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Mobile Barbecue Grill

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Elevate Your Outdoor Cooking Experience

Introducing our top-of-the-line Outdoor Grill, the perfect blend of convenience and quality for your backyard gatherings, camping trips, and tailgate parties. Whether you’re a seasoned grill master or a weekend BBQ enthusiast, this grill is designed to cater to all your outdoor cooking needs.


Exceptional Features

Our grill boasts a unique dual charcoal and gas system, offering the best of both worlds – the authentic taste of charcoal grilling and the convenience of gas. The temperature-controlled oven and adjustable height settings ensure perfect cooking conditions for a variety of foods. With its porcelain enameled finishing and durable cold-rolled steel construction, this grill is built to last and easy to maintain.

  • Dual Charcoal and Gas Grill: Enjoy the versatility of both grilling methods.
  • Temperature-Controlled Oven: Precise cooking for delectable results.
  • Adjustable Height: Customize the grill height to suit your cooking needs.
  • Easy Assembly and Cleaning: Designed for hassle-free use and maintenance.
  • Portable Design: Featuring a folding trolley, making it ideal for on-the-go grilling.


When and Where to Use?

Whether you’re hosting a backyard BBQ, going on a camping adventure, or tailgating before the big game, this grill is your go-to choice. Its portability and ease of use make it ideal for various outdoor settings and occasions.

What Makes It Special?

Our grill stands out for its hybrid fuel system, allowing you to switch between gas and charcoal. This feature, combined with its robust construction and easy-to-use design, makes it a versatile and indispensable tool for any outdoor cooking enthusiast.


Product Specifications

  • Net Weight: 70kg/140lb
  • Dimensions: 1800*600*1200MM
  • Packaging: Carton + Wooden Frame
  • Certification: CE
  • Gas Type: LP
  • Finishing: Porcelain Enameled
  • Metal Type: Cold Rolled Steel

Get Yours Today!

Elevate your outdoor cooking game with our versatile and user-friendly grill. Perfect for any occasion, it’s time to create unforgettable memories and mouthwatering meals. Order now and take the first step towards becoming a grilling champion!  


55 reviews for Mobile Barbecue Grill

  1. Brad Maggio

    We love this grill for its dual charcoal and gas capabilities, perfectly catering to our varied cooking preferences.

  2. Myrtice Vandervort

    Beautiful just like in the picture, sturdy, and produces great tasting charcoal-grilled food. Unsure about using gas and charcoal simultaneously.

  3. Noble Rippin

    The best grill I’ve ever owned. Solidly built with numerous excellent features. It’s an absolute steal for the quality provided.

  4. Rhoda Armstrong

    Loaded with useful features, the ability to switch between gas and charcoal is incredibly convenient. The heat distribution is excellent, enhancing the grilling experience.

  5. Helen White


  6. Juanita Armstrong

    This grill works wonderfully and was easy to assemble. My husband is now the primary cook, thanks to this great find.

  7. Edgardo Erdman

    A fantastic grill that allows for the unique flavor of charcoal with the convenience of gas for precise cooking. It’s the perfect blend of traditional and modern grilling methods.

  8. Alice Keeling

    This grill was a hit with my husband and me. Fast shipping and minimal box damage didn’t detract from the product’s quality. It’s an excellent grill overall.

  9. Stanley Olson

    Meeting all expectations, the option to choose between gas or charcoal grilling is a standout feature. It’s impressive to offer guests the choice, adding a unique touch to our BBQs.

  10. Theo Hartmann

    Offering both gas and charcoal grilling, this grill garners compliments for its versatility. It’s great for charcoal enthusiasts who want the convenience of gas for quicker tasks.

  11. Talia DuBuque

    Since purchasing a few months ago, we’ve used it several times. The dual functionality suits our different cooking preferences. Assembly was straightforward, and the grill feels sturdy.

  12. Viviane Mills

    The size and versatility of this grill make it suitable for large or small BBQs. The adjustable charcoal pan is a standout feature, and my husband loves using this grill. Highly recommend.

  13. Aliya Greenholt

    Delivered in time for holiday cooking, it perfectly suits our family’s needs and preferences. The combo grill eliminated the need for managing two separate grills, making cooking more convenient.

  14. Madisyn Sanford

    Assembly definitely requires two people. Once set up, it’s a dream for any barbecue enthusiast.

  15. Rhett Hagenes

    Purchased for a son-in-law’s 40th birthday, this grill surpassed his expectations, especially compared to his smoker and old grill. The dual features greatly impressed him after just one use.

  16. Raquel Dietrich

    Despite its affordability, this grill provides even heat and the convenience of choosing between briquettes or propane. Assembly is a bit of a hassle but worth the effort for the quality it delivers.

  17. Betsy Mann

    This BBQ grill excels, offering all possible options. It managed a large party effortlessly. The BBQ brick side delivered evenly cooked food without burning, and the gas side provided ample flame. It’s impressively durable and has remained rust-free outdoors.

  18. Shanie Tillman

    This combo was perfect for accommodating both my preference for gas and my roommate’s for charcoal. Assembly was doable on my own, and the outcome has been consistently juicy meats. Thrilled with this grill.

  19. Alana Hagenes

    An excellent product. Assembly was manageable alone. Both the gas and charcoal sides performed splendidly, allowing for diverse cooking options. Charcoal provided a smokier flavor, while gas met expectations. Thrilled with the performance.

  20. Isobel Rodriguez

    Assembly was solo and took about an hour. The grill’s sturdy construction and easy mobility due to the casters are impressive. Highly satisfied with this purchase.

  21. Gillian Legros

    Thrilled with this purchase. It arrived in perfect condition and was assembled quickly. As a grilling novice, this grill has been an excellent choice, allowing me to manage the entire meal outdoors. The side burner is a fantastic addition.

  22. Nadia Schimmel

    The grill arrived heavy but manageable and functions beautifully. My husband loves it, despite a minor issue with the temperature gauge on the charcoal side not working after the first use. Still, it comes highly recommended.

  23. Omer Schamberger

    Primarily a gas grill, it might not be the best for smoking compared to a pellet grill. If you’re comfortable with assembly, it should be straightforward.

  24. Mustafa Boyer

    Really enjoying this large grill with gas and charcoal options. Used the charcoal side so far, but looking forward to trying gas. Beware of its tendency to rust, though. Its size is larger than expected, but it’s unbeatable. Would recommend to friends.

  25. Zoe Bailey

    This product is brilliant, offering the best of both worlds. Lighting charcoal in it can be tricky, but using a charcoal chimney starter solves that issue. Despite being exposed to the elements for two years, maintaining it with oil has kept it rust-free. It’s big and has proven durable over time.

  26. Yasmin Nicolas

    The grill arrived undamaged, with all parts intact. Assembly was smooth. Using both gas and charcoal sides proved easy and effective. The charcoal fire is hotter and adds a great flavor. Highly recommend using a charcoal chimney for ease. The adjustable charcoal height via crank is a standout feature.

  27. Laurianne Erdman

    Delighted with this grill from the get-go. Delivery was prompt, assembly took around an hour and a half, and the performance has been outstanding. Grilled steaks on charcoal and potatoes and kebabs on propane all came out perfectly. Very satisfied with this grill.

  28. Abigayle Cummerata

    Assembly was straightforward, even alone. Just align the main body and lower section as directed for an easy setup. The grill accommodates lump charcoal well, though I’m readjusting to non-gas grilling. Looking forward to many seasons with this unit, despite needing to address a few shipping damages.

  29. Jillian Conroy

    The grill is fantastic, offering both gas and charcoal options. Assembly took some time but was worth it.

  30. Hildegard Smith

    Assembly was a team effort but manageable with a few breaks. The grill’s construction is solid and durable, showing no signs of wear or heat warping after months of frequent use. Our BBQ guests are always impressed, many unaware that gas and charcoal combo grills exist. It’s been a highlight of our July 4th party, allowing us to grill a variety of foods simultaneously on both sides.

  31. Juana Koch

    Bought in 2013, this grill is still heavily used. My husband appreciates the gas and charcoal options, with gas being particularly useful in cold weather for instant cooking. We’ve encountered issues with a burner’s lighter, but it’s easily circumvented with a handheld lighter. We continue to use it year-round, grilling even in winter, hence a five-star rating.

  32. Jace Davis

    As my first grill, I’m quite satisfied, though I can’t compare it to others. Its size is a bit large, but the dual gas and charcoal functionality is fantastic. It’s reasonably well made and assembly was straightforward, despite the heavy firebox requiring two people. The charcoal side’s design, including an ash tray and access door, is well thought out.

  33. Diana Weissnat

    This is my second purchase of this deluxe grill because it’s incredible.

  34. Dennis Towne

    This purchase was to replace my Char Broil bought in 2000, which was still operational after replacing burners and the grate. Despite surviving two wind storms that damaged it, it was swiftly claimed and rebuilt by a neighbor when I set it out. Given how long my old one lasted, I didn’t hesitate to get another Char Broil. The combination of gas and charcoal allows for versatile cooking, and the gas side’s three burners make this grill exceptionally versatile. In short, it’s GREAT!

  35. Monica Adams

    I chose this model for its dual-use capability, not wanting two separate grills. It replaced my gas grill from 2003, which was still in like-new condition and was given to a friend who thought it was new. After trying various brands over the years, this stands out as the best.

  36. Norene Schiller

    Four years in, and I’m so glad I made this purchase. I’m now enjoying grilled food more than ever. In the Bahamas, where it feels like summer year-round, grill nights are frequent. I’d recommend this grill to anyone and am considering buying a new one soon due to wear on the ash trays, but otherwise, it’s been an excellent buy.

  37. Franco Lindgren

    Extremely pleased with this grill! Since getting it last summer, I’ve used it 3-4 times a week without any issues. The only problem is, after grilling, I immediately want to grill again. Fantastic product!

  38. Bailee Macejkovic

    Years after purchasing, this product still holds up well. Even after a dog chewed my propane lines, replacements were easily found. It’s very user-friendly and easy to clean.

  39. Grace Zieme

    Three years with this smoker grill combo and I’m still in love with it. The vast grilling area and adjustable smoking height are perfect. I’ve used both simultaneously, and the results are consistently perfect.

  40. Camille Abernathy

    Three years with this grill combo, and it continues to perform excellently. It caters to every cooking preference, whether it’s the precise temperature control of gas or the char flavor of charcoal or hardwood. Covering it during bad weather or winter is essential, as with any grill.

  41. Joanne Larson

    A year into using this grill, and I’ve encountered no issues. I love this grill.

  42. Moshe Heidenreich

    The materials and quality of this grill are exceptional. It cooks evenly and makes grilling fun and easy, especially with the quick cleanup.

  43. Devan Wolff

    I adore this grill, using a smoker box on the charcoal side while grilling hamburgers on the gas side.

  44. Javier Turcotte

    The ease of cleaning and starting up this grill has impressed me greatly. Absolutely love it.

  45. Garland Sanford

    A Father’s Day gift from my wife, and out of all the Gas/Charcoal Grills I’ve had, this one tops them all. Using both sides simultaneously, I bake potatoes on the gas side and grill steaks on the charcoal side. It’s also excellent for smoking. I’m on the lookout for a compatible rotisserie.

  46. Annabell Borer

    This grill is fantastic for parties. Absolutely love it.

  47. Enola Skiles

    This is my second purchase of this grill online. The first one lasted six years. It’s the perfect combo of gas and charcoal, seemingly unique in offering both. It’s the best value around.

  48. Dustin Cummings

    After a year and a half of use, I’m still in love with the charcoal side for meats, while the gas side is ideal for vegetables, baking, and keeping dishes warm. The side burner is indispensable.

  49. Janessa Gleason

    My husband is thrilled with this grill. Its size and the options for gas, charcoal, and even a stovetop for outdoor frying make it a favorite. We’ve yet to see how it holds up against rust.

  50. Buddy Barrows

    Some mechanical skill is required for assembly, but it’s straightforward if you follow the instructions. I’m delighted with my new grill.

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