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High-Speed 3D Printer with Dual-Gear Extruder and Touchscreen

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Discover Next-Level 3D Printing

Embark on an exceptional 3D printing journey with our High-Speed 3D Printer. This advanced device redefines the boundaries of 3D printing, offering unparalleled speed, precision, and ease of use. Whether you’re a professional designer, educator, hobbyist, or exploring the world of 3D printing for the first time, this printer is designed to meet your every need.

Features at a Glance

  • Impressive Speed: Achieve up to 23.62″/s, ensuring rapid production.
  • Premium Dual-Gear Extruder: Heats to 200℃ in 40 seconds for instant filament melting.
  • Large Build Volume: A spacious 8.66*8.66*8.66″ print area for diverse project sizes.
  • Intuitive 4.3” Color Touchscreen: Simplifies operation and enhances user experience.
  • Advanced Auto Leveling: Hands-free leveling for a seamless printing process.
  • Remote Monitoring and Control: Manage your printing projects from anywhere using WiFi or Ethernet.

Unmatched Quality and Convenience

Our High-Speed 3D Printer stands out with its remarkable speed and efficiency, capable of reaching speeds of 600mm/s in just 0.03 seconds. This rapid functionality, coupled with a lightweight printhead, makes it as productive as several printers combined. The dual-gear direct extruder, equipped with a state-of-the-art ceramic heater, provides high flow and consistent performance even at temperatures up to 300℃. Designed for ease and precision, this printer features a built-in 1 μm resolution LiDAR for flawless first layers. It also boasts a dual-core 1.2GHz CPU for handling high-speed printing effortlessly, along with 8G ROM for storing numerous models. Its user-friendly interface supports one-touch auto leveling, and the flexible build plate is compatible with a wide range of filaments. The aluminum alloy heatbed ensures uniform heating, and the unibody die-cast aluminium frame maintains stability during high-speed printing.

Why Choose Our High-Speed 3D Printer?

This printer is ideal for those who value speed, precision, and reliability in their 3D printing endeavors. It’s perfect for rapid prototyping, educational purposes, and personal projects. Its high-speed capabilities, combined with user-friendly features, make it a top choice for both beginners and seasoned professionals. Experience the future of 3D printing today. With our High-Speed 3D Printer, you’ll unlock new possibilities, achieve remarkable results, and streamline your creative process. Order now and take the first step towards transforming your ideas into reality.

54 reviews for High-Speed 3D Printer with Dual-Gear Extruder and Touchscreen

  1. Domenic Roob

    So far, this printer has exceeded my expectations. It’s ready to print right out of the box, which is fantastic! I conducted a high-speed benchy print and it completed in just about 16 minutes with outstanding quality. However, I have deducted a star for a few reasons. Firstly, the printer comes with Klipper firmware out of the box, but Creality hasn’t provided full mainsail or fluidd access for making adjustments. My printer experiences slight under extrusion, and unfortunately, there’s no way to adjust this within the firmware; adjustments must be made in the slicer settings, which feels like a temporary fix rather than a proper calibration. Additionally, I feel that the lid to the printer was an afterthought; it should have been designed with hinges and a kickstand to keep it open during PLA printing, rather than having to remove and store it separately. Lastly, I’ve noticed that the interface/touch screen is quite laggy in response. The K1 takes some time to respond to commands like turning on lights or fans, or navigating through menus.

  2. Isobel Walker

    You can’t go wrong with Creality printers, and the speed of this one is incredibly impressive.

  3. Jace Legros

    This machine maintains speed without compromising on print quality. I adjusted the speed from the initial 600mm/min test files to 300mm/min for optimal results. It’s a significant improvement over previous models like the Ender 3 Pro and CR series. I also appreciate the optional camera feature, various nozzle and bed upgrades, and the user-friendly Creality slicer. Overall, I highly recommend it despite the initial challenges; it’s been a rewarding investment.

  4. Kaley Bergstrom

    Overall, this is an amazing product! The prints turn out beautifully.

  5. Ocie Muller

    This printer offers amazing functionality straight out of the box, with no assembly required. It started printing within 15 minutes of unboxing.

  6. Merle Ebert

    This printer is user-friendly, even for those new to 3D printing. I quickly resolved a few minor issues, which could be easily addressed with online resources. The machine is forgiving for beginners.

  7. Arnoldo Barrows

    I love it! It’s user-friendly and offers great functionality with various filaments.

  8. Karlee Bartell

    I’m thrilled by the increasing speed of printers nowadays. I needed a fast printer to ensure quality results quickly. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I could use the slicer directly from the mobile app to slice and print STL files. Although I initially had trouble uploading STL files, Sainsmart guided me through the app, and now it works seamlessly!

  9. Ferne Kling

    Initial Impressions Out of the Box: The build quality is impressive; this printer exudes a premium look and feel. Following the initial setup, I was able to produce high-quality models with ease. Minimal assembly is required to prepare the printer for printing.
    It’s crucial to update the firmware before starting your first print. My printer’s firmware was several versions behind, which could potentially cause issues. Updating to the latest firmware resolves bugs and improves printing performance.
    Initially, I encountered some odd behavior with the printer, such as the LED light flashing on and off during printing. However, I realized that I had forgotten to switch the power supply of the printer from 220V to 110V. After making this adjustment, the printer functioned as expected.

  10. Alana Flatley

    Assembly and operation are straightforward, working as expected right from the start.

  11. Bria Fay

    Embarking on my 3D printing journey with this high-speed printer was akin to stepping into a new world filled with both excitement and challenges. The heart of mastering this printer lay in navigating its firmware, a journey that saw me experimenting with multiple versions before landing on one that suited my needs. Initially, this process was daunting, filled with moments of frustration as I grappled with understanding the intricacies of its operation. However, this learning curve proved to be a valuable lesson in patience and perseverance, emphasizing the importance of hands-on maintenance and a deep dive into the mechanics of 3D printing for any aspiring enthusiast.

    My advice to fellow beginners is to explore the vast resources available, such as the professional firmware recommended by mriscoc on GitHub, which significantly enhanced the printer’s functionality, albeit requiring an upgraded LCD screen. Platforms like Yeggi became indispensable for sourcing diverse 3D print designs, while Ultimaker Cura emerged as a reliable tool for slicing files, ensuring compatibility with the printer’s settings. A word of caution to new users: the necessity of constant supervision cannot be overstated, as leaving the printer unattended poses risks. Implementing safety measures, such as utilizing octopi with octoeverywhere for remote monitoring, is crucial. Moreover, ensuring the correct setting of the power supply is vital to prevent errors that could compromise print quality and printer functionality.

    Despite the initial hurdles, the printer’s solid build quality and potential for upgrades stood out, making it a worthy investment for anyone venturing into 3D printing. The assembly process, while requiring attention to detail, is made easier with the aid of video guides, offering a smooth introduction to 3D printing for novices. This printer not only serves as a gateway to exploring the vast possibilities of 3D printing but also as a testament to the blend of innovation and user adaptability inherent in today’s 3D printing technology.

  12. Keara Streich

    The printer is straightforward to set up and operate. The initial filament provided excellent results, and the print quality is superior to others I’ve seen. A stable surface is necessary due to its high-speed operation. The cooling fans are loud, so place it away from quiet areas. The back scratcher print from Thingiverse was remarkably smooth.

  13. Ryder Hintz

    For my 77th birthday, my wife gifted me this 3D printer, and it’s been a fantastic learning journey. The Benchy test print was impressive for a first attempt, despite minor filament strings. The hull’s smoothness and the slight texture on the cabin roof are noteworthy. It’s an excellent choice for beginners ready to delve into 3D printing intricacies.

  14. Waino Kohler

    Encountered an issue with outdated parts, but Sainsmart swiftly resolved it by sending updated components, allowing me to resume printing. Thank you for the exceptional support, Sainsmart!

  15. Jefferey Daugherty

    The Ender 3 V3 Plus is an outstanding printer. It’s fast, offers excellent print quality, and is a great value for the price.

  16. Jerrell Bednar

    The packaging and assembly process suggested a high-quality machine, suitable for both beginners and experienced users.

  17. Nikita Vandervort

    As a newcomer to 3D printing, my experiences with PLA and NylonX materials have been quite positive, resulting in high-quality prints with proper adjustments.

  18. Cale Ebert

    I’ve had the K1 for a few months now, and initially, everything went smoothly. However, recent firmware updates have led to poor quality first layers. Additionally, the bed was severely out of level when the printer arrived. If you’re considering buying this printer, I strongly recommend researching how to configure Cura or another slicer specifically for this model. While Creality Print is decent, I believe it also contributes to the printer’s print quality issues.

  19. Porter Auer

    Despite a minor issue with a wire connector, assembly was easy, and the printer exceeded expectations.

  20. Bernhard Schmitt

    This printer is amazing straight out of the box. Although the setup might take longer if you’re new to 3D printers, the results are incredible without any adjustments needed. It’s lightning-fast, sometimes even a bit scary, but it maintains excellent print quality regardless of speed.

  21. Laurianne Skiles

    The K1 is incredibly fast right out of the box. Printing is streamlined through the cloud, eliminating much of the guesswork. I particularly appreciate the built-in enclosure, which not only saves space compared to my previous setup but also enhances safety for materials like ASA/ABS. I’ve already printed a fan guard with carbon filter material, further showcasing its versatility. Considering the enclosure features, it’s a fantastic choice within its price range.

  22. Hallie Conroy

    Among the printers I’ve owned, this one stands out as the best so far. The hands-free leveling and WiFi connectivity are excellent features.

  23. Moises Hirthe

    This product is excellent and is utilized by a robotics group.

  24. Jaylon Rippin

    The printer is fantastic. I’ve had zero issues with it; it came with a V1 nozzle and extruder, and everything has worked flawlessly. I set it up in just 15 minutes thanks to the built-in calibration. During the Christmas season, I used this printer extensively for gifts and displays without any problems. Compared to my older printers, this one is about four times faster on average. I highly recommend it and am considering getting the K1 Max next.

  25. Adolphus Dach

    Initial Impressions: The printer arrived well-packaged with no loose components. It included a useful array of tools and a thumb drive. Although there is some setup required, it’s minimal. Just three screws need to be removed, and the touch panel installed. Essentially, it’s almost ready to use straight out of the box. The build quality appears excellent, with a solid feel. The enclosed design is a standout feature and should offer better temperature control compared to my previous open-air printer. The Z-axis uses three ball screws, and the rest is belt-driven. Everything seems sturdy and well-built.

    Power-Up: The printer powered up smoothly, and after connecting to the network, the self-check feature provided assurance that everything was functioning correctly. I decided to skip the Creality Cloud setup initially but may explore it later for additional features. While there were numerous features available through the cloud, I opted to stick with Cura, my preferred software. I’ve been gradually increasing printing speeds from what I used with my old printer, as I didn’t want to push it to the maximum right out of the box. So far, I’ve been fine-tuning the PLA settings, and the results have been impressive. I’ve achieved double the speed with improved print quality. I’m excited to experiment further and reduce my usual print times.

    Overall, I’m highly impressed with the printer and eager to start using it. As with any new machine, there may be some initial challenges, and I haven’t yet explored firmware updates or upgrades. However, I trust that Sainsmart will provide reliable support, as they have with previous products I’ve purchased from them.

  26. Sim Lowe

    Initially, the printer’s performance surpassed my expectations, especially when compared to a previous model I owned. After a simple upgrade, the print quality improved significantly.

  27. Cindy Hill

    After only a week, the printer’s speed and quality have significantly impressed me, outperforming older models in every aspect.

  28. Meagan Lynch

    As a newcomer to 3D printing, my experiences with PLA and NylonX materials have been quite positive, resulting in high-quality prints with proper adjustments.

  29. Dedric Marks

    After encountering a significant issue and nearly losing faith in Creality, they ultimately delivered and exceeded expectations. The K1 performs admirably! A special thank you to Jamie for going above and beyond and providing exceptional customer service.

  30. Lina Connelly

    Absolutely love it!

  31. Javier Stracke

    This is an excellent printer, though it arrived without the expected firmware, affecting some features. Assembly is straightforward, and adjusting the settings for PLA improves bed adhesion.

  32. Marilie Jakubowski

    A perfect beginner’s printer. It required minimal setup and was ready to use out of the box, much to my fiancé’s delight, who has been continuously printing since Christmas.

  33. Norberto Wolf

    When we embarked on our search for a 3D printer that would be suitable for our family’s needs, the K1 immediately caught our attention. We were specifically looking for a machine that could not only fulfill our printing requirements but also match our enthusiasm for faster printing speeds.
    Unboxing and Setup: One of the most thrilling moments was unboxing the K1. Our 11-year-old son took the lead, and we were pleasantly surprised to find everything neatly organized inside. There were no loose parts, and the inclusion of useful tools and a thumb drive enhanced the overall experience. Setting up the printer was a breeze, requiring just the removal of three screws and the installation of the touch panel. The printer’s sturdy build was immediately apparent, giving us confidence in its durability. The enclosed design stood out, promising better temperature control during printing sessions. With a combination of ball screws in the Z-axis and belt drive for other movements, the printer felt extremely robust.
    Power-Up and Initial Prints: Upon powering up the K1 and connecting it to the network, we were greeted by a reassuring self-check feature. Eager to test the printer’s high-speed capabilities, we wasted no time and dove right into printing. We wanted to witness how swiftly our designs could materialize. Gradually increasing the printing speeds, we were amazed by the results. The K1 easily doubled our previous printing speed while maintaining or even enhancing print quality. This was a game-changer for our son, who had grown frustrated with the slow pace of his previous printer.
    Outstanding Customer Service: We must commend Creality for their exceptional customer service. When we had a few queries regarding software setup, they responded promptly, and their assistance added to our overall satisfaction with the printer.
    The Joy of Speed and Family Togetherness: One delightful surprise with the K1 is how much our children enjoy watching it in action. They are fascinated by its rapid printing speed, and it has become a family activity to gather around and marvel at the intricate creations taking form before our eyes. Our 11-year-old son, especially, is thrilled with how quickly his projects come to life. Whether he’s designing a custom rubber band car or printing a dice tower for his board games, he can now see the results almost instantly.
    In summary, the K1 has transformed our 3D printing journey into a family adventure. It’s not just a printer but a catalyst for creativity and quality time spent together. Although we expected a learning curve, the K1’s exceptional performance and the excellent support from Creality have made this experience even more enjoyable. Our children are delighted with the speed at which their ideas become reality, and as parents, we couldn’t be happier with the bonding opportunities it provides.

  34. Francisca Herzog

    Works great

  35. Jody Krajcik

    I’m delighted with this printer’s performance over several months, making it an ideal choice for introducing children to 3D printing.

  36. Maryam Altenwerth

    I’m really enjoying using this machine. I hope I don’t encounter the hotend problem, but I’m reassured that Creality is providing free replacements if needed. Newer orders should come with the updated version pre-installed. Despite its higher price (compared to the Neptune 4, for example, which is also an excellent printer at a lower cost), this printer is fantastic for beginners. I particularly appreciate its fully enclosed design, unlike most other printers available off the shelf. The speed and print quality are excellent.

  37. Alysson Bruen

    The printer’s speed and quality are exceptional, offering simplicity in use, making it a staple for our live streams.

  38. Holden Hermiston

    The packaging is decent, but the assembly instructions could use some improvement. Plan to spend an hour or two assembling the printer. However, once assembled, I was pleasantly surprised by the print quality, and the stepper drivers operate almost silently. The components feel durable, and after using it with various materials for a few days, I can confidently say that I’m very satisfied with this purchase.

  39. Rhiannon Bahringer

    The printer provided quality prints immediately after setup, with prompt customer service from Creality when a problem arose.

  40. Bert McDermott

    Despite being a budget-friendly option, the printer requires some initial research for newcomers, particularly regarding file formats and software use.

  41. Orie Leuschke

    As someone new to filament printers coming from the resin printing world, I must say that these printers are a significant improvement. Despite being a mechanic, I found the assembly process to be quite time-consuming and not intuitive at all. The instructions provided are not very helpful, so I recommend watching a YouTube video to save yourself some time and frustration. The filament included with the printer was surprisingly good. However, this printer doesn’t yield successful prints right out of the box; it requires a lot of learning, tweaking, and bed leveling to achieve good results. But once you get the hang of it, the satisfaction is immense. Although my printer came with a faulty nozzle front fan, Creality is sending me a replacement. I’ve been using Hatchbox filament and have had mostly positive experiences. While this printer isn’t particularly fast, it’s great for beginners.

  42. Cielo Gislason

    The print quality and accuracy are outstanding, with any issues usually stemming from my adjustments in the slicer settings.

  43. Mina Stehr

    Upgrading to this printer has been amazing, offering great speed and print quality.

  44. Irma Kihn

    Two months into using this printer daily, my admiration for its capabilities continues to grow. The exceptional print quality and unprecedented speed have not only met but exceeded my expectations. The 14-minute benchy showcased the printer’s ability to deliver superior quality prints faster than any other model I’ve previously used. This efficiency was a game-changer for large projects, allowing me to complete extensive prints weeks ahead of schedule.

    The reliability of this machine is noteworthy, with only two failed prints due to user error, and no issues with adhesion, clogging, or print collisions. The inclusion of the new extruder in my machine ensured flawless performance, even with challenging materials like nylon and ABS. For those new to 3D printing, this printer stands out as incredibly user-friendly, offering an ease of use from the start that is unparalleled. It represents not just a tool, but a leap forward in making advanced 3D printing technology accessible and enjoyable for users at all levels of experience.

  45. Keith Abshire

    The setup was efficient, and the printer came with all necessary upgrades, making it a good choice for a workshop environment.

  46. Colton Stoltenberg

    Starting with this printer has been a positive experience, though using Elmer’s glue for better bed adhesion and paying attention to cable management is advisable.

  47. Catherine Koch

    Creality has done an excellent job with this printer! As a newcomer to 3D printing with only one other printer experience before this, I can say that this printer surpasses my expectations. While I had to do a lot of tweaking with my previous printer, this one has been a joy to use. The only minor issue is that the fans seem to be running at maximum capacity, indicating a need for improved airflow underneath. However, this hasn’t affected the printer’s performance. It’s incredibly sturdy, and I’m looking forward to making upgrades. One upgrade I highly recommend is the CR Touch auto-leveling kit, which ensures hassle-free prints after initial calibration.

  48. Esperanza Collins

    This printer surpasses the Ender 3 Pro in many ways, offering ease of assembly, leveling, and fewer adjustments for excellent printouts.

  49. Felipe Nolan

    There’s a learning curve, but once mastered, the printer operates flawlessly.

  50. Emmanuel McCullough

    Having navigated the world of 3D printers for nearly a decade, my encounter with this machine was met with a blend of skepticism and curiosity. To my delight, the printer surpassed my expectations, offering a seamless setup experience straight out of the box, thanks to its thoughtful design and almost fully assembled state. The sturdy frame and well-protected connectors set a solid foundation for reliability, while the initial connectivity hiccup with the cloud server was a minor glitch in an otherwise smooth setup process.

    The printer’s innovative approach to auto-leveling impressed me, effectively compensating for the slight tilt in the bed and delivering exceptional print quality at remarkable speeds. This machine proved its mettle as a fast, efficient, and high-quality printer, challenging my preconceived notions and raising the bar for what I expect from 3D printing technology. It’s become a valued addition to my collection, requiring minimal adjustments and upgrades to achieve optimal performance. This printer not only caters to seasoned enthusiasts but also offers a welcoming and accessible experience for newcomers eager to dive into the world of 3D printing.

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