety of weather conditions, from intense sun to heavy rain, and it passed with flying colors, maintaining a comfortable interior environment throughout. The ease of access through multiple doors minimized disruptions, and the privacy afforded by the separate rooms was much appreciated, especially in a large group setting. The attention to detail in its design, from the robust zippers to the water-resistant fabric and sturdy poles, underscored the high quality of this product. The additional features, like interior pockets for organization and an awning for extra shade, enhanced our camping experience, making it not just a place to sleep, but a comfortable and inviting space to enjoy our time in nature

  39. Amber Tromp

    This tent’s a mansion inside. We’ve stayed in it for nights with our queen air mattress, bags, and even had to stash the cooler inside to keep it safe from raccoon raids. Plenty of room to spare.

  40. Zackery Kuhlman

    Don’t think twice, just get this tent! It’s been through several camping trips with me, including light and heavy rain, and it’s quick to set up. We’ve had it packed with three people, a king and a queen mattress, plus two Great Danes and their beds, shoes, and some bags. It’s solid and definitely keeps the water out if you camp smart. Remember, don’t let anything touch the tent walls inside to avoid leaks. Keep your gear away from the sides.

  41. Felipa Mayer

    This thing’s got loads of space, but it could really use windows on all sides for better airflow, especially when it gets hot.

  42. Otho Sporer

    Ended up setting up the tent for the first time in the dark when we arrived at our site, and it was surprisingly straightforward, though the instructions could be clearer. Make sure to stake it properly. We had a downpour on the last night, and the inside stayed dry. It’s a solid purchase. We had plenty of space for a king-size bed, chairs, a table, and our two large dogs.

  43. Carmen Cormier

    Took this new tent out with the family and was impressed by how much space we had. Fitting three twin air mattresses was no issue. It’s really spacious and easy to set up. Can’t wait to use it more throughout the year!

  44. Ona Smith

    Perfect for big groups, loved it! 🏕

  45. Jaylon Botsford

    I recently led a camping retreat for a diverse group, and we utilized this expansive shelter as our communal hub. Its capacity to comfortably accommodate a large group, coupled with the distinct separation between living and sleeping areas, made it an ideal choice for our varied needs.
    The quality of the materials and construction was immediately apparent, offering a sturdy and secure environment that instilled confidence regardless of the weather conditions we faced.
    The setup process, often a daunting task with large shelters, was remarkably efficient and manageable, thanks to the well-designed structure and clear instructions.
    Inside, the tent felt more like a mobile lodge than a traditional camping tent, with ample space for beds, luggage, and communal gatherings.
    The ventilation system was excellent, maintaining a comfortable atmosphere even during warm weather and ensuring a good night’s sleep.
    Features like durable flooring, weather-resistant outer materials, and practical entry points further underscored the thoughtful design aimed at enhancing the camping experience.
    This shelter not only met but exceeded our expectations, providing a sturdy, comfortable, and adaptable living space that became the cornerstone of our successful retreat

  46. Darius Rogahn

    This tent is huge and super simple to put together. Really good quality and holds up against the weather no problem.

  47. Jaime Schimmel

    After checking out tons of reviews for 8-person tents, this one seemed like the best pick for our family’s new tent. It’s pretty standard to need some extra sealant for the seams to make sure it’s fully waterproof, but setting it up is straightforward. Despite its size, it packs down pretty small in the storage bag it comes with. We got it for our family of four, giving us loads of space for our gear and comfort.

  48. Jon Jacobs

    This tent’s a game changer! Fits our air mattress, has space to chill, and even a changing room. Survived a rainy first night without a single leak. Quality is just unbeatable.

  49. Helena Kuhlman

    Seriously, you gotta get this tent! With prices going up everywhere, I decided to opt for tent trips. Found this gem after lots of searching, fitting right into my budget. Setting it up was quick and easy. Our first outing was to a Texas state park, and despite a wild storm with thunder, lightning, and crazy winds, this tent stood its ground. Completely dry inside, not a drop got in. I was amazed and relieved it held up so well. Don’t wait, just buy it!

  50. Jackeline Cummerata

    We’re a family of five and fit a queen and a full mattress in there with room to spare for our stuff and moving around. Setting it up solo took me about 15 minutes, didn’t even bother with the instructions. Just make sure the rods are even in the sleeves to avoid breaks. We weathered a serious rainstorm in it too. It was shaking, but no leaks or damage, unlike our last tent that gave up in similar conditions.

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