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JetHexa ROS Hexapod Robot Kit SLAM Mapping and Navigation Enabled, Jetson Nano Powered

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Explore the Future of Robotics

Step into the world of advanced robotics with our JetHexa ROS Hexapod Robot Kit. This state-of-the-art hexapod robot, powered by the robust Jetson Nano, is the perfect blend of technology and innovation, designed to inspire both enthusiasts and professionals alike. Whether you’re a hobbyist, a student, or a researcher, the JetHexa is your gateway to exploring advanced robotics and AI.


Product Features

  • Lightweight and Durable: Weighing just 2.5 kg, the JetHexa boasts a full-metal hard aluminum alloy bracket, ensuring both portability and durability.
  • Advanced Mobility: With 18 degrees of freedom (DOF), navigate complex terrains with ease and precision.
  • Powerful Battery: Equipped with an 11.1V 3500mAh 5C Lipo battery, enjoy up to 60 minutes of uninterrupted exploration.
  • Seamless Connectivity: Control your robot through USB, Wi-Fi, or Ethernet, using either a computer, smartphone, or handle control.
  • Customizable Programming: Write your programs in Python, C, C++, or JavaScript, offering flexibility for various skill levels and applications.
  • Enhanced Vision: Integrated with a monocular camera pan-tilt and a 3D depth camera, the JetHexa offers exceptional environmental perception.


When Best to Use

The JetHexa is ideal for a range of applications, from educational purposes and research projects to hobbyist exploration. It’s particularly useful in environments requiring SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) and sophisticated navigation capabilities.

What Makes It Special?

What sets the JetHexa apart is its combination of advanced robotics technology and user-friendly design. The integration of a ROS controller and expansion board, along with the versatility of its programming languages, makes it a top choice for anyone passionate about robotics. Its robust hardware, combined with an intuitive software interface, ensures a seamless and engaging experience.

Unleash Your Creativity

Whether you’re programming complex maneuvers or exploring new terrains, the JetHexa Hexapod Robot Kit offers an unparalleled opportunity to push the boundaries of robotics. Unleash your creativity and embark on an adventure into the future of technology. Get your JetHexa today and start exploring the endless possibilities!

55 reviews for JetHexa ROS Hexapod Robot Kit SLAM Mapping and Navigation Enabled, Jetson Nano Powered

  1. Verona Terry

    I was skeptical about the learning curve, but the video tutorials made it accessible and engaging. The JetHexa’s advanced mobility and environmental perception capabilities have sparked a newfound passion for robotics in me. It also got a very sturdy wheels.

  2. Richie Koch

    The JetHexa has been an excellent learning tool. Its advanced features and sturdy build quality have exceeded my expectations. Great for enthusiasts of all levels

  3. Krystel Boyle

    The customizable programming and powerful battery of the JetHexa have made it an indispensable tool in my robotics projects. Whether I’m experimenting with new algorithms or exploring complex terrains, it consistently performs beyond expectations.

  4. Zella Runte

    The JetHexa is an exceptional tool for learning and innovation. The open-source code and extensive tutorial library have been invaluable resources. Its ability to navigate complex environments with precision is truly impressive.

  5. Arch Murphy

    The JetHexa’s durability and programming versatility have been game-changers for my projects. Highly recommended!

  6. Janet Ziemann

    The JetHexa’s lightweight yet sturdy construction is a significant advantage in an educational setting, allowing students to easily handle and experiment with the robot. The integration of a powerful battery supports extended use, essential for classroom activities and extended projects, ensuring that learning is never interrupted by the need to constantly recharge.

    Programming the JetHexa is a dream, with support for multiple languages including Python, C, C++, and JavaScript. This versatility not only caters to students with varying levels of programming expertise but also encourages them to explore and learn new languages, enriching their coding skills and understanding. The ability to see their code come to life in the form of the JetHexa’s movements and interactions is incredibly rewarding for students, solidifying their interest in STEM fields.

    Moreover, the robot’s advanced sensors and cameras serve as excellent tools for teaching concepts of environmental perception and interaction, critical components of modern robotics. Students get to experiment with real-world applications of sensors, cameras, and programming, gaining insights into the challenges and opportunities of robotics.

  7. Margret Willms

    As an educator, I see immense value in the JetHexa kit for teaching advanced robotics and programming concepts. Its durable design and advanced features provide a practical, hands-on learning experience that is both challenging and rewarding for students.

  8. Anahi Shields

    The JetHexa is a robust, versatile robot kit that has exceeded my expectations. Great for both learning and fun!

  9. Nathanael Kshlerin

    The JetHexa is not just a robot; it’s a gateway to the future of AI and robotics. Its powerful battery and advanced sensors have made it an essential tool for my experiments and learning projects

  10. Pasquale Koch

    I was initially intimidated by the thought of programming a robot, but the JetHexa’s extensive resources and supportive community have made the process incredibly rewarding. Its advanced mobility and environmental perception capabilities are simply unmatched.

  11. Mae Volkman

    This robot kit has exceeded my expectations in every way. From its lightweight, durable frame to its impressive battery life and advanced mobility, the JetHexa has proven to be a versatile and reliable platform for exploring the frontiers of robotics.

  12. Ambrose Bosco

    A must-have for robotics enthusiasts! 💻🤖

  13. Laverna Hackett

    Embarking on robotics projects can be daunting, especially when you’re looking for a kit that strikes the perfect balance between quality, functionality, and affordability. The JetHexa robot kit is a standout in this regard, boasting a robustness and a suite of features that belie its price point. From the moment you lift it, the weight of the JetHexa reassures you of its quality – not cumbersome, but indicative of the solid, full-metal hard aluminum alloy construction that promises and delivers durability.

    The potential applications of these features are vast, from creating robots that can assist in home automation to developing systems that can aid in the exploration of hazardous environments without putting human lives at risk. The JetHexa doesn’t just offer a glimpse into the future of robotics; it provides the tools and the platform to actively participate in shaping that future.

    Beyond its technical capabilities, the JetHexa is also designed with the user in mind. Its lightweight yet durable construction makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor projects. The advanced mobility, with 18 degrees of freedom, allows it to navigate through complex terrains with ease, offering a practical demonstration of theoretical concepts in robotics and engineering.

    For anyone serious about robotics, the JetHexa is not just a purchase; it’s an investment in your development as a robotics engineer or hobbyist. It’s a platform that challenges you to push the boundaries of what you believe is possible, offering a blend of robust construction, advanced technological integration, and user-friendly design that is rare to find in the market. Whether you’re looking to embark on sophisticated AI projects or simply passionate about exploring the potential of robotics, the JetHexa kit stands ready to turn your visions into reality.

  14. Domenick Kris

    After dabbling with numerous robotics kits over the years, I’ve found my match in the JetHexa. It’s not just another kit; it’s a robust foundation for diving into the intricacies of robotics, thanks to its unparalleled durability and programming flexibility. The transition from coding on screen to bringing mechanical movements to life has been a seamless and rewarding journey with the JetHexa. The ability to program in Python, C, and JavaScript has leveraged my existing coding skills, allowing me to venture into robotics with confidence and excitement. It’s fascinating to see how my code translates into precise movements and interactions with the environment.

    The standout feature for me has been its advanced sensors and cameras. The integration of a monocular camera pan-tilt and a 3D depth camera has elevated my projects, enabling the JetHexa to perceive and interact with its surroundings in a way that’s both sophisticated and intuitive. This capability has opened up a new dimension of possibilities, from navigating complex environments to engaging in advanced AI-driven tasks. The depth of exploration and experimentation this enables is truly remarkable, making the JetHexa not just a tool for learning but a platform for innovation.

  15. Jarred Collins

    I’ve explored various robotics kits, and the JetHexa stands out for its durability and ease of programming. The flexibility to use Python, C, or JavaScript has allowed me to apply my coding skills in new and exciting ways. Its advanced sensors and cameras have opened up a world of possibilities for environmental interaction and exploration.

  16. Kailey Kshlerin

    Assembling and programming the JetHexa was an incredible learning experience. Its robust design and advanced features like the pan-tilt camera system have allowed me to delve deep into the world of AI and machine learning.

  17. Carlee Rice

    Building and programming the JetHexa with my students has been an invaluable educational experience. Its durable design and advanced sensors provide a hands-on learning platform that is both engaging and challenging, fostering a deeper understanding of robotics and computer science.

  18. Rylan Walker

    The JetHexa has transformed the way I approach robotics and programming. Its advanced sensors and powerful computing capabilities have opened up new avenues for creativity and innovation in my projects.

  19. Joelle Crooks

    I was initially drawn to this kit for its SLAM mapping and navigation capabilities, and it has not disappointed. The seamless connectivity means I can control it from my laptop or phone, making it incredibly versatile for both indoor and outdoor exploration. The battery life is impressive, allowing for extended sessions of learning and fun. A must-have for tech enthusiasts.

  20. Allen Swaniawski

    Diving into the world of robotics has been an exhilarating journey, and the JetHexa has been at the heart of this adventure, playing a pivotal role every step of the way. From the moment I unboxed this marvel, the full-metal hard aluminum alloy bracket caught my eye, not just for its sleek appearance but for the promise of durability it held. True enough, after numerous outdoor experiments, from the rough terrains of my rocky backyard to the unpredictable surfaces of local parks, this robot has withstood it all without so much as a dent. It’s not just the robot’s frame that impresses; its advanced mobility is a sight to behold. With 18 degrees of freedom, watching the JetHexa navigate complex terrains is like observing a dance of technology and engineering finesse. The level of precision and ease with which it moves is astounding, allowing it to tackle challenges I previously thought impossible for a robot of its size.

    What sets the JetHexa apart, even more, is its accessibility to enthusiasts of all programming levels. Being able to code in Python, C, C++, and JavaScript opened up a new realm of possibilities for me. It’s like having a canvas where my coding skills can paint endless innovations, from simple movements to complex navigational tasks. This feature alone makes it a treasure trove for anyone keen on diving deep into the world of robotics, offering a unique blend of learning and experimentation.

    The inclusion of seamless connectivity options further enhances the user experience. Whether I’m using my computer, smartphone, or a handle control, I can connect to the JetHexa through USB, Wi-Fi, or Ethernet with ease. This flexibility ensures that wherever I am, and whatever device I have on hand, I can interact with my robot, making the exploration and learning process continuous and hassle-free.

  21. Terry Green

    Fantastic robot kit! The assembly was straightforward, and the performance is incredible. Perfect for anyone interested in robotics. 😊

  22. Kelsi Kuhn

    Impressed with the battery life and the durable design. Highly recommend for tech enthusiasts and hobbyists alike!

  23. Rahsaan Gorczany

    Diving into robotics with the JetHexa has been an enlightening journey. Its lightweight yet durable design is perfect for experimenting at home or in the classroom. The depth camera and advanced sensors have added a new dimension to my projects, enabling precise environmental mapping and navigation.

  24. Elmo Ryan

    The JetHexa has exceeded all my expectations with its durable design, advanced mobility, and exceptional environmental perception. It’s an incredible platform for both learning and experimentation in the field of robotics.

  25. Stanton Huels

    The programming flexibility of the JetHexa has been a joy to explore. It’s a solid platform for creative robotics projects.

  26. Adaline Treutel

    The durability and advanced mobility of the JetHexa have made it an indispensable part of my robotics projects. The seamless connectivity and customizable programming have allowed me to push the boundaries of what I thought was possible.

  27. Cecelia VonRueden

    Impressive build and performance! The JetHexa has made learning about robotics so much more engaging and fun.

  28. Jazmin Morar

    The JetHexa kit has truly opened my eyes to the possibilities of robotics. Its advanced sensors and environmental perception have allowed me to create complex navigation algorithms. The quality of construction is evident in every component, making it a joy to work with.

  29. Miller Ratke

    The JetHexa kit has been a revelation in my robotics journey. Its sturdy construction and advanced mobility have allowed me to explore complex programming concepts in a tangible way. The support materials and community have been incredibly helpful.

  30. Jessie Lockman

    The JetHexa’s 18 degrees of freedom and powerful battery have made it an outstanding platform for developing and testing advanced robotics concepts. Its ability to navigate complex terrains with precision is incredibly impressive, making it a valuable tool for researchers and hobbyists alike. The flexibility to control the JetHexa through various means, including smartphone and computer, has made it incredibly accessible. I’ve been able to integrate it into numerous projects, testing out different programming languages and enjoying its robust performance.

  31. Fatima Herman

    I was impressed with the JetHexa’s durable build and the seamless way it connects to various devices for control. The flexibility in programming languages and the advanced sensors have significantly enhanced my robotics projects.

  32. Evans Rutherford

    From assembly to programming, every aspect of the JetHexa has been a learning opportunity. Its solid construction and advanced features have made it a favorite in my collection of educational tools.

  33. Shakira Hilpert

    So cool!

  34. Garrick Toy

    Engaging with the JetHexa has been both fun and educational. The depth camera and Lidar technology have allowed me to experiment with spatial mapping in ways I never thought possible. Its sturdy build can withstand the rigors of extensive experimentation.
    The durability and programming flexibility of the JetHexa have made my robotics projects so much more enjoyable. Plus, the advanced sensors are a game-changer

  35. Coby Glover

    I cannot recommend the JetHexa enough for those interested in advanced robotics. The flexibility in programming languages means that it’s accessible to hobbyists at all levels, while the powerful battery and connectivity options offer endless possibilities for exploration.

  36. Torrance Prohaska

    I was blown away by the JetHexa’s performance. Its advanced sensors and environmental perception capabilities have made every project a thrilling adventure. It’s a robust platform for anyone interested in the cutting edge of robotics technology.

  37. Anthony Bartell

    The versatility and durability of the JetHexa make it a standout in the realm of educational robotics. The advanced mobility and programming flexibility have provided me with countless hours of learning and fun.

  38. Bennie Green

    Programming the JetHexa has been an immensely rewarding experience. Its connectivity options and powerful computing capabilities have allowed me to delve deep into robotics programming and AI development.

  39. Mariana Thiel

    Absolutely love the JetHexa! It’s been a fantastic addition to my robotics hobby. The advanced features are amazing. 😄

  40. Aniya Turcotte

    The customizable programming of the JetHexa has allowed me to tailor projects to my learning goals. Its seamless connectivity and impressive battery life mean I can spend more time on development and less on setup or charging. A truly versatile and powerful tool for anyone interested in robotics.

  41. Nora McClure

    The JetHexa is a masterpiece of engineering, combining a robust full-metal frame with advanced features like SLAM mapping. The flexibility in programming languages has enabled me to push my coding skills to new heights, while the pan-tilt camera system opens up endless possibilities for exploration and learning.

  42. Gladys McClure

    The JetHexa is a fantastic teaching tool, offering a deep dive into the world of robotics and AI. Its durable design and advanced features like environmental perception and seamless connectivity have made it incredibly popular in our educational programs

  43. Dorian Runolfsdottir

    Exploring the capabilities of the JetHexa has been an incredible experience. Its robust design, combined with advanced mobility and environmental perception, has made it an invaluable asset in my pursuit of robotics and AI.

  44. Rogers Lockman

    I was amazed by the JetHexa’s endurance and the ease with which it handles different terrains, thanks to its 18 degrees of freedom. The programming versatility it offers has greatly enhanced my coding skills. Definitely a worthwhile investment for anyone serious about robotics.

  45. Dalton Bernhard

    The JetHexa’s combination of a lightweight frame and durable construction is perfect for educational environments. Its advanced features provide a comprehensive platform for students to learn about robotics and programming in a hands-on manner

  46. Sabrina Crona

    The depth camera and advanced sensors on the JetHexa have elevated my research projects to a new level. The ability to program in multiple languages offers a flexibility that is unparalleled in other kits I’ve used.

  47. Kevon Rippin

    The JetHexa has been a delightful addition to my tech toolkit. Its sturdy construction, combined with advanced features like SLAM mapping and seamless connectivity, have made every project more enjoyable and informative. It’s the perfect blend of durability, versatility, and innovation.

  48. Julianne Beer

    The JetHexa kit is a marvel of modern robotics, offering an unparalleled platform for learning and innovation. Its sturdy construction and advanced features provide a hands-on experience that is both educational and immensely enjoyable.

  49. Chyna Price

    The JetHexa’s battery life is a game-changer, allowing for extended periods of exploration and experimentation. Its robust programming options and advanced sensors have made it a cornerstone of my robotics endeavors.

  50. Edwardo Witting

    I’ve been blown away by the JetHexa’s capabilities. Its combination of a durable frame, advanced mobility, and powerful computing options has made it an excellent platform for developing and testing AI algorithms.

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