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Living Room Outdoor Family Shelter Tent

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Discover the Ultimate Outdoor Experience

Introducing our exceptional Glamping Tunnel Tent, a perfect fusion of comfort and adventure for outdoor enthusiasts. Designed for those who appreciate the beauty of nature without sacrificing the comforts of home, this tent is a game-changer in outdoor accommodation. It’s ideal for weekend getaways, festival camping, or a cozy retreat in the wilderness.


Key Features

The tent boasts a spacious design with two main areas: a comfortable bedroom and a versatile living room. Made from high-quality 600D Oxford fabric with reflective mylar material, it ensures durability and weather resistance. The sturdy steel poles provide robust support, making it reliable in various weather conditions. Plus, its single-layer structure and intuitive construction make it easy to set up, ensuring you spend more time enjoying and less time assembling.

Product Specifications

  • Fabric: Premium 600D Oxford with Mylar Reflectivity
  • Structure: One Bedroom and One Living Room
  • Model: Cabin-style Tunnel Tent
  • Pole Material: Durable Steel


Why Choose Our Glamping Tunnel Tent?

This tent is more than just a shelter; it’s a portable home in the heart of nature. The reflective mylar material not only adds to its durability but also enhances insulation, keeping you comfortable in varying temperatures. The spacious living room provides ample space for relaxation and storage, while the cozy bedroom offers a tranquil retreat after a day of adventure. Whether you’re camping during a summer festival or enjoying a serene night under the stars, this tent is your ideal companion. Its blend of practicality and luxury makes it perfect for all outdoor occasions, providing a unique experience that combines the thrill of camping with the comforts of home.


Your Adventure Awaits!

Ready to elevate your camping experience? Embrace the great outdoors without compromising on comfort. Our Glamping Tunnel Tent is not just a tent; it’s an investment in unforgettable memories. Grab yours today and step into a world where adventure meets luxury!

69 reviews for Living Room Outdoor Family Shelter Tent

  1. Keon Nicolas

    Amazing tent! Spacious, sturdy, and perfect for family camping

  2. Annalise Flatley

    Stood strong in a storm! 💪 Great investment for outdoor lovers

  3. Mittie Rohan

    This tent has proven to be a reliable shelter in all weather, offering ample space, comfort, and ease of setup, making it a favorite for our camping trips

  4. Dewitt Paucek

    Loved how easy it was to set up this tent, even in the dark. Its sturdiness and layout provided a great camping experience, even in unpredictable weather

  5. Willy Padberg

    A fantastic camping companion, this tent offers spaciousness, ease of setup, and the ability to withstand various weather conditions, making it a reliable choice for outdoor enthusiasts

  6. Damian Turner

    Impressed by this tent’s sturdiness and layout 😍 It provided a secure and comfortable shelter against moderate winds and was easy to set up, even in less than ideal conditions

  7. Jaden Mueller

    This tent redefines camping with its luxurious space and robust construction. The premium Oxford fabric and reflective Mylar make it comfortable in any weather, while the durable steel poles ensure stability. Its spacious interior, with separate living and sleeping areas, accommodates our family comfortably, providing a serene retreat in nature. Truly the best blend of nature and comfort!

  8. Louvenia Howe

    This tent revolutionizes the camping experience with its spacious design and thoughtful features. The ease of setup, even in challenging conditions, is a testament to its well-considered design. The sturdy construction handled moderate winds with ease, ensuring a peaceful and secure environment. The two-room configuration is a standout, providing distinct areas for sleeping and living, which greatly enhances the practicality and enjoyment of the camping experience. The tent’s ability to stay cool during the day while retaining warmth at night is impressive, owing to its excellent ventilation and insulating features. The convenience of the front porch area, which comfortably fits camping essentials, adds a new dimension to outdoor living, making it an ideal space for relaxation and dining. Overall, this tent not only meets but exceeds expectations, providing a reliable, comfortable, and enjoyable home away from home

  9. Manley Hauck

    Assembly was straightforward, and the space is amazing! 🙂🙂

  10. Damian Zulauf

    I couldn’t be more satisfied with this tent! It’s so spacious, allowing for comfortable sleeping arrangements and room for our dog. The front porch area is a brilliant addition, providing extra space for lounging and dining. Setup was straightforward, enhancing the overall camping experience

  11. Linnie Murazik

    Having used this tent multiple times, its quality is undeniable. It endured a lengthy rainstorm impressively, with minimal water intrusion. The airflow is fantastic for warm nights, and it retains heat well when colder. Its size and two-room layout are perfect for family camping

  12. Meda Nader

    Our camping trips have been transformed with this high-quality, spacious tent. Its robust construction, easy setup, and luxurious space make it perfect for families or groups seeking comfort in the outdoors. The insulation and weather resistance are top-notch, ensuring a pleasant stay in any conditions. It’s the ultimate camping companion

  13. Avery Schroeder

    Love this tent! 😍 Super spacious and sturdy. Perfect for family trips!

  14. Johnpaul Ward

    This tent is a fortress against the elements! Felt safe and snug

  15. Dexter Ullrich

    Our first camping trip with this tent was during heavy rain, yet it remained dry and comfortable inside. The ventilation system worked perfectly, keeping the tent cool during the day and warm at night. The two-room design is practical, offering ample space for storage and sleeping

  16. Carrie Johnson

    Survived a windy and rainy night without any issues. 😎 Initially puzzled by the instructions, a quick online tutorial cleared things up. Excited for more trips with this durable, spacious tent

  17. Edmond Harris

    After extensive research, my wife and I decided on this tent, seeking comfort and space for our camping adventures, potentially with our granddaughters. The tent’s sheer size and the functional design, including a large screen room, exceeded our expectations. Its high ceiling allows for standing upright throughout, enhancing the sense of space and comfort. The internal pockets are a thoughtful addition, providing convenient storage for small items. The setup process, taking roughly half an hour initially, became quicker with experience, highlighting the tent’s user-friendly design. Its ease of takedown further adds to the convenience, making the entire experience enjoyable and making us eager for our next camping trip

  18. Rudy Rempel

    Love the layout and material. A luxury camping experience!!!!

  19. Susan Wunsch

    This tent is perfect for those looking for space and convenience. Its two-room design and easy setup make it an ideal choice for family camping

  20. Kenyatta Bahringer

    Fantastic tent, spacious and sturdy. Great for family trips! 👪

  21. Lilla Lang

    Great quality and very roomy

  22. Toby White

    Having owned several tents over the years, this model stands out as the best by far. Its setup simplicity, coupled with the vast internal space, marks a significant upgrade in our camping experience. The inclusion of a large ‘porch’ area enhances its functionality, offering a sheltered outdoor space to relax and enjoy the surroundings. The internal layout, with room for a queen-sized air mattress and additional gear storage, provides a comfortable and organized environment. Although we haven’t tested it in heavy rain, the light shower experience was positive, and the precautionary weatherproofing we applied gives us confidence in its ability to withstand more severe weather. The anticipation of using this tent more extensively is exciting, as it promises comfort, convenience, and a touch of luxury in our outdoor adventures

  23. Alexa DuBuque

    The size of this tent is deceivingly manageable to set up. Tested its waterproof capabilities during a rain-soaked night, and it passed with flying colors. An excellent purchase

  24. Abdul Quigley

    Perfect for family camping, this tent is well-crafted and user-friendly in both setup and takedown. The two-room option is great for privacy and space management. A worthy recommendation

  25. Antoinette Rowe

    This tent is the best I’ve ever had! Its setup ease and the generous space it provides are unmatched. The porch area is a fantastic feature, adding valuable extra space and comfort to our camping setup

  26. Dora Willms

    Very happy with this tent. The setup was intuitive and reasonably quick, especially after the first try. Its spaciousness and comfort are remarkable, making our camping trips more enjoyable

  27. Kylie Becker

    Huge, yet easy to set up. Perfect for all our camping needs! 👌

  28. Freida Torphy

    Best tent ever!

  29. Shaylee Towne

    Quick setup, tons of space, and very durable, I’m IN LOVE 😍😍😍

  30. Berniece Torp

    During our first outing with this tent, we were caught in a torrential downpour, but it stood its ground, remaining completely dry inside. The ease of setup was a lifesaver, allowing us to construct it quickly in the dark. Its sturdiness against moderate winds was noteworthy, providing us with a secure shelter throughout our stay. The tent’s layout, with two separate rooms, facilitated an organized and comfortable living space, enabling us to store our gear and sleep in distinct areas. The ventilation system performed exceptionally, keeping the interior cool during the day and maintaining a comfortable temperature at night. The convenience of having a functional and spacious tent, which can be easily packed into its bag, added to our overall satisfaction, making it an excellent choice for our camping needs

  31. Ruthie Terry

    Our family’s first camping trip was a blast thanks to this tent. It easily accommodated our sleeping and living needs, providing ample space and comfort. The dual-room feature and the abundance of windows were just perfect

  32. Emelia Sauer

    As a camping newbie, this tent was a delight. Its soothing color and excellent ventilation made my solo camping experience unforgettable. The zippered divider is a thoughtful touch, however, the tent is quite heavy and bulky, making it less suitable for situations where portability is key

  33. Corene Treutel

    Adored every aspect of this tent. It stood firm against strong winds, and the open porch area was a hit. Ensure ample space for its considerable size. Would definitely repurchase

  34. Maudie Kuhic

    This tent is a great find! The porch upgrade is perfect, offering additional space and a screened area for enjoying the outdoors. Its spacious interior and ease of setup make it an excellent choice for our camping needs

  35. Wanda Quigley

    Amazing tent, felt like a home away from home. 🏡 Very comfy and durable

  36. Juanita Borer

    Choosing this tent was the best decision for our camping lifestyle. It offers ample space, easy setup, and the durability to withstand various weather conditions. The porch and roomy interior make it ideal for comfortable outdoor living

  37. Callie Funk

    Setting it up in our backyard before the actual trip proved its sturdiness. It feels more premium than most tents, and its spacious interior is a big plus. Can’t wait to take it on real camping adventures

  38. Effie McDermott

    Investing in this tent was the best decision for our outdoor escapades. 👍 The quality of the materials and construction is evident in every detail, from the robust steel poles to the premium Oxford fabric. The mylar reflectivity is not just a marketing gimmick; it genuinely enhances the tent’s insulation, making it comfortable in various climates. The interior is spacious and well-designed, with a living room that’s perfect for family gatherings and a bedroom that offers a quiet retreat. Its performance in windy and rainy conditions was impressive, keeping us dry and secure. This tent is not just a shelter; it’s a luxurious outdoor home that enriches the camping experience

  39. Kacie Koelpin

    This tent impresses with its spacious layout and sturdy construction, creating a comfortable and secure environment for our camping adventure. The premium materials and reflective Mylar are excellent for insulation and comfort. However, the tent’s weight and size, while contributing to its stability and roominess, limit its practicality for longer treks or quick setups. We also experienced some difficulty with the tent stakes bending when trying to secure the tent in harder ground. Despite these challenges, the tent’s overall performance is commendable, providing a reliable shelter in various weather conditions, making it a solid four-star choice for those who prioritize space and comfort over ultra-portability

  40. Laury Howe

    Loved our first trip with this tent! Roomy, easy to set up, and weatherproof

  41. Taurean Bechtelar

    🤩 Feels like a portable palace! So roomy and high-quality

  42. Vicente Langworth

    Rock-solid in the wind, rain didn’t stand a chance
    Top-notch! 🏆🏆

  43. Crawford Moore

    From the moment we set up this tent, it was clear that it was a cut above the rest. The premium materials, including the Oxford fabric, and the sturdy steel poles, make it a reliable choice for any weather. The mylar reflectivity adds a layer of insulation that kept us comfortable throughout the night. The space inside is ingeniously divided into a living area and a bedroom, offering privacy and convenience. We tested it in various weather conditions, and it stood strong against wind and rain, proving its durability and effectiveness. This tent is a perfect blend of comfort, style, and functionality, making every camping trip a memorable one

  44. Brook Stanton

    This tent stands out with its exceptional quality and thoughtful design. The two-room layout is perfect for our family, offering privacy and convenience. The fabric and pole materials are top-notch, providing a secure and comfortable shelter. Its ease of setup and weather resilience make it an ideal choice for any outdoor adventure

  45. Christian Torphy

    The assembly was straightforward, and the materials feel robust and reliable. It effectively shields against wind and rain, providing a cozy shelter for our small family. Very satisfied with its performance

  46. Minnie Ebert

    A camping dream! ❤️ Roomy, sturdy, and keeps us dry and warm

  47. Darrion Brown

    After researching extensively, my wife and I chose this tent for its spaciousness and functionality. The setup was straightforward, and the internal pockets for storage are very handy. Its large size and the screen room offer the comfort and space we desired for our camping trips

  48. Taryn Hartmann

    The setup process is generally simple, though it took a bit longer than expected during our first attempt. The tent’s durability stood out, easily handling rough weather conditions, though I noticed some condensation inside, which could be improved with better ventilation.

  49. Julian Larkin

    This tent is simply magnificent in size and functionality! The air circulation is commendable, and it feels like a portable home. Eager to test its weather resistance more, but so far, it’s impressive

  50. Kyler Dooley

    This tent is an absolute game-changer for camping enthusiasts. Its spacious interior allowed us to fit a queen-sized bed and still have ample room for our dog’s bed, making it feel like a luxury suite in the wilderness. The front ‘porch’ area is a standout feature, easily accommodating two large camping chairs and a dining table, perfect for enjoying meals outdoors. Setting it up was a breeze, contributing to a stress-free camping experience. Its ability to withstand prolonged rain without letting more than a trickle of water through a seam is impressive. The tent’s flooring is exceptionally waterproof, and its design promotes excellent airflow, making it ideal for both hot and cooler nights. Its two-section layout provides convenient space management, enhancing the camping experience by offering separate living and sleeping areas. Despite its size and weight, which may not make it ideal for backcountry hiking, its durability and comfort make it a top choice for family camping. The joy and anticipation of using it again are immense, truly making it the favorite in my collection of camping gear

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