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Outdoor Patio Square Steel Gazebo Canopy With Double Roof

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Discover the Perfect Outdoor Companion

Transform your garden, patio, or backyard into a haven of comfort with our Deluxe 11×11 Ft Square Steel Gazebo Canopy. Designed to enhance your outdoor living experience, this gazebo is the ideal addition for family gatherings, BBQs, parties, and any outdoor event. Its spacious 11×11 ft area offers ample shade and can comfortably host six to seven people, making it perfect for enjoying leisure time with friends and family.

Key Features

  • Sturdy & Durable Frame: Crafted with rust-resistant, powder-coated steel, ensuring longevity and weather resistance. The 27.6-inch diameter foot tubes provide unmatched stability.
  • Premium Polyester Material: The high-quality canopy is made from top-notch polyester, offering excellent protection against sun and rain, making it ideal for various outdoor activities.
  • Double Tiered Roof: This innovative design ensures better air circulation and adds to the gazebo’s stability.
  • Efficient Drainage System: Equipped with drain holes to prevent water accumulation, ensuring durability and maintenance ease.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for a wide range of outdoor events or as a permanent sunshade in your backyard.
  • Easy Setup: With clearly labeled parts and straightforward instructions, assembly is hassle-free and can be completed in under 40 minutes.

Why Choose Our Gazebo?

Our gazebo stands out for its robust construction, elegant design, and practical features. The double roof not only enhances air flow but also adds an aesthetic touch to your outdoor space. The high-quality materials ensure that your gazebo remains a centerpiece in your garden for years to come. Whether hosting a BBQ, an outdoor party, or seeking a peaceful shade for relaxation, this gazebo meets all your needs with style and functionality.


Product Specifications

Customizable, with an umbrella radius of 48 inches and a total size of 11Ft x 11Ft x 9.35Ft, this gazebo is both spacious and adaptable to various outdoor settings. The frame’s black finish adds a touch of elegance, while the khaki/brown roof provides a natural, soothing shade. Weighing 74.5 lbs, it’s sturdy yet manageable.

Transform Your Outdoor Space Today!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your outdoor living experience. Whether it’s for a special event or daily enjoyment, our Deluxe 11×11 Ft Square Steel Gazebo Canopy is the perfect addition to any outdoor space. Order now and create unforgettable memories under the comfort and shade of your new gazebo!

54 reviews for Outdoor Patio Square Steel Gazebo Canopy With Double Roof

  1. Emelie Casper

    Excellent value more worth the money

  2. Rose Kuhn

    Great product easy to build highly recommend

  3. Wilfred Beahan

    Very sturdy in bad weather and hold up great to wind storms.

  4. Jamarcus Schmeler

    Easy to set up, sturdy, lots of rm. Haven’t had any issues with it so far.

  5. Carolyne Homenick

    Product fit perfect and was easy to install. Would buy it again.

  6. Cara Blick

    Every time we have guests over, they’re drawn to our gazebo. It’s the perfect combination of form and function, providing a comfortable space to gather, regardless of the weather. An absolute must-have for anyone who loves outdoor entertaining.

  7. Robert Sanford

    Very happy. Easy to assemble

  8. Constantin Donnelly

    The canopy meets my expectations, appearing reasonably well-built. It took my husband a few hours to assemble. One of the legs stands out as it’s smooth black while the others are textured. We’re currently using sandbags to secure it, but plan to anchor it into patio stone. Unfortunately, we’ve been unable to contact customer service regarding a replacement leg.

  9. Cassandre Huel

    Simple assembly, reinforced with screws at the base for stability.

  10. Devan Romaguera

    The quality is impressive, assembly is straightforward, and it provides excellent coverage. Thus far, no issues have arisen.

  11. Aurelia Ratke

    Installation is easy, and the design is well-thought-out. Exceptionally sturdy, I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase it again.

  12. Kaylee Hammes

    My son-in-law assembled it solo, and it looks fantastic in my backyard.

  13. Roberto Daugherty

    Our daughter and son-in-law effortlessly installed this sturdy and visually appealing canopy, and we highly recommend it. This gazebo exceeded all my expectations. It’s not just the practicality of the sun and rain protection; it’s also the way it enhances the beauty of our outdoor area. We intended this gazebo to be for occasional use, but it’s become a permanent fixture in our backyard. Its versatility and ease of maintenance have made it indispensable for our outdoor lifestyle. Truly a standout product.

  14. Norwood Donnelly

    The canopy provides ample shade on our deck, and assembly was trouble-free.

  15. Haylie Goyette

    We purchased two of these canopies, and in both, we encountered incomplete holes that required drilling. Despite this issue, they withstand windy conditions effectively.

  16. Darius Nitzsche

    It looks fantastic post-assembly, and the customer service is responsive to any queries or concerns.

  17. Eileen Lueilwitz

    Watching the instructional video beforehand made assembly a breeze. Whether it’s providing shade for our kids to play under or sheltering our outdoor dining area, this canopy has proven its worth. The easy setup and impressive stability make it a reliable choice for any outdoor setting.

  18. Ressie Renner

    Offering great value, easy assembly, and remarkable sturdiness, this canopy holds up well even during heavy rain and wind.

  19. Dora Ritchie

    Using it to cover my garden decking brings me immense joy.

  20. Ludie Wiza

    Installing the canopy with two people was a breeze, and we opted for sandbags to reinforce its stability against the wind.

  21. Pietro Gerlach

    After our landlords removed some trees, we purchased this canopy for shade. Despite facing strong winds, the vented roof prevents it from blowing away, and we’re satisfied with its performance. Not only does this gazebo provide excellent protection from the elements, but it also adds an element of sophistication to our garden. The powder-coated steel frame and premium polyester material blend durability with style.

  22. Vivianne Wolf

    Opting for a permanent canopy instead of another umbrella has proven to be a wise decision. Secured to the patio, it has withstood various weather conditions admirably.

  23. Effie Bruen

    I was bracing myself for a complicated setup, but I was pleasantly surprised. The parts were well-labeled, and the instructions were clear. It was up and ready in no time, making it a hassle-free addition to our outdoor space. The frame appears highly robust, although we haven’t tested its water resistance in recent rains. Nevertheless, it’s perfect for providing shade over my hammock during pleasant days outdoors.

  24. Reina Brown

    Delighted with this purchase, it’s exceptionally robust and durable. Simple to assemble and aesthetically pleasing, it’s a valuable addition to my garden.

  25. Trenton Bergstrom

    Despite residing in a windy area, this canopy has exceeded my expectations. It has withstood multiple severe storms without faltering, especially after being securely screwed into the concrete. It’s a testament to its durability and reliability in challenging weather conditions. From family BBQs to just relaxing in the shade, this gazebo has been perfect. Its sturdy construction and weather-resistant materials mean I can count on it year-round. Plus, it looks absolutely stunning.

  26. Herminio Cormier

    I can’t praise this product enough. Its appearance is striking, it’s sturdy, easy to assemble, and looks enchanting when illuminated at night.

  27. Cruz Paucek

    This product is simple to assemble, made of robust materials, and offers excellent value compared to similar options. One of my favorite features has to be the efficient drainage system. After a heavy rain, I was amazed to see no water pooling on the top. It’s clear this gazebo was designed with both durability and ease of maintenance in mind.

  28. Assunta Graham

    After experiencing flimsy alternatives in the past, I’m impressed by the solid build quality of this gazebo. It has withstood high winds admirably.

  29. Cruz Abbott

    Offering good quality and impressive durability, this gazebo is stylish and straightforward to install. I would confidently recommend it.

  30. Nina Runolfsson

    Assembly was easy, and the quality seems decent. However, we noticed a torn seam on the canopy corner near the end of setup. Unfortunately, their support page is inaccessible, which is worrying.

  31. Terry Leuschke

    This is delightful, arriving promptly and easily assembled by my sons. We’ve used this canopy for both sunny and rainy days, and it’s held up amazingly well. The double roof design not only looks great but also keeps the air flowing, making it comfortable underneath even on hot days. It’s perfect for parties and offers excellent protection from the elements.

  32. Camille Jaskolski

    Although the canopy arrived with some missing pieces, the company promptly rectified the issue, demonstrating excellent customer service.

  33. Randall Schaden

    This gazebo appears quite robust, but it’s essential to anchor it securely with weights or stakes. Overall, I’m very satisfied with its performance.

  34. Bret Wisozk

    As someone not well-versed in mechanical engineering, I struggled with the vague assembly instructions. It’s crucial to handle the top support poles carefully, as connecting them to the plastic disks can be tricky. Some poles lacked pre-drilled holes, necessitating the use of duct tape for stability. While it’s possible for one person to assemble it alone with caution, the upper support poles feel flimsy once connected, and the welding appears suspect, requiring assistance from another person.

  35. Curt Davis

    This canopy was perfect for our intended spot. Assembly was straightforward for the two of us, and we were particularly impressed with the quality and sturdiness of the poles and metal components.

  36. Laurence Beier

    This stylish and durable canopy is precisely what we needed to shield our deck from the blazing summer sun. Previous canopies couldn’t withstand thunderstorms, but this one is exceptional. This gazebo has completely changed how we use our backyard. The setup was straightforward, and it instantly added a touch of elegance. The sturdy frame and premium materials give me confidence it will last through many seasons. Highly recommend!

  37. Arnulfo Rodriguez

    Stood up to some pretty strong winds without a hitch.

  38. Gerardo Kassulke

    The paint finish and canopy stitching are of excellent quality, providing a snug fit. Even during rainfall, no water seeped through. I recommend using water weights to secure the legs to the ground for added stability.

  39. Myles Hickle

    We’ve enjoyed having this canopy up throughout the summer. It significantly reduced the temperature on our deck and even kept our kitchen cooler. It’s a fantastic shelter to sit under and remains dry during rain showers. The double roof design is a genius touch for airflow. After purchasing the mosquito netting, we found this canopy to be fantastic, especially in Florida where bugs can be a. It has truly enhanced our outdoor experience.

  40. Kevon Harber

    I adore this product for its exceptional quality, ease of assembly, accurate sizing, and appealing appearance. It’s advisable to secure it firmly, especially on windy days due to its lightweight nature.

  41. Hazel Carroll

    🌟🎉 Absolutely love it!! 🎉🌟

  42. Monica Kunde

    Overall, I’m satisfied with this canopy, although the material seems thinner than expected, raising concerns about its durability beyond one season. Some areas are almost see-through, impacting its sturdiness rating. Assembly was relatively straightforward with two people completing it in less than an hour, despite the fair-quality instructions. I’ll update if there are any changes in its performance.

  43. Bianka Koch

    Assembly is straightforward, even if done solo, but ensure you anchor it to your patio to prevent it from being blown away. Consider using hammer fixings or plugs and screws for added security. No issues encountered thus far.

  44. Nakia Skiles

    Upon completion, the canopy feels like a well-made piece. While it’s easy to assemble solo, some adjustments were needed for the midspan braces’ screw holes. During installation, there were sounds of popping and stretching around the canopy seams, indicating the need for gentle handling to avoid damage.

  45. Monique Frami

    Assembly was straightforward with two people, taking about 1.5 hours. All parts were intact, and the nuts and bolts were thoughtfully packaged to prevent loss. It fits perfectly over my hot tub, enhancing its appeal.

  46. Audie Graham

    Although I’ve only had it for a short while and can’t speak to its long-term durability yet, the initial setup process alone deserves five stars. It took me roughly 90 minutes to assemble it by myself, with just a brief moment requiring an extra pair of hands. Its appearance is striking, and it has been a topic of conversation among my guests. I wholeheartedly recommend this gazebo to anyone looking to elevate their outdoor space

  47. Judson Breitenberg

    We opted for this canopy for our front porch after considering large umbrellas. It took us about 2 hours to set up, and we securely fastened it to the decking. The adjustable ends allowed us to customize the fit perfectly. We’re delighted with our decision to choose this over an umbrella.

  48. Christopher Funk

    The canopy arrived in excellent condition with no bent poles. The frame has proven sturdy over several months, although the canopy stitching could be improved. Nonetheless, it’s a beautiful product once fully assembled.

  49. Maurice Hyatt

    Assembly was a breeze, and I managed to install the fabric top alone. While a second person is helpful, the included tools and canopy puller made the process easier. The round pole legs are a welcome change, providing easier access without corner obstacles. I’m pleased with its sturdiness and design. Upon arrival, I was impressed to find all parts in perfect condition, with no bent poles—a testament to its quality packaging. Over the past few months, the frame has proven to be exceptionally sturdy. While the canopy stitching could see some improvement, it doesn’t detract from the overall beauty of the gazebo once assembled. It’s a solid product that enhances the look of any outdoor space.

  50. Darrel Beatty

    Setting up this gazebo by myself was surprisingly straightforward, and it looks amazing in my yard! It has stood strong against the wind, though I did notice some minor issues with the alignment of the holes. Despite this, I’m incredibly pleased with my purchase. It’s been a practical and attractive addition to my outdoor space, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable canopy.

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