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Luxury Square Floor Standing Bathtub Faucet with Waterfall Mixer

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Transform Your Bathroom into a Sanctuary of Style

Discover the epitome of elegance with our Luxury Square Floor Standing Bathtub Faucet, a perfect blend of form and function. This contemporary faucet, designed to elevate your bathroom’s aesthetic, offers an unparalleled bathing experience. Its sleek finish, combined with a striking square design, creates a focal point that exudes sophistication and modern flair.

Exceptional Features for a Superior Bathing Experience

Our bathtub faucet is not just about looks; it’s engineered for performance. It features a Single Holder Dual Control system, allowing seamless switching between hot and cold water to find your ideal temperature with ease. The dual-handle design provides precise control, while the ceramic valve core ensures long-lasting, drip-free use. The unique waterfall effect adds a touch of luxury, transforming every bath into a relaxing spa-like experience.

Why Choose Our Square Bathtub Faucet?

  • Waterfall Effect: Enjoy the soothing sensation of a gentle waterfall in your own bathtub.
  • Easy Temperature Control: Effortlessly adjust water temperature with its dual-handle design.
  • Durable & Reliable: Made with high-quality ceramic valves, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.
  • Certified Excellence: CE certified, meeting high-quality standards for your peace of mind.

Perfect for Every Modern Bathroom

This floor-standing faucet is not only a functional addition but also an artistic statement. Ideal for modern, minimalist, or any contemporary bathroom decor, it stands out as a piece of art. Whether you are renovating or building a new bathroom, this faucet adds a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Make a Statement in Your Bathroom

Embrace the blend of luxury and practicality with our Square Bathtub Faucet. It’s more than a faucet; it’s a statement of style and a commitment to quality. Don’t wait to transform your bathroom into a haven of relaxation and elegance. Order now and experience the perfect combination of style, functionality, and luxury in your bathroom.

56 reviews for Luxury Square Floor Standing Bathtub Faucet with Waterfall Mixer

  1. Meghan Konopelski

    We absolutely love it!!

  2. Kameron Goyette

    It looks good and works exactly as expected.

  3. Jarred Moen

    This faucet is beautiful. Installation was a bit tricky, but it’s worth it.

  4. Dejuan Schamberger

    After looking at so many expensive faucets, I’m glad I chose this one. Even the spray hose is great for cleaning.

  5. Jacklyn Hyatt

    The placement of the hot/cold lever is a bit odd at the back, but it works fine.

  6. Seamus Simonis

    I snagged this faucet and sprayer combo because it looked top-notch. It’s all metal, except for parts of the hand-sprayer, and it does its job well. The setup instructions, though? Pretty much a joke. And figuring out which hole was hot and which was cold was a guessing game since they didn’t mark it. Ended up learning the hard way that the cold water goes in the front. And getting that protective plastic off was easier than I thought; just had to cut a couple of bands. If you’re thinking of installing this yourself, it’s doable. Just start from the bottom up and save connecting the faucet for last. Trust me, it’s easier than the instructions make it seem.

  7. Chanelle Zulauf

    Was concerned about sturdiness but secured it with my own bolts, and now it’s really solid. Great addition to our renovated bathroom.

  8. Kaylin Williamson

    Makes the tub stand out, and the water flow from the handheld is strong.

  9. Junior Windler

    Came packaged really well, with a lot of care in wrapping each part. It’s beautiful, and the shower head feels like rain. Absolutely love it.

  10. Lura Ritchie

    Installation was super easy, and it makes my new bathroom look fantastic. Works perfectly.

  11. Ada Hirthe

    Really upgraded the look of my bathroom.

  12. Katlynn Ortiz

    This faucet was a breeze to put in. Didn’t even need a plumber for it.

  13. Grover Cremin

    It’s gorgeous and surprisingly easy to install.

  14. Elton Pagac

    Looks and functions great. Instructions were a bit confusing, but I’d still recommend it. No leaks so far.

  15. Alyce Zulauf

    Love the gold color, came well protected, and the color is just right. Very satisfied.

  16. Geoffrey Blanda

    Had to replace an old tub filler and found this one with a larger base. It’s made of much better metal than our old one. Really glad we found it.

  17. Christian Abbott

    Really sleek and nice! Just a heads-up, water does leak out the sprayer after use, so let it drain over the tub for a bit.

  18. Jovan Bahringer

    Haven’t used it yet, but the packaging was impressive, and it looks and feels sturdy.

  19. Hannah Hermiston

    This faucet is not only gorgeous but sturdy too. Installation was straightforward, and the features are easy to use. Exceptional product and service.

  20. Madilyn Beier

    We revamped our master bath and went with this faucet for the standalone tub. Love the style and how it sets the mood in the room. It was professionally installed, so I can’t comment on that process, but it looks fantastic.

  21. Karolann Kshlerin

    Can’t wait to get this installed next to my freestanding tub. It arrived safely, and everything feels smooth and well-made.

  22. Adela Deckow

    Chose this for our new master bath and couldn’t be happier. The look and quality are incredible for the price.

  23. Jules Romaguera

    Feels like it should cost a lot more. The waterfall effect and valve are just brilliant.

  24. Luna Rosenbaum

    This faucet just takes me back to vacation vibes every time I use it. It’s everything I hoped for and fits perfectly with what I had in mind.

  25. Vinnie Franecki

    Super happy with this product. It looks and functions fantastically. Had a few hiccups along the way, but the company was amazing. They sent out the parts I needed super fast and provided great installation instructions.

  26. Elta Will

    This filler matched my clawfoot tub perfectly! It’s a great mix of modern and timeless, exactly what I was looking for. Haven’t used it yet since the home’s still under construction, but the installation went smoothly with professional plumbers.

  27. Hillard Smitham

    Really happy with this standing tub faucet. It’s beautiful, easy to keep clean, and wasn’t hard to put in. I’ll be recommending this to friends for sure.

  28. Liliana Kohler

    Installing this was quite the project, especially on a concrete slab. Took some creative solutions to get it stable and not wiggly. The connections at the base are a tight fit, and the odd thread size didn’t help. If you’re hiring a plumber, be prepared for a possible high bill. If DIYing, it’s gonna take some effort, but it’s worth it in the end.

  29. Nella Corwin

    Looks good and seems sturdy, though there’s some wobble. Might be an installation issue, but the contractor insists it’s secured properly.

  30. Landen Jacobson

    Impressed with the quality. It’s made from nice materials and seems well crafted. Haven’t installed it yet, so no pics.

  31. Pete Jones

    We’re loving this faucet. The spigot swivels, which is handy, and you can leave the water at your preferred temperature. The wand works perfectly, just let it drip a bit after shutting it off. The metal construction feels solid.

  32. Katelyn Abernathy

    Was hesitant to buy this faucet because of the price, but it turned out great. It’s heavy and hasn’t needed extra support despite some reviews. My plumbers were impressed, and installation could’ve been a DIY project if we didn’t need to move water lines. Loving it so far!

  33. Mitchel Ondricka

    Love the color and shape of this bath piece. The spray looks great but tends to leak a bit if you don’t let it dry out after use. Would’ve chosen differently if I’d known about the sprayer issue.

  34. Jailyn Bartell

    This tub filler is just as I expected from the pictures. There’s a slight wobble, but nothing serious. Ran into some issues with the specs not matching up for installation, but once that was sorted, it looks fantastic.

  35. Nya Nitzsche

    The faucet’s cool and matches the champagne bronze I was going for almost perfectly.

  36. Bruce Wilkinson

    Totally in love with this faucet’s look and how it operates. The handheld doesn’t drip or leak, which is a plus.

  37. Mckenzie Wyman

    Everything’s working and looking great, but it could do with a higher flow rate. Takes about 10 minutes to fill the tub halfway.

  38. Mitchel Friesen

    Installation was a breeze, especially since it’s designed for floor-installed hoses. We had to get creative with our wall-installed ones, but it worked out. The only downside is it takes a while to fill the tub because of the slow water flow.

  39. Melissa Shields

    Just got it installed today, and it’s looking nice.

  40. Beatrice Ebert

    Honestly, this faucet and sprayer set is pretty fantastic. The metal build, except for some bits of the hand-sprayer, feels solid. But those instructions were useless, and figuring out hot from cold was a guess until I did. Found out the hard way that the front hole’s for cold water. Removing the protective plastic was a breeze. For anyone installing this themselves, it’s pretty straightforward if you ignore the provided instructions and build from the bottom up. Much easier than you’d think.

  41. Eric Frami

    Our master bathroom needed a complete redo, and we decided on a clawfoot tub which meant we needed a free-standing faucet. Chose this one based on the design and reviews, and it’s been a hit. The design is simple yet elegant, and the water flow and handheld wand are perfect for baths and quick washes.

  42. Jordi Reinger

    Got this for our standalone tub. It’s a bit wobbly, but it does the job and looks beautiful.

  43. Rashad Will

    Really high-quality material and super aesthetically pleasing. Highly recommend.

  44. Marvin Schmidt

    This faucet is just beautiful. Keep in mind you’ll need some space around your tub for it to fit without issues. The floor connections need to be just right—not too high, not too low. It’s a bit of a tight fit, but with a little patience, it looks and works great.

  45. Daisy Rice

    Overall, I’m happy with this tub filler. The water pressure’s a bit low for my liking, and the installation was tricky, especially with getting everything secured properly. But I managed, and it looks good.

  46. Charlotte Gusikowski

    This bath faucet is both affordable and luxurious. It’s heavy, sturdy, and looks amazing. Definitely the best value you can find.

  47. Alivia Fadel

    Simply excellent.

  48. Erica Hegmann

    This piece is a stunner with our antique bathtub. The mix of modern and vintage is just chef’s kiss. Easy to install and arrived fast. Big thanks!

  49. Lacey Emard

    Went for this tub filler because it looked great and the price was right. Install was smooth, and I was loving the look and function… until the shower diverter decided to pop off out of nowhere. This happened about five months in, barely used. Turned out the original diverter was over-tightened and broke.

  50. Jake Stark

    We’ve just finished creating this spa-like room in our house, and this tub filler was the cherry on top. It pours into our double slipper tub beautifully. The plumber mentioned it was a bit of a pain to install due to its small base and tight clearances, but after some adjustments, it’s solid. The water flow and temperature control feel premium, and the hand wand is a nice touch with its flexible hose. Totally recommend it, but maybe get a plumber who knows their way around tub fillers.

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