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Luxury Gold Thermostatic LED Shower Set with Rainfall & Waterfall Ceiling Mount

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Discover the Pinnacle of Shower Luxury

Introducing the epitome of modern bathroom sophistication – our Thermostatic Gold Shower Faucet with Ceiling LED Rainfall Shower Head. Crafted for those who seek a fusion of contemporary style and cutting-edge functionality, this shower system is designed to transform your daily routine into a luxurious spa-like experience. Its gleaming brushed gold finish and grand size elevate your bathroom’s aesthetic, providing a statement piece that is as functional as it is beautiful.  


Exceptional Quality and Innovation

Each feature of this shower set is engineered with precision. From the robust ceramic valve core to the innovative auto-thermostat control, every detail ensures longevity and performance. The single-handle mixer offers seamless temperature adjustment, while the LED lights in the shower head add ambiance, changing automatically or with remote dimming to suit your mood. The substantial 36*50cm brass shower head promises coverage that encapsulates your body in a warm embrace, mimicking a natural rainfall.



Benefits That Transcend the Ordinary

  • Thermostatic Control: Enjoy a consistent temperature shower without the fear of sudden cold or hot surprises.
  • Large LED Shower Head: The expansive shower head delivers a rainfall and waterfall experience, with the added luxury of LED lighting.
  • Quality Materials: With a brass shower head and a ceramic valve, durability is guaranteed.
  • Easy Installation: Ceiling-mounted and designed for ease, the shower head fits seamlessly into any modern bathroom.
  • Eco-Friendly: The LED lights are energy-efficient, adding to the sustainability of your home.

When to Use Our Premium Shower Set

This luxurious shower set is perfect for everyday indulgence or to unwind after a long day. Whether it’s starting your morning with vigor or relaxing in the evening, the thermostatic control and LED lighting create the ideal ambiance for any mood or moment.  


What Makes This Shower Set Special?

Our shower set stands out with its blend of functionality, style, and indulgence. The LED lighting isn’t just a feature; it’s an experience, providing visual warmth and comfort. The thermostatic control represents the peak of convenience, maintaining your preferred temperature throughout your shower. With its large size and quality construction, this shower faucet is more than a fixture; it’s a statement of luxury and innovation in your home.  

Transform Your Bathroom Today

Don’t wait to elevate your bathroom experience. With this thermostatic shower faucet, every day can be a journey to rejuvenation and luxury. Embrace the fusion of elegance and technology. Enhance your home with our stunning shower set today.

50 reviews for Luxury Gold Thermostatic LED Shower Set with Rainfall & Waterfall Ceiling Mount

  1. Johnpaul Jakubowski

    It’s fantastic, operates excellently, and even the kids enjoy it. My brother-in-law, a professional plumber, found it straightforward to install.

  2. Reid Gulgowski

    A week post-installation, and it’s a hit in our household. The shower head provides the perfect water pressure, and though the handheld is slightly stronger, it’s quickly become our new normal. I’ve even ordered another for our master shower due to its luxurious appearance.

  3. Pete Pacocha

    The craftsmanship of this product is superior to what I anticipated at this price point. Both the rainfall and handheld shower heads perform with outstanding precision—I strongly endorse it.

  4. Katarina Mann

    didnt like it

  5. Madge Terry

    We adore this item, utilizing one for the wall shower and another for the ceiling, and are thrilled with both.

  6. Kaylee Ruecker

    The gold finish adds unmatched elegance to my bathroom decor.

  7. Willard Gleichner

    LED lighting transforms every shower into a mood-enhancing experience.

  8. Mervin Dibbert

    Our Master Bathroom addition has been elevated with the installation of this shower system, marking our second such upgrade. The double jetted rainfall shower, complete with LED color lights, a massage spa bed, and now this double jetted waterfall with steam, has transformed our bathroom into a sanctuary of luxury. It’s like living in a spa, rekindling my appreciation for life and my love for my husband.

  9. Shakira Walker

    The rainfall and waterfall settings make every shower a luxurious escape.

  10. Reinhold Bashirian

    Installation was a breeze, seamlessly integrating into my modern bathroom.

  11. Estefania Johns

    The brass construction and ceramic valve promise long-lasting durability.

  12. Davin Olson

    This shower system is exceptional, offering not just a rain shower head but also a hand sprayer and six adjustable body sprayers for a luxurious experience. The quality of the brass and the impeccable finish are noteworthy. Installation does require a bit of expertise, but it’s well worth the effort for the quality of showering experience it provides.

  13. Libbie Reichel

    Mornings are revitalized, and evenings are relaxed, thanks to this shower set.

  14. Albin Bayer

    The single-handle mixer for temperature adjustment is incredibly user-friendly.

  15. Marcelino Waelchi

    The sheer size of the shower head provides an enveloping warmth.

  16. Davon Prosacco

    After renovating a bathroom with a different, more expensive thermostatic shower system, I stumbled upon this one and was instantly taken by its beauty and build quality. The finish rivals that of much pricier options. I’m eager to use this for our next bathroom project.

  17. Zachary Blick

    The brushed gold finish truly elevates the whole bathroom’s aesthetic.

  18. Reuben Roob

    Fantastic product! It was a breeze to install and is just as easy to use. Highly recommend!

  19. Sarah Hintz

    This shower set is the epitome of functional bathroom art.

  20. Thea Dibbert

    Stepping into my shower has never been more enticing since installing this thermostatic gold shower set. The LED lighting not only illuminates my mornings but also winds down my evenings with its serene glow. The seamless temperature control ensures my showers are consistently comfortable, free from the jarring interruptions of temperature fluctuations. Its luxurious design not only serves as a focal point of my bathroom but also as a daily reminder of indulgence and sophistication.

  21. Leonie Lang

    LED rainfall shower is an everyday luxury I can’t live without.

  22. Ada Hickle

    I’m thoroughly impressed by this shower system. The craftsmanship is top-notch, with a hefty feel that speaks to its quality. The array of showering options, including body sprayers that work in tandem with both the shower head and the wand, is fantastic. Setting it up was more straightforward than anticipated, making it a standout feature in our newly renovated bathroom. It’s become the focal point and a frequent topic of conversation among guests.

  23. Jeanne Keeling

    The grand size of the shower head is both impressive and comforting.

  24. Federico Collier

    Recently, I took a significant step in transforming my home into a sanctuary of luxury and relaxation by installing the Thermostatic Gold LED Shower Set with Rainfall & Waterfall Ceiling Mount in our bathroom. This high-end shower system has effectively brought the lavishness of a luxury resort shower into the comfort of our home, eliciting rave reviews from both family and guests alike. The ability to use multiple shower functions simultaneously, including the transformative massaging jets, has redefined our showering experience, making it a daily indulgence rather than a mere routine.

    The massaging jets, in particular, have been a game-changer. Initially considered a nice-to-have feature, they quickly became indispensable, offering a level of relaxation and therapy that goes beyond the traditional shower experience. The added benefit of sharing this luxurious shower with my partner has introduced a new level of intimacy and enjoyment to our daily lives, turning what was once a mundane task into a cherished ritual.

    The installation process, while requiring more effort than a standard shower setup, proved to be a worthwhile endeavor. Adapting this sophisticated system to an existing bathroom configuration meant enlisting the help of a professional plumber. Despite the additional step, the seamless integration of the shower set into our bathroom has not only enhanced its functionality but also its aesthetic appeal, making it a focal point of the room.

    In conclusion, the Thermostatic Gold LED Shower Set has been an invaluable addition to our home, offering a daily escape into luxury and serenity. Its unparalleled combination of style, functionality, and indulgence has elevated our bathroom experience to levels previously unimagined. For anyone looking to upgrade their bathroom, this shower system offers a compelling blend of spa-like luxury and practical elegance, making every shower an experience to savor.

  25. Perry Emard

    Every shower feels like a visit to a luxury spa, thanks to this set.

  26. Janiya Herman

    love it 💞💞💞💞💞

  27. Jace Legros

    This shower set has redefined my bathing experience with its blend of style and functionality. The rainfall and waterfall features, combined with the ambient LED lighting, create a spa-like atmosphere that’s both rejuvenating and relaxing. The easy installation and durable materials indicate that this shower set was designed with both aesthetics and longevity in mind. It’s not just a shower; it’s an everyday luxury that enhances my well-being and the beauty of my home.

  28. Durward Auer

    From the moment I installed this luxury gold thermostatic LED shower set, my bathroom transformed into a haven of relaxation and modernity. The consistent temperature provided by the thermostatic control, coupled with the expansive LED shower head, offers a shower experience that’s both invigorating and soothing. The eco-friendly aspect of the LED lights, along with the robust quality of the materials, assures me that this investment not only elevates my daily routine but also contributes to a sustainable lifestyle.

  29. Breana Donnelly

    I chose this for my small master bathroom renovation, as it matched my sink faucet perfectly. Both the overhead and handheld showers provide excellent water pressure. The handheld shower feels sturdy and stays in place once adjusted. It has been praised for its design, and the plumber noted its quality rivals well-known brands.

  30. Emmitt Jenkins

    The appearance of this shower head is lovely. The handheld feature is easy to use and has excellent water pressure. However, the rainfall shower head, while aesthetically pleasing, lacks significant water pressure. It looks fabulous overall.

  31. Consuelo Marks

    The shower system is not only practical but also stylish, providing a delightful rain shower experience. Its solid construction impressed even our contractor, who inquired about its purchase source.

  32. Adriana Borer

    The rainfall shower feature is lovely and well-constructed, adding beauty to my bathroom. I advise getting it installed by professionals.

  33. Edgardo Hyatt

    The quality is superb, and I particularly enjoy the water flow pattern.

  34. Ahmed Hudson

    Absolutely adore it! It’s more affordable than other systems I’ve seen and is highly recommended. Installation was straightforward, enhancing our shower experience significantly. I plan to get another one for our upcoming renovation.

  35. Bert Effertz

    The quality impressed my tiler so much that he purchased one for his own home. It’s luxurious and well-crafted, making me extremely satisfied.

  36. Stephanie Kub

    I’ve been using this shower for three months, and it performs very well.

  37. Emilia Stiedemann

    We purchased this for a master bathroom renovation, replacing an old 80’s Tub/Shower combo with a new walk-in master shower. My wife specifically wanted a rainfall shower head and a sprayer for shaving legs and cleaning the shower. Both our contractor and plumber were highly impressed with this product. It’s a comprehensive kit and very straightforward to install. Its appearance is beautiful, and it’s been functioning wonderfully so far. The shower head emits a delightful and calming water pattern, while the handheld sprayer is robust and well-crafted.

  38. Dolores Greenfelder

    This shower set is of exceptional quality and has a sophisticated appearance.

  39. Chadrick Nader

    The installation was straightforward, as noted by my contractor, who appreciated the built-in level for alignment. Initially skeptical of wall-mounted faucets, this shower head and faucet combo significantly exceeded my expectations. I chose a square shower arm for central placement. The water pressure is impressively stronger than my primary bathroom’s shower, providing a satisfying experience without leakage post-use, a common issue with other models. The product has met my needs splendidly, and I’m optimistic about its longevity. A word on the controls: the handle’s operation for temperature adjustment is intuitive – right for cold and left for hot – dispelling my initial misconception of a faulty valve.

  40. Lexi Parisian

    Absolutely stunning, worth every penny! This shower head is perfect; I’m absolutely thrilled with it. It took me some time to write this review because I wanted to thoroughly test it out. The water pressure differs between the rain feature and the handheld, with the handheld offering notably higher pressure, which is fantastic. Installing it was a bit challenging for the person who did it, but any difficulties were easily resolved. Some extra parts were required, but aside from that, it’s been fantastic.

  41. Philip Thompson

    The shower works efficiently and was easy for my plumber to install with good water pressure. The only downside is that the overhead shower sometimes sprays water in random directions rather than straight down.

  42. Ashlee Hintz

    Recently, I had the incredible opportunity to upgrade my bathroom with the Luxury Gold Thermostatic LED Shower Set, featuring a Rainfall & Waterfall Ceiling Mount, and I am thrilled to share my experience with this exquisite piece of bathroom artistry. From its first use, it became abundantly clear that this shower set is not just an addition to my bathroom but a transformation of my daily shower ritual into something akin to a visit to a luxurious spa.

    The Pinnacle of Bathroom Elegance:
    Upon unboxing, the first thing that struck me was the stunning brushed gold finish of the shower set. It exudes a level of sophistication and luxury that instantly elevated the aesthetic of my bathroom. The grandeur of its size and design transformed my bathroom into a statement of modern elegance, combining contemporary style with unparalleled functionality.

    Unmatched Quality and Innovation:
    Every aspect of this shower set screams premium quality. The robust ceramic valve core and the cutting-edge auto-thermostat control underscore the attention to detail in its engineering. Adjusting the water temperature with the single-handle mixer is effortlessly smooth, a testament to its superior design. However, the highlight for me has been the LED lights embedded in the shower head, which not only illuminate my showers with a soothing ambiance but also allow for customization according to my mood with remote dimming features. The generous dimensions of the brass shower head envelop me in a cascade that mimics natural rainfall, offering an immersive experience that is both comforting and indulgent.

    A Symphony of Features:
    The thermostatic control of this shower set is a game-changer, maintaining a constant shower temperature and completely eliminating the shock of unexpected temperature fluctuations. The large LED shower head, offering both rainfall and waterfall options, envelops me in a sensory delight, making every shower a luxurious escape. The quality of materials, from the brass shower head to the ceramic valve, ensures durability and longevity, while the eco-friendly LED lights contribute to the sustainability of my home. The ease of installation was a pleasant surprise, seamlessly integrating into my bathroom’s ceiling and enhancing its modern appeal.

    The Perfect Escape:
    Each shower now feels like a personalized retreat, whether I’m kickstarting my day with energy or winding down in the evening. The thermostatic control and ambient LED lighting create an ideal atmosphere for relaxation and rejuvenation, adapting effortlessly to my needs and moods.

    Why This Shower Set Stands Apart:
    What sets this shower set apart is its harmonious blend of functionality, style, and sheer indulgence. The LED lighting elevates the shower experience beyond mere functionality to a comforting, visually stimulating journey. The thermostatic control epitomizes convenience, ensuring my shower is a sanctuary of consistent warmth. Its size and the quality of construction not only promise a luxurious shower experience but also make a bold statement of innovation and elegance in my home.

    Transforming My Bathroom and My Mornings:
    Integrating the Luxury Gold Thermostatic LED Shower Set into my home has redefined my perception of what a shower can be. Every day is an opportunity for rejuvenation and luxury, a testament to the elegance and technology that this shower set embodies. It has not just enhanced my bathroom; it has transformed my daily routine into an experience of unmatched indulgence.

    In conclusion, if you’re contemplating elevating your bathroom to a realm of luxury and innovation, this thermostatic shower faucet is a decision you won’t regret. Its blend of aesthetic beauty, cutting-edge functionality, and indulgent features make every shower an event to look forward to, truly a journey to luxury and relaxation.

  43. Aiyana Lebsack

    – it showers your body
    – easy to install
    – no discoloration yet
    – no connection leaks yet

    – the shower head water emitters leak sometimes after you turn off the water

  44. Abner Davis

    The performance and appearance have been fantastic so far!

  45. Isobel Zboncak

    This offers the best value for its price.

  46. Adolphus Ritchie

    Having run a construction company, I can confidently say this is the best faucet I’ve encountered. The water pressure is outstanding, and it uniquely allows simultaneous use of both functions.

  47. Tom Bechtelar

    Up until now, there have been zero issues!

  48. Robbie Marks

    I plan to buy another for my second bathroom.

  49. Jimmie Kub

    This product offers excellent value for money. The quality exceeded my expectations, and I’m thrilled with the aesthetic transformation it brought to my bathroom. It functions superbly and delivers the strong water pressure I desired. The installation process seemed smooth as well, indicated by the minimal frustration from my brother during the setup.

  50. Sigrid Baumbach

    It took me quite some time to draft this review as I wanted to ensure its utmost accuracy. I purchased this shower unit a couple of months ago, and initially, I was apprehensive due to its significantly lower price compared to other options I had considered. However, I was drawn to its style and the inclusion of a handheld device, which I found useful for both cleaning the shower and keeping my hair dry when needed. Thus, I took a leap of faith and made the purchase.

    We renovated our daughters’ bathroom, a project that seemed to drag on endlessly. The plumber assisting us remarked positively on its appearance but admitted to never having encountered this particular shower system before, especially the part that goes behind the wall.

    Finally, I had the opportunity to experience a shower with this setup for the first time.

    Firstly, I was amazed by how uniformly warm my entire body felt simultaneously. With traditional shower heads, you often need to adjust your position to get the water evenly across your body, almost like being spun in a washing machine. However, with this “Rain Style” shower head, the experience was nothing short of magnificent. Placing it at a height of about 6 feet 4 inches ensured that everyone could stand comfortably underneath without needing to hunch over. It truly felt like a spa experience, with water cascading evenly over my entire body simultaneously. What a novel concept! Additionally, the handheld device proved to be quite powerful. My twin daughters and I have long, thick hair that usually takes ages to rinse shampoo and conditioner from. Yet, with this handheld device, the water distribution is precise, targeting exactly where needed. So, when I ask my daughters to keep their showers to a reasonable 10 minutes (a miracle in itself), it might actually be achievable now. I remain cautiously optimistic. Although, I’m sure they’ll find other excuses soon enough.

    Overall, if you’re hesitating, my advice is to take the plunge! You won’t regret it. The shower provides a luxurious spa-like experience, and everyone who has seen it has been impressed. Our only dilemma now is deciding who gets to enjoy the nicest shower in the house!

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