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Modern Marble Surface Smart LED Bathroom Mirror Cabinet and Sink Set

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Elevate Your Bathroom Experience

Introducing our Modern Marble Surface Smart LED Bathroom Mirror Cabinet and Sink Set, a perfect blend of functionality and elegance for your bathroom. This set is designed to cater to both practical needs and aesthetic pleasures, making it a must-have for modern homes, hotels, and villas. With its sleek design and smart features, it’s not just a bathroom fixture; it’s a lifestyle upgrade.


Product Features

  • Smart Touch Defogging Mirror: Say goodbye to foggy mirrors after hot showers.
  • Dimmable LED Lighting: Adjustable lighting for the perfect ambiance.
  • Sturdy Construction: Made from high-quality plywood and solid wood for durability.
  • Modern Design: A stylish addition that complements any bathroom decor.
  • Wall-Mounted Installation: Saves space and adds to the modern aesthetic.
  • Inclusive Set: Comes with a basin, countertop, and faucet for a complete look.

Why Choose This Product?

Our Bathroom Mirror Cabinet and Sink Set stands out with its unique blend of modern design and smart technology. The defogging feature ensures a clear reflection at all times, while the dimmable LED lighting lets you set the mood. Ideal for use in bathrooms at homes, villas, or hotels, it adds a touch of elegance and sophistication. The high-quality materials ensure longevity, making it a smart investment for your bathroom.


Benefits of the Product

  • Enhanced Bathroom Ambiance: The LED lighting and marble surface create a luxurious feel.
  • Space Efficiency: The wall-mounted design is perfect for bathrooms of any size.
  • Easy to Use: Smart touch features provide convenience and ease of use.
  • Durable and Long-lasting: Quality materials guarantee a lasting addition to your bathroom.

Make Your Purchase Today

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your bathroom with our Modern Marble Surface Smart LED Bathroom Mirror Cabinet and Sink Set. Contact our customer service before payment to confirm the product’s weight and logistics costs. We assure you a hassle-free purchase with post-sale support and flexible packaging options for safe delivery. Elevate your bathroom experience now!

59 reviews for Modern Marble Surface Smart LED Bathroom Mirror Cabinet and Sink Set

  1. Adrian Huel

    From the moment I installed this vanity set, I knew my bathroom was transformed into a realm of luxury and efficiency. The centerpiece, an elegantly framed mirror, comes equipped with LED lights that cast the perfect ambiance for both relaxation and precise grooming tasks. The marble top beneath the mirror is not just a visual delight but also a testament to craftsmanship, offering a sturdy and lavish surface for my toiletries. The cabinet integrated below the marble sink is a marvel of design, providing ample storage space while maintaining a sleek and unobtrusive profile. Its interior is as thoughtfully designed as its exterior, with compartments and shelves that organize my essentials neatly. The ease of maintenance, coupled with the durable materials, ensures this set remains a pristine part of my home’s decor. Every aspect, from the intuitive lighting controls to the smooth finish of the marble, reflects a commitment to quality that has genuinely enhanced my daily routine

  2. Gerda Halvorson

    This vanity set exceeded my expectations. The LED lighting is just right for makeup, and the marble sink is both elegant and durable

  3. Robb Stamm

    In my quest for the perfect bathroom upgrade, this vanity set has emerged as the clear winner, blending state-of-the-art technology with timeless design. The LED-lit mirror is a standout feature, providing customizable lighting to suit any mood or task, from a relaxing bath to an intricate beauty routine. The marble countertop is a work of art in itself, with a polished finish that speaks of elegance and durability. The cabinet below is a testament to intelligent design, with space-maximizing storage solutions that keep everything from towels to toiletries neatly organized and within reach. The overall build quality is exceptional, with materials chosen for their beauty and longevity, ensuring that this set remains a cherished part of my bathroom for years to come. Beyond its functional and aesthetic merits, the set is remarkably easy to care for, retaining its pristine appearance with minimal effort, which makes it not just a purchase but an investment in daily luxury

  4. Breanne Haley

    Absolutely love this mirror and sink combo! The sleek design and smart LED lighting make my bathroom look so elegant. Plus, the marble top is just stunning

  5. Ellsworth Schaefer

    The mirror’s lighting is perfect, and the marble is stunningly beautiful

  6. Korey Purdy

    Truly a great buy! The LED mirror is super helpful for detailed grooming, and the marble surface has a high-end look and feels

  7. Jana Mitchell

    This set has transformed my bathroom into a haven of luxury and convenience. The LED lighting integrated into the mirror is perfect for detailed tasks like makeup application and skincare, while the marble countertop adds a touch of opulence and is remarkably easy to maintain. The cabinet’s design is both stylish and practical, offering ample storage space without compromising on style. Its ease of use and high-quality construction make it an invaluable addition to my home

  8. Anibal Windler

    I cannot express how much I adore this bathroom vanity set! From the smart LED lighting in the mirror that illuminates every angle perfectly to the exquisite marble top that offers both beauty and durability, this piece is a standout. The storage cabinet is a clutter-buster’s dream, offering generous space to store all my toiletries and bathroom supplies neatly. The build quality is exceptional, with materials that feel premium and are built to last. It has completely revolutionized my bathroom experience, making it more luxurious and efficient

  9. Gerry Harvey

    The smart defogging feature is a game-changer for post-shower routines.

  10. Tyshawn Bayer

    I never realized how much time I spent in my bathroom until I upgraded it with this smart LED bathroom mirror cabinet and sink set. The marble surface adds an elegant touch that makes me feel like I’m living in luxury, while the smart features have revolutionized my bathroom routine. The LED lighting and defogging mirror are not just useful; they make my bathroom feel like a sanctuary. It’s a purchase that has enhanced both the functionality and aesthetics of my space.

  11. Kelly Brekke

    The dimmable LED lighting on the mirror has transformed my morning and evening routines. It’s amazing how something as simple as the right light can set the mood for the day. Plus, no more foggy mirrors!

  12. Emiliano Haag

    A sleek modern design that instantly upgrades any bathroom’s look.

  13. Jace Sawayn

    As someone with a smaller bathroom, the wall-mounted design of this set has been a blessing. It looks sleek, saves space, and the smart features are incredibly convenient. Highly recommend!

  14. Germaine Renner

    Love the complete set with the basin, countertop, and faucet—it’s so convenient.

  15. Vena Barrows

    From the moment I installed this bathroom set, the marble surface and smart LED mirror have been a source of compliments from guests. It’s the perfect blend of luxury and functionality. The dimmable LED lights create an ideal environment for makeup application, and the defogging feature means a clear reflection any time I need it. It’s elevated my bathroom to spa-like status, making every day feel a bit more indulgent.

  16. Alexander Fahey

    Smart touch features are incredibly convenient and easy to use.

  17. Taurean Erdman

    The LED lighting is not just functional but also energy-efficient.

  18. Elmer Dare

    Installation was straightforward, and it immediately enhanced my bathroom’s functionality.

  19. Kennith Robel

    I was initially drawn to the smart defogging feature of the LED mirror, but I’ve been equally impressed by the adjustable lighting. It’s perfect for creating different ambiences, whether I’m getting ready for work or winding down for the evening. The sturdy construction and modern design have made this set a standout feature in my home. It’s not just a functional addition; it’s become a statement piece that elevates the entire room.

  20. Zaria Haag

    Dimmable lighting allows for customized brightness levels, perfect for any time of day.

  21. Estelle Daugherty

    The decision to incorporate the Modern Marble Surface Smart LED Bathroom Mirror Cabinet and Sink Set into my bathroom renovation project has paid off in ways I could only imagine. This ensemble is the epitome of where elegance meets innovation, turning my bathroom into a retreat that rivals the luxury of exclusive hotels and villas. The smart LED mirror, with its defogging capability, ensures I’m met with a clear reflection after every shower, a convenience that has significantly enhanced my daily routine. The ability to adjust the LED lighting to the perfect level of brightness allows me to create an ambiance that aligns with my desires, whether it’s calming dim light for a relaxing bath or bright light for meticulous grooming.

    The quality of materials used in the construction of this set guarantees its place in my home for years to come, while its sophisticated design has effortlessly elevated the decor of my bathroom. The wall-mounted feature not only saved precious floor space but also contributed to the sleek, modern look I was aiming for. Completing the set with a basin, countertop, and faucet meant I received a unified, elegant solution that took the guesswork out of selecting individual pieces. It’s a testament to how modern technology and design can come together to create a product that doesn’t just serve its functional purpose but also enhances the beauty and efficiency of one’s living space. This set has not only fulfilled my practical needs but has also become a source of daily luxury and comfort in my home.

  22. Amy Walsh

    Fits perfectly in my modern bathroom, complementing the overall decor.

  23. Alfred Rippin

    The marble surface and LED lighting of the sink set have elevated my bathroom’s look. Every morning feels like I’m stepping into a luxury hotel. It’s a small change that’s made a big impact on my daily life.

  24. Mariah Schmeler

    Installing this set instantly modernized my bathroom. The defogging feature is a game-changer for my post-shower routine. It’s not just a mirror; it’s a piece of the future.

  25. Golda Barton

    The smart LED features make my bathroom feel like a high-end spa.

  26. Jocelyn Beatty

    Upgrading my home’s bathroom with the Modern Marble Surface Smart LED Bathroom Mirror Cabinet and Sink Set was a decision inspired by the desire to infuse my personal space with luxury and advanced technology. From the moment it was installed, the bathroom felt transformed into a high-end spa retreat. The smart LED mirror, with its intuitive touch defogging and dimmable lighting features, has made morning routines a delight. Adjusting the lighting to fit the time of day or my mood creates an immersive experience that’s both invigorating and soothing.

    The craftsmanship of the set, with its solid wood and plywood construction, exudes quality and durability, reassuring me of its longevity. Its modern design seamlessly complements my bathroom decor, making it a stylish statement piece that catches the eye of every visitor. The space-saving, wall-mounted design not only adds to its contemporary appeal but also enhances the functionality of my bathroom, making it feel more spacious and organized. The inclusion of a matching basin, countertop, and faucet provided an effortless elegance that has truly made my bathroom a standout feature in my home. Investing in this set has redefined my perception of bathroom luxury, combining smart technology with unmatched style for a daily experience that’s both sophisticated and functional.

  27. Wilford Jaskolski

    The quality of materials exceeded my expectations, especially for the price.

  28. Virginie Hodkiewicz

    Transformative! This set has elevated my daily bathroom experience to luxury.

  29. Orlo McCullough

    The size is perfect, and the lighting is exactly what I was looking for. Extremely pleased with my purchase.

  30. Neil Lindgren

    This set has completely transformed my bathroom into a haven of luxury and convenience. The smart defogging mirror ensures I can immediately transition from a hot shower to my skincare routine without waiting for the mirror to clear. The dimmable LED lighting not only illuminates my bathroom beautifully but also allows me to adjust the lighting to suit any mood or need. The sturdy construction and sleek design have made this set a focal point of my bathroom, blending seamlessly with my modern decor. It’s not just a bathroom set; it’s a lifestyle upgrade that enhances my daily routine.

  31. Adrain Leannon

    From the moment I installed the set, my bathroom has felt more like a personal retreat. The wall-mounted design is a perfect space-saver, making my bathroom appear larger and more open. The smart touch features offer unparalleled convenience, allowing me to adjust the LED lighting effortlessly and enjoy a fog-free mirror after every shower. The inclusion of a basin, countertop, and faucet in the set made the renovation process smooth and hassle-free. The marble surface and high-quality materials not only promise durability but also add an elegant touch that impresses every guest.

  32. Arden Effertz

    Choosing this set was the best decision for my bathroom renovation. The smart defogging feature and adjustable LED lighting have brought a level of sophistication and convenience I didn’t know was missing. The set’s modern design and marble surface have elevated my bathroom’s aesthetic, making it the envy of friends and family. Its space-efficient, wall-mounted installation was ideal for my bathroom’s limited space, providing a sleek and organized look. Overall, this bathroom set has not only met but exceeded my expectations, combining elegance, innovation, and durability into one transformative piece.

  33. Jamison Russel

    This vanity set is a standout piece in my bathroom. The smart LED mirror is perfect for any lighting needs, and the marble sink is stunning and practical

  34. Monserrate Cole

    My experience with this bathroom set has been nothing short of extraordinary. The mirror, adorned with smart LED lighting, offers unparalleled clarity and ambiance, making it a focal point of my bathroom. The marble countertop is not only visually stunning but also supremely practical, providing a hard-wearing, easy-to-clean surface that elevates the room’s luxury quotient. The cabinet’s design is both thoughtful and efficient, with ample storage that seamlessly blends functionality with elegance. The quality of materials and craftsmanship is apparent in every aspect of the set, from the robust construction of the cabinet to the flawless finish of the marble. Its design is both innovative and timeless, fitting perfectly into my bathroom’s aesthetic while providing a level of convenience and luxury that has transformed my daily routine. The set’s ease of maintenance, combined with its sophisticated design and functional excellence, makes it a standout addition to my home, offering a daily experience of luxury and comfort that I highly value

  35. Shany Smith

    Stylish and functional, this vanity set is an absolute winner

  36. Rosina Reinger

    A must-have for bathroom upgrades! The smart mirror with LED lights makes grooming a breeze, and the marble top adds a luxurious touch

  37. Drew Pollich

    I can’t recommend this vanity set enough! The smart LED lighting in the mirror is adjustable and provides excellent visibility for all my beauty and grooming needs, while the marble countertop brings an element of classic elegance to my bathroom. The storage space is generous, allowing me to keep all my essentials neatly organized and easily accessible. The overall design is sleek and modern, making my bathroom look more spacious and inviting

  38. Caitlyn Sauer

    A game-changer for my morning routine, thanks to its smart design

  39. Elnora Runolfsson

    In love with this bathroom set! It’s not just beautiful with its marble and LED features but also incredibly functional and user-friendly

  40. Sid Leannon

    I am beyond impressed with this bathroom vanity set! The mirror’s LED lighting is a standout feature, offering clear and consistent lighting that enhances my daily grooming rituals. The marble countertop is not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional, providing a sturdy and easy-to-clean surface. The cabinet offers ample storage, helping me keep my bathroom tidy and organized. Overall, this set not only meets my needs but also adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to my bathroom space

  41. Zachary Schimmel

    I am completely enamored with this bathroom set, which has become the highlight of my home. The mirror, with its smart LED lighting, is a game-changer, providing adjustable illumination for every need, from the softest glow to bright light for detailed tasks. The marble countertop is a slice of luxury, its polished surface providing a cool, clean space for my morning and evening rituals. The cabinet below is a masterclass in design efficiency, offering organized storage without sacrificing style. The tactile pleasure of the materials used, from the cool marble to the sleek cabinet finish, adds a sensory delight to its functional appeal. Furthermore, the set’s installation and maintenance are surprisingly straightforward, ensuring that it remains a focal point in my bathroom without demanding constant care. In short, this vanity set has not only met my expectations but exceeded them, blending functionality with sheer aesthetic pleasure in a way that enriches my everyday life

  42. Glenna Kiehn

    Elevated my bathroom’s look with its sleek design and smart features

  43. Jewell Gaylord

    Five stars for this bathroom set! The smart lighting feature is a game-changer, and the marble finish gives my bathroom a spa-like feel

  44. Gus Zboncak

    This vanity set transformed my bathroom! The LED mirror is not only functional but adds a luxurious touch, and the marble countertop is easy to clean and looks fabulous

  45. Earl Olson

    Investing in this bathroom set was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my home. The integrated LED lighting in the mirror casts the perfect light, making my bathroom routines a breeze. The marble counter is not only gorgeous to look at but also incredibly functional, resisting stains and spills with ease. The cabinet provides ample space, ensuring my bathroom remains tidy and organized. The attention to detail in the design and construction is apparent, making it a durable and stylish addition to my home. It’s transformed my ordinary bathroom into a sanctuary of comfort and style

  46. Ford Senger

    Absolutely delighted with this bathroom set! The mirror’s LED lighting is a major plus, offering the perfect illumination for getting ready, and the marble top is both beautiful and functional, providing a durable surface for daily use. The storage solutions are thoughtfully designed, giving me plenty of room to store toiletries and towels. The entire set has a cohesive, stylish look that has made my bathroom feel like a completely new space. It’s an investment in comfort and style that has paid off in every way.

  47. Karlee Hickle

    When I decided it was time to renovate my bathroom, I knew I wanted something that blended functionality with sheer aesthetic appeal. That’s when I discovered the Modern Marble Surface Smart LED Bathroom Mirror Cabinet and Sink Set. This piece has not just upgraded my bathroom; it has transformed it into a sanctuary of modern elegance. The smart touch defogging mirror feature is a revelation, providing clear views after the steamiest of showers. The dimmable LED lighting, adjustable with just a touch, allows me to customize the ambiance to match my mood, whether I’m aiming for a spa-like calmness or bright morning preparation space.

    The sturdy construction of high-quality plywood and solid wood speaks volumes about its durability, promising years of use without showing signs of wear. The wall-mounted installation was a breeze, significantly saving space and enhancing the modern aesthetic of my bathroom. The inclusion of a basin, countertop, and faucet in the set ensured a cohesive look that ties the entire room together. Every detail, from the sleek design to the smart features, underscores a level of sophistication and convenience that I hadn’t experienced before in bathroom fixtures. It’s not just a mirror or a sink; it’s a lifestyle upgrade that has elevated my entire home.

  48. Lorenzo Medhurst

    I’m absolutely thrilled with this bathroom ensemble! The mirror is not just a mirror; it’s a high-tech marvel with LED lighting that provides the perfect glow for all my grooming needs, ensuring no detail is missed. The marble top is the epitome of chic, offering a sturdy and elegant surface that elevates my bathroom’s aesthetic instantly. The cabinet beneath is a dream for storage, hiding away all my bathroom clutter while keeping everything easily accessible. The craftsmanship is top-notch, with a durable build that promises to withstand the rigors of daily use. Every morning and night, I feel like I’m stepping into a luxury spa, thanks to this stunning piece

  49. Urban Kuhic

    The illuminated mirror and elegant marble top are a dream come true

  50. Randall Hand

    So happy with this vanity! The LED mirror is amazing for makeup application, and the marble sink has a timeless elegance. Highly recommend

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