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Nordic Lava Led Floor Lamp

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Transform Your Space with Elegance and Modernity

Discover the perfect blend of functionality and style with our Modern Nordic Lava LED Floor Lamp. Designed to elevate the ambiance of any room, this floor lamp is a striking addition to your living room, bedroom, or dining area. Its contemporary design and exceptional lighting capabilities make it an ideal choice for those seeking a touch of modern elegance in their home decor.

Unique Features and Quality Craftsmanship

Our Nordic Lava LED Floor Lamp boasts a range of features that set it apart. Crafted from high-quality hardware and acrylic, it offers durability and a sleek look. The lamp’s mirror-like texture, achieved through innovative electroplating, adds a luxurious feel to your space. Standing at an impressive height of 175cm and with a diameter of 90cm, it provides optimal illumination for an area of 5-10 square meters.

  • Voltage compatibility: 90-260V, adaptable to various power supplies.
  • Equipped with 7 LED E27 bulbs, ensuring energy-efficient and long-lasting light.
  • ABS shade type with upward shade direction for a comfortable lighting experience.
  • Sturdy iron finish and PVC body, ensuring both stability and style.
  • Comes with a knob switch for easy operation.
  • Non-dimmable feature, providing consistent and reliable lighting.
  • Wide range of certifications, including CCC, CE, CQC, EMC, FCC, GS, LVD, PSE, ROHS, SAA, UL, VDE, ensuring safety and quality.

Where and When to Use

This floor lamp is best used in living rooms, dining areas, or bedrooms to create an inviting and warm atmosphere. Its modern style makes it a great fit for contemporary interiors, while its innovative design ensures it stands out in traditional settings as well.

Why Choose Our Nordic Lava LED Floor Lamp?

What sets this lamp apart is its combination of modern aesthetics, innovative design, and practical functionality. Its unique lava lamp-inspired design is not just a light source but a piece of art that enhances the overall beauty of your home. The lamp’s energy-efficient LED technology ensures that it is as economical as it is stylish.

Take the First Step Towards a Brighter Home

Don’t wait to bring a touch of modern elegance and innovative design to your home. Our Nordic Lava LED Floor Lamp is more than just a lighting fixture; it’s a statement piece that will transform your space. Click and add this stunning piece to your cart today, and illuminate your home with style!

67 reviews for Nordic Lava Led Floor Lamp

  1. Bernhard Schmeler

    This is a quality lamp. The lighting is good, and we really like the dimmer feature, which lets us adjust the light to our liking.

  2. Ethan Roberts

    I use it in my living room, which didn’t have good lighting. The lamp is very sturdy and lights up the area well.

  3. Saige Kshlerin

    This fixture is beautiful, gives off plenty of light, is very stylish, and is priced just right.

  4. Laurine Bartell

    This lamp is great. It’s compact, doesn’t take up much space, is dimmable, and looks really nice in my living room. It was easy to assemble. I’m thinking about getting another one.

  5. Darlene Casper

    I loved everything about it! It was easy to put together, sturdy, super cute, and looks great in my living room. It adds a classy touch to the space.

  6. Jamison Schoen

    I love how beautiful and sturdy this lamp is. It’s perfect for setting a dimmer lighting mood. Very pleased with this product.

  7. Fanny Carter

    It fills the empty spot in the corner of my living room perfectly. I can make it very bright or not so bright, depending on what I need. I love it.

  8. Brody Eichmann

    These were exactly what I needed! They fit perfectly in the spot I had in mind. I love that you can adjust the brightness—just perfect. I’m very, very happy with them.

  9. Bryana Champlin

    It was easy to put together, the height is perfect, and the brightness is just right. It looks great. Would definitely buy again.

  10. Vernie Orn

    These lamps are adorable and give off kind of rustic, modern vibes. I put them in my living room and absolutely love them!

  11. Orie Stokes

    I placed it in the corner of the room for night lighting. It’s perfect for my room. The quality is excellent, and it comes with everything you need to install. I recommend it to everyone.

  12. Pinkie McCullough

    It was packed very well, everything arrived in one piece. It looks good.

  13. Viviane Gorczany

    This lamp has such a unique design and texture. I absolutely love it.

  14. Myriam Olson

    Finding the right lamp can be a challenge, but this one fit the bill perfectly. Its voltage compatibility means it adapted effortlessly to my home’s power supply, a practical feature that was surprisingly hard to find in other lamps. This, combined with its stunning design and quality craftsmanship, makes it a lamp I’m thrilled to have in my home.

  15. Lauren Von

    The lamp is exactly as described. It’s a wonderful product!

  16. Camila McKenzie

    It has a modern look and is easy to install.

  17. Alvera Brekke

    Absolutely beautiful!!

  18. Misty Bailey

    It’s perfect! Well made and exactly what we were looking for!

  19. Frida Zulauf

    I love these lights. I would definitely purchase them again.

  20. Lauryn Von

    The quality is good! It’s worth the price and I highly recommend it.

  21. Conrad Stark

    This lava lamp is very beautiful and of very good quality.

  22. Jovan Schinner

    It’s very beautiful!!! I love it.

  23. Aaliyah Wilderman

    Oh my god, it looks so beautiful! Trust me, just order it.

  24. Kendra Grady

    It’s so beautiful, I want to order more.

  25. Fiona Doyle

    I want to order another one for my daughter because she loves it. The quality of the product is very good.

  26. Arvel Marks

    As someone who values sustainability, I was drawn to the energy efficiency of the LED bulbs. Knowing that my stylish lamp is also kind to the environment is a great feeling. It’s a product that reflects my values without compromising on quality or aesthetics.

  27. Heather Gerlach

    The price and quality are great! It looks really nice.

  28. Keven Yundt

    It’s really beautiful. The effect it has once installed is fantastic. I’m very satisfied. Thank you so much.

  29. Floyd Schimmel

    I’ve never seen a lamp this beautiful before. The quality is really good, and I’m very happy with it.

  30. Tabitha Kilback

    This lamp is just great.

  31. Thora Boehm

    This lamp matches the description perfectly. Everything is of high quality. I’m very thankful.

  32. Elenora Fisher

    I’m blown away by how beautiful this lamp is. It’s made my living and dining room look absolutely gorgeous, way beyond what I was expecting. I’ve only received compliments on it. I’m so happy with it and would recommend this seller to anyone.

  33. Beaulah Murphy

    My daughter absolutely loved it. She’s even thinking about getting a bigger one to decorate her room more. I said go for it.

  34. Darrick Baumbach

    It fits perfectly in my home. We’re really pleased with how the lamp looks.

  35. Rhoda Rippin

    The quality of this lamp is really good.

  36. Kameron Stamm

    This light has such a cool look to it.

  37. Kasey Koch

    This fitting is lovely and really enhances the room.

  38. Tracey Mann

    I wasn’t sure what to expect when I ordered these lights, but they are absolutely beautiful and very well-made.

  39. Neoma Becker

    This is indeed a beautiful lamp.

  40. Arlene Veum

    What I appreciate most about this lamp is its reliability. The consistent and reliable lighting it offers, thanks to the non-dimmable feature, means I always know what to expect. It’s a stylish addition to my room that I can always count on for perfect illumination.

  41. Milton Runte

    This lamp has become the best part of my room. The quality is great, and it was packaged really well.

  42. Roscoe Harris

    I absolutely love this lamp.

  43. Tracy Bauch

    The lighting from this lamp is just beautiful. I highly recommend it if you’re looking for something special.

  44. Lue Satterfield

    I was on the lookout for something unique to enhance my decor, and this lamp delivered. Its luxurious electroplated texture adds a sophisticated touch that elevates my living space. The light it provides is just as impressive, brightening up my room in the most elegant way.

  45. Ivy Kemmer

    The lamp was well-packaged and arrived without a scratch. When it’s on, it looks incredible, almost like flowing lava. You can see the light moving from different angles, which is really cool.

  46. Chelsie Fahey

    Couldn’t believe how amazing this lamp is—it looks exactly like the picture! The texture and quality are fantastic. It was such a pleasant shopping experience, and I’d recommend it to anyone.

  47. Arne Nolan

    This lamp sparkles so beautifully. It’s like having a little bit of magic in the room.

  48. Violet Larkin

    I didn’t want to get my hopes up too high for this lamp, but I was really impressed when it arrived. It’s heavy, sturdy, and doesn’t wobble at all. The materials and craftsmanship are top-notch.

  49. Fleta Will

    After moving, I realized my living room was too dark, so I ordered this floor lamp. It’s absolutely perfect. I’ve gotten so many compliments on it, and my granddaughter loved it so much, I ended up giving her one for Christmas.

  50. Marta Douglas

    The lamp arrived quickly, and setting it up was a breeze. It’s made such a difference in my living room, giving it a modern, stylish look. And I love that I can adjust the brightness. Definitely a key piece in the room now.

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