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Gas Powered Lawn Mower, 21-Inch 3-in-1 Mulching Push Mower with Bag, 140cc

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Discover the Power of Efficiency

Transform your lawn care routine with our high-powered 21-inch Gas Push Lawn Mower. Boasting a robust 140cc OHV engine, this mower simplifies your yard work with its reliable recoil start and auto choke system, eliminating the hassle of priming and choke adjustments. Perfect for small to medium-sized yards (1/8 to 1/4 acre), it ensures a flawless cut with fewer passes, saving you time and energy.


Adaptable and Versatile Mowing

Experience the flexibility of 3-in-1 mowing capabilities. Whether you prefer side discharge, rear discharge, or mulching, our mower adapts to your lawn’s needs. The efficient 21-inch cutting deck, combined with the dual-lever adjustable height (with 6 settings), allows you to achieve the perfect cut, regardless of grass type or terrain.

Durability and Control

Navigate your lawn with ease, thanks to the durable Zag treaded tires, measuring 7 inches in the front and 8 inches in the back. These wheels provide superior traction and control, ensuring a smooth and steady mowing experience even in rough terrains.


Product Features at a Glance

  • Powerful 140CC OHV Gas Engine with effortless start-up
  • 21-inch wide cutting deck for efficient mowing
  • 3-in-1 functionality: side discharge, rear discharge, and mulching
  • Dual-lever, 6-position height adjustment for the perfect cut
  • Durable Zag treaded tires for enhanced mobility and control

Why Choose Our Gas-Powered Lawn Mower?

Designed for performance and convenience, our lawn mower caters to all your mowing needs. Whether tackling thick grass or maintaining a well-kept lawn, this machine delivers a clean, uniform cut every time. The combination of its power, versatility, and ease of use makes it an ideal choice for homeowners seeking efficiency and reliability in their lawn care tools. Plus, with a 2-year warranty, you can mow with confidence, knowing you have a quality product backed by strong support.

Ready to Transform Your Lawn?

Say goodbye to tedious lawn care and hello to effortless mowing. Invest in our 21-inch Gas-Powered Push Lawn Mower today and experience the difference in your yard. Order now and step into a world of efficient, easy, and effective lawn maintenance!

61 reviews for Gas Powered Lawn Mower, 21-Inch 3-in-1 Mulching Push Mower with Bag, 140cc

  1. Orlando Bednar

    Assembly and start-up were quick. It’s lighter than previous mowers I’ve owned, but the build quality, especially the wheels and housing, raises some durability concerns.

  2. Quinten Ward

    This lawnmower is suitable for a .4 acre lot size. Previously, I had been using self-propelled mowers. However, the self-propel feature often doesn’t allow backward pulling due to the belt drive, and the plastic cogs on the wheels tend to wear down quickly. Additionally, it doesn’t seem to pick up leaves as effectively as the more powerful engines on self-propelled mowers. On the positive side, it operates more quietly.

  3. Elizabeth Schuster

    It’s a sturdy machine with a strong bag. However, it tends to smoke if left idle for too long.

  4. Reilly Kuhlman

    Assembly was a breeze, no tools required. It’s perfect for mowing smaller, tricky areas my tractor can’t reach. It handled overgrown grass well and started easily every time. Just remember not to mow wet grass to avoid clogging.

  5. Eliane Nolan

    This piece of equipment has completely transformed my weekend yard work into an efficient and satisfying task. From the moment I started it up, I could tell it was a cut above the rest. Its powerful engine roars to life with ease, eliminating the need for tedious manual effort to get things going. The handling is superb, allowing for precision navigation around garden beds and along fence lines without missing a blade of grass.
    The cutting width is generous, reducing the time it takes to cover my entire lawn, and the adjustable height settings are a game-changer, providing the flexibility to achieve the perfect cut, whether I’m dealing with a light trim or tackling overgrown areas. The robust construction suggests that it will be a reliable companion in my gardening arsenal for many years to come.

    Moreover, the maintenance aspect is surprisingly simple. Regular upkeep tasks like blade sharpening and engine checks are straightforward, ensuring it performs optimally every time. The convenience of having such a powerful and reliable tool cannot be overstated. It has not only saved me time but also improved the overall appearance of my outdoor space, making it a source of pride and enjoyment.

  6. Leonel Bogisich

    While the grass clipping bag doesn’t hold much, which was expected, I am entirely satisfied with this mower after a few months of use. It runs well, feels durable, and does an excellent job cutting. My only minor gripe, and it’s really nitpicking, is that when pushing the mower without the blades engaged and transitioning from a sidewalk to grass or uneven surfaces, it tends to get stuck occasionally. However, considering this is my only complaint, it’s not a significant issue worth complaining about.

  7. Otha Tillman

    Loved it so much, I got one for my uncle too.

  8. Earl Abbott

    I couldn’t be happier with this purchase! I wanted an affordable mower that gets the job done, and that’s precisely what I got. It assembles easily, starts smoothly, runs well, and tamed our overgrown lawn after being without a mower for two months. While it’s not self-propelled, it’s effortless to push. It doesn’t bag but works well as a mulcher with an optional side-discharge attachment. The mower is solidly built, and with proper care, I expect it to provide years of reliable service.

  9. Jerry Wunsch

    Offers good value for the price.

  10. Maud Kessler

    Good reliable mower that is simple and efficient. Put it together in 5 minutes out of the box and it started on the very first pull. I packs the bag full. My yardboy mower would frequently clog the opening to the bag and this one does not. The yardboy mower would also frequently just drop the bag off the mower when hitting a bump and this one never loses the bag. It has lots of power and never stalls. Yes, I have to push it but I am completely satisfied. Oh, the yardboy took 2 tanks of gas to completely mow the yard and this does it in one.

  11. Reyna Schinner

    Handled the job well, easy to manage, and the bagging feature saves time on cleanup.

  12. Henri Lockman

    Easy assembly and started immediately. Will update after more use, but no issues so far.

  13. Forest Waters

    As a long-time Craftsman user, I borrowed a 40-year-old Snapper from my in-laws to maintain our small yard until it finally gave out, prompting me to purchase a new mower. This mower met my needs perfectly. Despite a minor issue with the oil bag bursting upon arrival, which was likely accidental and not the fault of Craftsman or the shipper, the mower itself was undamaged and easy to assemble. Using regular oil, I got it up and running smoothly on the first pull. It does an excellent job mowing the lawn, and the bag is convenient to detach for emptying into the yard debris bin. Overall, it’s a great mower that I would buy again without hesitation.

  14. Hailey Cormier

    Got it running and mowing within minutes of arrival. Impressed with the initial performance.

  15. Aracely Nicolas

    It’s a great mower that’s pretty straightforward to put together. Being 47 and not mechanically inclined, I appreciated the clear instructions. There’s a crucial step involving the bolts and handle that’s vital for the engine’s longevity. It seems those who had issues starting it might have skipped this step. Always follow the instructions!

  16. Bennett Cassin

    The cutting-edge mower I recently acquired is an absolute game-changer for my lawn care routine. Its robust engine effortlessly tackles even the toughest grass, leaving behind a beautifully manicured lawn that’s the envy of the neighborhood. The ergonomic design makes it a breeze to maneuver around obstacles and along edges, ensuring every inch of my yard gets the attention it deserves. What truly sets this mower apart is its efficiency in handling large areas without compromising on performance or precision. With its reliable start-up and consistent power delivery, mowing has become a seamless and enjoyable task. The sturdy construction and durable materials used in its build give me confidence that this mower will be a long-lasting investment in maintaining my outdoor space. Overall, I couldn’t be happier with the results and highly recommend this top-notch mower to anyone looking for professional-grade performance right in their own backyard.

  17. Hilma Lindgren

    From assembly to the first start, everything about this lawn mower has been straightforward and hassle-free. The power it packs makes mowing a much less daunting task, and I’ve noticed my lawn looks healthier since I started using the mulching feature. It’s been a reliable tool that I’ve come to rely on week after week.

  18. Emmy Thompson

    Just completed my first mow of the summer following issues with my old mower. I’m pleased with how well it handled my terribly overgrown lawn, haha! It arrived on time as promised and was up and mowing within 5 minutes. It even includes the necessary oil (which you have to add yourself, of course). So far, so good, and I’ll provide an update in about a month after using it repeatedly. 👍 Edit: After several uses, it’s still performing excellently, cutting effectively, and its lightweight design makes it easy to maneuver up and down the steep hill in my front yard. ✌️

  19. Edison Steuber

    Love this mower! Lightweight, powerful, and the mulching feature is a plus. Highly recommend!

  20. Rylan Brown

    This mower is a powerhouse! The 140CC engine cuts through my thick grass like butter. I love the 3-in-1 functionality, especially the mulching feature which has made my lawn healthier. The height adjustment feature is a lifesaver, allowing me to get the perfect cut every time. Assembly was a piece of cake, and I was up and running in no time. Definitely worth every penny!

  21. Jayson Herman

    I took a chance on this lawn mower after my old electric one gave out, and I couldn’t be happier. The gas engine is significantly more powerful, making short work of my Texas grass. It’s not just tough; it’s also efficient, saving me a fortune on lawn care. The assembly was straightforward, and the price was unbeatable given its performance. Highly recommend!

  22. Daren Rogahn

    I purchased this Craftsman mower after my Troy-Bilt finally gave out. Being a long-time believer in the Craftsman brand, I had high expectations, and I’m pleased to say it didn’t disappoint. The mower cuts beautifully, even on a lawn that hadn’t been mowed in months and had grass as tall as a six-foot person’s knees. Despite the challenging conditions, it effortlessly sliced through the grass like a hot knife through butter. I anticipated good performance from Craftsman, but this mower exceeded my expectations. It only stalled once while tackling a large front and back yard with exceptionally tall grass. Initially, I considered a self-propelled mower, fearing the difficulty of navigating through such thick grass, but now I’m glad I opted for this phenomenal mower.

  23. Willie Glover

    I was skeptical at first, but this mower has proved itself time and again. The steel body is sturdy, and the engine robust. Even after an unfortunate run-in with a hidden rock, the mower held up well, and the customer service was exceptional in handling the situation. It’s not often you find a company that stands so firmly behind their product. This mower is a definite keeper.

  24. Camren Russel

    Adequate for smaller lots, quieter than self-propelled models but doesn’t pick up leaves as well.

  25. Alexandrea Rippin

    I decided to write a review after several months of use, and I’m just as impressed as day one. The mower is easy to start, easy to maneuver, and the cutting quality is superb. The customer support was also top-notch when I had questions. It’s refreshing to see such a dependable product backed by a company that cares.

  26. Brian Scott

    After owning this mower for a year, it continues to perform flawlessly, starting up with just one or two pulls. I’ve maintained it using non-ethanol gas to avoid carburetor issues, a tip I find worth sharing. Ethanol in gas tends to gum up carburetors, especially in equipment that isn’t used daily. Even after running the engine dry for winter storage, there may still be gas residue in the float bowl. To prevent problems, I recommend running the engine for 20 minutes once a month during winter and using non-ethanol gas for the last tank of the season. These precautions ensure a trouble-free start in spring.

  27. Delfina Luettgen

    This lawn mower is a powerhouse! I’ve mowed through thick, unruly grass with no problems, thanks to the powerful engine and wide deck. The 3-in-1 functionality is a great feature, allowing me to choose how I handle my clippings based on my lawn’s needs. It’s also surprisingly fuel-efficient, which is a huge plus

  28. Jett Quitzon

    This mower is outstanding and fairly straightforward to put together. As a 47-year-old woman without much mechanical expertise, I found that being able to read and follow the instructions was essential. The assembly process includes a crucial step that might not be obvious: removing the bolts at the mower’s base to extend the handle, then reassembling it as instructed to prevent engine damage upon first use. The manual emphasizes this, but often, people overlook such details, especially those accustomed to assembling similar equipment. It’s imperative to adhere to these instructions to avoid issues, as some negative reviews might stem from neglecting this initial setup step.
    Performance-wise, the mower excelled, starting effortlessly with one pull and efficiently cutting through my slightly overgrown, somewhat damp grass without causing any clumps. This model is a push mower, not self-propelled, yet I found it easy to push and steer.
    For those seeking an affordable, straightforward, reliable, and easy-to-assemble and operate mower, this product is definitely worth considering. I am thoroughly satisfied with my purchase and grateful to Craftsman for the quality of this mower.

  29. Daphnee Jacobi

    Appreciate its easy start and adjustable cutting heights. Pushing is effortless.

  30. Marion Wunsch

    I’m very pleased with this lawn mower. It was a breeze to assemble, requiring no tools. Once assembled, I added oil and gas, and it started effortlessly on the first pull. Adjusting the cutting height was easy as well. The only improvement I’d consider is opting for the same model with larger rear wheels. Apart from that, I have no complaints whatsoever about this mower, earning it a five-star rating in my book.

  31. Carlotta Kertzmann

    I took a chance on this lawn mower after my old electric one gave out, and I couldn’t be happier. The gas engine is significantly more powerful, making short work of my Texas grass. It’s not just tough; it’s also efficient, saving me a fortune on lawn care. The assembly was straightforward, and the price was unbeatable given its performance. Highly recommend!

  32. Alva Kessler

    Investing in this mower turned out to be an excellent decision. Its performance was impressive, delivering a neat and clean cut, and its lightweight design facilitated effortless maneuvering, enabling me to complete the job quickly. The package’s manageable weight upon arrival was a pleasant surprise.
    Unboxing the mower, I found it in perfect condition, which was a relief. The finish and color were excellently applied, and the inclusion of manuals and oil in a sealed bag was thoughtful, preventing any potential spillage or mess. The assembly instructions were clear and easy to understand. Setting up the mower was straightforward, involving simple steps like pulling, bending, and screwing parts into place, taking about 20 minutes in total.
    I appreciated the design considerations, such as the pull cord’s placement along the handle, which minimized the need to bend down, and the gas cap’s click feature that prevents over-tightening. The mower’s size was just right, not too bulky, allowing for easy navigation through tight spots. Despite our rough, country yard, it handled the terrain effortlessly, smoothly going over bumps and dips and cutting through tall grass without any issues, indicating a sharp and effective blade. I opted for the side chute to expel grass clippings, considering the height of the grass, though I plan to try the mulching feature in the future.
    I wholeheartedly recommend this mower to anyone seeking a high-quality, affordable option. It has proven to be a cost-effective choice compared to others I considered. A big thank you to Craftsman for yet another satisfying product!

  33. Garnet Shields

    After using a Craftsman mower for 28 years, I switched to this model 1.5 years ago. The longer blade and wider wheels make pushing much easier, and the pull cord consistently starts the mower. However, there are some negatives, such as the mulcher kicking debris out to the front right, especially when mulching leaves. The handle lacks play, so you’re always pushing at the same height, and the spark plug is at an awkward angle, making maintenance a bit tricky.

  34. Amanda Robertson

    I’ve had this gas-powered lawn mower for a few months now, and it’s been a total game-changer for my yard. The 140CC OHV gas engine starts up effortlessly every time, and the 21-inch cutting deck has made mowing my large front and backyard a breeze. The ability to easily switch between side discharge, rear discharge, and mulching has kept my lawn looking pristine. Plus, adjusting the cutting height is so easy with the dual-lever system. Highly recommend!

  35. Benny Padberg

    Great for small yards where a self-propelled mower would be too cumbersome.

  36. Chloe Ankunding

    Lightweight and easy to assemble, but had issues with the carburetor staying running.

  37. Lori Koelpin

    Having used push mowers since 1978, I meticulously examined the remaining options during the middle of summer when choices were limited. My criteria were a Briggs & Stratton engine and large rear wheels, making the Craftsman mower stand out as the ideal choice. I needed a robust mower due to my rough handling, especially since I deal with tough crabgrass and other challenging weeds. This mower has proven to be sturdy, starting on the first pull without fail. I’m delighted with its performance, and while some may find its weight heavy, it’s just right for me, aiding in achieving an even cut despite the challenging terrain.

  38. Gisselle Turner

    Comes with a standard blade, but I plan to add a mulching blade. Otherwise, it meets my expectations.

  39. Jaunita Wolff

    Assembling this mower is a breeze, requiring no tools. With a vast property spanning over two acres that I usually mow with a tractor, I needed a solution for the areas inaccessible to the tractor and our fenced dog yard. This mower perfectly filled that need and exceeded expectations by tackling even overgrown grass effortlessly. Due to rainstorms overnight, I had to wait a couple of days before using it, ensuring the grass was dry. However, once in action, the mower didn’t slow down at all. I’ve learned over the years not to mow when the grass is wet from morning dew or rain, and this mower’s performance confirmed that wisdom. Starting with a single pull and exhibiting smooth stopping and starting, I’m thoroughly satisfied with my purchase.

  40. Devante Hahn

    After using it twice without issues, I encountered difficulties starting it after long-term storage, perhaps a year or less. Despite removing the old gas and bleeding the carburetor, it still wouldn’t stay on. After further troubleshooting, I removed and cleaned the carburetor, which had a chunk buildup, using a 10mm ratchet and long needle pliers. Once cleaned and cleared, the mower worked perfectly again.

  41. Dudley Orn

    Perfect for small areas, lightweight and easy to maneuver.

  42. Kristy Bayer

    Despite its lower power, it handled thick, wet grass well. Simple assembly and sufficient power for my needs.

  43. Talia Feil

    The assembly of this Craftsman mower was incredibly easy, taking me only about 10 minutes. I simply unscrewed a couple of bolts, extended the handlebars (which is crucial to avoid interference with the mower blades), added the provided oil, and filled it with gas. Pulling the string was a breeze, and it started up immediately. During its first use on very long grass in my 1/3-acre backyard and smaller front yard, I found it easy to maneuver and not strenuous to push, despite typically preferring self-propelled mowers. This mower exceeded my expectations in terms of ease of starting and pushing, unlike previous mowers that claimed to be easy to start but weren’t. As a 59-year-old woman out of shape, if I can handle this mower comfortably, most others should as well.

  44. Macey Emmerich

    Just bought it, and it’s working perfectly.

  45. Lue O'Keefe

    It’s incredibly sturdy and always starts on the first try. It’s a bit heavy, which I find ideal for even cutting.

  46. Bobbie Swift

    The packaged product was missing a wing nut and bolt for the handle assembly. Luckily, I had a spare wing nut from my old mower, which I used. Additionally, there was some residual oil on the platform. The oil provided was in a flimsy tube, unlike the usual hard plastic container, but I didn’t notice any leaks. However, I suspect there may have been some oil already in the engine because as I started adding the provided oil, it began to spill out quickly, which was unexpected. Despite these issues, the machine started with one pull after priming and ran normally without any noticeable problems.

  47. Tamara Macejkovic

    I’m genuinely impressed with this lawnmower. While it’s my first, it has ample power to effortlessly tackle tall grass. Although I have a small yard, I’d recommend opting for a larger engine CC in the future. The bag fills quickly, but without it, the mower operates smoothly. I’ve used it twice and am pleased with its performance, especially considering its price. I deduct a point due to it consuming more gas initially with the bag attached, but once removed, it’s quite efficient. Overall, I’d rate it a solid 9 out of 10.

  48. Neoma Brakus

    Starts easily and cuts well.

  49. Carleton Schimmel

    It was time for a new lawnmower as my old one had stopped working. As a big fan of Craftsman tools, I purchased this lawnmower a few months ago. Setting it up took about 30 minutes, and I found attaching the grass catcher a bit tricky due to unclear instructions. However, once set up, I’ve been using it twice a month, and it has proven to be a high-quality and heavy-duty lawnmower.

  50. Bertram Barton

    Starting it was easy, but it arrived with a missing handle bolt. Otherwise, a great mower.

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