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Professional Pet Grooming Kit with Vacuum Suction

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Elevate Your Pet Grooming Experience

Introducing our Professional Pet Grooming Kit with Vacuum Suction – the ultimate solution for keeping your furry friend looking and feeling their best. With five proven grooming tools included, this kit offers everything you need for a hassle-free grooming session.

Key Features:

  • Grooming brush and Deshed tool for promoting a healthier skin & coat
  • Electric clipper with 5 comfort guard combs for easy styling
  • Nozzle tool and Cleaning brush to collect pet hair
  • 2L Large-Capacity Dustbin for mess-free emptying
  • Low Noise Design for a stress-free grooming experience

Benefits You’ll Love:

  • Effortlessly groom your pet with precision and ease
  • Keep your home clean and hair-free with 99% pet hair suction
  • Customize your pet’s hairstyle with adjustable guard combs
  • Reduce grooming time and mess with built-in vacuum suction
  • Create a calm and comfortable grooming environment for your pet

Why Choose Our Grooming Kit?

Our grooming kit goes above and beyond traditional grooming tools by combining advanced features with user-friendly design. The built-in vacuum suction ensures that pet hair is collected while grooming, keeping your home clean and your pet comfortable. With adjustable guard combs and a low-noise design, grooming has never been easier or more enjoyable for both you and your furry friend.

Experience the Difference Today

Transform grooming time into a bonding experience with your pet with our Professional Pet Grooming Kit. Say goodbye to messy grooming sessions and hello to a clean, stylish pet – order yours now!

63 reviews for Professional Pet Grooming Kit with Vacuum Suction

  1. Orland Hansen

    Absolutely thrilled with this purchase. Makes grooming time much easier. 🐶

  2. Savion Kiehn

    Having control over my dog’s loose undercoat was wonderful with this grooming tool. The noise didn’t upset her, and I could even use it indoors when the weather wasn’t suitable for outdoor grooming.

  3. Brown Marks

    🐾 Amazing grooming tool! Makes my life easier.

  4. Alexandrea Boyer

    Love this product! Keeps my home hair-free.

  5. Fatima Streich

    As a pet owner with multiple furry companions, finding a grooming tool that effectively tackles shedding has been a game-changer. This product’s grooming brush and deshed tool not only promote healthier skin and coat but also significantly reduce the amount of loose fur around the house. The electric clipper with combs makes styling a breeze, and the nozzle tool collects pet hair effortlessly. With its 2L large-capacity dustbin, clean up is mess-free, and the low noise design ensures a stress-free grooming experience for both me and my pets. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to keep their home clean and their pets happy. It’s truly an amazing addition to any pet owner’s arsenal! ❤️

  6. Brown Cole

    I was hesitant to try grooming my pet at home, but this tool made it so easy! The low noise design helped keep my pet calm, and the nozzle tool collected all the loose hair effortlessly. Now, grooming time is stress-free for both of us!

  7. Ivory Senger

    As a pet owner with allergies, keeping my home hair-free is a constant struggle. But thanks to this kit, I can now say goodbye to 99% of pet hair! Besides the large-capacity dustbin means I can groom multiple pets without stopping to empty it constantly. Highly recommend for any pet owner!

  8. Hugh Walker

    Best purchase ever! No more pet hair everywhere. 🐕

  9. Orrin Ernser

    Grooming my dog used to be a dreaded task with heavy clippers and hair flying everywhere. It was time-consuming and messy. But this little gem has completely changed the game. The attachments are easy to use and lightweight, and the suction feature ensures that hair is neatly contained. It’s faster, cleaner, and much easier on both me and my goldendoodle. As a tip, I distract him with a licking meat and peanut butter while I trim, which makes the process smoother. Yes, you’ll need to empty the container a few times as it fills up quickly, but it’s totally worth it. Overall, I’m extremely satisfied with this purchase!

  10. Junius Littel

    This grooming tool is more than sufficient and impressively efficient.

  11. Louisa Nader

    This grooming tool is my absolute favorite! It has truly simplified life with pets. It’s incredibly easy to use and delivers flawless results every time.

  12. Raphael Abernathy

    I purchased this grooming tool to alleviate my mom’s stress when it comes to pet grooming. It’s hands down the best product on the market for pet grooming right now! While I do wish it included nail cutting and filing features, I have no complaints because this product is truly amazing. Special thanks to the creators of this product. And my pets absolutely adore it too!

  13. Ethyl Klocko

    I can’t express how impressed I am with this machine! It’s a real lifesaver for pet owners dealing with shedding. Not only is it incredibly helpful, but the noise it makes is much friendlier compared to older models. I highly recommend it to anyone with a furry friend who sheds a lot. ❤️

  14. Thurman Parker

    10/10 would recommend to all pet owners!

  15. Abbie Nolan

    Last year, we welcomed a kitten into our home, seemingly abandoned outside our apartment building. Now, with three cats, the amount of fur in our household has become overwhelming. Our newest addition boasts a thick coat, and attempts to brush him often resulted in fur floating everywhere except where it belonged – in the bin!

    Upon discovering this product with stellar reviews, I was hopeful, and it exceeded my expectations. Arriving a full five days earlier than expected, it wasted no time proving its worth. In just two sessions, it effortlessly collected an astonishing amount of fur, leaving none to float around during grooming. Even our short-haired lady received a quick brush and shed a fair bit of fur herself.

    Initially met with skepticism from our feline family members, they gradually warmed up to the grooming routine. The furriest even stretched out and allowed us to brush his belly during the second session, a promising sign of acceptance. While the vacuum isn’t completely silent, it’s far gentler than my standard vacuum cleaner, with just the right amount of suction to gather loose fur without causing discomfort.

    Although we’ve only used it on the lowest setting and with two brush attachments, the unit and its accessories are impressively designed and sturdy. Cleaning is a breeze, and witnessing the fur accumulate in the canister is oddly satisfying. Furthermore, its lightweight construction, along with holders for attachments and a hook for tidy hose storage, make it a practical addition to our home grooming arsenal.

  16. Sam Ferry

    Grooming my Siberian Husky has become a breeze since getting this product! My only regret is not purchasing it sooner.

  17. Elissa Howe

    If you’re dealing with a fur baby that sheds excessively, this product will revolutionize your life. I tried it on our German Shepherd and Golden Retriever, and it performed admirably. It’s incredibly user-friendly and ranks among the best investments we’ve ever made.

  18. Benton O'Reilly

    I am overwhelmed with joy over this product! It performs exactly as advertised. With our grand puppy, a large, fuzzy, curly labradoodle, grooming was quite the challenge. Clippers always resulted in a messy job and strained hands and shoulders. But this product is a miracle worker—simple yet effective. Our puppy looks fantastic, with no botched job, and there are no more dreaded black “tumbleweeds” littering the house. Plus, it’s surprisingly quiet, and our noise-sensitive pup didn’t mind it one bit. Even during fireworks, when we usually have to administer Triazadone, she remained calm and still during grooming. It’s truly a blessing.

  19. Ariane Gleichner

    This item surpassed my expectations in terms of quality.

  20. Alisha Lakin

    This product is robust enough to handle a significant amount of dog hair. I’ve used it for brushing, detangling, and trimming my dog, and it’s been fantastic. The relief of not having dog hair floating everywhere is invaluable. While my dog is deaf and unperturbed by the noise, I’d advise caution for dogs sensitive to sound. Nonetheless, for us, it’s absolutely perfect.

  21. Joanny Gottlieb

    I’d been eyeing a similar vacuum grooming system advertised on Facebook, but its tiny canister filled up after just a few passes with the clippers. So, when I stumbled upon this kit with its 2-liter canister—twice the size of the other brand—I decided to give it a shot. Having groomed my 14-year-old cocker spaniel her entire life, I’m no stranger to grooming tools. I’d previously tried a vacuum groomer attachment that connected to a shop vac, but the noise terrified her, and cleaning the shop vac was a hassle.
    This grooming tool is remarkably quiet, especially on the lowest speed, which was surprisingly effective at sucking up hair while I groomed her. With her thick coat, typical of a show-quality cocker spaniel, I had to empty the canister four times, but the process is so effortless that it didn’t bother me in the slightest. The clipper combs attach securely and remain in place, though I did find adjusting the clipper blade slightly necessary to prevent it from touching the comb—an adjustment I made primarily to keep things even quieter. 👍

  22. Justen Orn

    I’m loving how easy this grooming tool is to use, not to mention how quiet it operates. It’s truly a great little machine!

  23. Domenica Dietrich

    This grooming tool is an absolute game-changer for brushing our two Great Pyrenees dogs! Dealing with their long fur and undercoat used to feel like an endless task, but not anymore. I love the convenience of being able to quickly clean up the fur once I’m done, and the suction feature helps keep flying fur to a minimum. It’s incredibly effective, surprisingly quiet, doesn’t bother the dogs, and feels sturdy and well-built. I highly recommend it to any pet owner!

  24. Noah Harris

    As someone who isn’t a professional groomer, I’m amazed at how easy this machine makes grooming. With the guard combs, I can confidently trim my Persian’s hair without worrying about causing him any harm. Plus, the cleanup is minimal! Although it’s only his first haircut with this tool, I’m already impressed and excited to see how much better it’ll look with continued use. 👏👌

  25. Eugene Jerde

    My dog absolutely adores this grooming tool. Using the brush, it effectively removes itchy hair and eliminates the hassle of dealing with the undercoat.

  26. Jarvis Spencer

    So happy with this grooming kit!

  27. Sadie Leffler

    I own a husky, and using this vacuum has significantly reduced the mess compared to manual brushing. The noise level on the highest setting is tolerable for my husky, and the suction power is excellent. However, I wish there was a brush attachment specifically designed for double-coated breeds like huskies, similar to double-sided brushes that rake undercoats.

    Unfortunately, I’ve encountered some issues with the fur bin and plastic parts. There seems to be a significant static build-up as I groom my husky, making emptying the bin a real challenge. The fur clings to my hands, the filters, and the bin itself, even wrapping around the outside when I try to empty it. I’m unsure if there’s any feature on the vacuum to dissipate the static. Another annoyance is the tiny hole pattern inside the lid of the bin, which tends to trap hair and exacerbate the static issue, making cleaning it out time-consuming.
    While I initially purchased this vacuum to streamline my grooming routine, the static build-up has made emptying the bin more time-consuming than anticipated. If not for this issue, I would give it a 5-star rating, as it effectively minimizes fur floating around. However, until the static issue is resolved, I can only give it 4 stars. I’m hopeful that the static will eventually dissipate, but for now, I dread emptying the bin. 😔

  28. Nathanial Grady

    I’m thrilled with how easy this grooming tool is to use! It does an excellent job on my dog, and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Not only does it save me a lot of money by avoiding trips to the groomers, but it also keeps the grooming process clean and efficient. I highly recommend it!

  29. Aurelio Dickinson

    This grooming tool is a breeze to use! I successfully groomed both my toy poodle and Maine Coon cat with ease. Just a heads up: if you use the clipper without a guard, you’ll get a very close shave akin to a level 10 grooming blade. The noise level is impressively low, but if it’s your pet’s first grooming experience, I recommend introducing the noise and clipper gradually. Novices might find it helpful to have assistance to help calm their pets during grooming. My cat wasn’t thrilled during the first session, but he’s gotten used to it now. If your pet gets stressed, don’t hesitate to take breaks. The fur receptacle fills up quickly depending on your pet’s coat, but it’s easy to empty. I’m so glad I tried this—I loved it so much!

  30. Flo Yost

    This grooming tool is excellent for dogs that shed a lot! We were astonished by how much fur it brushed and vacuumed off. It’s definitely worth the price for all it does.

  31. Jonathan O'Hara

    🔥 Absolutely fantastic product! 10/10! 🎉

  32. Eldridge Emard

    Can’t believe I waited so long to get this! It’s made grooming so much easier and less messy! 🌟

  33. Rita Wolf

    As a German Shepherd owner, grooming multiple times a week is a must. This vacuum has made brushing her ten times easier and cleaner. There’s no more hair flying through the air and getting everywhere—it all gets neatly contained in the easy-to-dump canister. Plus, it’s extremely quiet and doesn’t scare my dog.

  34. Lukas Ritchie

    I previously groomed my Labradoodle with high-end clippers, but the hair was still everywhere. When it came time to groom our GoldenDoodle, I decided to try this grooming tool, and I’m so glad I did. The vacuum feature pulls up the hair while the clippers cut, and everything gets sucked into the canister. Her hair looks incredibly even and uniform, comparable to a professional grooming session. It’s well worth the cost.

  35. Santina Miller

    Saves me time and money! Thank you!

  36. Aracely Abbott

    Firstly, I want to clarify that I wasn’t compensated or provided the product for free in exchange for this review. I believe honest feedback is crucial, untainted by any incentives.

    That being said, let me tell you—this product is absolutely incredible! It’s worth every single penny!

    With a German Shepherd Dog and a Chihuahua in our household, dealing with constant shedding has been a never-ending battle. Despite regular brushing sessions, it seemed like dog hair was perpetually scattered throughout our home. Today, I decided to give the deshedding tool a try on both of our furry companions, and I must say, it exceeded all expectations. Using it was a breeze, and to my surprise, both dogs handled it exceptionally well. I was initially concerned about the vacuum noise, but even our typically skittish Chihuahua wasn’t bothered in the slightest. Starting with the lowest setting, I was pleasantly surprised by how quiet it was. After three tanks full of collected hair, both dogs emerged looking noticeably sleeker with smoother coats. This tool truly excels at deshedding! I’m optimistic that it will significantly reduce the amount of dog hair scattered around our home.

    While we haven’t yet tested the other attachments, I’m confident they’ll perform just as impressively. The vacuum itself is thoughtfully designed, with a convenient holder for the attachments ensuring everything is within reach when needed. With three vacuum settings, the suction power is more than adequate, and it never gets clogged. Plus, it’s surprisingly quiet, making it suitable even for more timid dogs—just remember to introduce it gradually.

    Overall, I’m thoroughly impressed with the features, quality, and performance of this vacuum. Taking a chance on it was undoubtedly a wise decision, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. If you’re tired of constantly battling dog hair, I highly recommend investing in this tool for easy and effective deshedding. It’s a win-win for both dogs and humans alike! 🐾

  37. Willow Kovacek

    This grooming tool is fantastic! My dog Reggie has suffered from shedding, severe allergies, and horrible hot spots for years. Thanks to this tool, we’re prepared for the Texas summer. Reggie actually enjoys it—he just lays there while I vacuum him, and the canister fills up with fur. It’s secretly his favorite thing!

  38. Lawrence Kuhlman

    Can’t imagine life without it now!

  39. Christ Brekke

    Absolutely love this product! It’s convenient, reliable, and does exactly what it promises!

  40. Lambert Bernhard

    I’ve had this grooming tool for a few months now, and it’s been fantastic! It’s a high-quality piece of equipment that’s easy to set up and use. My Lab even comes to it when I turn it on, thanks to proper training and the lure of treats. The container is easy to remove, empty, and reinstall. If this unit ever breaks, I’ll order another one without hesitation.

  41. Clay Gerlach

    With four shepherds, shedding season is no joke. But with this kit, grooming becomes manageable. The bin fills up fast, but hey, you could practically knit a sweater with all that fur! Plus, it’s user-friendly, and if you give treats during grooming, your dogs will know it’s painless!

  42. Rhianna Hartmann

    This grooming tool is the best thing I’ve ever purchased! I have three pugs and one pugzhu, and grooming them has become an enjoyable experience for both me and my pets. They no longer get anxious, and the product itself is incredibly reliable. Worth every penny!

  43. Mathias Reichert

    Very pleased with this dog grooming vacuum. Works very well!

  44. Aniya Wilkinson

    After months of meticulous research, I finally bit the bullet and invested in this grooming marvel. With our eclectic German Shepherd/Great Pyrenees/Husky mix grooming sessions were akin to grappling with a tempest of fur. We’d dodge knots like seasoned acrobats, only to emerge covered head to toe in a fur coat of our own making. But oh, the transformation after employing this wonder gadget! My husband, typically averse to household acquisitions, confessed his sole regret: not acquiring it sooner. A resounding 10/10 recommendation from us!

  45. Yoshiko Rolfson

    I’m loving this grooming tool! While a couple of my dogs are still adjusting to the suction sound, the others have taken to it with no issues. It’s relatively quiet compared to a vacuum cleaner, making it a pleasant experience overall.

  46. Kathleen McGlynn

    I highly recommend it!

  47. Sanford Simonis

    It took me a few months to unveil the grooming machine, but the results were worth the wait. With our GSD shedding what felt like an entire kennel’s worth of fur each month, I knew it was time to bring out the big guns. Armed with treats to quell his trepidation, we embarked on our grooming adventure. Even on the lowest suction mode, this machine performed admirably, effortlessly clearing the brush as advertised. My only gripe? A lack of wheels for easier maneuverability with our larger breed. Nevertheless, a solid five stars from this satisfied customer! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  48. Harmon Johnson

    In my humble abode reside not one, not two, but three magnificent large dogs, accompanied by a single feline companion. Among this eclectic furry crew, enthusiasm for grooming tools varies from exuberant embrace to cautious acceptance, reflecting a microcosm of personalities within my pet family.
    First to eagerly approach are my two Labradors, whose wagging tails serve as a testament to their delight in grooming time. With their sleek coats, they readily surrender to the gentle suction and deft handling of the machine, their contented demeanor affirming its efficacy.
    Next in line is our feline friend, ever the discerning critic of new introductions. Though initially skeptical, the cat exhibits a begrudging tolerance for the machine’s presence, a silent acknowledgment of its unobtrusive nature.
    However, one member of our fur-clad family remains apprehensive, cautiously observing from a distance. Yet, with each passing grooming session, this reluctant participant shows signs of curiosity, tentatively inching closer to investigate the device that has captivated its companions.
    What truly astounds me is the machine’s ability to capture the vast quantities of fur shed during our grooming endeavors. As I navigate through the grooming process, I marvel at the sheer volume of fur collected within its receptacle, a tangible testament to its effectiveness.
    Despite its impressive performance, I have yet to explore the full extent of its capabilities, having yet to employ the array of attachments provided. Nevertheless, based on its current performance, I can confidently endorse this grooming machine to fellow pet enthusiasts. Its seamless integration into our grooming routine has rendered it an indispensable tool, deserving of the highest recommendation.

  49. Maria Beahan

    As an owner of two long-haired dogs, including one with exceptionally thick hair, this tool is a godsend. It’s worth every penny! The powerful vacuum and professional-grade razor accessories leave no room for disappointment. Highly recommended!

  50. Harmony Dach

    This machine is a lifesaver! With three large dogs and one cat, it’s become a household favorite. Two dogs adore it, the cat tolerates it, and the third dog is warming up. The amount of fur it collects during grooming is astonishing.

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