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High-Speed Smart 3D Printer with Core XY Structure and Auto Shutdown

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Discover the Future of 3D Printing

Step into the world of advanced 3D printing with our High-Speed Smart 3D Printer. Boasting a remarkable printing speed of up to 600mm/s, this printer is designed to cater to both professionals and hobbyists. Its Core XY structure ensures precision and stability, making it the perfect tool for intricate designs and rapid prototyping. The printer’s standout features include an auto-leveling system, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free printing experience. The wide range of supported languages, including EN and CN, makes it accessible to a global audience. Operating on systems from Win7 to Win11, it offers a versatile platform compatibility.

When Best to Use This Printer?

Whether you’re creating detailed models, prototypes, or artistic pieces, the versatility of this printer makes it ideal for a variety of applications. Its high-speed capabilities are perfect for time-sensitive projects without compromising on quality. The printer is also an excellent choice for educational settings, providing a valuable tool for students and researchers.

Why Choose Our 3D Printer?

What sets this printer apart is its combination of speed, precision, and user-friendly features. The maximum print size of 220*220*220mm accommodates a wide range of projects, while the variety of compatible filaments, including PLA, PETG, TPU, and ABS, offers flexibility in material choice. The printer’s silent operation ensures a disturbance-free environment, and the automatic shutdown feature enhances safety and energy efficiency.

Product Benefits at a Glance

  • Ultra-fast printing speed of up to 600mm/s for efficient production
  • Core XY structure for enhanced stability and precision
  • Auto-leveling system for ease of use
  • Wide compatibility with various operating systems and filaments
  • Large print size to accommodate diverse projects
  • Quiet operation and automatic shutdown for user convenience

Ready to elevate your 3D printing experience? Our High-Speed Smart 3D Printer is just a click away. Order now and unleash the full potential of your creativity and productivity.

62 reviews for High-Speed Smart 3D Printer with Core XY Structure and Auto Shutdown

  1. Glenda McKenzie

    Streamlined setup process for quick and hassle-free printing.

  2. Andreane Goldner

    The printer is very well assembled, from the factory calibrated and customized. Really prints out of the box, even Z-offset set correctly. Its only drawback is the size of the printed space, it would have a larger printing field. And he also lacks synchronization with an orcopter to send to print remotely! Generally this is a mini bamboo

  3. Roger Swaniawski

    For PLA or ABS printing, this printer does exactly what it promises at a reasonable cost. I highly recommend it.

  4. Lester Little

    Purchased as a newcomer to 3D printing with hopes of finding a suitable entry-level printer with good performance for smaller electro-mechanical projects, I believe I’ve succeeded.
    • The printer is polished and refined, lacking the common tweakiness found in most 3D printers. Using Flashforge’s provided slicing software and preset configurations, I’ve achieved consistently decent initial quality prints.
    • The print bed adheres well to PLA and PETG prints.
    • The software is user-friendly, the setup straightforward, and the touchscreen controls are intuitive.
    • Convenient WiFi file transfers eliminate the need for a USB drive.
    • The extruder moves along both X and Y axes, while the table adjusts in the Z direction, enhancing stability and repeatability compared to printers with lateral work shifts.
    • Equipped with built-in leveling and vibration correction algorithms.
    • Upgradeable to an enclosed printer using an acrylic kit and printable brackets.
    • Remarkable tech support. Despite a sensor malfunction early on, I received prompt responses, replacement parts, and detailed instructions, restoring my printer’s functionality swiftly. This level of support is impressive for a consumer-grade printer.
    • Easily accessible spare parts like replacement print beds and various nozzle sizes.
    Areas for improvement:
    • Occasional firmware freezes.
    • Inconsistent manual positioning settings menu navigation.
    • Insufficient lighting in the work area.
    • Initial hardware issues, although promptly resolved by excellent tech support.
    • Touchscreen sensitivity to small icon selections.
    • Delayed availability of the DIY enclosure kit advertised on the website.
    Overall, I would choose this printer again. It’s competitively priced, more user-friendly than resin printers, and less finicky compared to other filament-based options. Moreover, the company’s commitment to customer support reinforces my satisfaction with the product.

  5. Wilfrid Keeling

    Ideal for beginners, this printer has a few drawbacks: the filament storage space is too small, and the bed size is also limited. However, it operates quietly and is straightforward to use.
    Overall, the printer functions well, although there’s a recurring issue with the first print of the day encountering problems. This could be related to the heating of the build plate, requiring adjustments. Additionally, prints sometimes adhere too strongly, particularly with thin objects.
    On the positive side, the handling and bundled software surpass many competitors. The printer produces neat and detailed prints, especially when using PLA, without any major issues. Its mechanics are mature and precise, offering good value for the price.
    One issue I faced was getting the built-in camera to work while printing from a USB stick. I resolved this by replacing the printing bed with a permanent plate from Fila, which provided excellent adhesion and allowed the prints to release easily once cooled.

  6. Henry Grimes

    Excellent printer, prints quickly and accurately compared to the past Neptune 3 Pro which was 3 times slow

  7. Miller Emmerich

    But I wanted to put 5. The first day everything is fine. I’m new to this and I really liked the way it prints on the standard settings. But unfortunately the z position sensor died on Day 2. I thought it would fall apart… Wrote in support waiting for an answer (they always respond quickly to problematic questions). The plastic was given awesome for testing. It’s a pity that only 250g.😔

  8. Trent Tillman

    Printer is great, after Prusa mk3S+ first 10h of printing looks great

  9. Meghan McLaughlin

    This state-of-the-art 3D printer has revolutionized my design process. The fast printing speed allows me to bring my ideas to life quicker than ever before, while the core XY structure guarantees that every detail is captured with utmost accuracy. The auto shutdown feature is a thoughtful addition, giving me peace of mind by ensuring the printer turns off once the job is done. Its intelligent features, such as easy calibration and wireless connectivity, make it a breeze to use, even for complex projects. It’s a reliable, high-performance machine that has exceeded my expectations, making it an invaluable tool in my creative arsenal.

  10. Hailie Pacocha

    This printer performs flawlessly right from the start, offering fantastic quality considering its price. It’s user-friendly and delivers results that surpass expectations.

  11. Sherman McGlynn

    Delivers consistent and reliable results with every print job.

  12. Emile Denesik

    The fastest 3D printer I had, and I had 12 of them) prints, really out of the box. Printer for those who do not really want to mess with the printer, but you need 3D details, without troubles.

  13. Trevion Klocko

    Embarking on the journey of learning 3D printing with this machine has been an enjoyable experience.

  14. Jarrell Kautzer

    Not the first time I order from this seller!
    Respond quickly. Sent immediately after payment!
    The printer itself is great!
    The print quality is good straight out of the box. This is the best option for this money!
    Plus the power wire is 1,8 meters long. this is very good, because even at k1max 0,8 meters.
    The printer is quiet!
    Itself the owner of Bambu lab X1 Carbon and I really liked the 5 m pro.
    So he took his place of honor.
    Definitely recommend!

  15. Alessandra Braun

    I purchased this as a surprise Christmas gift for my spouse, and he’s been using it regularly ever since. He’s thoroughly enjoying creating various items with it. The only downside is the poorly written instructions, or rather, the lack thereof. Other than that, it’s a fun little machine.

  16. Yasmin Lemke

    It’s a fantastic piece of equipment that’s simple to set up and start printing with. Loading filament was a breeze, and while it took me a bit to locate the Flashprint software online, once I did, it worked seamlessly.

  17. Francisco Kuhlman

    If you’re looking for a 3D printer that comes fully assembled and ready to use right away, this is an excellent choice. However, the convenience of no assembly does come with a slightly higher price tag, and there may be other options available that offer better value for money if you’re willing to put in the extra effort. That being said, having a printer that functions seamlessly from the beginning can lead to a positive initial experience.

  18. Raegan Thompson

    The fastest printer I had. Now the delta can be sent to retire

  19. Winona Block

    The printer is excellent, I took it for the company by 5 m. Prints perfectly, shoots video, the 0.6 nozzle is included. I recommend it.

  20. Gretchen Waelchi

    There is experience in printing, but you didn’t have to bother with this printer at all: the shaft, launched, tested, connected the WiFi, immediately updated and printed from the beginning with plastic from the manufacturer 250 grams gives, then PETG without problems: fast and high quality.

  21. Nya Windler

    As someone new to the world of 3D printers, I needed something easy to work with, and this printer has exceeded my expectations. I’ve been able to work and print smoothly since day one.

  22. Eleanore Jast

    The perfect balance of speed and quality in 3D printing.

  23. Adaline Stracke

    Great printer!
    Unpacked launched, and very much hurt what this beast is doing)))

  24. Camille Mertz

    My experience with this printer has been exceptional, distinguishing itself as not only the quickest but also the most user-friendly and convenient printer I’ve owned. Its true auto-leveling feature simplifies the process significantly—just press a button. If the filament runs out, the printer pauses and notifies you, allowing for an easy refill and resume. The need for bed adhesion tricks is eliminated by its textured plate, which holds prints securely with minimal effort, although glue can be used for extra security. The printing speed is notably faster, up to six times quicker than my Adventurer 4.

  25. Clara Steuber

    I’m thoroughly enjoying this printer! It’s extremely user-friendly and comes pre-assembled, making it perfect for beginners. I strongly recommend it to anyone looking to dive into the world of 3D printing!

  26. Jaeden Ledner

    For those who prefer to concentrate on their creations rather than the intricacies of the printer, this is an ideal choice.

  27. Webster Stiedemann

    The printer handles .stl files quite well, though there are some challenges with printing rafts that refuse to detach from the print bed, even when they’re not visible in the FlashPrint software. This issue, combined with the printer’s pickiness about certain PLA filaments, has led to me damaging two print beds in attempts to remove the rafts. It seems to have trouble with PLA that’s softer than the filament provided with the printer. Nevertheless, it operates quietly and is user-friendly.

  28. Judd Conn

    Getting tech support to recommend a compatible program for a new Chromebook has been challenging. If anyone can offer advice on this, it would be greatly appreciated.

  29. Joana Gottlieb

    The printer itself is quite nice; I’ve had it for a week now, and I haven’t encountered any issues or failed prints. PLA adheres well to the bed, although I haven’t tested other materials yet. I’m considering enclosing the printer because it’s a bit loud when printing in its current open setup.
    One drawback is that the printer isn’t directly supported by Cura software, and the provided slicing software isn’t perfect either. However, out of twenty prints, I’ve only experienced one failure due to a support error. Once calibrated, the printer retains the measurements, eliminating the need for frequent recalibration. The print bed’s adhesion is too strong; even though it’s flexible, plastic sticks to it tightly, making removal difficult. I solved this issue by covering the print bed with a layer of blue masking tape-like material.

  30. Kristopher Berge

    The shipping was quick, the frame is robust, and the printing speed is impressive. Setting it up was a breeze, and during setup, it performs a vibration calibration, accompanied by a peculiar noise that is entirely normal. Remember to update the firmware after startup; the update includes a setting to reduce fan noise by turning it off when idle, which significantly improves the overall experience.

  31. Casandra Ferry

    This printer is perfect for beginners or anyone seeking a faster printing solution. As shown in the video, this is now my second Flashforge printer at home, and my workplace also utilizes one.

  32. Rene Bogisich

    Excellent precision and detail in every printed model.

  33. Jaden Pollich

    Excellent printer, the printing speed of HS PLA is incredible of course, it is a pity that HS PETG does not happen, the table is slightly screwed up with screws from the bottom, leveled the horizon with a difference of no more than 0.5mm to reduce the load on the Z motor.
    Built-in camera and ventilation with a filter, cool features, I advise unambiguously.

  34. Zackary Ondricka

    Setting up and using the Flashforge was a breeze, making it incredibly suitable for beginners like myself. I am extremely pleased with this purchase, as it significantly outperforms my previous XYZ 3D printer. If possible, I’d rate it 10 out of 10!

  35. Lonnie Roberts

    While I highly recommend this printer, my only wish is for a larger build plate.

  36. Buford Monahan

    The packaging was impressively sturdy, although it appeared to have been roughly handled during shipping, as evident from the outer box (which I’ve retained for potential returns or resale purposes). Fortunately, the product itself remained completely intact and undamaged.
    In terms of printing, I strongly advise against using it in your bedroom due to its considerable noise level. However, apart from that, it’s an excellent machine. Print times are sufficiently fast to keep you engaged without becoming tedious, and the print quality is commendable when properly configured. Maintenance, cleaning, and modifications are straightforward, and I’ve successfully printed numerous items with it. I’m now transitioning to a full-color printer for more intricate projects. The only notable issue I encountered was a malfunctioning USB port, which I managed to resolve myself, given my familiarity with hardware.
    Overall, I can confidently recommend it 👍.

  37. Elenora O'Hara

    This 3D printer was an ideal starting point for my wife. It’s straightforward to use and delivers high-quality prints, making it a fantastic option for beginners. Although the included software has its limitations, it was easy to find alternative programs that integrate well with the printer. I’m exceptionally impressed with the quality relative to the price!

  38. Polly Murphy

    Lightning-fast prints that exceed expectations every time.

  39. Marco Torp

    After adding this printer to my collection of 10, I am considering selling some to acquire more of these models, attesting to their superior quality.
    There is not enough explanation in the manual how to connect the printer to the orcaslicer, as it produces a file transfer error

  40. Ludie Lehner

    Prints quickly and accurately. Great printer. The delivery was really delayed, the box came with holes. But inside everything is whole. There were problems with unscrewing the transport screws, they were tightened from the heart, and when unscrewed with a standard hexagon, the splits were licked. I had to unscrew the table to reach them with pliers. But all the norms, it worked. When the top cover is closed, the Teflon tube scratches it with its bend. It is necessary to collective farm something if you want to preserve the transparency of the acrylic cover for a long time. In general, the printer for that kind of money is just space!

  41. Zetta Jones

    This printer is remarkably straightforward to set up, albeit with a slightly longer initial start-up time than advertised, including a 9-minute warm-up. Preparing the printer involves removing four screws to release the bed, and applying the provided grease to the Z-axis. Following the warm-up, I loaded the provided filament and printed a calibration cube, which yielded exceptional print quality compared to my previous three 3D printers. I experienced only one failed print, due to my oversight in not using the provided glue. This printer is, without a doubt, the best I’ve ever owned.

  42. Luciano Bins

    I recently invested in this advanced 3D printer, and it’s been a revelation for my small business. The rapid printing capability means I can produce high-quality models in a fraction of the time it used to take. The precision of the core XY structure is evident in every print, delivering professional-grade results consistently. The automatic shutdown function is a fantastic feature, conserving energy and extending the printer’s lifespan. The smart technology integrated into the printer simplifies the entire printing process, from setup to completion, making it accessible for users of all skill levels. It’s not just a printer; it’s a powerful tool that has enhanced the quality and efficiency of my work.

  43. Nichole Ryan

    I’ve been using this cutting-edge 3D printer for several months now, and it’s been an absolute game-changer for my projects. The speed at which it operates is remarkable, significantly reducing my production times without sacrificing precision or quality. The core XY mechanism ensures that each print is exceptionally detailed, making it perfect for both professional and hobbyist applications. One feature that stands out is the automatic shutdown capability, which not only saves energy but also adds an extra layer of safety to the printing process. The smart functionalities, like remote monitoring and adjustments, make it incredibly user-friendly and efficient. It’s a robust machine that has seamlessly integrated into my workflow, enhancing my creative possibilities and productivity.

  44. Aisha Mante

    If you’re in search of an exceptional 3D printer, look no further. I’ve had previous experience ordering printers, and this one has truly impressed me. After deciding to purchase another, I can confidently say that it has exceeded my expectations. Disregard any negative reviews; this printer is underrated and ideal for beginners, delivering excellent prints straight out of the box.

  45. Mariah Larson

    Very fast delivery, the printer is just space, honest responsible seller. Everything is super! Thank you so much! I will now be a regular buyer))

  46. Saige Hoppe

    For my son’s 12th birthday, I chose this printer as his gift. However, it turned out that I had to manage most of its operations, making it less suitable for younger users. The setup was straightforward, and it connected to my Wi-Fi seamlessly. Although I primarily use online templates due to my lack of design skills, the printer has performed well. I encountered a filament clog, necessitating the purchase of a needle kit and other maintenance tools. It’s crucial to carefully check the filament reel dimensions when buying from alternative brands, a lesson I’ve learned the hard way. The print quality is impressive, and fortunately, there’s no unpleasant odor, a common issue with some other printers. I highly recommend it for those seeking a low-maintenance 3D printing solution.

  47. Loraine Nienow

    This is my first 3D printer and I still understand the settings, but I like the printer-it prints well and quickly. The printer was delayed by a week, but the seller compensated my mental anguish for waiting with a portion of PLA plastic 🙂

  48. Verlie Kuhn

    As a 60-year-old with no interest in customizing or tinkering with printers, I sought a simple, efficient machine for printing PLA filaments. This printer exceeded my expectations, producing beautiful prints straight out of the box with its self-leveling bed. The packaging was secure, and it came with all necessary tools and clear instructions. Just one day in, and I’m already certain it’s exactly what I was looking for.

  49. Julian Sporer

    The delivery was swift, and the product was exactly what I was looking for. This 3D printer is incredibly straightforward to set up and use; it’s essentially plug and play. The print quality is exceptional, and once you figure out how to handle third-party filament spools, you’re good to go.

  50. Haley Spencer

    I’ve been getting good results with it so far. The only aspect that I find a bit pricey is the nozzle, but overall, I’m satisfied with its performance.

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