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Nordic Retro Memphis Dining Chair

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Discover Timeless Elegance and Comfort

Introducing our Nordic Retro Memphis Dining Chair, a perfect blend of elegance, comfort, and vintage charm designed to elevate your dining and living space. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this chair embodies the essence of European and American design aesthetics, making it a must-have for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Its solid wood construction and modern style merge to create a piece that’s not just a chair, but a statement.


Features That Define Excellence

  • Solid Wood Construction: Ensures durability and longevity.
  • Exclusive Design: Modern style with a nod to the Nordic retro vibe.
  • Versatile Color Options: Available in green, white, and black to match any decor.
  • No Assembly Required: Comes fully assembled for your convenience.

When Elegance Meets Functionality

The Nordic Retro Memphis Dining Chair is best used in your dining room, living room, or any space that calls for an infusion of style and comfort. Its robust frame and timeless design make it an ideal choice for both casual family dinners and more formal gatherings. Whether you’re enjoying a quiet meal or hosting a lively dinner party, this chair promises to add a touch of sophistication and warmth to every occasion.


What Sets This Chair Apart?

What truly makes our Nordic Retro Memphis Dining Chair special is its ability to blend functionality with beauty seamlessly. The lack of handrails and the non-rotatable design emphasize its sleek, minimalist aesthetic, while the solid wood material speaks to its quality and durability. This chair isn’t just furniture; it’s a piece of art that invites you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the beauty of your home.

Why Choose Our Dining Chair?

  • It represents the perfect marriage of form and function.
  • It’s crafted from high-quality materials to ensure it stands the test of time.
  • Its versatile design makes it suitable for a wide range of interior styles.
  • It offers unmatched comfort, making every sitting experience a pleasure.

Make It Yours Today

Don’t miss the opportunity to bring home a piece that combines beauty, comfort, and durability in one. The Nordic Retro Memphis Dining Chair is more than just a place to sit—it’s a way to enrich your home with style and elegance. Order now and experience the perfect blend of tradition and modernity that this exquisite chair offers.

55 reviews for Nordic Retro Memphis Dining Chair

  1. Verdie Stanton

    I really appreciated the variety of colors available. These chairs are accommodating for a range of body types, from skinny to thick. They exude a fantastic retro vibe that I adore. Assembling them required a bit of teamwork – one person to balance and another to work the screwdriver. My only gripe is that one of the seats had a small dent, leading to a minor crack in the paint. Instead of dealing with the hassle of returning, I’ll just seal the crack myself.

  2. Jessie Jakubowski

    This product was a breeze to put together, and once assembled, it feels solid and comfy. It matches the pictures perfectly.

  3. Mitchel Walsh

    I whipped up both chairs in no time, less than 15 minutes each! They’re so simple to assemble, but boy, are they top-notch quality! Surprisingly roomier than I thought, they’re absolutely gorgeous. I’m thrilled with my purchase and definitely recommend them!

  4. Tia Collins

    Can’t complain!

  5. Herbert Donnelly

    Assembling these chairs was a piece of cake, and they’ve held up well. They’re pretty cozy to sit in and feel really strong. After having them for a few months, I’m still impressed.

  6. Edison Reinger

    These chairs are spot on for what I needed. Really cozy to sit in and they look fantastic.

  7. Leila Hoppe

    Easy to assemble and comfortable

  8. Isabella Rutherford

    I needed a chair for my cozy little corner, and this one fit the bill perfectly. I put it together in 20 minutes. It’s really sturdy and just the right size for work or a meal for a couple. Plus, it’s adorable! Couldn’t be happier with it.

  9. Ana Fritsch

    Awesome deal for the price, and it adds a cool, distinctive touch to any space.

  10. Hazel Mante

    The chair’s design is top-notch, and setting it up solo was mostly doable. It feels solid, but I was bummed to spot some minor scratches on the metal frame.

  11. Joseph Barton

    We wasted no time putting these chairs together upon arrival. Love how they fit around our table and the solid wood feels durable and well put together. The height is just right, though note it’s a tad higher than our old chairs, which might be a concern for lower or deeply aproned tables.

    Assembly Tips:

    Don’t fully tighten the screws and washers until they’re all in place to ensure proper hole alignment.
    Once aligned, snugly tighten the screws without overdoing it to avoid damaging the pre-threaded parts.

  12. Melyna Nikolaus


  13. Giles Dickinson

    These chairs are both tough and cozy! They look just like the pictures, and I’m really pleased with them.

  14. Melody Rath

    These chairs are a blast from the past! Surprisingly strong and versatile, they work great for dining, as statement pieces, or just for extra seating. The green hue is spot on, and the metal frame is well-crafted. 🪑👍

  15. Roger Wiegand

    Alright, let’s start with the looks. These chairs aren’t just your average seating – effortlessly blending style and function. Picture this: a modern design that’s sleek and chic, adding that extra oomph to your dining space or even your patio. The clean lines and simple silhouette give off serious contemporary vibes that can jazz up any decor, whether you’re into classic or cutting-edge.

    Now, onto the nitty-gritty – the construction. These chairs are built tough with metal, so you know they’re not flimsy. Nope, they’re sturdy as heck, promising to stick around for the long haul. Say goodbye to wobbly seating – these chairs are here to stay, providing a solid perch for your behind.

    But wait, there’s more! These chairs are like chameleons, blending seamlessly into any setting. Whether they’re cozied up around your dining table or chilling as statement pieces in your living room, they adapt like champs.

    Assembly? Piece of cake. Putting these babies together was a breeze, and with each screw tightened, you could feel the robustness kicking in.

    Now, let’s talk comfort. You might think with all that metal, these chairs would be about as cozy as a park bench. Wrong! The ergonomic design ensures your posterior stays happy, even during those marathon dinner parties. The backrest and seat cradle you just right, making every meal a delight.

    So, if you’re on the hunt for chairs that marry style and substance, look no further. These babies are the real deal – a solid five-star recommendation from yours truly. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

  16. Erin Labadie

    Handsome and sturdy. Metal chair of descent design.

  17. Harley Baumbach


  18. Brennan Gerlach

    Despite rating comfort a 3-star, I gave these chairs an overall 5-star for their impressive features. I wasn’t after comfort when I bought them, evident from their lack of padding. But hey, I took matters into my own hands and added some chair cushions. The chairs arrived pristine, easy to assemble, and sturdy as can be. They effortlessly accommodate friends over 300lbs, proving their strength.

  19. Catharine Barrows

    These chairs are a dream come true – stylish, robust, and perfect for my business. This isn’t my first purchase; I’ve bought them four times now. They’ve brought a modern edge to our space and can handle the daily grind. Crafted from metal, they exude durability and surprisingly offer comfort. Plus, they’re a breeze to clean, a blessing for a busy establishment like mine.

  20. Zoila Monahan

    The chairs are very pretty and feel very nice.

  21. German Bergstrom

    These chairs are the jackpot – they look amazing, feel fantastic, and assemble like a breeze. They perfectly match my modern/industrial decor. A definite recommendation from me!

  22. Delia Bechtelar

    My mischievous puppies decided to snack on my wooden chairs, prompting me to seek replacements. Enter these chairs, hopefully puppy-proof this time! 😂 Opted for the white ones, and they didn’t disappoint. Easy to assemble, sturdy, and surprisingly comfortable despite the larger seats. Shipping was lightning-fast, arriving a week earlier than expected. Already ordered another set!

  23. Corbin Johnston

    These chairs were exactly what I needed – simple, stylish, and hassle-free. Assembly was a breeze, and they arrived in impeccable condition. No wobbling or missing screws, just pure satisfaction. Couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

  24. Lauretta Goldner

    These are great and sturdy chairs! Love them!

  25. Caitlyn Lind

    Let me start by saying, the Nordic Retro Memphis Dining Chair is an absolute game-changer. As someone who values both style and substance, I couldn’t be more impressed with this chair. From its eye-catching design to its unparalleled durability, it’s truly a cut above the rest.

    This chair is a true showstopper. The retro-inspired design adds a touch of whimsy and nostalgia to my dining room, instantly elevating the space from mundane to magnificent. The vibrant colors and geometric shapes are a breath of fresh air in a sea of bland and boring furniture. Every time I walk into the room, I can’t help but smile at the sight of my beautiful retro chair.

    But it’s not just about looks – this chair is built to last. Unlike flimsy chairs that creak and wobble with every movement, this one is solid as a rock. The sturdy construction gives me peace of mind, knowing that it can withstand whatever life throws its way. Whether I’m hosting a dinner party or enjoying a quiet meal with my family, I feel confident and supported in my chair.

    And let’s not forget about comfort. The ergonomic design ensures proper posture and support, so I never have to worry about aches and pains after a long meal.

    Overall, I can’t say enough good things about the dining chair. It’s stylish, sturdy, comfortable, and easy to clean – what more could you ask for? Whether you’re a design enthusiast or just looking for a reliable dining chair, this one is sure to impress. Trust me, you won’t regret adding it to your home decor arsenal.

  26. Derick Blick

    UPDATE: It’s been a year with these chairs, and they’re still in great shape!

    They arrived early, no damage, and all the screws were there for easy assembly. They feel smooth, and I love them! Waiting for the white metal table I ordered elsewhere to complete the set.

  27. Velva Turcotte

    I love my chairs – they’re really durable and sturdy, just what I wanted.

  28. Talia O'Kon

    Assembly was easy, and these chairs are super sturdy with the perfect height. No scratches or damage, but the seats aren’t very comfy. Easy fix with memory foam chair pads. A quick wipe down and they look brand new again. If you like the style, you won’t be disappointed.

  29. Mike Streich

    Great deal, looks exactly like what I wanted.

  30. Derick Upton

    My wife wanted to upgrade our dining chairs to something more modern, and these fit the bill perfectly. They’re standard in terms of comfort – no cushion, so keep that in mind. But they’re fairly comfortable for meals and game nights. Overall, a great product with fast shipping and sturdy packaging to prevent damage.

  31. Novella Willms


  32. Raymundo Beahan

    really great find

  33. Axel Corkery

    These chairs are tough and reliable, and the color is just right.

  34. Reggie Simonis

    Absolutely love these chairs! Stylish with a satin finish, they’re exactly what I wanted. They’re a good size and glide smoothly on tile floors. Arrived in perfect condition and easy to put together!

  35. Dovie Walsh

    I wasn’t sure what to expect with these metal chairs, but I was pleasantly surprised. They were easy to set up and feel really solid. I liked them so much I got another pair!

  36. Gabriel Reilly

    The quality is very good, does not shake

  37. Rashad Walter

    Got these to replace our old kitchen chairs, and they’re super strong. The green color is a nice touch, and they’re a easy to clean.

  38. Camden McCullough

    These chairs were a fantastic upgrade for our dining room table. Sturdy, stylish, and we’ve gotten tons of compliments on them. Highly recommend!

  39. Annie Marvin

    Strong and sturdy, plus they look nice and are a breeze to clean and assemble.

  40. Stephany Koelpin

    Let me dive deep into my experience with these chairs. I purchased a set of four, and let me tell you, the good things outweigh the bad by far. Firstly, they were packed impeccably, ensuring all parts were intact upon arrival. Opting for the green color, I was pleased to find it matched the advertised shade perfectly – truly a sight to behold. Assembly was a breeze, with everything fitting snugly together thanks to well-drilled and aligned holes. The frame, back, and seat exude sturdiness, while the finishing touches, possibly a powder coating, add a touch of elegance. As for drawbacks, there’s not much to complain about except for the fact that unless you’re equipped with four hands, having an extra pair to assist with assembly would be beneficial.

  41. Kenneth Herman

    Very happy with the purchase

  42. Della Senger

    These chairs are an absolute gem! Sturdy, stylish, comfortable – they tick all the boxes. Assembling them was a breeze, and they’ve proven to be resilient against all shapes and sizes. Cleaning? Piece of cake, just a quick wipe and they’re good as new!

  43. Jevon Effertz

    These chairs are surprisingly sturdy and oh-so-comfortable! I’d definitely buy them again without a second thought.

  44. Kelly Ortiz

    Seeking a minimalist dining setup, I found my match with these chairs. Simple yet exactly what I needed. Assembly was a cinch, and while the bottom was a tad rough, a quick fix with felt pads solved the issue. Their simplicity and versatility are unmatched, making them perfect for any setting.

  45. Aletha Dare

    We’ve been through three sets of wooden kitchen chairs – they always get wobbly, break, or fall apart. Tired of constant repairs and retightening screws, we switched to these metal ones for our cafe. We immediately noticed the difference and feel like they’re the durable chairs we needed for the long haul. Wooden chairs may look nice, but they’re not worth the headaches. Overall, these chairs are modern and unique, definitely recommend them.

  46. Bianka Hintz

    I absolutely adore this chair. Being a heavier individual, finding a sturdy chair with a comfortable seat height was paramount for me, and this chair delivers on both fronts. I appreciate how effortless it is to stand up from this chair, thanks to its well-designed structure. Sitting in it is a delight; the comfort it provides is unmatched. One minor observation I have is that it’s slightly smaller than what I initially envisioned. While I don’t believe the seat itself is smaller, I did notice that the back height is a tad shorter than expected. Surprisingly, this turned out to be a blessing in disguise as it perfectly suits my needs – I use it at my bedroom vanity table, where the slightly smaller size is actually more convenient.

  47. Benny Bartoletti

    As a lover of all things retro, I was thrilled to stumble upon the dining chair. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint! From the moment I laid eyes on it, I was captivated by its sleek and stylish design. The vibrant colors and unique shape immediately added a pop of personality to my dining room. Not only is this chair aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also incredibly sturdy. I’ve had my fair share of flimsy chairs that buckle under pressure, but this one holds up like a champ.

    One of the things I appreciate most about this chair is its simplicity. It’s not overly ornate or fussy, yet it still manages to make a statement. The clean lines and minimalistic silhouette make it a versatile addition to any home decor style. And when it comes to cleaning, this chair couldn’t be easier to maintain. A quick wipe-down with a damp cloth is all it takes to keep it looking fresh and pristine.

    Overall, I couldn’t be happier with my retro chair. It’s the perfect blend of style, comfort, and functionality. Whether you’re a fan of retro aesthetics or simply looking for a reliable dining chair, I wholeheartedly recommend giving this one a try. You won’t be disappointed!

  48. Laurie Tromp

    The design of these chairs is top-notch, giving off a stylish vibe that elevates any space.

  49. Kareem Dicki

    I couldn’t be happier with these chairs! Stylish, durable, and oh-so-comfy, they’ve become a hit in my home. Whether in the kitchen, living room, or even my indoor garden, they fit right in and have garnered plenty of compliments.

  50. Carissa Corwin

    These chairs are top-notch quality and look great around my round table.
    Easy to assemble and really sturdy. I might get cushions later, but for now, they look perfect at my table. Totally satisfied with them. Definitely recommend!

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