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Hexagon LED Ceiling Light Tubes for Versatile Workspaces

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Illuminate Your Space with Customizable Elegance

Transform your workspace into a beacon of clarity and style with our Hexagon LED Ceiling Light Tubes. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this lighting solution offers both function and form to cater to the discerning tastes of car detailing aficionados, workshop professionals, and garage organizers. The sleek aluminum construction not only adds a touch of modern sophistication but also promises enduring performance. Perfect for a variety of professional settings, these lights bring out the true colors and details of your work, thanks to their high CRI and customizable color temperature.

Unmatched Quality and Design

Our product stands out with its high-grade aluminum body, ensuring durability and a contemporary aesthetic. With a powerful lamp luminous flux, it bathes your space in bright, consistent light, enhancing visibility and focus where it matters most. Designed for versatility, the light tubes come in varying lengths and include a rich selection of mounting accessories. This allows you to create a free design tailored to your space’s dimensions, ensuring a perfect fit and a personalized touch.

Key Features at a Glance:

  • High Color Rendering Index (CRI 90) for vivid and accurate color representation
  • Energy-efficient LED Bulbs with a luminous efficiency of 110 lm/w
  • Robust aluminum and PC body for lasting use
  • Versatile installation styles with a range of connectors
  • Long lifespan of 50,000 hours, ensuring reliable lighting
  • Waterproof grade IP65, suitable for various environments
  • Customizable dimensions and configurations for a tailored lighting solution


Benefits That Shine:

  • Enhanced clarity and ambiance in your professional space
  • Reduced eye strain with bright and uniform lighting
  • Customizable design for a unique, personalized setup
  • Easy to install with included mounting accessories and guide
  • Energy-saving LEDs that decrease utility costs
  • Durable construction that withstands the test of time

When Excellence in Lighting Meets Flexibility

Best utilized in spaces where precision is paramount, our LED tubes excel in garages, detailing workshops, stores, supermarkets, barber shops, and even night clubs. The non-dimmable feature ensures consistent intensity for tasks that require unwavering attention to detail. And with a hassle-free installation, supported by a comprehensive guide, setting up your new lighting system is as straightforward as it is rewarding. However, for those who are not electrically inclined, professional installation is recommended to ensure optimal safety and functionality.


Order Today for a Brighter Tomorrow

Take the first step towards a brilliantly lit workspace that not only improves functionality but also enhances the visual appeal of your professional environment. Embrace the power of customizable LED lighting by adding our Hexagon LED Ceiling Light Tubes to your cart today.

34 reviews for Hexagon LED Ceiling Light Tubes for Versatile Workspaces

  1. Alan Dietrich

    WOW! I am so glad I purchases this. I was super skeptical and browsed several different brands / models. I looked up several install videos on YouTube and did a ton of research and I am glad I went with this.

  2. Salma Hills

    These lights are very lightweight, but they’re not low quality as you might expect. They look fantastic, light up bright, and the hexagonal shape design is fantastic. I threw these on the wall to my garage, and they look so good, and light up the area pretty well. These can be mounted on the ceiling as well, and would look just as nice there. They’re not heavy, so you can mount them virtually anywhere, and their modular design allows for you to make other shapes with them, or extend the hexagons all along your mounting surface of choice. These are great, can’t go wrong with them.

  3. Annabel Upton

    I recently revamped my studio with these innovative ceiling lights, and the transformation is nothing short of spectacular. The unique hexagonal design not only adds a modern flair to the space but also provides an even, bright light that’s perfect for everything from detailed work to casual brainstorming sessions. The LED technology is a huge plus, offering energy efficiency without compromising on the quality of light. What’s more, the flexibility in arranging the tubes allowed me to create a custom lighting solution that perfectly fits the needs of my workspace. It’s not just lighting; it’s become a part of the studio’s aesthetic, inspiring creativity and productivity.

  4. Lenora Bayer

    The product it’s awesome. And the seller too.

  5. Orville Herzog

    Lights arrived quicker than I expected, packaged very well, all working perfect very happy with the outcome, seller itself is very helpful and has quick replies to any questions you may have, 100% recommended

  6. Erica Jerde

    This company is very fast delivery and great to deal with 5*

  7. Oscar Batz

    Wow these are bright and look amazing. Not too hard to assemble on the floor but hanging them on the ceiling was a challenge. I mounted them on 16” chains. So worth it. Buy these. You will not be disappointed.

  8. Frederik Gislason

    Very attentive seller, shipping was fast, easy assembly and handling, I certainly bought again for the quality

  9. June Mueller

    Adding these geometric lighting fixtures to my workspace has been transformative. Their sleek, modern design instantly updated the look of my studio, while the quality of light improved my working conditions dramatically. I appreciate the ability to control the brightness, making it easy to adjust the ambiance based on the project at hand. The installation process was straightforward, allowing for a personalized configuration that maximizes the efficiency and aesthetics of my workspace. It’s a fantastic investment that blends form and function seamlessly.

  10. Leopoldo Boyer

    So far so good. Everything turned out great!!!

  11. Eleanore Batz

    everything arrived early, very high quality

  12. Lilyan Gleason

    This is not an easy DIY install. I managed to install these alone (with some MacGyvering), but would recommend at least two people… I did not install the electrical connections in the ceiling myself, and had an electrician do it (and would recommend you do the same). But I did assemble the lights and used the Goslarlit suspension kit (I would seriously recommend that along with this as well). The suspension lines makes the install way easier, and give you wiggle room for small measurement errors that can accumulate when you’re trying to have it all line up perfectly. The kit provides a ton a extra materials in case you break something or there’s a manufacturer error. There was at least one extra for every kind of piece in the kit which was very considerate!

  13. Marley Will

    This light looks BEAUTIFUL. It made my garage. The seller went above and beyond to help me out when i needed to buy one more additional light. You wont regret this purchase

  14. Candida West

    This lighting kit is pure love. It looks phenomenal and is so incredibly easy to install. It is ultra bright and highly customizable with all the clips and attachments they give you. It’s even expandable to a certain degree and can be plugged into an outlet or hardwired. It is super lightweight and doesn’t require drilling into studs since drywall anchors are more than enough to secure the lightweight bars. This is honestly one of the most awesome features of my garage now and I absolutely love it. I’ve had it up a few months and it is reliable and well constructed. I expect it to last a long while and I very highly recommend this set, outstanding value and amazing quality for the price.

  15. Arnold Bode

    Upgrading to these stylish ceiling lights has been a game-changer for my home office. The geometric design is a conversation starter, but it’s the quality of light that has truly impressed me. It casts a wide, uniform glow that minimizes shadows and glare, creating an ideal environment for both work and relaxation. The energy-saving aspect is remarkable, noticeably reducing my electricity bills. Additionally, the ease of installation meant I could customize the layout to match my workspace’s vibe, enhancing both the functionality and ambiance of the area. This lighting solution has proven to be both practical and visually appealing, striking the perfect balance.

  16. Kelsie Johnson

    I ordered this 3 segment hexagonal lighting fixture for my shop. Components are well made, but a lot of assembly is required. Components are made of what feels like fairly durable plastic. Fixture is capable of being hardwired or plugged in. For my situation, hardwiring was the best option. Pieces fit together easily, Overall very impressed.

  17. Octavia Brown

    Easy to install took me 3 hours. Made my barbershop look way different. Really bright loved how it looks.

  18. Emerald Gaylord

    Transforming my home office with these hexagon-shaped lights has been a revelation. The unique pattern and contemporary design have brought a fresh and dynamic feel to my workspace, inspiring creativity and motivation. The quality of illumination is exceptional, providing clear, consistent light that makes detailed tasks easier on the eyes. What impresses me most is the versatility of these lights. Whether I’m working late into the night or need softer lighting for a relaxed reading corner, the dimming function accommodates every need. The installation process was surprisingly simple, allowing for a personalized arrangement that perfectly complements the room’s layout. Moreover, the low energy consumption of these LED lights aligns with my environmental values, making them a responsible choice for eco-conscious consumers. They’re not just lights; they’re a lifestyle upgrade, enhancing the ambiance and functionality of my work area.

  19. Janis Orn

    Incorporating these hexagonal light tubes into my workspace was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Their sleek, contemporary design instantly modernized the room, while the LED lights provide a clean, consistent illumination that’s vital for my detailed tasks. The customization options are fantastic, allowing me to tailor the lighting setup to my specific preferences and needs, which has significantly improved my productivity. The durability and energy efficiency of these lights are added bonuses, ensuring that my workspace is not only beautifully lit but also environmentally friendly. They’ve completely elevated the look and feel of my work area, blending functionality with cutting-edge design.

  20. Willa Hettinger

    Love these! They are so bright in my 20×20 garage, I didn’t even need to install the outside box. Now I’m trying to find another place to use all the extra lights!

  21. Gennaro Ward

    Added to my home gym.. painted the ceilings black and absolutely NO windows, this lit my basement up like the Griswold’s on Christmas. Highly recommend

  22. Golda Kemmer

    I love the look of these lights, they are not simple to install. I recommend professional installation.

  23. Ashton Carroll

    Excellent Hexagon Light for Auto Cosmetic Workshop
    I recently purchased a hexagonal light for my auto body shop and I’m extremely pleased with the product. Installation was straightforward and the light works perfectly. The brightness is just right and provides ample illumination for work. It’s a great addition to my workshop, enhancing the overall ambiance and work efficiency. I highly recommend this product for its quality and the salesman for his communication and prompt service.

  24. Brionna Balistreri

    These are amazing! My husband and I installed them in 3.5hrs. They brighten our entire garage. They were the perfect gift for him. We highly recommend them. They are a bit higher than some but well worth it. You get what you pay for so don’t cut corners. Go with the best!!

  25. Brennan Jerde

    these lights are an affordable route to give you that modern lighting solution for your garage or workspace. they could even look cool in an office or studio. install and connecting the lights is easy enough if youre familiar with basic electrical. the light output is bright, if i had one complaint, its that the light diffuser isnt super great and you can see the individual LED’s inside the tubes which makes them look cheap compared to the more expensive options.

  26. Martin Sauer

    Wow, this light is everything I didn’t know I needed and so much more! I do some projects in the garage and the light this produces is top notch. There are so many pieces and laying it all out worked best for me, from there I got everything together – patience are needed! Also, don’t do it if its super hot outside. Easy to understand instructions.

  27. Philip Runolfsdottir

    These hexagon-shaped lights have completely revitalized my workspace. The contemporary design adds a fresh, modern touch, while the LED bulbs cast a clear, crisp light across my entire work area. I was pleasantly surprised by how much control I had over the layout, enabling me to tailor the lighting to my specific needs. The result is a more vibrant and energizing environment that boosts my creativity and productivity. Plus, the energy savings are an added bonus, making this upgrade both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

  28. Emerald Pouros

    Easy-to-assemble light fixture
    It only took a long time because it was stopped at customs I was taxed in 150
    Recommend her and well grade size of a normal car

  29. Isadore Ruecker

    Luminaire is very good, be careful when fitting because it is very difficult to undock… I recommend setting up a part to go up and the rest to go up, climbing it whole mounted is very difficult and can end up breaking.

  30. Felix Considine

    so far very happy, took about 1hour to put it together and instal onto the ceiling, delivery took a bit longer then expected

  31. Giovani Schuster

    I recently installed these hexagonal lights in my creative studio, and they’ve completely transformed the space. Their unique shape adds a modern touch that’s both aesthetically pleasing and functional. The lighting is crisp and bright, creating an ideal environment for productivity. What I love most is their energy efficiency, which aligns perfectly with my goal to create a sustainable workspace. They were surprisingly easy to install, and their modular design allowed me to customize the layout to fit my needs. It’s been a fantastic upgrade, blending style and functionality seamlessly.

  32. Brittany Wilderman

    I recently revamped my workspace with these stunning geometric lights, and the effect is absolutely transformative. Their sleek, hexagonal design injects a dose of modern elegance into the room, making it a focal point that catches everyone’s eye. Beyond aesthetics, the brilliance and clarity of the light they emit is unparalleled, creating a bright yet inviting workspace that enhances productivity. The adjustable intensity allows for the creation of the perfect ambiance for any task, from intense focus sessions to relaxed brainstorming. Additionally, their energy-efficient nature is a significant plus, offering substantial savings on electricity bills while contributing to a greener planet. Installation was straightforward, and their durability suggests they’ll be illuminating my space for years to come. It’s rare to find a lighting solution that marries form, functionality, and sustainability so seamlessly. These lights have not just improved my workspace; they’ve elevated my entire work experience.

  33. Abe Pfeffer

    Lights came in a small box and were easy to assemble. I would suggest you lay out the pattern you want with connectors, so you know how to assemble. These did not come with the brackets or screws to attach to my ceiling, but luckily I had hardware left from another set I bought. They are not fun to hang on a ceiling. We held them up and marked where we wanted the brackets, and that seemed to work.

  34. Rogers Pacocha

    Made my barbershop look out standing.. only thing is they flicker once per day I’m trying to resolve the issue .. pray for me lol

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