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Solar Energy Charger with LiFePo4 Battery 299Wh 600W Portable Power Station

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Unleash the Power of Solar Energy

Elevate your outdoor experiences and emergency preparedness with our state-of-the-art Portable Solar Power Station & Charger Set. Designed for the adventurer and the safety-conscious alike, this set is your solution to sustainable and reliable power, wherever your journey takes you.


Product Features

  • Versatile Power Output: Includes 2 AC, 2 DC, 2 USB-A, 2 USB-C, and 1 Wireless Charger.
  • High-Capacity 299Wh LiFePo4 Battery: Durable, offering over 3500 recharge cycles.
  • Fast Charging: Achieve a full charge in just 1 hour with 400W max AC input.
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS): Ensures continuous power in under 10ms during outages.
  • Extended Lifespan: Up to 10 years of regular use with Eco mode and optimized BMS.
  • 5 Years Warranty: For a worry-free experience.

Ideal Usage Scenarios

Perfect for camping, RV trips, outdoor adventures, and home backup, our Portable Solar Power Station & Charger Set ensures that you stay powered in any situation. Its compatibility with multiple devices makes it indispensable for powering laptops, smartphones, and essential home appliances during power outages.


What Makes This Product Special?

Our Solar Power Station stands out with its rapid charging capabilities and robust battery life, ensuring you’re never without power when you need it most. The flexibility to charge with solar power, AC, or car charger means you can stay charged no matter where you are. Its durable design and comprehensive warranty make it a smart, long-term investment for any power needs.

Why Choose Our Solar Charger?

Our solar panels boast high conversion rates, durable construction, and are lightweight and portable, making them ideal for outdoor use. They’re compatible with most portable power stations and come with a variety of connectors for universal use.


Take Control of Your Energy Needs

Don’t let power limitations hold you back. With our Portable Solar Power Station & Charger Set, you’re ready for any adventure or emergency. Invest in reliable, sustainable power today and experience the freedom of solar energy.

Order Now

Ready to embrace the power of the sun? Order your Portable Solar Power Station & Charger Set today and take the first step towards energy independence and preparedness.


55 reviews for Solar Energy Charger with LiFePo4 Battery 299Wh 600W Portable Power Station

  1. Piper Bergnaum

    The size and weight are perfect for me, a senior with shoulder issues, making it highly portable. I plan to use it in my greenhouse and for various outdoor activities, highlighting its versatility.

  2. Lenny Goldner


  3. Charity Johns

    Bought to address evening power cuts in CA, I aim to eventually power my man cave with a larger generator. Though I haven’t experienced a power cut yet, the generator has shown great potential in powering lights and charging devices.

  4. Lilian Konopelski

    Purchased for emergencies, this well-priced generator pairs well with previously bought solar panels from the same company. It’s performed well so far.

  5. Filiberto Sauer

    Intended as a UPS, its value is undeniable, but the fan noise disrupted my otherwise silent office. A DIY solution involving a USB-powered case fan resolved this, but such an issue shouldn’t exist, hence a 4-star rating.

  6. Wendy Stark

    After testing all functions except solar charging, the generator has been stored for a few months, losing only 4% charge. It’s excellent for charging laptops and phones during power outages. Highly recommended.

  7. Kameron McDermott

    This generator is perfect for outdoor movie nights, starting loud but quickly quieting down. It features a bright light and multiple ports, including two 110 power ports with rubber covers. Despite its slightly cheap-feeling casing, its functionality and long battery life make it highly recommendable.

  8. Odessa Moen

    Having used it daily for a few months, it’s proven to be an excellent investment. It charges faster than any other device I own. Though I haven’t tried solar charging, its performance and portability are impressive. The capacity to run a fan and lights, among other things, has been invaluable.

  9. Libby Ankunding

    As my first large power station purchase, I’ve found it highly satisfactory. It’s portable, allowing me to charge multiple devices while working. The fan noise is noticeable but acceptable given its utility. The wireless charging pad, however, doesn’t work with my iPhone, which is my only gripe.

  10. Victoria Mertz

    I purchased this to enhance UPS support for my WiFi setup. My previous power station provided 3 hours of backup but beeped during outages. The R600 is silent, offering 9 hours of backup for my usage. Its LifeP04 battery, weighing 16 lbs, comes with a 5-year warranty and 3500 cycles to 80% capacity. A great buy.

  11. Idella Boyle

    This was my first foray into larger power stations beyond portable battery banks. Although pricier than some, it offered a reasonable entry point. The R600 is lightweight, offers Bluetooth connectivity, and wireless charging. I’ve only had it for less than a month, so I can’t comment on durability. Some quirks include needing to restart the unit to use AC outlets after solar charging and experiencing battery drain even when output is less than input. The 100 watt panel sometimes produces slightly over its rated output. Despite these minor issues, I’m impressed.

  12. Arvilla Littel

    The power supply arrived with fine craftsmanship and a beautiful appearance, turning on to show 75% charge. I anticipate the convenience it will offer for outdoor activities. Five-star praise.

  13. Colt Volkman

    The R600 serves well as a backup power source during outages but fails as a UPS due to a major flaw. If connected to house power for over 20-24 hours, it locks up, showing 99% charge with the fan always on, preventing further charging. This is my second unit after returning the first. Unplugging it allows it to reset and function perfectly until the issue recurs the next day.

  14. Sidney Abbott

    A compact, powerful, and affordable generator that charges fully in 1 hour. It features UPS, switching over in less than 10ms, which is a unique capability for such a small generator. The price made it a must-buy.

  15. Johnpaul Dietrich

    This is an unbeatable generator for the price, ensuring connectivity even during power outages. I’m grateful for this generator and the solar panel. It performs excellently.

  16. Mikayla Krajcik

    Camping is elevated with this power station and solar panel. I can charge my phone, lanterns, laptop, and run a fan simultaneously. Excellent product.

  17. Bria Auer

    I use it daily.

  18. Mike Marks

    In less than 3 hours of ownership, I’m as thrilled as could be. This device is phenomenal. The app works fine, contrary to some reviews.

  19. Roxanne Jacobson

    I hoped the battery would last longer, but it depleted within 3-4 hours of use. It charges quickly with a power source but takes a day and a half with solar panels. Nevertheless, it’s an excellent small power source for running smaller devices. Its compact size and exceptional appearance make it worth the purchase for powering smaller devices. Very portable.

  20. Abigayle Grimes

    After extensive research, I’ve concluded this is the best value power bank. It handled everything I plugged into it without issue.

  21. Josianne Sipes

    During a 2-month power outage, this device provided us with light, TV, and kept our phones and accessories charged. We connected the panels during the day and disconnected them when we got home, and it still had some charge in the morning. It served us well, and I’m considering buying another.

  22. Waino Romaguera

    This solar Generator has passed all my personal testing. It meets the manufacturer’s described capabilities.

  23. Bryce Jacobi

    I’m very satisfied with the product and will be conducting further tests over the coming months.

  24. Mike Bayer

    I appreciate the portability and versatility of this product. I plan to add more 100-watt panels.

  25. Gail Jenkins

    Of all the solar generators I own, this one stands out as the best. It’s worth the investment.

  26. Judge Larkin

    The power station performed as expected, delivering power efficiently.

  27. Julien Sporer

    Thank you. This product is rich in features and functionality.

  28. Darrion Olson

    I purchased this Power Station for camping and outdoor use, and I’m thoroughly impressed with its quality relative to the price. It’s more than adequate for charging phones, laptops, and other portable devices. It also allows for the use of small appliances without draining my truck’s battery. The unit performed well for three continuous days.

  29. Camille Dibbert

    The high-quality build of the power station was immediately evident upon unboxing. Its robust and stable construction boosted my confidence in its performance. Testing the various ports, I was impressed by the versatility of the Power Station, capable of charging up to 10 devices simultaneously.

  30. Lauren Bogisich

    The build quality is unquestionable, with nothing feeling cheap or loose. The high-quality bag that comes with it has delighted my wife and can double as a cooler bag. The AC charging speed is commendably fast, allowing for swift readiness. The app connects smoothly via Bluetooth, and the display’s accuracy is satisfactory. The power-saving feature of the display is a thoughtful addition.

  31. Denis Windler

    The craftsmanship is solid, and it fulfills its promises.

  32. Jane Cummerata

    The product lives up to its advertisement, with the notable exception of a loud fan and the app’s requirement for login.

  33. Sarina Stamm

    Upon arrival, the first impression was its fine craftsmanship and attractive appearance, with 75% battery life. I look forward to the convenience it will offer for outdoor activities.

  34. Lionel Bradtke

    It’s very user-friendly, with simple operation and safe usage. The main drawback is its short battery life, only 0.6 kilowatt-hours, requiring frequent recharging for normal use. I hope for future upgrades.

  35. Litzy Miller

    I’m impressed with its performance, though the fan noise during operation is my only complaint. Otherwise, it’s a great compact power station.

  36. Alisa Ratke

    Upon inspection, the product appears as I imagined. Satisfied with my examination.

  37. Joshuah Cruickshank

    The product arrived quickly and charges rapidly. Its small size makes it convenient to use.

  38. Yazmin Bernhard

    I was attracted to the safety and higher cycle count of lithium iron phosphate batteries, prompting my purchase. I initially considered a 200w400w solar panel, but opted for this foldable monocrystalline silicon panel for convenience. The 100w solar input is stable at 70w, peaking at 75w, and it charges fully in an hour with a mains input of over 300w, meeting my expectations.

  39. Marvin Rodriguez

    The overall impression is positive. The construction uses high-quality materials, making it feel sturdy. The lithium iron phosphate battery enhances safety, and the wireless charging feature is very practical. Though there are minor drawbacks, such as the inability to input via the C port and lack of DC input (with XT60). The AC discharge noise is somewhat loud, but these flaws don’t detract from the value, given its craftsmanship, lithium iron phosphate battery, and reasonable price for this capacity.

  40. Cooper Franecki

    The product comes in exquisite packaging with a high-grade matte black finish and a rich interface. It recommends discharging upon receipt, then recharging from mains after dropping below 20%. Fast charging initially slows down after reaching 90%. It seems capable of handling a short trip’s needs. The duration it can power a mini air conditioner remains to be seen. Very pleased with the purchase.

  41. Buck Stokes

    The craftsmanship and quality exceeded my expectations, albeit at a higher price. Testing confirmed the accurate charging capacity and output power from the AC and DC ports. However, it failed to charge an iPhone wirelessly, though it worked with Huawei.

  42. King Sawayn

    A week into using the R600, everything functions as it should. I’ve successfully run my coffee maker and 2-slice toaster, each 500 watts, without issues. While the craftsmanship is solid and the unit performs as advertised, the fan gets loud when charging or under heavy load, and the app requires Google login and location services, which could use improvement. Notably, it doesn’t come with a car charging cable. It’s excellent for charging electronics via DC/USB but less ideal for AC appliances due to the small battery capacity. Overall, I’m satisfied and hope the warranty won’t be needed, with app updates for better features and privacy.

  43. Zander Legros

    It kept my 21-year-old large Kenmore fridge-freezer running for 3 hours and powered my 5 cubic foot freezer for 12.5 hours and my 6 cubic foot freezer for 11 hours. Well worth the investment.

  44. Grayson Jacobson

    Absolutely awesome, I would definitely recommend it.

  45. Waldo Bergnaum

    It delivers as promised. I was able to start and run my pellet stove for a few hours, outperforming a Goal Zero unit that failed to start the stove.

  46. Rey Waelchi

    This generator works excellently with my astronomy equipment.

  47. Jodie Gutkowski

    It has proven reliable for various uses, meeting my expectations each time. For example, it powered a 180W electric blanket, maintaining a comfortable #4 setting for over 5 hours with plenty of charge left. In another instance, it managed to brew a single cup of tea with just 15% charge remaining—impressive given the power draw of the brewer. A valuable purchase for short-term power outages.

  48. Carli Pfannerstill

    It functions perfectly, exactly as I hoped. I encountered some issues connecting to the app, but that’s a minor inconvenience for me. I initially charged it using a 200w solar panel, which brought it to 77% in a few hours, before finishing the charge indoors via a power outlet. A fantastic piece of equipment.

  49. Marcellus Grant

    Once fully charged, I tested the generator by connecting all my rechargeable devices and a fan to it, and it managed the load brilliantly. A standout feature is the overload breaker, which trips in case of excessive load, protecting the unit from damage. Highly recommend this product!

  50. Connor Ryan

    This product initially seems a bit daunting due to its plethora of outlets and ports, yet this very feature encapsulates its appeal: it’s a versatile powerhouse. To date, I’ve tested the LED light and an AC outlet with my outdoor fire pit, and both functions exceeded my expectations. The LCD display is clear and informative, showing the remaining charge, active outputs, and more.

    What’s especially convenient is the variety of charging options: standard AC for home use, DC from a car for road trips or camping, and even solar charging, enhancing its appeal for outdoor adventures. I purchased it primarily for camping, and although I haven’t used it in that context yet, I anticipate it will prove invaluable for a range of applications. The dual outlets for both USB and AC ensure that multiple devices, including phones or small appliances, can be charged or used simultaneously without inconvenience.

    Some reviews mentioned the fan noise, which I found negligible, especially when used outdoors. However, I can understand potential concerns about noise if it’s operated in a quiet environment or during sleep. Yes, it’s bulky, but that’s a small trade-off for its significant battery capacity. The design, including a practical handle, facilitates easy transportation. Overall, I’m very satisfied with this power station’s performance and versatility.

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