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Full HD 1080P WiFi LED Projector with Android OS, 2K 4K Video Support, and Auto Keystone Correction

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Discover Unparalleled Viewing Experience

Elevate your home theater experience with our state-of-the-art Full HD 1080P WiFi LED Projector. Designed for movie enthusiasts and gamers alike, this projector brings a cinematic quality to your home with its crystal-clear 1920×1080 resolution and support for 2K and 4K videos. Whether you’re watching your favorite movie, streaming a hit series, or engaging in an intense gaming session, the vibrant colors and sharp imagery will immerse you in a world of visual delight.

Product Features

  • Real Native 1920*1080P Resolution: Experience movies, games, and more in full high-definition clarity.
  • High Brightness of 12000 Lumens: Enjoy brilliant, vibrant visuals even in well-lit rooms.
  • Advanced 6D Keystone Correction: Automatic adjustment for the perfect image alignment.
  • Massive Screen Size: Project onto surfaces from 50 to 300 inches for a truly immersive experience.
  • Long-lasting LED Lamp: Up to 50,000 hours of lamp life ensures years of reliable use.
  • Android 9.0 OS: Access a world of apps and streaming services directly from the projector.
  • Multi-Connectivity Options: Includes HDMI, USB, AV, and 3.5mm ports for versatile connectivity.
  • Built-In Speakers with HiFi Stereo Performance: Delivering a rich, clear sound for a complete audio-visual feast.

When to Use This Projector?

This projector is perfect for a variety of settings and uses. From creating an impressive home cinema for movie nights, facilitating engaging presentations in meetings, to enhancing gaming sessions with its low latency and high-resolution output. Its wireless connectivity options make it ideal for effortless streaming from multiple devices, including smartphones and laptops.

What Makes Our Projector Special?

What sets this projector apart is its combination of high-quality visuals, user-friendly features, and versatile connectivity options. The 6D Keystone Correction and the ability to project a massive screen size make it adaptable to any room configuration. The integration of the latest Android OS and dual-band WiFi ensures a seamless streaming experience. Furthermore, its eco-friendly, long-lasting LED lamp minimizes the need for frequent replacements, making it a sustainable choice.

Take Your Viewing Experience to the Next Level

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your entertainment space with our Full HD 1080P WiFi LED Projector. Whether you’re a movie buff, a gaming enthusiast, or a professional seeking a reliable presentation tool, this projector is designed to exceed your expectations. With its superior image quality, easy-to-use features, and robust build, it’s an investment in unparalleled entertainment. Shop now and embark on a visually stunning journey!

49 reviews for Full HD 1080P WiFi LED Projector with Android OS, 2K 4K Video Support, and Auto Keystone Correction

  1. Johnson Schuppe

    The setup process for this projector is simple, with user-friendly instructions and effortless WiFi connectivity. Connecting a Google TV Chromecast was seamless, and it pairs perfectly with Bluetooth speakers. Installed about 10 feet from the screen, it projects a 100-inch image. We use it outdoors, where it performs best at dusk or in darkness. The keystone correction feature is effective, with detailed guidance on optimal placement. This projector has been a cost-effective and high-performing addition to our outdoor entertainment setup, particularly under our gazebo, blending in with its black color.

  2. Melany Lindgren

    I’m thrilled with the quality and features of this projector. It delivers stunning visuals, with crisp details and rich colors that make every movie night a special occasion. The smart features are a game-changer, allowing me to stream my favorite shows and movies directly on the device. The wireless setup was a breeze, and the automatic image adjustment feature worked flawlessly, providing the perfect screen fit. The projector’s quiet operation ensures an uninterrupted viewing experience, and its sleek design adds a modern touch to my living room. It’s an outstanding product that offers great value for its price

  3. Madisyn Bogan

    I was actually pleasently surprised at how good the quality of the picture is, great value. benefits from having an external speaker connected to it but can’t really complain when you get a home cinema for that price 😀

  4. Aron Goldner

    I adore this projector for its exceptional value. It delivers a crystal-clear image and operates on Android, allowing direct use of apps like Netflix, eliminating the need for external devices like a Firestick. With both WiFi and Bluetooth for quick connectivity, and a wired network option for faster speeds, it’s versatile. Its quiet operation and sleek design add to its appeal. Highly recommended for those seeking a quality projector on a mid-range budget.

  5. Kianna Dickens

    Compact and efficient, delivers top-notch visuals.

  6. Emma Rolfson

    Surpasses expectations, especially in daylight conditions.

  7. Ross Miller

    This projector is a standout in the market. The visual clarity and color rendition are exceptional, making every viewing a pleasure. The integration of smart technology for direct streaming and the quick, reliable wireless connection are major conveniences. The automatic adjustment of the image size and alignment is a great feature that simplifies the setup process. The projector’s quiet operation and sleek design make it an ideal choice for any modern home theater setup. I’m thoroughly impressed with its performance and would highly recommend it

  8. Brandi Gerhold

    Budget-friendly without compromising on quality.

  9. Rossie Christiansen

    This projector has been a phenomenal addition to my home theater system. The image quality is incredibly sharp and vibrant, creating an immersive experience whether I’m watching a fast-paced action movie or a visually stunning nature documentary. The built-in smart capabilities mean I can stream directly from popular services without needing any external devices, which simplifies my setup and reduces clutter. The wireless feature is impressively quick to connect, and the wired option is there for when I need an even faster, more stable connection. The device operates quietly, blending seamlessly into the background and ensuring that my audio experience remains undisturbed. The design is sleek and modern, fitting perfectly into my entertainment space. The setup process was straightforward, with the projector intelligently adjusting the image to fit my screen perfectly. I’ve found the image remains clear and detailed even on a larger scale, which is fantastic for creating a real cinema feel at home. The color accuracy and contrast levels are excellent, providing a deep, rich picture that makes everything I watch come to life. Overall, I’m extremely satisfied with this purchase and would recommend it to anyone looking for a high-quality projector that offers both performance and convenience

  10. Floyd Daugherty

    Compared to my previous projector, this one produces more vivid colors and performs well in daylight, a task my old projector struggled with. I’ve connected it to a surround sound system, so I haven’t tested its built-in sound yet. Although the screen size is smaller due to my living room’s constraints, I’m pleased with this purchase and am curious to see if it will outperform the previous, less expensive model.

  11. Evangeline Powlowski

    Having upgraded from a previous model, I am extremely pleased with this projector’s superior picture quality. Its black design enhances the aesthetics of my movie room, offering flawless performance that enhances our movie nights. I highly recommend it.

  12. Joanny Howell

    Supports latest streaming platforms, very convenient.

  13. Pamela Schiller

    This excellent projector is set up in a spacious area, projecting images up to 10 by 20 feet, ideal for both movies and presentations. Nighttime viewings of live-action films are impressive, though darker scenes can be challenging to see in daylight. However, bright animations and presentations are perfectly visible during the day. It would be convenient if it could automatically reconnect to Bluetooth devices, but manual connection is straightforward.

  14. Vivien Reichel

    This projector surpasses all others I’ve owned, offering exceptional brightness that allows for clear viewing even in daylight. It operates smoothly and boasts a user-friendly interface. I highly recommend it.

  15. Adam Kulas

    The projector is highly functional, delivering excellent sound and picture quality, all wrapped in a sleek, black design.

  16. Nakia Bailey

    Excellent product, amazing technology. I suoer recommend, meets all expectations.

  17. Danika Wolf

    Our experience with this projector for movie nights over the past four months has been flawless. It’s bright enough for daytime use, a notable improvement over our previous projector, which had lens issues. This one has remained problem-free.

  18. Thad Block

    Impressive clarity and color accuracy, perfect for movie enthusiasts. The wireless capabilities ensure a smooth, buffer-free experience, enhancing the overall enjoyment

  19. Melisa Koepp

    This projector is a true gem in my tech collection. The image quality is astounding, with a level of clarity and color accuracy that brings every scene to life. The integration of a smart operating system means I can access streaming services directly, making it a versatile entertainment hub. The wireless feature provides a clean setup without the clutter of cables, and the device quickly connects to my network. The image alignment is automatic, which is a blessing for quick setups. Its quiet operation and sleek design are the icing on the cake, making it a stylish addition to my home theater. In terms of performance and value, this projector is a clear winner

  20. Keith Kling

    Robust build, easy navigation, fantastic performance.

  21. Alberto Stracke

    This projector has transformed my viewing experience with its brilliant display and smart technology. The auto-focus ensures a sharp image, and the 4K support enhances the visual detail. The Android interface is smooth, making streaming effortless. Daylight video technology means I can enjoy clear images any time of day

  22. Don Weimann

    Of the three projectors I own, this one stands out for its brightness and functionality, especially for its price. It’s Android-based, enabling app downloads like Prime, Netflix, and Disney, reducing the need for external streaming devices. The model, updated in November 2022, offers 530 ANSI lumens of brightness, sharp picture quality, and easy-to-navigate menus. While it has a 50,000-hour bulb life, this is expected given its brightness. Optimal viewing is achieved in a dark setting, much like a cinema experience.

  23. Rebecca Casper

    Clear text and uniform focus was what made me keep this projector. Does get very loud though but despite that I decided it was the one I’d go to.

  24. Christelle Ritchie

    Throughout my experiences with various projectors, this one stands out as the best value for money. I’ve often been disappointed with the brightness of other models, but this one remains visible in moderate room light. It offers a range of inputs for connectivity, though it lacks a zoom feature for size adjustment without moving the unit. However, keystone and focus adjustments are possible. For its price, it meets my needs well.

  25. Ole Volkman

    Perfect for backyard movie nights, very immersive.

  26. Dean Howe

    Auto-focus feature ensures sharp images instantly.

  27. Paige Gulgowski

    Bright display at a reasonable price
    Simple to focus and operate
    High-quality picture and sound
    The fan can be noisy
    In summary, this projector proved its worth during a Super Bowl viewing on my garage door, offering a bright, sharp image without lag, and decent sound for its size. Despite the noisy fan, its overall performance and value make it a commendable choice.

  28. Garth Smith

    Enhanced viewing experience, feels like cinema at home.

  29. Lea Mertz

    This projector is a true masterpiece of technology. The clarity and detail of the image it produces are second to none, providing an exceptional viewing experience that rivals that of high-end cinemas. The integration of a smart platform allows for effortless streaming of my favorite content directly on the projector, eliminating the need for additional streaming devices. The wireless connectivity is robust and efficient, making it simple to connect to my home network. The projector’s quiet operation ensures that my viewing experience is never interrupted by noise, and its elegant design makes it a stylish addition to any room. The automatic image adjustment feature is incredibly convenient, allowing for a perfect picture setup every time. The quality of the image is maintained beautifully across different screen sizes, demonstrating the projector’s excellent capability to deliver high-resolution content in all its glory. The colors are vibrant, and the contrast is striking, providing a depth to the image that is truly captivating. Its performance in both dark and lit environments is impressive, offering flexibility in how and where I can use it. The projector has exceeded my expectations in every way, providing both the functionality and quality I desire for my home theater experience

  30. Kassandra Kohler

    Owning this projector has elevated my home entertainment to new heights. The image it projects is incredibly clear and detailed, making every movie night a special event. The built-in smart platform is a significant advantage, allowing me to access a wide range of streaming services directly, which enhances the user experience by offering convenience and variety. The wireless capability of the projector is fantastic, providing a quick and seamless connection to my network, while the option for a wired connection is there for those who prefer it. The device operates silently, which is perfect for uninterrupted movie watching, and its modern design adds a touch of sophistication to my home theater setup. The ease of setup was a pleasant surprise, with the projector automatically adjusting the image to suit my screen, ensuring that I always have the best possible view. The brightness and sharpness of the display are outstanding, maintaining a high-quality image even on larger screens. The color reproduction is accurate, and the contrast levels are deep, creating a rich and immersive visual experience. This projector is a standout product that has met all my needs and more, offering a perfect blend of advanced technology and user-friendly features

  31. Mittie Rowe

    I bought this to replace an outdated, high-end projector, and it has effectively taken over the role of my 65″ TV. I now exclusively use this projector, with the only drawback being the need for a better sound setup. It’s an outstanding projector.

  32. Bobby Rosenbaum

    To enhance our viewing experience, I added a Fire Stick to the projector, granting easy access to apps like VUDU and Disney+. Its simplicity and adjustable display size are perfect for various spaces. Initially, we projected onto the stucco of our house during twilight, resulting in a crisp and clear image that improved with darkness. Later, we switched to a fabric screen stretched between trees, which yielded an even larger and impressive display, though I didn’t capture this setup in photos. I strongly recommend this setup.

  33. Wilber Cremin

    I’m amazed by the performance of this projector. The picture quality is extraordinary, with sharp, vivid images that enhance the overall viewing experience. The ability to access streaming services directly on the device is a significant advantage, offering convenience and a wide range of entertainment options. The wireless connection is straightforward and stable, and the automatic image correction feature is very effective. The projector’s quiet operation and elegant design add to its appeal, making it a top choice for anyone looking to upgrade their home theater system

  34. Felicita Witting

    The projector provides an exceptional at-home movie experience for our children, functioning well even without a dedicated screen. The image clarity and sound volume are impressive, making it a valuable addition.

  35. Ardella Kutch

    I recently acquired this projector and am absolutely amazed by its capabilities. The visual output is stunning, with colors that pop and details that are sharp, making every viewing a truly cinematic experience. The smart functionality is a dream come true, giving me direct access to a plethora of streaming services without the need for extra devices. Its wireless integration is flawless, offering a quick and easy connection process. The device’s silent operation is a major plus, as it allows me to get lost in the audiovisual experience without any distracting noise. The design is both sleek and functional, easily fitting into my home’s aesthetic. Setting it up was a breeze, thanks to its intuitive interface and automatic image adjustment feature, which perfectly aligns the picture with my screen. The brightness and clarity of the image are exceptional, even in well-lit conditions, making it versatile for various viewing environments. The projector’s ability to handle high-resolution content ensures that I always get the best possible picture quality, enhancing my enjoyment of all types of media. Its performance has consistently impressed me, proving that it’s a reliable choice for anyone serious about their home entertainment setup

  36. Johnson Rath

    We use this outdoors and is perfect for our needs

  37. Lafayette Cassin

    The projector arrived promptly and was easy to set up. After connecting it to WiFi, it required a software update, common for WiFi-enabled devices. The picture presets are appealing, although I usually prefer customizing my picture and sound settings. I use a DIY gray screen with an LED-lit frame from Amazon, and I’m quite impressed with the picture quality.

  38. Idell Borer

    Early review but the product is great value for money. I am awaiting a screen (ordered from a different supplier) to complete my set up but used temporarily on blank wall and very happy with the picture quality and performance. Cannot update some of the apps on the device but not a big problem as there are ways around that.

  39. Alexandria McCullough

    First impressions were good liked very highly recommend

  40. Tabitha Monahan

    This projector is a fantastic investment. We’ve connected it to our Xbox and Switch for outdoor movie and gaming nights, projecting perfectly onto a 16-foot screen. It was so impressive that our neighbor bought one too, leading to regular movie nights throughout the warmer seasons.

  41. Brittany Haag

    The projector’s setup is straightforward, delivering excellent picture quality for both indoor and outdoor viewings. It’s a recommendable choice for anyone in search of an affordable, high-quality projector.

  42. Warren Roob

    I’m genuinely impressed with this projector’s performance. The display quality is exceptional, showcasing vivid colors and sharp details that enhance my viewing experience. The ability to stream content directly on the device is a major advantage, eliminating the need for external streaming devices. The wireless connectivity is fast and reliable, providing a seamless streaming experience. The automatic image correction feature is incredibly efficient, making it easy to get the perfect picture every time. Its quiet operation adds to the overall enjoyment, ensuring that nothing distracts from the immersive experience. This projector has met all my expectations and more

  43. Robert Ondricka

    Excellent picture quality, clean, vivid, image with amazing sound

  44. Murray Aufderhar

    Our nonprofit utilizes the projector for workshops and fundraisers, delivering a picture quality that exceeds our expectations. While its built-in audio is decent, we opt for an external PA system due to the large space. We are eager to use it outdoors in better weather.

  45. Carmella Schamberger

    For its price, this projector offers impressive brightness and quality on various surfaces, making it a great purchase.

  46. Kyler Paucek

    We replaced our old projector with a new one, installed at the same ceiling location, aiming for a bigger screen without additional space to move it back. Surprisingly, the new projector filled our entire wall with its image, necessitating a slight size reduction to fit. The picture quality, even at this larger size, surpassed the old one, confirming our excellent choice in this projector.

  47. Holly Beer

    This projector has been an excellent addition to our home entertainment setup. The picture quality is simply brilliant, offering a level of detail and color depth that is truly impressive. The built-in smart functionality allows for easy access to streaming services, providing endless entertainment options. The wireless connection is quick and stable, facilitating effortless content streaming. The device’s ability to adjust the image size and alignment automatically is a significant convenience, saving time and enhancing the viewing experience. Additionally, its quiet operation and attractive design make it a fantastic choice for any home theater. I’m extremely satisfied with this purchase and would highly recommend it to others

  48. Robin Leffler

    This projector has proven to be the best in its class, offering the finest picture quality we’ve encountered. It has already facilitated several movie nights with its easy setup, sharp image, and vivid colors on any surface. We’re thrilled with this purchase and anticipate many more movie nights with this projector.

  49. Barry Stanton

    In a darkened room, the projection is excellent and remains satisfactory with some light; however, it underperforms in full daylight. I use its Bluetooth capability to connect to an audio adapter for enhanced sound. The projector necessitates manual input selection upon startup, temporarily enlarging the image, but it readjusts to fit a 10-foot screen perfectly with the correct settings.

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