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Luxury Wood Cat Tower with Condo, Scratching Posts & Foldable Litter Box

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Discover the Ultimate Cat Haven

Introduce your feline friends to a world of luxury, comfort, and fun with our Luxury Wood Cat Tower. Designed with the needs of your cat in mind, this multi-level haven offers a blend of activity and tranquility. Whether your cat loves to explore, scratch, or simply relax, this cat tower is the perfect solution.

Key Features

  • Four-layer structure, ideal for multi-cat households.
  • Constructed from eco-friendly wood, ensuring durability and cat safety.
  • Includes a foldable litter box for convenience and hygiene.
  • Features a large, spacious cabinet that can double as a cozy sleeping area or house a litter box.
  • Top perch and hammock offer ample space for relaxation and observation.
  • Wrapped with natural sisal rope, our scratching posts are wear-resistant and perfect for claw maintenance.
  • Available in elegant brown or beige to complement your home decor.

Why Choose Our Cat Tower?

Our cat tower stands out for its multifunctionality and premium materials. The foldable litter box, included for free, makes this an unbeatable value. It’s not just a piece of furniture; it’s a comprehensive solution for your cat’s needs. Easy to assemble and designed to accommodate 2-3 cats simultaneously, it’s suitable for both single and multi-cat families. The use of healthy, environmentally friendly materials ensures your cat’s wellbeing, making it the perfect choice for conscientious pet owners.

Product Benefits

  • Luxury and comfort in one package, accommodating multiple cats.
  • Encourages play and relaxation with its diverse features.
  • Easy assembly with included instructions, allowing for immediate enjoyment.
  • Eco-friendly and safe for your pets.
  • Durable construction and materials mean long-lasting use.

Make Your Cat’s Day, Every Day

With its blend of style, functionality, and comfort, our Luxury Wood Cat Tower is the perfect addition to any home. Give your cats the gift of their own special retreat where they can play, scratch, and rest to their hearts’ content. Don’t wait to transform your pet’s life for the better. Order now and witness the joy and satisfaction this cat tower brings to your feline friends.

Experience the difference in your cat’s behavior and happiness. Invest in their well-being today!

69 reviews for Luxury Wood Cat Tower with Condo, Scratching Posts & Foldable Litter Box

  1. Ford Leffler

    This thing is pretty cool and setting it up was a breeze. My big cats are all over it and it’s holding up great.

  2. Madelynn Koepp

    I’ve had a carpeted cat tree for years and it ended up looking terrible after my cat tore it up. She hangs out mostly in one room, so I needed something durable that could also hide her litter box because it used to take up too much space. This new tree was easy to assemble. I love that I can fix it up if it gets scratched. Finding a litter box to fit was tough, ended up using a storage container. Also had to cut the ceiling pole to make it fit. But other than that, it’s been awesome.

  3. Corrine Kreiger

    This cat tree is adorable! 😍😍😍 I’m picky about these things because a lot of them are just ugly, but I’d happily show this one off. The top part is a hit with my cats. Clearly made by someone who loves cats. The hidden litter box is genius. Just heads up, a regular litter box won’t fit; you have to use the one it comes with. I added a wooden panel to make it sturdier.

  4. Naomi Parker

    It looks good with my home’s vibe and you can actually fit a different litter box if you don’t like the one that comes with it.

  5. Rickey Altenwerth

    It’s okay, but kind of small. Had to squeeze in my small litter box. My cat likes the top part but can’t really get comfy in the cubby. Still, they all use it and it’s solid, just be careful because it might tip over if they jump from something high if it’s not secured.

  6. Nathanael Cummings

    Really worth it and my large cat fits fine!

  7. Ted Lehner

    My cats are all over this, and it’s really cute. The only downside was the tiny tool for assembly that hurt my fingers.

  8. Kyle Aufderhar

    My cats can’t get enough of this. It’s stable and quiet, even when the little one is climbing all over it. The litter box area is handy, but the fabric litter box it came with isn’t great. Putting it together was straightforward. Might want an extra hand to help stand it up though.

  9. Lonie Rutherford

    My kitten loves the hammock but it’s getting a bit tight as he grows 😔

  10. Neoma Fisher

    Took me about an hour and a half to put together, took some breaks to watch TV. My cat’s really into it. Been a solid choice since I set it up a few weeks ago.

  11. Eliza Mann

    Was super happy with how easy this was to assemble and it looked just like in the pictures. The instructions were clear and everything was labeled. But, the collapsible litter box it comes with is pretty basic – just a canvas box, really. Not great for big cats, but the enclosed space is a nice hideout. Might want to consider another option if you’re buying it for the litter box feature and have a larger cat.

  12. Bridie Waelchi

    Putting it together was a breeze. It came with a screwdriver but I used a drill, made the assembly go faster. It looks great in my living room. I like that there’s enough room for the litter box and even the scooper. Just hoping my kitten actually uses it since she tends to ignore everything else I buy for her. Took about two hours total, but seems like a good purchase.

  13. Erwin Beier

    This cat tree is perfect for my 9lbs cat, nice and roomy. The wood structure feels solid and durable. It’s her new favorite spot. Planning to swap out the litter box it came with for my old one. It’s awesome to have a built-in spot for the litter box that’s out of sight. Both my cat and I are pretty happy with it. Took about an hour to set up.

  14. Kimberly Bosco

    Really cute and fits well with my room’s style. My cat likes it too. Only issue was with the doors, as they didn’t pre-drill holes for them, but it was easy enough to assemble otherwise.

  15. Myrtle Thompson

    My bed’s pretty high up, so he uses the tree to leap across to it. It’s super sturdy, and he loves the hammock when I’m not in bed. The bottom part’s a bit snug for both a litter box and him, so I use it as extra space for him to chill and store extra cat food.

  16. Asia Auer

    The wooden box part at the bottom is nicely made and feels quality.

  17. Julian Hackett

    He absolutely loves it, and I love having a second, dog-proof litter box in the house. Easy to put together, very sturdy, great quality all around.

  18. Fredy Senger

    It’s sturdy and stays put. My cats seem to really enjoy it.

  19. Queenie Jaskolski

    This thing is pretty adorable.

  20. Susie McKenzie

    It’s funny how cats just know when stuff’s meant for them. My mostly blind cat was all over this from the get-go. Keeps the dogs out of the litter, which is exactly what I needed. Super sturdy too.

  21. Amalia Gibson

    Assembling this cat tree was simple and it came with all the necessary tools. Instructions were clear. It includes carpet pieces for the wooden parts to prevent slipping. The bottom litter box area is a smart addition, though the included “litter box” is just a foldable cloth container. Definitely going for a proper litter box to replace it. Still, love this purchase a lot.

  22. Anahi Schmitt

    This cat box/scratcher combo looks nice and does a good job of hiding the litter box. Assembly was a bit tricky but cleaning it is easy.

  23. Bartholome Kirlin

    Great concept for cat entertainment. Depends on the cat though, mine uses it now and then, especially the top part for window watching. Didn’t use the included litter box since it’s in my living room. The tower’s sturdy, but the top sitting area could be larger.

  24. Devin Farrell

    This cat tree is awesome. Easy to put together, comes with a foldable litter box. Really well-thought-out design, has room for both my cats. They took to the new litter box right away, which was a pleasant surprise. The side doors make it super easy to clean. Love the extra scratcher that attaches to the side.

  25. Judge Schoen

    Good for medium to small cats. Nice to have a designated spot for the litter box. Comes with carpet pads so it’s not just bare wood, adds some grip. It’s stable and doesn’t rock or tip. Cleaning’s easy, just wipe it down, and the litter box area is easily accessible. Took about 30 minutes to assemble, and it came with the needed tools. It’s a solid, functional piece, though I thought it would be fully carpeted for the price. Still, pretty satisfied.

  26. Kole Metz

    My cat loves hanging out in the litter box area, hasn’t even used it for its intended purpose yet. Just enjoys napping in there.

  27. Marilou Bradtke

    It’s a cat tree with a bonus: a hidden spot for the litter box. Cats love lounging on it, and hiding the litter box is a game-changer. Big win for both me and the cats.

  28. Chester Langosh

    This tower’s a hit with my cats. The younger one uses all the levels, but my older, bigger cat sticks to the lower tier. They both love it, though. Came with some nice toys that my kitten is obsessed with.

  29. Pearl Effertz

    The cat tree part is nice, and our cats love the hammock and bed. The enclosed design makes the whole thing sturdier. Being able to open the doors to clean the litter box easily is great. It’s well-made and looks good. Plus, it came with a foldable litter box.

  30. Lilla Mraz

    Great for my home. My cats love the tall tower, and I love how the litter box is hidden yet easily accessible. Doesn’t take up extra space, which is great compared to having to hide the litter box away from the dog before.

  31. Jada Cartwright

    Easy to assemble 👍

  32. Emely Hodkiewicz

    The bottom doors aren’t the tightest, which is good for my chunky cats – no getting stuck. I didn’t use it for a litter box but put an extra bed in there. Right after assembly, my cats were already claiming their spots. The material’s soft, and it’s sturdy enough for bigger cats. Really good cat tower.

  33. Easter Will

    With six cats, I’ve put together my fair share of cat trees. This one wasn’t hard. Mostly wood, so less cat hair sticking to it. It’s sturdy and looks nice. Using the built-in litter box space for a bed instead. My cats are gonna love the different levels and resting spots.

  34. Luisa Corwin


  35. Katharina Paucek

    The cats love the cat tree. Didn’t use the litter box for litter, but it’s a great spot for them to play and nap.

  36. Hank Emmerich

    My cat loves her new setup. It was straightforward to set up and feels sturdy.

  37. Noemi Rippin

    Really handy. Keeps the dog out of the litter box and is perfect for my larger cat. The middle hideaway is a bit snug but overall it’s exactly what I needed.

  38. Lucas Zboncak


  39. Kathryn Conn

    Assembly wasn’t too hard. Instructions were okay, pretty straightforward. Using a drill sped things up. My cat loves it, though he was hesitant to come down from the top at first. Gives it four stars overall.

  40. Angela Stamm

    Perfect for my situation. Needed to keep the dog from eating cat food and hide the litter box. Our cat took to the enclosed litter box right away, which surprised me. It’s durable and fits well with our furniture.

  41. Margaret Bergstrom

    I love seeing all the different setups people have. This is my second one and it’s just as beautiful as the first. All my cats love it. The biggest one just about fits on the top, but he manages. It’s been great for them, arrived on time, no damage or missing parts. Very happy with it.

  42. Kaelyn Gislason

    Putting aside any negatives, this cat tree is tall and big, which is a plus. Assembly takes effort, but it’s worth it. It’s a well-thought-out design. My cat is short, and this tree works well for her. She can sleep on the outside beds or hide away inside. It feels solid and well-made. The mats are removable for washing, which is great. My cat can comfortably use all parts of the tree, even the enclosed areas. Really like it.

  43. Cathrine Senger

    Purrrfect 🐱

  44. Briana Yost

    It’s a great piece for cats of any age. Functional and enjoyable for my cat. Came earlier than expected and was simple to set up.

  45. Lamar Wilkinson

    Totally love this. It’s practical, the perfect height, and size. We’ve got two Bengal kittens making a mess in the crate area. Lots of space and play options. Assembly was straightforward, everything went smoothly. Added extra toys so they don’t get bored.

  46. Josefina Shanahan

    Really enjoy these setup posts. This is my second one and it’s gorgeous. All three of my cats are into it. Even the biggest one manages to fit on top. Perfect for my 8kg cat. Arrived on time, package was in good shape, and nothing was missing. Very satisfied.

  47. Katlyn Kunze

    I like its design and the wood is durable. The color makes it easy to keep clean. Wish it was clear it’s not for adult cats. Ended up being okay since I have smaller cats. Planning to buy another one for my bigger cats.

  48. Estelle Franecki

    My cat only uses the crib if we place her there, but I love that the litter box is hidden! Really happy with this purchase, and it’s great that Katie is actually using it.

  49. Ashlee Wintheiser

    These look great and fit a large litter box. The vents help with the smell, and my cats are all about it, especially the hammock.

  50. Murray Lubowitz

    It’s almost as tall as me. Still getting used to it, but he’s enjoying the swing and the ball. Good value and looks amazing.

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