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Luxury Freestanding Dual Handle Bathtub Faucet with Handheld Shower

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Transform Your Bath Experience

Step into a world of elegance and simplicity with our Luxury Freestanding Dual Handle Bathtub Faucet. This contemporary piece is not just a faucet; it’s a statement for your bathroom, offering the perfect blend of function and style. Designed for discerning individuals who seek to add a touch of luxury to their daily routine, the faucet stands as a centerpiece of modern sophistication.


Product Features

Our bathtub faucet is a testament to superior craftsmanship, featuring a dual holder control for precise temperature management and a sturdy brass valve core for lasting durability. The electroplated surface not only adds to its sleek appearance but also ensures resistance to corrosion and tarnishing. With its easy floor mount installation, this faucet is the epitome of convenience and quality.

  • Cold/Hot Water Dual Control
  • Durable Brass Valve Core
  • Contemporary Style with Electroplated Finish
  • Effortless Floor Stand Faucet Feature
  • Includes Handheld Shower for Versatility

When to Use This Luxurious Faucet

This exquisite faucet is best used when you’re looking to infuse a sense of luxury into your daily life. Whether you’re starting the day with an invigorating morning soak or unwinding in the evening with a calming bath, the faucet’s ergonomic design and smooth operation make it a joy to use at any time.


Benefits for Your Home

Embrace the fusion of luxury and practicality with our freestanding bathtub faucet. Its dual handle design ensures precise control over water temperature, while the inclusion of a handheld shower offers flexibility, whether rinsing off after a bath or cleaning the tub. The contemporary design, paired with the matte black finish, suits any modern bathroom, making it a versatile addition to your home.

  • Enhanced control over water temperature
  • Handheld shower for ease and functionality
  • Sleek design that elevates bathroom decor
  • Long-lasting build with high-quality materials

What Makes Our Faucet Special?

What sets this faucet apart is its balance of aesthetic appeal and functionality. The handheld shower adds a layer of convenience, while the dual handle design allows for easy control. The contemporary style ensures it complements the design of your bathroom, and the high-quality construction promises years of reliable use.


Ready to Elevate Your Bath?

Don’t wait to enhance your bathroom with our Luxury Freestanding Dual Handle Bathtub Faucet. Experience the blend of style, functionality, and quality that only our product can offer. Upgrade your bathroom today!

59 reviews for Luxury Freestanding Dual Handle Bathtub Faucet with Handheld Shower

  1. Delta VonRueden

    Absolutely stunning! We receive compliments on this unit all the time. The plumber was very pleased; installation was simple, and the unit looks beautiful considering its price! We’re also impressed with the strong water flow, which fills the tub quickly, and the handheld wand is perfect for washing hair and cleaning the tub. It provides plenty of pressure, unlike our expensive shower head.

  2. Brant Mante

    I adore it! We recently remodeled our bathroom and installed a new tub, and this tub filler works wonderfully. I especially appreciate the spray handle for washing hair and cleaning the tub.

  3. Loyce Satterfield

    The product performs well, looks great, is easy to install, and I’m very satisfied.

  4. Napoleon Heathcote

    The initial faucet didn’t work, but the seller replaced it and followed up to ensure everything was functioning correctly. I’m satisfied with the product.

  5. Wellington Schmitt

    The fixture is exquisite and looks fantastic. The dual control for hot and cold water is a game changer, making it super easy to get the perfect temperature. The handheld shower is so convenient, especially for rinsing off. Its sleek design has really elevated the look of my bathroom

  6. Deion Dach

    We ordered this filler more than six months ago as part of our bathroom renovation project. Two weeks ago, we finally got around to installing it. After reading numerous reviews and gathering tips and tricks, the installation process went smoothly. It looks fantastic and fills quickly. I highly recommend it!

  7. Lester Predovic

    This stunning bathroom fixture is the epitome of luxury and functionality. From its sleek and modern design to the precision engineering of its temperature control, every aspect has been crafted to provide an unparalleled bathing experience. The separate handles for hot and cold water allow for fine-tuned temperature adjustments, ensuring the perfect bath every time. The addition of the handheld unit is a game-changer, offering the flexibility to direct water exactly where needed, making everything from rinsing hair to cleaning the tub effortless. The overall build quality is exceptional, with a robust and durable construction that speaks to its premium nature. The water pressure is consistently strong, providing a satisfying flow that contributes to a relaxing and rejuvenating bath or shower. The design not only adds a touch of sophistication to my bathroom but also offers practical benefits, making my daily routine more luxurious and enjoyable. Its installation was straightforward, and it has functioned flawlessly, proving to be a reliable and stylish addition to my home. Beyond its practical uses, this fixture has become a focal point in my bathroom, drawing compliments from guests and adding to the room’s aesthetic appeal. Its combination of elegant design, superior functionality, and high-quality construction makes it an exceptional choice for anyone looking to enhance their bathroom with a touch of luxury

  8. Tristin Denesik

    I’m really loving our new bathtub faucet! It’s not only good-looking but works like a charm too. Adjusting the water temperature is a breeze, and everyone in the family is enjoying the handheld shower. It feels sturdy and was a piece of cake to put in. Totally deserves five stars in my book ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  9. Vivien Zemlak

    This is perfect for a spacious soaking tub. It’s exceptionally well-crafted.

  10. Ronny Herman

    Very nice, works smoothly, and is a great value.

  11. Millie Ortiz

    This elegant bathroom fixture has surpassed all my expectations, offering a blend of style, functionality, and quality that is truly exceptional. The design is modern yet timeless, fitting seamlessly into my bathroom’s decor while providing a level of convenience and luxury that enhances the entire space. With its dual-handle design, adjusting water temperature and flow is effortlessly precise, allowing for a perfectly customized bathing experience. The handheld shower feature is a brilliant addition, offering flexibility and ease of use for a variety of bathing needs. The fixture’s water flow is strong and consistent, contributing to a soothing and enjoyable bath or shower every time. The quality of the materials and the craftsmanship is evident in every aspect of its construction, promising durability and a lasting presence in my home. It has not only improved the aesthetics of my bathroom but also the overall functionality, making it a cherished upgrade that I would highly recommend to anyone looking to enhance their bathing experience.

  12. Salvador McLaughlin

    Fits perfectly 🙌

  13. Cecelia Schoen

    The actual product surpasses the pictures in elegance and quality, offering a more luxurious look than expected.

  14. Abdul Funk

    A fantastic addition to our freestanding tub, its large curved neck allows for perfect water placement. The thoughtful design ensures a comfortable distance from the tub without sacrificing functionality.

  15. Braulio Runolfsson

    This fixture is a masterpiece of bathroom design, blending functionality with aesthetic beauty in a way that has transformed my bathroom into a spa-like sanctuary. The dual handles provide smooth and precise control over the water’s temperature and flow, allowing for a customized bathing experience that caters to individual preferences. The handheld unit adds a layer of versatility and convenience, making everything from bathing children to washing hair a breeze. The water output is steady and robust, creating a relaxing environment for baths and showers alike. The craftsmanship is top-notch, with a design that prioritizes both durability and style. Since its installation, it has been a joy to use, enhancing not only the look of my bathroom but also the quality of my daily routine

  16. Conner Gusikowski

    Perfect 😍😍😍

  17. Genevieve Goyette

    My contractor was taken aback by the quality and value of this faucet. Proper installation is crucial for stability, but the final look impresses everyone who sees it. It stands as a testament to great value and design in my bathroom.

  18. Emory Corkery

    Installing this faucet on a concrete slab presented challenges, but the end result, thanks to meticulous effort, is sturdy and visually appealing. It requires significant effort to install, especially on a concrete slab, but the outcome is well worth it.

  19. Josefina Treutel

    Our guests are consistently wowed by this beautiful and practical freestanding bathtub faucet. It has become a beloved feature in our home.

  20. Amy Will

    Love this faucet. Very secure attachment, easy enough to install. Beautiful design! Only downside is the water flow is a bit low from the main spout. Maybe too much and it would splash all over? But for me, I would have liked to see a bit more volume so the tub fills up more quickly. It is not an issue of our pressure, as we have plenty, but it might be because of the long 1/2″ lines the water needs to travel up to exit the faucet

  21. Easter Crist

    Installing this fixture in my bathroom has been a game-changer. Its sleek and modern design perfectly complements the interior, creating a focal point that is both visually appealing and highly functional. The dual handles provide effortless control over water temperature and flow, making it easy to achieve the perfect bath or shower experience. The handheld shower is an excellent feature, offering flexibility and ease of use for a variety of needs, from bathing children to washing pets or simply enjoying a more controlled rinse. The water pressure is consistently strong, and the overall performance is smooth and reliable. This high-quality fixture has not only improved the functionality of my bathroom but also its aesthetic, making it a cherished addition to my home

  22. Jermaine Rempel

    The sturdiness of this tub filler was a welcome surprise. We love it! It’s beautiful in our bathroom with our free standing tub! It was a bit difficult to install, but all worked out. Looks SO awesome in my updated master bathroom

  23. Demetris Smitham

    The faucet not only looks well-made but also performs exceptionally, thanks to its high flow rate. It fills the tub quickly without any leaks, although the availability of replacement parts is my only concern.

  24. Gaetano Jast

    From the moment I decided to incorporate thefaucet into my bathroom, I knew I was making a choice that would transform my space and my daily routine. The precision temperature management enabled by the dual holder control has brought a new level of comfort and personalization to my baths, turning them into an indulgent ritual rather than a mere routine. The quality of the materials, from the durable brass valve core to the sleek electroplated finish, ensures that this faucet isn’t just a part of my bathroom but a lasting investment in my home’s luxury and functionality.

    The installation process, designed with the user in mind, was refreshingly simple, reinforcing the notion that luxury should enhance life, not complicate it. The handheld shower feature, in particular, has proven to be indispensable, providing flexibility for a variety of uses that go beyond just bathing. Its contemporary design effortlessly complements the aesthetic of my modern bathroom, elevating the entire space with its elegant silhouette and matte black finish.

    In every aspect, this bathtub faucet embodies the perfect marriage of style, functionality, and durability. It has not only enhanced the visual appeal of my bathroom but has also introduced a level of luxury and convenience to my daily life that I had not previously imagined possible. This faucet, with its unique blend of modern sophistication and practical versatility, has truly made my bathroom a haven of comfort and style.

  25. Ottilie Hand

    Installation was straightforward, resulting in a secure and attractive faucet. A minor issue was swiftly and satisfactorily resolved by the supplier, highlighting their excellent customer service. I would confidently purchase from them again.

  26. Shanelle Blanda

    The heavy brass construction impressed me right away, signaling unmatched quality. It ensures a rapid fill with strong water pressure, standing firm without any wobble. The smooth operation of the valves and the easy-to-use hand shower make it a standout. It’s an acquisition I’m proud of and would recommend without hesitation.

  27. Maybell Carter

    This product was a perfect solution to my previous filler’s shortcomings, offering a sturdier attachment and better reach into the tub.

  28. Keshaun Ritchie

    The introduction of the faucet into my home has redefined what luxury means in everyday living. Its contemporary design and matte black finish have infused my bathroom with a level of elegance and sophistication that is truly unparalleled. The dual control feature for hot and cold water allows for a bathing experience that is customized to my preferences, providing both invigoration and relaxation in equal measure.

    The durability of the brass valve core, coupled with the corrosion-resistant electroplated surface, assures me of the faucet’s longevity, a blend of beauty and reliability that’s rare to find. The easy floor mount installation was a breeze, significantly enhancing the faucet’s appeal by ensuring that its integration into my bathroom was as seamless as its operation. The addition of a handheld shower has not only added a layer of convenience but also a touch of finesse to my bath routine, allowing for a versatility that caters to all my needs.

    This faucet is not merely a functional item but a testament to superior craftsmanship and design. It stands as a beacon of contemporary style in my bathroom, proving that practicality and luxury can coexist beautifully. The balance it strikes between form and function is what truly makes it special, offering an experience of everyday elegance that elevates the mundane to the sublime.

  29. Ibrahim Schamberger

    The matte black finish instantly elevates the bathtub’s aesthetics. Installation was smooth according to my plumber, and a slight wobble is normal and doesn’t affect its functionality. It’s a piece I wholeheartedly recommend.

  30. Chesley Corkery

    Absolutely thrilled with this product. Its appearance and operation have met all my expectations.

  31. Rocky Bednar

    Our master bath remodel wouldn’t have been complete without this faucet. It complements my standalone tub beautifully, setting a sophisticated tone. Although installed by our contractor, its presence has transformed the space, combining great looks with flawless functionality.

  32. Darrion Dach

    Although it hasn’t been installed yet, my initial assessment is overwhelmingly positive. The all-metal construction, including the handheld shower, exudes quality reminiscent of much pricier models.

  33. Isidro Crooks

    This floor-mounted tub filler exceeded my expectations. It matches its online depiction perfectly, delivering both on looks and performance. Installation was straightforward, leaving a solid, leak-free structure. The water flow is impressively fast, making bath time a breeze. Highly recommended for its quality and elegance.

  34. Luna Wyman

    Still awaiting installation, but from what I’ve seen, it promises to be a standout addition 👍

  35. Brandyn Wisoky

    This faucet and handheld shower set is a true showstopper in my bathroom. The marble handles feel luxurious and add a touch of opulence. Its water flow impresses me every time, and it’s become a conversation piece among guests. The design strikes a perfect balance between elegance and modern flair.

  36. Braxton Hoeger

    I’m absolutely in love with this sophisticated and highly functional bathroom fixture. Its sleek design and polished finish have given my bathroom an air of modern luxury. The dual-handle operation allows for fine-tuning of water temperature, providing a custom bathing experience that feels tailored to my preferences. The handheld shower is a fantastic feature, offering the flexibility to reach all areas with ease, making it perfect for everything from personal care to bathroom cleaning tasks. The water flow is excellent, ensuring a relaxing and efficient shower or bath. Its solid construction and high-quality materials speak to its durability and long-lasting performance. The installation was professional and efficient, and it has become an essential part of my daily comfort and luxury in the bathroom

  37. Emelie Abbott

    I’m absolutely delighted with this addition to my bathroom! The design is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, providing a touch of elegance to the space. The dual handles allow for easy temperature and flow adjustment, ensuring a comfortable bath or shower experience. The handheld attachment is incredibly convenient, making it simple to rinse off or clean the tub. The water flow is consistent and powerful, yet it feels gentle on the skin. The quality of the materials is top-notch, promising longevity and performance. It stands as a focal point in my bathroom, blending seamlessly with the overall design while providing unmatched functionality

  38. Meagan Abernathy

    High quality and elegant design! Beautifully made, we love it 😁

  39. Buford Lowe

    We used this during our bathroom remodel. It’s a great product, looks fantastic, and was cheaper than anything we found at hardware stores, online or otherwise.

  40. Liliane Turner

    I am absolutely in awe of this bathroom fixture, which combines form and function in a truly exceptional way. The elegant design, featuring separate handles for hot and cold water, allows for meticulous temperature adjustments, ensuring a perfect bath or shower every time. The handheld unit adds a dimension of convenience and flexibility, enabling easy rinsing and targeted water flow. The quality of construction is outstanding, with a sturdy build and a finish that maintains its shine and resists wear and tear. The water output is impressively consistent, providing a luxurious and comforting experience. The fixture’s design has brought a level of sophistication and modernity to my bathroom, enhancing its overall appeal and functionality. The installation was smooth, and its performance has been flawless, offering a reliable and stylish solution for my bathing needs

  41. Karl D'Amore

    This is an excellent product with outstanding customer service. I highly recommend this company and wouldn’t hesitate to purchase from them again.

  42. Maximillia Bashirian

    Great quality, very fast filling! Some people say that it takes forever to fill the tub with water with this type of faucets, but not in our case! Took only a few minutes! Absolutely love it! 👍

  43. Brenda Baumbach

    We’re really happy with this new faucet we picked for our bathroom redo. The two handles make adjusting the water temp super easy and accurate. I love how it stands on the floor, really catches your eye when you walk in. Plus, it’s made of brass, so it feels solid and durable. Definitely a thumbs up from me!

  44. Adeline Quitzon

    This faucet is absolutely gorgeous! It feels sturdy and functions flawlessly. It offers excellent value for its price!

  45. Zachariah Gutmann

    Good quality, easy to install, and definitely worth the money!

  46. Herminio Satterfield

    This elegant fixture has transformed my bathroom into a luxurious spa-like retreat. Its sleek design and polished finish give it a modern yet timeless look that complements any decor. The dual handles offer precise temperature control, making it easy to find the perfect water setting. The addition of the handheld unit is a game-changer, providing versatility and convenience for a thorough and relaxing bathing experience. The installation process was straightforward, and the quality is evident in the smooth operation and durable construction. It’s not just a functional piece but a stylish addition to my bathroom that elevates the entire space

  47. Sadye Christiansen

    High-quality and aesthetically pleasing! Their customer service is top-notch; they are the best I’ve ever dealt with! I highly recommend this seller and their products!

  48. Dewayne Jerde

    Upgrading my bathroom with this faucet was a decision that transformed my daily bath routine into a luxurious escape. From the sleek design to the precision temperature control, every aspect of this faucet reflects a commitment to excellence and modern sophistication. The dual holder control is a revelation, allowing me to effortlessly adjust the water temperature to my exact preference, ensuring every bath is a perfectly tailored experience.

    The sturdy brass valve core and the electroplated finish not only speak to the faucet’s durability but also its resistance to corrosion and tarnishing, promising that its luster and functionality will endure. The installation process was surprisingly straightforward, a testament to the thoughtful design that prioritizes convenience without compromising on quality. The inclusion of a handheld shower has elevated the versatility of my bathing experience, making everything from rinsing off to cleaning the tub an effortless task.

    What truly sets this faucet apart for me is the seamless blend of aesthetic appeal and practicality. Its contemporary style, accentuated by the matte black finish, not only complements my bathroom’s decor but stands as a striking statement piece of modern elegance. It’s more than just a faucet; it’s a cornerstone of my bathroom’s transformation, enhancing my daily ritual with a touch of luxury and unparalleled functionality.

  49. Maggie Kihn

    Out of the box, this tub filler was absolutely beautiful. I have yet to install it as I’m still in the process of remodeling the bathroom; however, the look and feel of this filler is out of this world. Great product! 🤩

  50. Deven Shanahan

    Finally found the perfect addition to my master bath! A top-notch choice for any bathroom makeover! 💎

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