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Portable 1080p Smart Projector 9500 Lumens

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Discover Unmatched Visual Clarity and Convenience

Introducing the ultimate home entertainment solution, our Portable 1080p Smart Projector, designed to transform your viewing experience with its high-definition clarity and wireless connectivity. Whether you’re setting up an outdoor movie night under the stars or a cozy cinema in your living room, this projector is your ticket to breathtaking visuals and immersive audio.


Key Features at a Glance

  • Stunning 9500 lumens brightness for clear, vivid images even in well-lit rooms
  • Native 720P resolution with 1080p support, bringing your content to life
  • Dual-band WiFi (5G/2.4G) and Bluetooth 5.2 for seamless streaming and audio connectivity
  • Motorized focus and ±40° vertical keystone correction for effortless setup
  • Compact and lightweight design, ideal for portable entertainment

Why Choose Our Smart Projector?

Our projector stands out with its innovative features tailored for convenience and performance. The motorized focus allows for quick, sharp image adjustments at the touch of a button, eliminating the need for manual tweaking. Combined with the latest Bluetooth 5.2, you can connect your devices faster and enjoy stable, high-quality audio transmission to your favorite Bluetooth speakers or headphones.


Perfect for Every Occasion

With its versatile connectivity options, including HDMI, USB, and 3.5mm audio outputs, our projector easily connects to a wide range of devices, from smartphones and laptops to gaming consoles and TV sticks. Whether it’s movie nights, gaming marathons, or festive celebrations, this projector is designed to elevate any gathering. Please be advised that this projector is sold exclusively with an EU plug.

Product Benefits

  • Eye-friendly LED system for comfortable viewing over extended periods
  • Large display range (60-240 inches) for immersive viewing experiences
  • High contrast ratio of 12000:1 for deep blacks and vibrant colors
  • Portable design makes it easy to take your cinema experience outdoors


Make Movie Nights Unforgettable

Embrace the future of home entertainment with our Portable 1080p Smart Projector. Its superior brightness, sharp resolution, and wireless capabilities make it the perfect companion for any visual adventure. Moreover, this projector measures just 16 x 12.5 x 12 cm and weighs a mere 0.9 kg, making it effortlessly portable for all your entertainment needs. Ready to transform your living space into a dynamic cinema? Get yours today and elevate your viewing experience!

58 reviews for Portable 1080p Smart Projector 9500 Lumens

  1. Elfrieda Torphy

    Deciding to get a projector was a great move. The picture is clear, connecting devices is straightforward, and it even has features like automatic keystone correction for tilted projections. Set it up in a larger room and paired it with a Bluetooth speaker with no fuss at all. Even non-tech-savvy friends were impressed by the minimal fan noise and the quality of the image from a distance. It’s been a fantastic buy!

  2. Kendrick Mueller

    Was searching for a compact projector for a creative project and stumbled upon this gem. It turned out to be perfect not only for my project but also for movies and mirroring screens. Extremely satisfied with this purchase.

  3. Lorenzo Sipes

    The compact size and the quality of the image this projector produces are impressive. The balance between price and performance is just right.

  4. Milan Koss

    For its price, this projector is a steal. It excels in image quality, portability, and ease of connection. If you’re looking for a high-quality projector that won’t break the bank, this is an excellent option.

  5. Mozelle Barton

    This projector was a replacement for an older one I had, and it’s been fantastic. Features like easy-to-access keystone correction in the menu and the clarity of the image make it a great choice. The focus can be adjusted from the remote, which is handy. While the audio is decent, the fan noise might be noticeable, but it’s a small compromise for such a compact and affordable projector.

  6. Nelle Miller

    Got this projector for a birthday party karaoke setup but ended up being wowed by the football game I tested it with first. The image quality was unexpectedly high. What’s great is the ease of connecting to Bluetooth for an enhanced audio experience. Looking forward to gaming on this device. It’s suitable for both inside and outside use, promising to elevate any backyard gathering. Highly recommended.

  7. Claire Gerlach

    Opted for this compact projector mainly for some ambiance near the bath. It fits the bill for its size and price, although the fan noise is a bit noticeable in quieter settings. I ran into some trouble with the audio on streaming platforms, but got excellent assistance from customer support, who were really helpful in resolving it.

  8. Alanna Walsh

    Absolutely adore this projector. It’s proved perfect even for small spaces and has been tested out on a couple of my large, undecorated walls. I had to improvise with some boxes for height, and I’m considering installing a shelf for optimal viewing right from bed. Even on textured walls, the image quality remains impressive. Mirroring content from my phone and using a streaming stick for movies was seamless, thanks to its multiple connectivity options. Although it’s advertised for outdoor use, I’ve yet to try it out there due to the weather.

  9. Karson Considine

    We picked up this projector for our son, and now he’s swapped watching videos on his phone for the wall of his apartment. The image is crisp, it’s user-friendly, and has been performing well.

  10. America Lebsack

    This projector is incredible! Setting it up was super easy, and mirroring from my iPhone worked without a hitch. Even tried it with the HDMI cable that came with it, and connecting to my network felt just like hooking up any smart device. I managed to get an 88-inch display from about 8.5 feet away, which took our family movie night to a whole new level. Everyone was thrilled. It even has a convenient mount for a tripod, and adjusting the screen size is as simple as pressing a button. Connecting our speaker was straightforward with the included adapter, and the manual is user-friendly in multiple languages. The controls on both the projector and remote are intuitive!

  11. Isabelle Rath

    Can’t believe how amazing this little projector is! The picture quality and brightness are on par with my more expensive, ceiling-mounted setup. Bought the TR25 for its portability, and it’s been fantastic. Hooked up a firestick and Bluetooth speakers, and even my neighbor was impressed from over 100 feet away. The autofocus remote is a nice touch, and mirroring my iPhone through Airplay showed a clear image of my daughter on the big screen.

  12. Melisa Kilback

    I bought this projector for my husband’s birthday, and it’s become his new obsession. We use it for everything now, with no lag at all. It’s just perfect.

  13. Benton Harvey

    Opening this projector was straightforward, thanks to the clear instructions. It’s lightweight and easy to move around. The focus can be adjusted with just a button press, either on the projector or via the remote, and you can connect to Bluetooth speakers for a better sound experience. The keystone correction of +/- 40° is a standout feature for me, crucial for getting that perfect rectangular image. The brightness could be better, and despite the full HD claims, it’s more HD quality. But overall, it’s a pretty good pick.

  14. Madisen Kling

    This projector’s got it going on. It’s small, focusing is a breeze, and the speakers are an improvement over my last one. Had a bit of a hiccup getting Android screen share to work, but once I figured out the smart view feature, it was smooth sailing. Really happy with this purchase.

  15. Celestine Reynolds

    My wife and I are big fans of this projector. Its small, compact size fits perfectly on our nightstand, and it’s so easy to set up for a movie or show on a lazy day. The image quality is superb. Highly recommend it.

  16. Rasheed Barton

    Carrying this projector around on trips has been a game changer. It focuses sharply, and connecting my phone to stream whatever I want is incredibly easy. Definitely a must-buy if you’re looking for something that’s both portable and performs well.

  17. Myriam Champlin

    This projector is awesome. It’s easy to use, packed with great features – basically everything you need. The image quality is super clear, and for the price, you really can’t beat it. I’m totally happy with my purchase.

  18. Carmella Jast

    Love the compactness of this projector – it’s super easy to stash away or keep out on a tripod. The image quality is solid, working well in daylight with the curtains drawn and offering crystal clear visuals at night. Adjusting the focus is straightforward wherever I place it, and the 40-degree keystone correction is a feature I wouldn’t want to go without. Sure, the fan is louder than a TV, but it doesn’t interfere with my enjoyment. I’m not too fussy about sound, but to me, the audio quality is pretty decent. Overall, it’s a great purchase, much better than sticking a TV on my bedroom wall. Plus, my Roku stick plugs in and operates without a hitch.

  19. Madyson Schulist

    We bought this projector for use in our loft, which we’ve turned into a play area for the kids. The room’s pretty long, so we needed a projector capable of delivering a large image. This Toptro model was exactly what we were looking for! Setting it up was a piece of cake. All it took was powering it on, connecting it to our home’s wifi, and using a USB C to HDMI cable to link the iPad to the projector (though it came with A/V and HDMI cables too). Even at 55, I found the process straightforward, thanks to the easy-to-understand color manual provided. The image quality is fantastic. The colors are just as vibrant on our wall (which we didn’t want to cover with a screen because, well, kids) as they are on the iPad’s screen. I was initially concerned that our beige/tan wall would necessitate a coat of white paint, but the picture quality dispelled those worries. The overall projected image is massive, making our 84” TV stand look tiny in comparison. The sound from the projector is surprisingly good, eliminating the need for an additional speaker, unlike our previous projector. It’s also capable of connecting to Bluetooth headsets, which is perfect for those late-night or early-morning viewings. We’re planning on mounting the projector permanently soon, but I’m considering claiming it for myself for backyard movie nights with the adults!

  20. Evan Rosenbaum

    I recently got my hands on the Toptro 4K-supported Projector, and I have to say, I am thoroughly impressed with its performance. This device has significantly enhanced my viewing experience, making movies and TV shows more immersive than ever. The picture quality is nothing short of spectacular. The 4K resolution ensures images are sharp, clear, and vibrant, really bringing the content to life. The colors are so vivid and true-to-life, and the contrast ratio is simply amazing, ensuring that whether it’s an action-packed movie or a more subdued indie film, the visual experience is unparalleled. Besides the outstanding picture quality, what I love about the Toptro Projector is how user-friendly it is. The interface is intuitive, making it simple to navigate through the various menus and settings. The remote control is very responsive, which allows me to easily adjust settings like brightness and contrast to achieve the perfect viewing experience. The build quality of the projector is also worth noting. It’s evident that Toptro has invested considerable effort into designing a product that not only performs exceptionally well but is also durable and built to last. The projector itself feels robust and well-constructed, assuring me of its longevity. In summary, I can’t recommend this projector enough. If you’re in the market for an exceptional viewing experience that combines stunning picture quality, ease of use, and excellent build quality, then this projector is the way to go. It stands out as the best in its price range, and I am absolutely delighted with my purchase.

  21. Gay Hauck

    This projector is just incredible. The picture quality is fantastic, even with some lights on, and the built-in speaker is surprisingly loud. I’ve been recommending it to everyone because of its price and quality. Even took it on a cruise, and it worked perfectly. The mirror link and other apps on it function seamlessly.

  22. Jazmin Lang

    This purchase was to replace an older mini projector that gave out. I’m still getting used to this one, but so far, it’s been a step up in terms of setup ease and image quality. I’ve even recommended it to a few folks. The little bit of buzzing doesn’t bother me since the projection and clarity are so much better. Now, I’m on the hunt for the perfect tripod stand.

  23. Marisa Homenick

    Setup was a snap, and the picture quality is clear. I hooked up a Fire stick for easier streaming. Used it for outdoor movie nights and watching football with family and friends. It’s been a hit.

  24. Brock Mertz

    Having a bit of trouble connecting it with iPhone or iPad, despite them being up to date. It seems to work with miracast (android) though. I’ve had friends who are savvy with tech give it a go with no luck. It connects to Wi-Fi just fine, and I’ve been using a USB drive with it, which works, but I’d love to figure out a solution for my Apple devices. The quality with the USB drive is great, but I’d appreciate any help!

  25. Samson Conroy

    Got this for my husband, who’s big into gaming, and it was a hit! The image quality, especially the focus and colors, is top-notch. Works like a dream with his PS5. We just projected onto a plain wall, and it looked fantastic. Definitely my go-to gift for next Christmas. If you’re hesitating, just go for it!

  26. Earl Huels

    Watching movies and belting out karaoke hits with this projector has been a blast for the family. It’s a cheaper and more intimate alternative to movie theaters or splurging on a big TV. Plus, it’s been great for family bonding. Totally worth it.

  27. Blanca Kovacek

    The clarity of the picture is spot-on, and it’s really user-friendly. Plus, it’s tough as nails – mine took a 6-foot drop onto concrete and just shrugged it off with a minor scratch.

  28. Alvina Cummerata

    The compact size and how portable this thing is really stands out. Comes with everything needed for setup.

  29. Willa Farrell

    This projector blew me away with how simple it was to get going. Everything came nicely packed – there’s a manual, all the cables you could need, a remote, and even stuff to clean it with. Feels solid and durable. It’s got a spot for a tripod too, which is super handy for setting it up just about anywhere.
    I’m not the biggest tech person, so the manual seemed a bit much at first. But once I powered it on, everything was pretty straightforward, kinda like using a smart TV. It walks you through connecting stuff, including screen mirroring from my phone. Found the manual handy for questions, and the support contact was a nice touch. Hooking it up to a laptop with the HDMI cable they threw in was a breeze.
    The image quality is crisp and bright, and the sound’s really good – loud enough for big rooms or outside. You can hook it up to a sound bar too. Loved that you can project either from the front or back of your screen. We used a plain white canvas as our screen. It’s light, easy to hang or prop up, and gives a great picture.
    Gonna use this for movie nights, viewing pics from our phones, slide shows at get-togethers, and as an artist, it’s perfect for projecting onto canvas or walls.

  30. Grayson Farrell

    Grabbed this projector for my outdoor Halloween and Christmas setups. I wasn’t looking to drop a ton of cash and needed something compact, easy to carry, and tough. It nailed it – easy to set up and the remote’s a breeze. The image is super bright and sharp. Definitely planning on grabbing a few more for next year.

  31. Kay Hintz

    This projector is surprisingly easy to use, despite not having any controls on the unit itself—so don’t lose the remote! It only supports Bluetooth audio, but I work around that by using my phone’s hotspot for WiFi. I have two phones, so mirroring my screen is easy. Still trying to figure out how to get it to project in landscape since it defaults to portrait orientation from my phone. I’m honestly impressed by how good this little device is.

  32. Aurelie Armstrong

    The projector is amazing—perfectly suits our bedroom setup.

  33. Erika Prosacco

    We got this projector for my 13-year-old son as a Christmas present. He loves it, and so does the entire family. The picture quality is excellent, and the sound is good too. Setting it up was straightforward—my son managed most of it by himself. Highly recommended!

  34. Drake Fisher

    Checked out a few other projectors before this one, aiming for something straightforward and user-friendly, yet without compromising on quality. The cords sticking out the back are a bit annoying (would’ve preferred them on the sides), but aside from that, it’s pretty standard in terms of noise with a typical projector hum, and it responds well to the remote control. In my video, it was bright enough even during the day with a light on. And in darkness, against a blank wall or a sheet, it delivers genuinely impressive quality. Here’s hoping it lasts a good while—I’m excited to use it outdoors or at other events!

  35. Carey Lakin

    Bought this projector for a memorial video at my friend’s funeral. It was perfect—clear and loud sound, and linking it with my phone for mirroring worked flawlessly. Would definitely buy it again.

  36. Marley Schamberger

    Over the years, I’ve picked up a few projectors here and there, but this one was my first purchase with the intention of setting up an outdoor cinema. And let me tell you, it has completely transformed the way I experience movies outdoors. Now, I can kick back and enjoy my favorite films on a big screen without leaving my backyard.
    The picture quality on this bad boy is next-level, especially considering its compact size. It delivers super sharp and vibrant images that really pull you into whatever you’re watching. The colors are spot-on, making everything look rich and detailed. Even on a huge 16-foot inflatable screen, the visuals didn’t lose any of their clarity or impact.
    Brightness is another area where this projector shines—literally. It throws out a ton of light, so you’re not left waiting for it to be pitch black outside to start your movie. It handled twilight and other low-light conditions like a champ, which was a nice surprise.
    Getting it all set up was a total breeze, too. It’s got all the inputs you could want and connects to your devices without any hassle. The on-screen menu is really easy to navigate, and I had the picture adjusted to fit my screen perfectly in no time.
    It also nailed it with the Bluetooth connectivity. Hooked up to my sound bar without any issues, making for an awesome sound experience. While the built-in speakers do a decent job for casual watching, having that external sound really brings the cinema vibe home.
    All in all, if you’re looking to step up your outdoor movie game, this projector is a must-have. It’s made movie nights in my backyard an event to look forward to, thanks to its incredible image quality, brightness, and ease of use. Seriously, it’s worth every penny.

  37. Urban Oberbrunner

    Just added this gem to my projector collection at home!
    This one’s a winner – bright, clear, lightweight, and solidly built. Surprised by how bright it actually is, used it outside for movies, and it was phenomenal. Indoors, it’s been flawless every time, with sharp and high-quality visuals.
    It’s got all the essential features, including auto-focus which beats manual focusing any day. Connection options are modern and plenty, making hookups a breeze. The sound is surprisingly decent, though I often connect it to my AVR for that cinema sound.
    One thing I’m loving is how fast it turns on and off, thanks to being LED. No waiting around for it to warm up or cool down. Build quality feels robust, and despite its compact size, it’s packed with features and doesn’t compromise on image quality.
    Overall, super happy with this projector. It’s become my go-to because of its simplicity, compact size, and ease of setup. Perfect for anyone looking for a straightforward, quality projector with a short throw distance.

  38. Barry Daniel

    Snagged this projector because it was way cheaper than a TV, and I needed something for my room. Fits perfectly on top of my headboard, and I hooked up a fire stick for all my Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ needs. The image is huge, super clear, sound’s good, and it’s all controlled with a remote. What’s not to love?

  39. Anika Jones

    Super deal and a fantastic product! The image quality is top-notch, and the fan noise isn’t a big deal. Might need an extra sound boost with a sound bar in bigger rooms, though.

  40. Bria Torp

    Pretty stoked about this projector so far. Found out it’s got miracast, which is a total bonus since I don’t have to shell out for extra gear to mirror my screen.

  41. Claude Sanford

    Yo, everyone who loves movies, sports, hanging outside, and just having a good time, let me introduce you to this game-changer for your outdoor chill sessions. It’s this TOPTRO TR25 Mini Projector, and it’s about to make your movie nights epic.
    🌟🎬 Picture this: insane picture quality that’s gonna make your eyes pop, brightness that cuts through the night like a superhero, and a remote control that’s practically a magic wand for your entertainment.
    First up, picture quality is on point – sharp, vivid, and just all-around awesome. It’s like having a cinema screen right in your backyard. Full marks here, no question.
    Then, there’s the brightness. Forget about the moonlight or street lamps messing with your vibe; this projector’s got you covered with top-notch brightness that keeps the party going. Another round of applause for this feature!
    The remote is where it’s at. It’s intuitive, responsive, and makes controlling your entertainment setup a breeze. Big love for this handy little gadget.
    Alright, no gadget’s perfect, and the USB port’s being a bit finicky for me. It’s like that annoying button on the remote you have to press hard, but it’s not a deal-breaker.
    So here’s the lowdown: the TOPTRO TR25 Mini Projector is like a dream come true for anyone who wants their place to be the go-to spot for movies under the stars. Plus, you can even do your work on it if that’s your jam. It’s versatile like that!
    In summary, if you’re all about that high-quality movie experience, bright nights, and seamless control, this projector’s for you. Don’t sweat the small stuff like the USB quirk. Grab some popcorn, call your crew, and dive into an unforgettable outdoor movie experience with the TOPTRO TR25. 🌌🎉

  42. Ezequiel Little

    Loved everything about it.

  43. Charles Deckow

    Really impressed with this projector and the video quality it offers. The only snag is you can’t mirror screen from Netflix or similar streaming services due to copyright issues. But, hooking up a fire stick solves that problem easily.

  44. Estelle Farrell

    This projector was exactly what I was hoping for in a starter model. Had my doubts about it being too toy-like because of the price, but it proved me wrong. It’s a compact powerhouse with a bright display and just the right amount of features. Easy controls, super portable, and it’s quiet too. Would suggest grabbing a streaming stick since it doesn’t come with built-in streaming. If you’re on the fence about trying a projector, this one’s a great place to start. Loved it so much, I got another for my kids and grandkids.

  45. Maurice Williamson

    Picked this projector for a retirement home and, despite my initial doubts due to its size and the unfamiliar focus button (I’m used to a dial), it really delivers. Managed to use it in a large room with the lights on, projecting directly on the wall. Everyone could see the YouTube presentation streaming from my phone with no lag, clear images, and text. Reading text directly from it might need a bit larger print to be clear, and it might struggle in super bright light, but it was perfect with our lighting setup. The sound was surprisingly good, so no extra speaker needed. Its compact size is a plus, though we got a projector stand for better height and angle in our meeting space.

  46. Pascale Crooks

    Honestly, this beats getting a TV. The picture clarity is stunning, and the sound quality has me totally impressed.

  47. Paolo Gusikowski

    Works great even when there’s a lot of ambient light around.

  48. Mohammed Ziemann

    Super cool projector, it’s basically plug and play, really easy to get going.

  49. Salvatore Kutch

    This projector’s a solid deal for the cash. The image quality’s pretty good considering it sticks to 1080p without trying to fake a 4k look like some pricier options. The focus is kinda in-between manual and automatic—you can tweak it from the remote. It doesn’t come with built-in streaming services like Netflix, but at this price point, that’s not a shocker. Still, it’s a great buy for what you pay.

  50. Haley Hahn

    Totally happy with this buy. Super straightforward to use, it can throw up a screen up to 3 meters wide with sharp image quality, turning into the go-to for family movie nights. Absolutely recommend it.

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