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Smart Window Cleaning Robot with Dual Water Spray & Strong Suction

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Revolutionize Your Cleaning Routine

Introducing the ultimate solution for sparkling clean windows without the effort: our Smart Window Cleaning Robot. Designed for modern homes, this cutting-edge device offers a hassle-free way to maintain crystal-clear glass surfaces. With its advanced features and powerful cleaning capabilities, it’s the perfect addition to any cleaning arsenal.  


Key Features & Benefits

  • Efficient Dual Water Spray: Targets dirt and grime from three directions (left, right, down) for a thorough clean.
  • Intelligent Path Planning: Automatically calculates the most effective cleaning route, ensuring no spot is missed.
  • Strong Suction Power: A robust 3000Pa suction ensures the robot stays firmly attached to the glass, even on frameless windows.
  • Multiple Cleaning Modes: Choose from three different modes (N, Z, N+Z) to tailor the cleaning to your needs.
  • Advanced Safety Features: Includes high-precision sensors and a professional-grade safety rope to prevent falls.


When to Use

This window cleaning robot is ideal for a variety of glass surfaces, including bathroom mirrors, tile walls, and both framed and frameless windows. Whether it’s routine maintenance or a deep clean, our robot handles it all efficiently, leaving you with pristine windows.  


What Makes It Special?

What sets our window cleaning robot apart is its combination of powerful cleaning performance, intelligent operation, and user-friendly design. The patented cloth mop and double water spray system work together to eliminate stubborn stains and dirt. Plus, its smart memory function ensures efficient cleaning paths on every use. With the added convenience of a remote control, cleaning your windows has never been easier or more effective. Remember, with our Smart Window Cleaning Robot, sparkling clean windows are just a button press away. Order now to transform your cleaning routine and enjoy pristine glass surfaces with minimal effort.

57 reviews for Smart Window Cleaning Robot with Dual Water Spray & Strong Suction

  1. Wyatt Torp

    Found this really handy around the house.

  2. Euna Bernhard

    This window cleaner has been a game-changer for me, especially for the scary task of cleaning second-story windows. Easy setup, just make sure to read the instructions first for the best results. The wide spray feature ensures a thorough clean in just one go. Been using it a few times a week, and my windows have never looked better. Plus, it’s much safer.

  3. Weldon Flatley

    The design is a lifesaver. No more running around with a cloth or climbing ladders for those high windows. The cleaning strength and suction are top-notch!

  4. Jimmie Beatty

    It does wonders on both windows and mirrors, starting up all by itself once attached. Simplicity at its best.

  5. Lyda Dach

    This glass-cleaning robot is a must-have. Perfect for high windows or tackling pet slobber on doors without leaving streaks. Big thumbs up from me.

  6. Renee Schmitt

    Amazing for those out-of-reach windows. A bit noisy, but that’s a small price to pay for the convenience and savings on window cleaning services.

  7. Belle Huels

    This was a game-changer for the sliding glass doors of my condo, shadowed by permanent screens and the woods. Hand cleaning was a nightmare, but this robot made them sparkle again.

  8. Bryana Rutherford

    Absolutely love this robot. Way easier than the old squeegee method. Just fill, start, and watch the magic happen. Windows have never been cleaner.

  9. Johnson Kreiger

    Super happy with this window robot. After I had to step away from ladder work, our high windows got pretty grimy. This robot not only saved those windows but possibly my marriage too. Plus, it nailed cleaning the glass shower, sensing the edge and turning around without missing a beat.

  10. Laisha Bartell

    Out of all the window-cleaning robots I’ve tried, this one takes the crown. It’s whisper-quiet and does an incredible job. Highly recommend!

  11. Amara Schumm

    So easy and actually fun to use. Saw my friend with one and now I know what I’m getting my girlfriend for Christmas.

  12. Gustave Cremin

    Another win for AI technology.

  13. Marcelle Reinger

    Color me impressed; it tackled my bathroom tiles and even braved the outside of my store windows. I tied it up just in case, but the suction never faltered. It’s turned out to be quite the versatile helper.

  14. Wilhelmine Weissnat

    Just got my hands on this robot and took it for a spin on a mirror first. Setting it up was a breeze, and I’m really impressed by the suction. It left my mirror spotless and handled a frameless shower door like a champ. It’s a bit of an investment, but for the ease and quality of cleaning, totally worth it.

  15. Howell Davis

    This gadget’s a godsend! Living next to construction and not having cleaned the windows for 2 years had me skeptical, but it tackled the grime like a pro. Can’t recommend it enough!

  16. Gerda Parker

    It’s just perfect for a house with big windows like mine.

  17. Horacio Koss


  18. Kyle Haag

    It’s been a huge help at home. Now we’ve got clean windows and showers without fail every day. Such a cool tool.

  19. Norbert White

    Found the robot super user-friendly. Works best on windows that aren’t too dirty since the pad gets dirty quick. Bought extra pads, but it’s been a streak-free champ once you swap in a clean one. Looks like we’re gonna be buddies for a while.

  20. Kassandra Hermiston

    It’s made window and mirror cleaning a breeze, which means a brighter house for me. I just start it up and carry on with other chores. Super pleased with it.

  21. Xander Jakubowski

    This is a cost-saver, especially if you’re dealing with large or tricky-to-reach windows. It’s simple to get going and works autonomously. Seriously, give it a go.

  22. Savanna Sipes

    After trying a similar product before, the dual spray feature on this one is a standout. It’s a time-saver – just set it up, and your windows are clean in no time.

  23. Corbin Hand

    Wanted to give my wife a break from window cleaning, so I got her this robot for her birthday. She’s thrilled with it – windows and mirrors gleaming with zero effort. We’re telling all our friends; it’s time-saving tech at its best.

  24. Zelma Hayes

    Completely sold on my window robot. It’s seen action on windows, mirrors, even granite countertops, and hasn’t missed a beat. Super quiet, and the dual water tanks are a genius touch. The pads clean up easy, and the included detergent is a nice bonus.

  25. Keven Kilback

    Been using this for just a few days and it’s already a game-changer. Saves me a ton of time since I’ve got these massive windows. Cleans thoroughly and leaves everything shining.

  26. Terrence Reinger

    We’ve been on the Hobot train for a while with their older model, but upgrading to the newer one for our new place with even more windows was a game-changer. Just follow what the manual says, and it’ll leave your windows spotless.

  27. Demond Barton

    It does what it says on the tin. I let it do its thing while I get on with other stuff. Moving it around is the only bit of effort required.

  28. Bart Runolfsdottir

    At 70, keeping those sliding doors clean in Florida was becoming a bit of a stretch for me. Wasn’t sure about this at first, but it turned out to be pretty straightforward to use and did a fantastic job. The cleaning solution might seem a bit much, but a little goes a long way. Stick to the instructions, and you’ll love the results.

  29. Rocky Hoppe

    This thing’s the real deal, does exactly what you expect it to.

  30. Lavada Tromp

    Was a bit on the fence before I hit ‘order’. Did my homework on it and felt the price was fair. The suction on this bad boy is unreal. I was pretty on edge thinking it might take a tumble and shatter something, but once we got it going, I was blown away by how quiet it is. Didn’t even need to worry about battery life for the smaller windows, but for the big ones, it lasted through the whole cleaning session. Big thumbs up from me.

  31. Kaelyn Lueilwitz

    Ideal for anyone living by the beach or anyone tired of cleaning glass surfaces all the time. Tried it on my indoor mirror, and it left it spotless. Easy to handle, good battery life, and super effective.

  32. Jazmyne Wilkinson

    Perfect for those hard-to-reach windows, though getting it set up on high windows requires a ladder. Wish there was an easier way to place and remove it.

  33. Kaleigh Hettinger

    It’s been a champ on exterior windows and the glass shower, cleaning up places I hadn’t touched in ages!

  34. Dulce Upton

    Love it! Quiet, efficient, and cleans mirrors to a shine. It’s managed three windows and a mirror without any trouble. The self-watering tank’s a nice touch.

  35. Agustin Weissnat

    Super easy and effective, it’s my go-to for all the large windows at home. Cleans them spotless every time.

  36. Jolie Kling

    This bot’s a dirt-fighting ninja on windows and mirrors. Simple to use, sticks on and cleans without any input from me. Six months in and no falls.

  37. Larue Windler

    Just tried it out on my windows, and wow, it’s really thorough. Highly recommend it.

  38. Sidney Greenfelder

    Does wonders with just a bit of water, no fuss at all.

  39. Roxanne Braun

    I’ve always been the kind of person to put off window cleaning until it’s absolutely necessary. The hassle, the streaks, the climbing up and down ladders—none of it was for me. But then I decided to give this smart cleaning device a shot, and wow, what a difference it has made! Setting it up was a breeze. I was particularly impressed by its efficient dual water spray that hits the dirt from all angles. It’s like having a professional window cleaner at your fingertips.

    After the first use, I was hooked. The intelligent path planning feature meant that it didn’t just randomly wander over the glass; it methodically cleaned every inch. Watching it navigate across my patio doors was fascinating. The suction power is seriously impressive too. I have some frameless windows that always made me nervous to clean, but this gadget clings to them with a determination that’s both amusing and reassuring. And the safety features? Top-notch. Knowing there’s a safety rope gives me peace of mind, but seeing the device in action, I doubt I’ll ever need it.

    What I love most is the sheer convenience it brings into my life. The multiple cleaning modes are perfect for different needs—be it a quick once-over for the bathroom mirror or a deep clean for the living room windows. It’s turned a task I used to dread into something I now look forward to. Seeing my reflection in a streak-free mirror or looking out of spotless windows without having lifted a finger is incredibly satisfying. This device hasn’t just cleaned my windows; it’s upgraded my entire home maintenance routine.

  40. Dejah Ferry

    Saw this at my cousin’s place in France and had to have it. Sets up easy, sticks to the window without any drama, and just gets to work. Adorable and efficient.

  41. Tiana Feil

    Amazed by how well this handles our dog-smeared windows and doors. First run needed a deep clean, but it’s been smooth sailing with regular cleanings since. Absolutely worth it.

  42. Michel Toy

    Had to write a review because this thing’s amazing. Tackles all our high and hard-to-reach windows without breaking a sweat. Cleans brilliantly and sticks well, with a safety backup just in case.

  43. Frederik Cassin

    A miracle worker for windows. Say goodbye to streaks and the hassle of professional cleaning costs. It even makes shower doors sparkle.

  44. Conner Lakin

    Totally impressed with all its features. Yeah, it’s a bit noisy, but nothing too annoying. Can’t wait to see how it tackles the second-floor windows!

  45. Greg Bernier

    Living in a house with more windows than I care to count, keeping them clean was always a daunting task. The effort involved meant it was something I did infrequently and, if I’m honest, reluctantly. Enter this smart window cleaning robot, a gadget that seemed too good to be true. But let me tell you, it’s everything it promises and more. The setup was simple, and watching it effortlessly glide over the glass, removing years of built-up grime, was incredibly satisfying.

    The technology behind it is what truly sets it apart. The dual water spray works wonders on stubborn stains, and its ability to intelligently calculate the most effective cleaning route is impressive. I was initially concerned about its performance on my large frameless windows, but the strong suction power allayed all my fears. Plus, the peace of mind that comes with the advanced safety features is invaluable.

    What makes this robot special is its impact on my life. It’s transformed a task I used to dread into something I hardly think about now. My windows are consistently clean, letting in more light and making my home feel more welcoming. It’s an incredible tool that’s not only efficient and effective but also fun to watch. I can’t imagine going back to manual cleaning. This gadget has truly revolutionized how I care for my home.

  46. Nickolas Nikolaus

    Our place has loads of windows, and this bot’s a game-changer. It sticks to the glass no problem, making short work of our huge windows in about 10 minutes each. Ditched the safety rope since it was more in the way for us.

  47. Eulah Reynolds

    Couldn’t believe how well it tackled my filthy windows! Only done a few so far, but it’s already proving its worth. Especially for the price, it’s a steal, letting me clean whenever without the extra cost.

  48. Karianne Mertz

    The suction on this thing is insane. I skipped the safety rope indoors, and it’s been fine, but definitely using it for outside windows. It’s pretty quiet, sounding just like a regular vacuum.

  49. Brycen Terry

    Obsessed with this window cleaning robot! It’s a lifesaver for hard-to-reach spots, cleaning up without leaving streaks. Living in a tall house, window cleaning used to be a risky business, but not anymore. Its suction is top-notch, leaving my windows clear as day. The water spray covers perfectly, hitting all the dirt in one go. Been using it weekly, and my windows have never looked better. Far exceeded my expectations!

  50. Marcellus Denesik

    This window cleaner has been a revelation, making my windows gleam without any effort from me. It’s got this cool auto water spray and tackles dirt like nobody’s business, safely sticking to any surface. It’s turned window cleaning from a chore into a breeze, leaving my windows spotless every time. Seriously, if you’re looking for a no-fuss, effective clean, this is the gadget to get.

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