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Green Cactus Multi-Level Adjustable Cat Tower with Condo & Scratching Posts

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Transform Your Feline’s World with Our Unique Cactus Cat Tree

Introduce a splash of vibrancy and unparalleled fun into your home with our Green Cactus Multi-Level Adjustable Cat Tower, a perfect blend of entertainment and comfort for your beloved felines. Crafted with an eye for detail, this cat tree stands out not only for its distinctive cactus design but also for its adaptability and robust construction, ensuring a safe and exciting environment for your cats to explore.

Product Features

  • Adjustable height from 230 to 252 cm to fit various room sizes
  • Eye-catching cactus shape with bright green color for added fun
  • Multi-level design with five jumping platforms and three spacious hammocks
  • Durable sisal-covered scratching posts and two playful dangling balls
  • Environmentally friendly and non-toxic materials for your cat’s well-being
  • Sturdy base and ceiling tie bar for enhanced stability
  • Simple assembly with included instructions

Why Choose Our Cat Tree?

Our cat tree is not just a piece of furniture; it’s a playground, a rest area, and a scratching haven all rolled into one. The adjustable height ensures it can be easily integrated into any room, providing your cats with a personal space that’s both stimulating and secure. The unique cactus design not only adds a touch of whimsy to your decor but also caters to your cat’s instinctual need to climb, scratch, and play. Whether you have one cat or a small clowder, this cat tree is built to accommodate 4-6 kittens simultaneously, making it an ideal choice for multi-cat households.

When Best Used?

This versatile cat tree is perfect for all seasons. It serves as a cozy retreat during colder months and a fun-filled playground in the warmer seasons. Its design and functionality make it suitable for cats of all ages and activity levels, ensuring that your feline friends are engaged, happy, and healthy.

Make It Yours Today!

Don’t wait to bring joy and adventure into your cat’s life with our Green Cactus Multi-Level Adjustable Cat Tower. It’s more than just a cat tree; it’s a commitment to your cat’s happiness and well-being. Order now and watch as your cats enjoy endless hours of fun and relaxation. Your feline friends deserve the best, and with our cat tower, that’s exactly what they’ll get.

61 reviews for Green Cactus Multi-Level Adjustable Cat Tower with Condo & Scratching Posts

  1. Marlon Weimann

    Being a household with four cats, I knew we needed a solution to keep them entertained and away from our furniture. This cat tree not only serves its purpose but also adds a delightful touch to our home decor with its adorable design. It fits perfectly in our small apartment, and I’m impressed by the quality of the materials, especially since it arrived odor-free. This product has exceeded my expectations, and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase!

  2. Angela Graham

    Cats love it!

  3. Skyla Senger

    As a household with two feline companions, we set out on a quest to find a robust cat tree that could accommodate our slightly overweight cat’s need for play and relaxation. Upon receiving this unit, we were immediately impressed by its impeccable packaging, which ensured full protection during transit. Assembling the pieces proved to be a breeze, and we were delighted to find that the structure was sturdy enough to withstand the antics of our two lively cats as they chased each other around.

    Our younger cat, in particular, took an instant liking to the hammock bed, finding it exceptionally cozy and snug. In fact, she wasted no time in curling up for a nap on the very first day.

    We were equally impressed by the softness of the materials used, a feature that both of our cats thoroughly enjoy as they drift off into peaceful slumber. With its comfortable hammock bed and plush surfaces, this cat tree has quickly become a favorite hangout spot for our furry companions.

    Overall, we couldn’t be more pleased with this unit. Its durability gives us confidence that it will withstand the test of time, providing our cats with endless hours of entertainment and relaxation for years to come.

  4. Cordie Nader

    The vibrant color of this cat tree instantly caught my eye, and it turns out my cat loves it too! While she’s not typically a fan of climbing trees, she’s taken a liking to this one, especially because it provides a perfect spot for her meals away from our dog. The top shelf is her favorite dining spot. This purchase has been incredibly worthwhile, and the tree adds an adorable touch to our home decor!

  5. Furman Jenkins

    Putting together this cat tree was a piece of cake, and the end result is simply adorable!

  6. Shayne Casper

    Ever since we assembled this cat tree, it’s become the ultimate hangout spot for my feline friend. She spends hours either lounging in its cozy nooks or perched atop its sturdy structure. While she’s not too fond of the highest bed, the tree overall provides her with endless entertainment and comfort.

  7. Pauline Walter

    With easy assembly this cat tree meets our needs perfectly. It comfortably accommodates our sizable feline companions and holds up well under their weight. Overall, it delivers as promised, earning top marks from us.

  8. Niko Bartell

    While I struggled to secure it tightly to the ceiling, this cat tree proves to be reliable once assembled. Despite minor challenges during assembly, its stability makes it a worthwhile purchase.

  9. Thora Turner

    Initially daunted by the task of assembling this cat tree solo, I found the process surprisingly manageable. The securely packaged components, complete with a supplied allen wrench, facilitated a smooth assembly experience that took roughly an hour. While its towering height required omitting a section to fit my ceiling, the structure remains sturdy, albeit with slight wobbling possibly attributed to flooring uncertainties. Nonetheless, my cats have enthusiastically embraced it, enjoying the cozy cubby and hammocks. Overall, it’s a worthwhile purchase, earning a solid five stars.

  10. Bryana Lueilwitz

    Must-have for any feline household! 🐈

  11. Marcus O'Hara

    This cat tree is a delightful addition to any home, offering myriad delights for our little friends.

  12. Emma Hettinger

    A game-changer in curbing destructive behaviors, this tower has redirected our energetic kitten’s antics effectively. While her newfound obsession with the tower means fewer cuddles, the trade-off for peace and quiet is well worth it.

  13. Antonina Reichert

    I found this cat tree surprisingly resilient despite its delicate appearance. Upon assembly, which was straightforward thanks to clear instructions and all necessary components, I discovered it accommodated my three cats effortlessly. Even with my hefty cat testing its weight limit, the tree remained steadfast, providing a secure platform for all three cats simultaneously. Now nestled against a wall for extra support, it combines functionality with charm.

  14. Yessenia McLaughlin

    This cat tree exceeds expectations!

  15. Nellie Leannon

    Sturdy and spacious, it’s a hit with my cats, offering ample room for lounging and play. Though the fabric may not withstand rigorous scratching, the design’s appeal makes it a worthy investment, especially for those with a penchant for the eerie.

  16. Lempi Howe

    Purchased to deter my adventurous cats from unwanted climbing and scratching, this tower exceeded expectations. Assembly was interrupted by eager feline involvement but completed within 30 minutes, fitting snugly in our space without budging. Initial impressions are stellar, with both cats immediately embracing the tower and its hammocks. Longevity remains to be seen, but for now, it’s a five-star addition to our household.

  17. Rosie Cronin

    Our cats 🐱 adore this towering tree πŸ‘

  18. Dock McCullough

    Despite some minor assembly hiccups due to sparse instructions, this cat tree won over both me and my hefty furry friend, Peter. Sturdy enough to accommodate his weight, its added height suits my space perfectly. A fantastic addition to my studio apartment.

  19. Freddie Leuschke

    My two cats love it.

  20. Aiden Hermiston

    I hesitated before purchasing this cat tree. However, assembly proved effortless, even with my psoriatic arthritis. The only hiccup was achieving optimal tension at the top. Positioned by my bedroom window, it’s become my cat’s favorite perch, to the point where she forsakes my bed! She adores the basket bed, despite its slight bounce. PS: My brother is now eyeing one for his rescue cat Sunshine.

  21. Corrine Bailey

    Ocho, my energetic kitty, adores this tree! From scratching the bottom pad to frenzied climbing sessions, it’s his go-to for play. That cactus arm takes a beating! πŸ˜‚ An exceptional deal with a sturdy build. Simply fantastic!

  22. Raymond Cummings

    Quick to assemble, awaiting my cat’s verdict. Sure she’ll warm up to it soon.

  23. Oswaldo Waters

    My medium-sized cat absolutely loves this tower, utilizing every platform with enthusiasm. While we had to make adjustments for stability, it has endured well over a year of use. Despite minor wear on the scratching posts, the overall condition remains impressive, providing a secure and enjoyable space for my pet.

  24. Michelle Kuhlman

    Simple assembly, cute and sturdy! Fingers crossed the cats won’t wreak havoc too soon.

  25. Ed Pagac

    A hit with my cats! They’ve crafted their own routines on it, enjoying both play and nap time. The baskets were a surprising favorite, making it worth every penny.

  26. Maida Wunsch

    When I first laid eyes on this cat tree, I must admit, my expectations weren’t soaring high. Its adorable appearance aside, it seemed a tad flimsy.. However, fate had other plans as my three curious cats wasted no time in putting it to the test.

    With a sprinkle of catnip to entice my furry companions, they wasted no time in exploring the various levels of the tree. Remarkably, even with all three cats frolicking simultaneously, the tree remained steadfast, exhibiting minimal wobble despite being unmounted and placed centrally in the room.

    Now, let’s talk about durability. My largest feline, tipping the scales at just over 10 pounds, is no lightweight. Yet, even with him and his two cohorts engaging in acrobatics and roughhousing atop the tree, it exhibited remarkable resilience. Not a single budged inch, not a hint of instability – it passed the ultimate stress test with flying colors.

    However, to ensure absolute peace of mind, I’ve opted to prop the tree against a wall, eliminating even the slightest wobble. Though truth be told, my cats seem unperturbed by this adjustment – functionality and cuteness are all they seem to care about.

    In conclusion, this cat tree has exceeded my expectations in every regard. What initially seemed like a precarious purchase has turned out to be a shining example of functionality and charm. It’s exactly what I envisioned – a haven for my cats to explore, play, and lounge to their hearts’ content. If you’re in the market for a cat tree that’s as practical as it is adorable, look no further – this one’s a winner.

  27. Kevin Hammes

    My cats are enjoying it!

  28. Mathias Leannon

    Although my little guy isn’t a fan of the hammocks, he adores his tree, relishing the elevation it provides. Its stability, thanks to being a tension cat tree, offers him a secure perch to survey his kingdom.

  29. Miles Graham

    Initially apprehensive about the baskets’ capacity to hold the weight of my two large male cats, I was pleasantly surprised by their resilience. After six months of use, the tree remains robust, easily accommodating my boys’ antics during their zoomie sessions. Its easy assembly process and enduring quality have made it their favorite spot, earning it a perfect score of 10 out of 10.

  30. Charlie Weissnat

    Incredibly fun, reliable, and precisely as described – this cat tree checks all the boxes for me!

  31. Rolando Greenholt


  32. Dena Sanford

    This cat tree is not only super cute but also a breeze to put together and impressively sturdy. My cat took an instant liking to the scratching posts and bottom platform, making it a hit in our household.

  33. Laury Miller

    Despite the time-consuming assembly process and minor platform size issue, this cat tree has become a beloved fixture in our home. Both our cats adore it, finding it stable and engaging. Over time, even the initially neglected baskets have become cherished spots for them. A few adjustments aside, it’s a five-star product that keeps our fur babies entertained and happy.

  34. Zelda Hartmann

    As someone who tends to approach purchases with a healthy dose of skepticism, I must admit that I embarked on acquiring this cat tree with a fair amount of trepidation. However, to my sheer delight, my expectations were not only met but exceeded. From the moment it was assembled, it exuded a sense of sturdiness and durability that immediately put my mind at ease.
    But the true testament to its quality lies in the unfettered joy it brings to my two lively kittens, Piper and his spirited sister. At 6 and 8 months respectively, they possess an abundance of energy and a penchant for exploration. This cat tree has become the epicenter of their adventures.
    Piper, in particular, has taken a particular shine to the hammock, where he can be found lounging in regal splendor for hours on end. It’s his personal sanctuary, a haven where he can survey his domain with an air of contentment that warms my heart. But don’t be fooled by his serene demeanor; when the mood strikes, he transforms into a whirlwind of activity, zipping around the tree with his sister in tow.
    Speaking of his sister, she’s equally enamored with their new plaything. Together, they’ve transformed the cat tree into a veritable playground, a space where they can indulge in all manner of feline antics. From impromptu wrestling matches to daring leaps and bounds, their boundless enthusiasm knows no bounds.
    And through it all, this sturdy cat tree has stood firm, weathering their exuberant escapades with grace and resilience. Not a creak, not a wobble – it remains steadfast in the face of their boisterous exploits. As for me, I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. It’s brought immeasurable joy to my kittens’ lives and peace of mind to mine. Here’s to many more years of laughter, mischief, and endless adventures with Piper, his sister, and their beloved cat tree.

  35. Gilbert Purdy

    This cat tree has become the epicenter of cat drama in my office, situated strategically in front of the window. While my cats adore it, the top hammock has sparked intense competition, leading to daily smackdowns that are nothing short of entertaining. So intense was one of these showdowns that it disrupted a virtual meeting, prompting me to hastily turn off my camera. My only regret? Not having a second top hammock to quell the rivalry. Highly considering purchasing a duplicate to restore peace in my workspace.

  36. Domingo Hartmann

    My cats haven’t budged from it since installation, a testament to its quality and appeal.

  37. Mabelle Mayer

    With a boisterous kitten and a hefty chunk in tow, I had my doubts about the hammocks’ suitability, but both cats have taken to them with gusto. Easy installation and sturdy ceiling attachment ensure a safe environment for my feline companions, offering them plenty of activities while adding aesthetic appeal to our space.

  38. Arvilla Lind

    My cats really LOVE this tree!🀩

  39. Bianka Lubowitz

    I thought I knew how to spoil my cats until I brought home this marvel of a cat tree. Chaos ensued as my cats reveled in its height and features, particularly the coveted basket perch. Setting it up solo was a cinch, though a step-stool or ladder is a must for reaching the ceiling. Had I known the level of excitement a towering cat tree would bring, I would have invested in one years ago, sparing myself the futile attempts with shorter alternatives. Not only does it offer elevated perches for my cats, but it also serves as a sanctuary away from the prying eyes of dogs and small children. A worthwhile investment indeed! πŸ˜‚

  40. Jamar Baumbach

    My cats have developed an unabashed obsession with this cat tree, and I must say, it adds a delightful touch to my living space. Sturdy enough to accommodate both of my furry friends, its assembly was a breeze, earning it my highest recommendation for fellow pet owners. A must-have for your beloved fur babies!

  41. Sydney Ondricka

    My cat adores it, and assembling it was a breeze. Finding the perfect spot for it in my home was a cinch too!

  42. Arely Quitzon

    Lily has taken quite a liking to this tree, particularly the cozy cubby hole it offers. While she hasn’t yet explored the top perch or the hanging basket, I’m confident she’ll warm up to them in due time. Slow and steady wins the race, right? Overall, a satisfying purchase that adds a nice touch to our space.

  43. Jacey Windler

    Our household is smitten with this kitty tower! It fits seamlessly into our living room, complementing our cactus-themed decor beautifully. Couldn’t be happier with this acquisition!

  44. Leo Kozey

    True to its description, this cat tree arrived in perfect condition. Its size is just right, and assembling was easy. Needless to say, our cats are over the moon about it!

  45. Enid Kuhlman

    I’ve always been drawn to cactus scratchers, so when I stumbled upon this cactus tower, I knew I had to have it. And boy, am I glad I did! Easy to set up, and extending from floor to ceiling, it’s a hit with Gabe, who fiercely guards his throne from his sister Nila. Looks like I’ll be purchasing another one soon!

  46. Addie Kuphal

    If you have a little psycho running around, this one’s for youπŸ˜…

  47. Dalton Bartell

    Recently added this cat tree to our home, and it’s been a hit with both us and our furry companion. Not only is it visually appealing, with colors that seem to attract our cat effortlessly, but the quality is exceptional too. The plush sections are delightfully soft, providing utmost comfort for our furry friend. Assembly was straightforward, though be prepared to elevate yourself to install the topmost section.

  48. Elisa Nolan

    If your cat enjoys high places, this cat tree is a must-have. Highly recommended for its quality.

  49. Aryanna Stehr

    This is purrr-fection!😍

  50. Kelly Schmitt

    I initially purchased the smaller version of the cactus cat tree when my kitten was just 9 weeks old, and he absolutely adored it. It became his go-to spot for scratching and playtime, providing endless entertainment. However, as he rapidly grew to a hefty size by 3-4 months, I noticed the smaller cactus tree struggled to keep up with his energetic play sessions, often toppling over.
    Imagine my delight when I stumbled upon the floor-to-ceiling version of the cactus cat tree! Without hesitation, I placed my order, albeit enduring a bit of a wait for shipping. But let me tell you, it was well worth it. From the moment it arrived, my kitten took to it like a fish to water. He spends hours each day scratching away at the posts, engaging in playful antics, and cozying up in the little hanging bowl atop the tree.
    Of course, being the attentive pet parent that I am, I made a few adjustments to ensure his comfort and safety. A tweak here and there to the boards made it easier for him to navigate up and down. Fast forward five months, and I’m thrilled to report that our cactus cat tree is still going strong!
    For fellow pet owners considering this purchase, I cannot recommend it highly enough. However, I do urge you to take heed of my advice and bolt it securely to the wall, especially if your furry friend is as healthy and hyperactive as mine. Trust me, it’s a small precaution that makes a world of difference in ensuring the longevity and stability of this fantastic product. Five stars all the way!

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