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Slow Motion 360 Photo Booth

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Revolutionize Your Parties and Events

Introducing the ultimate party enhancement – the 360 Degree Photo Booth Spinner! This innovative device is perfect for capturing all the fun and excitement at your events. Whether it’s a birthday bash, a wedding, or a corporate event, this photo booth spinner will turn ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. Its automatic rotating selfie camera technology ensures every angle is covered, making everyone in the group feel like a star. 

Key Features

  • RGB Selfie Ring Light with 3 color modes and 10 adjustable brightness settings.
  • Compatibility with multiple devices including iPad, GoPro, Camera, and Smartphones.
  • Free Custom Logo Service to personalize and brand your event experience.
  • 5-Year Warranty, ensuring long-term reliability and customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Our 360 Photo Booth?

What sets our 360 Degree Photo Booth Spinner apart is its versatility and ease of use. The RGB ring light provides professional-level lighting, ensuring your photos and videos look stunning. With support for multiple devices, you can easily switch between an iPad, camera, or smartphone to capture moments from different perspectives. Our free custom logo service allows you to add a personal touch to your events, making them more memorable and unique. Plus, with a 5-year warranty, you can trust in the durability and quality of our product.

Perfect for Every Occasion

This photo booth is not just a gadget; it’s a centerpiece for any event. It’s best used in parties, weddings, anniversaries, corporate events, and even casual gatherings. It adds a fun and interactive element to your celebrations, keeping guests entertained and engaged. The 360-degree rotating camera ensures that no moment is missed, capturing everything from laughter to dance moves.  


Product Benefits


  • Enhances the fun and engagement at any event.
  • Easy to set up and compatible with various devices.
  • Professional quality photos and videos with adjustable lighting.
  • Personalize your event with a custom logo.
  • Peace of mind with a comprehensive 5-year warranty

Your Next Step

Don’t let your next event be just another gathering. Elevate it with our 360 Degree Photo Booth Spinner. Create lasting memories, engage your guests, and add that special touch that will make your event the talk of the town. Order now and take the first step towards transforming your celebrations!

62 reviews for Slow Motion 360 Photo Booth

  1. Emilie Bosco

    This exceptional device has completely transformed our event experiences, offering guests an innovative way to capture memories in stunning slow motion. The clarity and detail of the footage are unparalleled, providing a truly cinematic quality that makes every moment feel special and significant. Its intuitive design ensures that users of all technical abilities can operate it with ease, making it accessible and enjoyable for everyone. The construction is solid and reliable, capable of withstanding the rigors of frequent use without compromising performance. The slow-motion effect adds a dramatic and engaging element to the videos, making it a favorite feature among guests. The ability to share these moments instantly on social media has also significantly enhanced the social buzz around our events, giving our guests a fun and interactive way to commemorate their experiences. Overall, this device has not only met but exceeded our expectations, proving to be a valuable asset that elevates the standard of our event offerings

  2. Jeanie Grimes

    Stunning quality, creates memorable moments with a unique twist

  3. Lora Swift

    Absolutely mesmerizing, captures every moment beautifully in slow motion

  4. Betty Hansen

    Transformed our event into a cinematic experience. Highly recommend!

  5. Freida Tromp

    It arrived promptly before our event, setting up was more straightforward than anticipated, and it has been a fantastic asset to my business.

  6. Kennedi Cole

    Investing in this innovative video capture system was a game-changer for our party planning business. It allows for the creation of extraordinary slow-motion videos that captivate and entertain, adding a unique and memorable element to any event. The build quality is exceptional, designed to endure the hustle and bustle of busy events while consistently delivering high-quality results. The ease of setup and user-friendly interface means we can seamlessly integrate it into various event settings, providing a professional and entertaining experience for clients. The slow-motion videos produced are of such high quality that they often become the centerpiece of the event, drawing crowds and encouraging interaction. The device’s versatility and performance have not only enhanced our service offerings but have also significantly increased client satisfaction and repeat business.

  7. Bennie Pacocha

    The booth’s operation speed is fantastic, and I was equally impressed with the responsive and efficient customer service. They’re readily available to assist with any queries, ensuring a satisfying experience for their customers.

  8. Christ Kutch

    This photo booth is the best I’ve encountered, offering exceptional quality and coming well-packaged. The customer service is proactive and quick to resolve any concerns, maintaining continuous communication to guarantee satisfaction with the product. This company delivers on both quality and value, making their photo booth an excellent choice.

  9. Jeanie Beier

    This is a great photo booth and I had ever came across. The photo booth is excellent quality, and is very well packaged. They responded very quickly, and I was very happy with the solution. Great customer service, They will be in constant contact with you to ensure that you are satisfied with the 360 Photo Booth. I love everything about this company. If you’re looking for quality at an excellent price this is your photobooth! Please must choose it! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  10. Judy McCullough

    Despite the lack of reviews, I took a chance on purchasing the Fantasy View 360 Photo Booth, which initially caused me some anxiety, particularly about the setup. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find the installation process quite straightforward. With helpful videos on YouTube and a detailed manual included, I managed to assemble it quickly and without hassle. The booth operates flawlessly and boasts impressive durability, easily supporting up to five people without any issues. It significantly enhanced the fun at my event, making it a hit, and I would happily recommend it to friends.

  11. Jade Wisozk

    I love the speed of the 360 photo booth. I was impressed by the customer service 👍👍 If you have any questions or concerns, they will be there within minutes with a plan for you. If you buy it, you won’t be disappointed.

  12. Emily Kuhic

    An exceptional addition to any event, offering guests a unique way to capture memories in slow motion. Its sturdy build and reliable performance make it a hit at gatherings

  13. Jonathan Osinski

    Provided an extraordinary interactive experience at our event, capturing moments in breathtaking slow motion. The quality of the videos and the booth’s performance were outstanding

  14. Glen Lowe

    I wholeheartedly endorse this product. It functions flawlessly, and I absolutely adore it!

  15. Trevion Greenholt

    At a recent event, I had the pleasure of stepping into this all-around video capture station, and I was blown away by the experience. It captures every angle in mesmerizing slow motion, turning simple moments into cinematic treasures. The quality of the footage was exceptional, showcasing every detail with precision. The platform itself was user-friendly, making it easy and fun for everyone to use. The staff were fantastic, ensuring everyone felt like a VIP. It was such a novel way to commemorate the night, and watching back the videos brought so much joy. An absolute must-have for making events memorable!

  16. Ova Hegmann

    Fantastic product! It’s user-friendly, easy to set up, and a hit at any party!

  17. Marshall Kub

    This 360-degree video experience was truly unforgettable. It captures you in slow motion from every angle, making for some incredibly dynamic and beautiful footage. The quality of the videos was top-notch, highlighting every gesture and expression in stunning detail. The setup was modern and efficient, drawing guests in without overwhelming the space. The team running it was fantastic – patient, helpful, and full of great ideas to make each video unique. Being able to share these special moments on social media so easily was the cherry on top. It brought an extra layer of excitement to the event, leaving all of us with memorable clips that we’ll treasure for years to come.

  18. Queenie Lakin

    I was mesmerized by this 360-degree video experience at a recent event. The way it elegantly captures every angle in slow motion is breathtaking. It transformed ordinary moments into cinematic masterpieces. The setup was a crowd-pleaser, providing not just entertainment but also beautiful keepsakes.

  19. Chase Effertz

    The machine’s stability is commendable; it’s easy to set up and dismantle. It’s been a hit with my friends and family.

  20. Kenna McClure

    Urgently requiring a 360 due to overlapping bookings and facing potential delivery delays from my initial supplier, I was relieved to receive the 360 promptly after placing my order. The product boasted superior craftsmanship and included comprehensive accessories like a ring light, mounts for an iPhone, iPad, and DSLR, plus a durable case with a dolly, slightly elevated compared to my first booth.

  21. Letha Ledner

    This booth is essential for any party and captures memories flawlessly. It operates without any issues!

  22. Aglae Wuckert

    This revolving video booth was the highlight of my cousin’s wedding. It captures moments in a way that feels both intimate and grand, wrapping us in a 360-degree view that’s simply breathtaking. The slow-motion effect adds a dramatic, almost ethereal quality to the videos, making each one a work of art. The setup was sleek and professional, drawing guests in without overwhelming the space. The process was smooth, from posing to sharing our clips on social media. It created a buzz of excitement and left us with unique keepsakes. An unforgettable addition that brought an extra layer of fun and sophistication to the celebration!

  23. Maryse Fadel

    Using this during our vacation brought a lot of joy to my family. It was a delightful addition to our trip.

  24. Godfrey Schultz

    Experiencing this revolving capture booth was like stepping into a movie scene. It records every angle in slow motion, highlighting moments with cinematic quality. The setup was quick and efficient, fitting perfectly into the event without being intrusive. What impressed me most was the clarity and quality of the videos produced, capturing every laugh and dance move with perfection. The interactive aspect of it, combined with the instant sharing capability, made it incredibly popular among guests. It didn’t just capture memories; it created an experience that everyone wanted to be part of. The professional and friendly staff ensured everyone got their moment to shine, offering tips and tricks for the best possible shots. This innovative booth was a fantastic addition to the event, leaving us with unique and shareable memories that stand out from the usual event photos.

  25. Melany Labadie

    Experiencing this revolving capture device at a party was absolutely thrilling. It captures every moment in stunning detail, making every guest feel like a superstar. The final footage, with its dramatic flair, was a hit, creating memories we’ll cherish forever. It truly added a unique spark to the celebration.

  26. Cecile Spinka

    This purchase was absolutely worth it. I highly recommend this 360 photo booth to anyone in the market for one.

  27. Elmira O'Hara

    The build quality and stability of this 360 Photo Booth are remarkable. It stays steady and balanced during use, providing a fluid and trouble-free experience. The craftsmanship and packaging clearly show a high level of care.

  28. Skylar Ziemann

    Stepping onto this revolving video platform was a highlight of the party for me. It captures moments in a way that’s both elegant and exhilarating, turning simple movements into captivating slow-motion clips. The quality of the footage is remarkable, showcasing every laugh and dance move in exquisite detail. The setup was sophisticated yet straightforward, effortlessly blending into the event’s ambiance. The staff were professional and encouraging, guiding us through the process and ensuring everyone had a fantastic time. The instant sharing feature was a hit, allowing us to immediately share our cinematic moments with the world. This innovative experience was a standout attraction, creating unforgettable memories.

  29. Wayne Schiller

    This is an excellent product that’s simple to put together, packed with additional features. The customer service was swift and efficient. I’m definitely planning to buy from this vendor in the future.

  30. Raegan Blick

    I recently experienced this incredible 360-degree capture experience at a friend’s celebration, and it was nothing short of magical. The device records every laugh and dance move in beautiful detail, making everyone feel like a star. The final videos look like they’re straight out of a movie, with every moment highlighted in stunning clarity. The setup added such a unique touch to the event, creating unforgettable memories. It was an absolute hit with all the guests, and the ease of sharing our videos online was the cherry on top. Truly a highlight of the evening!

  31. Corbin O'Connell

    Learning the system required some time, but it proved to be a hit at our company party, attracting constant attention throughout the event.

  32. Savanna Bernhard

    Setting up the booth was made easy with the help of video guides and a manual. The thoughtful addition of a battery pack by the company allows for operation in locations without direct access to power, showcasing their attention to customer needs.

  33. Tyreek Bashirian

    I had the pleasure of stepping into this captivating 360-degree video booth at a recent event, and it was an absolute game-changer. The way it captures every detail with such clarity and in dramatic slow motion is nothing short of magical. It felt like being the star of my own movie, with every twirl and smile immortalized in a stunning, high-quality video. The device itself was sleek and unobtrusive, adding a touch of sophistication to the event. The operators were incredibly friendly, making the experience even more enjoyable. Sharing the moments on social media was a breeze, and the reactions from friends and family were priceless. It added a whole new level of fun and engagement to the celebration.

  34. Dulce Muller

    Upon receiving my 360-booth, the company’s customer service was exceptional, guiding me through every step from unboxing to setup. The inclusion of power banks was a considerate touch, sparing me the expense and effort of sourcing them separately.

  35. Kade Beier

    I had the chance to step into this revolving video booth at a friend’s wedding, and it was an absolute blast. The device captures you in 360 degrees, adding an immersive dimension to the memories. Every twirl and smile is caught in stunning detail, and the slow-motion effect makes each video feel like a professionally shot clip. It’s an engaging way to capture the joy and energy of special occasions. The platform is user-friendly, allowing guests of all ages to participate and enjoy. The operators were also incredibly helpful, making sure everyone felt comfortable and had fun. The instant access to the videos for downloading and sharing was a huge hit, allowing us to instantly share our experiences with loved ones. This booth brought an extra layer of excitement to the celebration, creating memorable moments that we’ll cherish forever.

  36. Ashleigh Hammes

    My satisfaction with the 360 machine is immense, especially appreciating the swift support received for the tripod ball head and LED strip issues. The replacement was expedited overnight, ensuring it arrived in time for my event. My gratitude is boundless.

  37. Jeffry Murphy

    The experience of using this 360-degree video booth at a recent party was absolutely phenomenal. It captures every moment in such a captivating way, making everyone look like celebrities on the red carpet. The slow-motion effect adds a dramatic flair that truly elevates the footage, turning ordinary moments into something extraordinary. The setup was sleek and didn’t take up much space, blending seamlessly into the event without disrupting the flow. The staff were incredibly friendly, guiding each guest through the process and suggesting poses to make sure everyone looked their best. What stood out to me was the immediate availability of the videos for sharing on social media, making it easy to relive the fun and share it with friends. It was the highlight of the evening, providing not only great entertainment but also unique keepsakes from the event.

  38. Retta Prosacco

    Upon arrival, the packaging was impressively secure, though be prepared for its heft – you might need an extra set of hands. When I reached out for the battery packs, JJ from customer support was quick to act and dispatched them promptly. The device itself is robust, straightforward to put together, and comes with various phone mounts, LED lights, remotes, and a convenient dolly for transport.

  39. Damian Dickinson

    Attending an event with this cutting-edge 360-degree photo booth was an unforgettable experience. The booth’s ability to capture every moment in exquisite slow motion from all angles is nothing short of revolutionary. It offered an immersive experience that felt both luxurious and incredibly fun. The device itself is a marvel of modern technology, providing high-definition videos that highlight even the smallest details, making every clip feel like a professional movie scene.

    The user experience was exceptionally well thought out, from the intuitive interface to the helpful staff on hand to assist with poses and ideas. The booth’s design was sleek and inviting, making it a central attraction at the event. Guests were thrilled with the opportunity to create their unique, shareable content, enhancing the overall atmosphere of the celebration.

  40. Marlene Wisozk

    The quality of this 360 Photo Booth is exceptional. The setup instructions were clear, assembly was a breeze, all components functioned perfectly, and the customer service was outstanding. The provided checklist was extremely useful. Having used it for several events now, it’s been reliable every time. I suggest opting for the Flight Case for extra protection. The customer service was genuinely excellent.

  41. Arielle Harvey

    I had the pleasure of experiencing this incredible 360-degree photo booth at a recent event, and it completely blew me away. The booth captures every angle in stunning slow motion, creating a captivating video that makes you feel like a star. What sets it apart is the seamless operation and the high-quality output that it delivers. The interactive platform allowed me and my friends to jump right in and strike our best poses, resulting in videos that we couldn’t wait to share on social media.

    The technology behind this booth is truly impressive, offering a smooth, revolving camera action that catches every detail with clarity and precision. The setup was swift, managed by a friendly and professional team who guided us through the process, ensuring that everyone felt comfortable and had fun. The variety of customizable backgrounds and effects added an extra layer of excitement to the experience, allowing us to tailor our videos to match the theme of the event.

    Investing in this photo booth for the event was a decision that paid off immensely. It provided not just entertainment but a unique keepsake that guests could take home—a memorable snapshot of the celebration captured from every angle. It’s an experience I would highly recommend for any event looking to leave a lasting impression on its guests.

  42. Joana Wuckert

    Despite initial challenges, the company’s exceptional support and commitment to resolving issues stood out. The setup process was straightforward, and the booth’s sturdy construction impressed me. Its debut at a wedding was a tremendous success. I highly recommend this company for their dedication and the quality of their 360 photo booth. Special thanks to Carol Zhang for her proactive and attentive service, making this investment even more valuable.

  43. Jazmyn Barrows

    Having used my 360 photo booth for nearly a year, it has been instrumental in creating memorable experiences for my clients and expanding my network. My initial event was nerve-wracking, especially when I forgot the remote for the 360 motion, but thankfully, the ChackTok app allowed for phone control, saving the day. My experiences with the company and the booth have been incredibly positive.

  44. Declan Sipes

    Our recent acquisition of this cutting-edge video system has elevated our event services to new heights. It captures life’s fast-paced moments in mesmerizing slow motion, adding an extraordinary dimension to event entertainment. The high-definition output ensures every detail is captured with precision, turning simple actions into captivating visual stories. The device’s robust design and easy-to-navigate controls make it suitable for events of all sizes, from intimate gatherings to large-scale celebrations. The feedback from clients has been overwhelmingly positive, with many highlighting the slow-motion feature as the highlight of their event. Its ability to engage and mesmerize guests, coupled with the professional quality of the videos, has made it an indispensable tool in our event planning arsenal

  45. America Bailey

    While I generally like this product, I find the base a bit unstable for holding four people.

  46. Natasha Swaniawski

    Amazing customer service and I’m loving the product, shipment was in stellar shape 👌 highly recommend this for all interested

  47. Rosina Huel

    The booth is amazing once you get the hang of it, despite the initial learning curve with the app and fast-paced tutorial videos. I’m very satisfied with my purchase and the support provided by the company.

  48. German Dach

    Transformed my party into an unforgettable experience with its mesmerizing slow-motion captures. Easy to set up and operate, it was the highlight of the evening, providing endless fun and laughter

  49. Danny Witting

    This innovative capture system has revolutionized the way we commemorate special occasions. The slow-motion feature adds a dramatic flair to memories, transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary cinematic experiences. Its user-friendly interface allows guests of all ages to engage and enjoy the fun, creating a lively and interactive atmosphere at our gatherings. The build quality is exceptional, promising longevity and consistent performance. Additionally, the customer support provided has been outstanding, ensuring we maximize the potential of this incredible device at every event

  50. Ana Huel

    This captivating rotating camera platform brings a dynamic twist to events, capturing every angle in stunning slow motion. Its smooth operation and high-quality output have guests raving about the experience

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