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HD 1080P Portable LED Projector

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Unveil the Magic of Cinema at Home

Transform your living space into a mesmerizing cinema with our state-of-the-art HD 1080P Portable LED Projector. Designed for movie enthusiasts and families alike, this projector offers a stunning visual experience with its full HD resolution, vibrant colors, and sharp images. Whether it’s movie nights, gaming sessions, or presentations, our projector brings your content to life in ways you’ve never imagined.


Product Features

  • Breathtaking Brightness: 6000 Lumens for vivid, clear images even in well-lit conditions.
  • Full HD Resolution: Crisp 1920x1080P native resolution, supporting 2K and 4K video for a cinematic experience.
  • Immersive 3D Support: Dive into the action with red-blue 3D technology for a truly immersive viewing experience.
  • Wireless Convenience: WiFi connectivity (in selected models) for seamless streaming from your devices.
  • Robust Sound: Integrated 5W HIFI speaker delivers outstanding audio quality.
  • Long-lasting LED Lamp: Enjoy up to 50,000 hours of entertainment without the need for frequent replacements.
  • Portable Design: Lightweight and compact, making it perfect for entertainment anywhere.


When to Use

This projector is ideal for a wide range of occasions – from cozy movie nights at home, gaming with friends, to professional presentations. Its portability makes it perfect for backyard movie nights, camping, or even vacations where you want to unwind with your favorite shows.

What Makes It Special

Our projector stands out with its combination of high brightness, full HD resolution, and 3D support, ensuring that every viewing experience is exceptional. The addition of WiFi and Android OS in selected models offers unmatched convenience, allowing you to stream content directly and wirelessly. The durable LED lamp guarantees years of entertainment, making it a smart investment for endless fun.


Embrace the Ultimate Home Theater Experience

Don’t wait to bring the cinema to your home. With easy setup, versatile connectivity, and stunning image quality, our HD 1080P Portable LED Projector is your ticket to an unparalleled viewing experience. Click to add this marvel to your cart and step into a world where entertainment knows no bounds.

50 reviews for HD 1080P Portable LED Projector

  1. Marlin Rippin

    Good projector. Arrived in soft packaging in integrity. Connected to the TV set-top box everything works perfectly. It remains to choose a place so that the projector is at right angles will then be generally high.

  2. Anastasia Sanford

    Great projector liked it too much.
    We managed to watch quietly with moderate clarity.

  3. Arnold Carter

    Product came as described, very good quality and came very well packed, it was worth working 100%.

  4. Doris Connelly

    Very bright, looks nice, the picture is sharp, and nothing gets blurry during setup. I really like the projector, bought it as a gift! Supposedly, it can connect to an iPhone via Wi-Fi, but we haven’t tried that yet.

  5. Jadyn Greenfelder

    The picture quality is good. It’s a good projector for the money.

  6. Dortha Simonis

    Pretty good, the big picture is right on the wallpaper, the first vice-rector is very good

  7. Mortimer Stokes

    Very good.

  8. Lexus Mosciski

    Love it!!!!

  9. Diana Ullrich

    We’ve been using it almost every day for 3-4 hours since May. No complaints. The sound is decent, but we often connect it to speakers. We’re completely satisfied. For the price, it’s fantastic! We’ve been using it for over half a year – we’ve forgotten what it’s like to go to the movie theater. It’s amazing!!! We still haven’t bought a screen, but it looks great even on a dark wall.

  10. Rhianna Buckridge

    Compact, convenient, with good image quality. You get good value for the price. I recommend buying it.

  11. Casimir Stokes

    I’m really happy with it. The quality is great 🫶🏽😌

  12. Adrienne Carter

    Buzz projector
    Intuitive interface
    Quickly and easily connected to WiFi
    Through the Google Play app you can download all apps for viewing
    Beautiful picture, good sound

  13. Leonie Olson

    Excellent quality. Recommended.

  14. Alvena Nikolaus

    It shows well, the picture is bright. I recommend it!

  15. Giovanna Rogahn

    Compact, looks very nice. Shows well even just on a white wall.

  16. Domenica Koepp

    When buying this projector, you need to understand that to avoid blurring at the edges, the projector must be placed directly opposite the center of the screen. Any slight deviation in height or horizontally from the center of the screen leads to trapezoidal distortions and, consequently, to blurring. Keystone correction does not help with this. It’s best to use this trapezoidal correction as little as possible or not at all. So, if you want to maintain sharpness, a tripod is necessary, otherwise positioning it directly in front of the screen center is difficult. For these reasons, installing this projector on the ceiling, although possible, is highly discouraged. Consider this when choosing this projector.

    It does not support AC3 from a flash drive. I bought it only because of the screen mirroring function from the phone via Wi-Fi. I tested it on YouTube on full HD video without lag. Do not expect mega sharpness from such a projector. It is enough for watching videos, but not for small text or as a monitor. It’s not designed for that. In principle, you can watch during the day not under direct sunlight, or with the light on, brightness is sufficient, but naturally, the image will be a bit paler and in very dark scenes, some details will not be visible. You can’t cheat the laws of physics.

  17. Evans Anderson

    The projector definitely has a bright picture, clear image, and vertical angle adjustment. All functions work without failures. Supports Miracast (available on computers with Windows 10/11), works via HDMI cable too.

  18. Giovanna Dickens

    Good, clear image, even on wallpapers, sound level is sufficient for home, all devices connected without issues.

  19. Makenna Walsh

    Bright, loud sound. Android. The standard player couldn’t handle video, just downloaded another player. Everyone is very pleased.

  20. Georgette Kling

    Haven’t thoroughly checked in all modes yet. But at first glance, all the functions from the description are present. Android is there. So is the image 🙂

  21. Darlene Jaskolski

    All good, the projector works, arrived without damages.

  22. Travon Turcotte

    Not too noisy, has Android, good picture. Can hang at an angle as there is corner point adjustment. Shows everything, speed is good. YouTube fullHD pulls off decently. So far, liking everything.🔥💪 From about 10 feet away, the screen width is over 6.5 feet. Around 100 inches diagonally.

  23. Jules Marvin

    The picture is very good 👍

  24. Cathryn Vandervort

    Really cool projector, the picture is clear and bright, highly recommend.

  25. Treva Tremblay

    Our first projector, seems all good🙂 Still figuring it out, already watched two movies, all good so far.

  26. Jerald Kiehn

    Outputs 2K and 4K through HDMI, worse picture over Wi-Fi. Didn’t expect such a sharp and contrasty picture for the price. Quite satisfied, watching on a roll-down gray blackout, 6.5 feet screen width, and it’s quite alright!

  27. Francesca Dicki

    Great entry-level projector. First impressions are that it has good quality. The power cable is about 5 feet long. The projector weighs about 2.6 pounds and its dimensions are 9.1×7.5×3.6 inches.

  28. Beaulah Buckridge

    It arrived well ahead of schedule. Everything was correct. I installed it to test. I did mirroring with my iPhone, and everything went right… the image is very clear. I’m going to test for more observations. Good sound.

  29. Harmon Ondricka

    The image quality is very good, suitable for use day and night. You won’t regret getting it.

  30. Jerome Kunde

    Very good projector for the price, good quality, and with very good features.

  31. Elwyn Ferry

    It’s a very good projector. All functions work okay. I like it a lot. It’s worth buying. Thanks for the excellent product.

  32. Garfield Bauch

    Product arrived fast and undamaged. Image quality, speed, brightness, and contrast ratio are good. Four-corner corrections are successful. I recommend the product.

  33. Geraldine Tromp

    The device turned out better than I expected. I liked it very much.

  34. Tiara Leffler

    Arrived perfect! Enjoyed it very much! Excellent product!

  35. Nicolette Gutmann

    Very good projector in terms of sharpness and brightness. The only downside is that the software is very slow and outdated.

  36. Claudine Wilkinson

    The device delivers what it promises, good image. It doesn’t have colors as vivid as a TV but comes very close. I am loving it.

  37. Orlando Bahringer

    This device is not complicated and indeed delivers a quite good amount of lumens. I didn’t need to darken everything to enjoy a nice large screen. I’d say the screen was about 8.2 feet wide. I am happy as all other projectors couldn’t reach this level of lumens, at least not for this price. Audio is there, but I usually connect some good speakers via cable. The cable placement isn’t usually a problem as it comes from the back or sides. It usually creates a good immersive environment. So, the bottom line: good lumens. The rest is up to you.

  38. Sonny Ernser

    It looks good, bright even with lights on. Might buy another one as a gift.

  39. Emilia Stark

    The projector connects to Wi-Fi (2.4) right away but doesn’t seem to see the 5G network for some reason. The picture is quite nice, colors are good (red is actually red, green is actually green). The picture is clear if you place it exactly parallel to the projection surface. There are no spots, the image is clear across the entire screen area, no lights or blackout. The built-in speaker surprised me; the sound quality is good and quite loud without wheezing or slurping. For a 193 sq ft room, it’s more than enough. The fan noise is not loud, you stop noticing it after 2 minutes.

  40. Juvenal Feeney

    Everything is as described, clearly visible on the walls in light is weak or off. When adjusting the angle, if the projector is below or above the projection area, the clarity of the top or bottom is lost. There is no horizontal adjustment. I took the version without Android, opened the flash drive, shows pictures, didn’t start movies. The sound of the built-in speaker is good, loud enough, the noise of the fans is not significant.

  41. Reilly Lowe

    Excellent quality. All as described. Well packed.

  42. Benny Kertzmann

    For anyone who doesn’t want to read all this, the projector is good, would recommend, but it has areas for improvement. Image quality: In dark places, it’s a 10, in slightly light places an 8, and in very light places a 5. Sound Quality: The sound is good, but if you increase the volume too much, it starts to distort. System: Android 9.0 is “ok” as you can feel it’s old, but it handles YouTube and Netflix quietly. Bluetooth: Not sure if it’s just the one I bought, but the Bluetooth is bad, I have an LG Home Theater, and it connects but seems like the connection is weak, lowers the sound, and even cuts out. Focus: If you place the projector at the corner of a wall to project to the middle, the focus is either in the middle of the screen or one of the corners. You have to keep the projector aligned with the middle of the wall or screen for good focus. Video Game: I have an Xbox Series S, and I had no problem playing games, runs 1080p – 60fps.

  43. Keith Mohr

    Great image transmission in the dark, large screen, the image is clearly visible on beige textured wallpapers. Works great directly through HDMI with a laptop or YouTube from a phone via Wi-Fi. Possibly flash drive too, but I don’t need that feature. In the video, the distance is about 10 feet, positioned almost exactly (off by about an inch). If you raise it higher, the left edge starts to blur. Dust gathers quickly on the lens; if you watch movies with many dark scenes, they are visible 😅. The built-in speakers are quite ok for a room of about 215 square feet; planned on a speaker, but it was unnecessary for me. Easy to set up, needs AAA batteries for the remote (not included). Overall, I think it’s an excellent purchase and recommend it. It was delivered on time and in perfect condition.

  44. Kelley Trantow

    The version of Android that comes with the device is useful for emergencies. The list of apps you can install is very limited, and the video quality when using these apps is low. It also staggers a little bit (or maybe has like a 20 framerate). So, I recommend using the HDMI port. I tested it with a Chromecast TV 4k and another with HD. Videos play much smoother with them. But it staggers with scenes with high movement. That staggering is usually imperceptible. I managed to highlight it with a clip of a panoramic capture taken by a drone. I managed to reduce the staggering by switching to 1080p at 50Hz instead of 60Hz. The brightness is fine. You can even use it during the day. It supports only SDR, of course. The speaker works ok. Enough to listen to the news, but not for enjoying movies. You can connect a Bluetooth speaker, and the problem is solved. I couldn’t find any section to configure the audio, so I imagine it supports only Stereo. The photo with Youtube was taken using Chromecast with GoogleTV (the HD version). It doesn’t support HDMI-CEC, so you will have to use the projector’s remote control to turn it on, off, and change the volume. The USB ports available are powerful enough to power a Chromecast v3 (those that do not have a remote control). These ports are powered only when the projector is on.

  45. Janae Kerluke

    I mean my screen is 3 meters wide and higher than me I measure 1.63 meters photos taken by the sunset even during the day!!

  46. Estevan Hamill

    The picture is bright, with good resolution, and not too noisy.

  47. Thad Macejkovic

    The projector is about 13 feet from the wall, and the image is roughly 10 feet by 5 feet. Right now, it’s just projecting onto a gray wall, but the image quality is pretty good. Surprisingly, the sound has a lot of depth. I hooked up a TV android box to it. Overall, I’m very pleased; this is my first projector.

  48. Eda Orn

    Good image quality, easy to use, good sound. I recommend it.

  49. Graham Ebert


  50. Jensen Beier

    It has great brightness for the price. Even if you turn on a weak stand light on a white wall, it will look good. However, the product is in this price range, but there is a blur as you go to the screen border. The noise is about as much as a fan strong wind. FHD 60Hz looks right. I bought a multi-screen version with the idea of buying a TV stick, but it’s a lot of trouble. The sashback becomes. I’m satisfied, though. The 3/4 hole below is a little bad. I don’t know that, but I almost dropped it. As much as possible, don’t just plug it into a tripod, just put it on the pedestal ~ Satisfaction.

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