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Full HD 1080P Smart LED Projector with Digital Focus and Android OS

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Immerse Yourself in the Ultimate Home Cinema Experience

Transform your living room into a personal cinema with the Full HD 1080P Smart LED Projector. Boasting a crystal-clear 1920*1080 resolution, this projector delivers vibrant, detailed images for an immersive viewing experience. Whether you’re watching movies, playing games, or streaming content, enjoy a larger-than-life display in the comfort of your home.


Key Features at a Glance

  • Native 1920*1080 resolution for sharp, clear images
  • High brightness ranging from 5,000 to 6,000 lumens
  • Android 9.0 OS with 1G RAM and 32GB storage
  • Wireless connectivity including Airplay and Wifi-display
  • Wide range of language support
  • Multiple input/output options for versatility

Designed for Convenience and Flexibility

The projector is equipped with a digital focus feature, easily adjustable via remote control, ensuring a hassle-free setup. It supports a maximum projection size of 200 inches, offering a cinematic experience that is three times larger than a 60-inch TV. Its rich interface, including HDMI, USB, AV, and audio ports, makes it compatible with a wide array of devices.


Advanced Technology for Superior Viewing

Experience exceptional color accuracy and visual performance with the projector’s 8-digits IPS panel and 95% NTSC color gamut. The LED light source, boasting a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, ensures long-term reliability and eco-friendliness. Plus, the built-in 4D digital keystone correction guarantees perfect alignment every time.

Enjoy High-Quality Audio and Easy Connectivity

Complementing its visual prowess, the projector features built-in HiFi speakers, delivering rich and immersive audio. It’s equipped with Bluetooth 4.2 for seamless connection to external speakers or sound systems. The built-in 5G Wifi enables effortless streaming of online content, enhancing your entertainment options.

Why Choose This Projector?

  • Perfect for home cinema, gaming, and streaming
  • Easy installation and user-friendly interface
  • Long-lasting LED lamp with minimal maintenance
  • Portable and stylish design fits any home decor

Ready to Elevate Your Home Entertainment?

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to bring the magic of cinema into your home. Whether it’s movie nights, gaming sessions, or binge-watching your favorite series, this Full HD 1080P Smart LED Projector is your ticket to an unparalleled viewing experience. Order now and embark on a journey of visual excellence and innovation.

51 reviews for Full HD 1080P Smart LED Projector with Digital Focus and Android OS

  1. Esmeralda Hoppe

    I was thoroughly impressed with this Smart LED Projector’s performance, especially its integration of Android OS and digital focus capabilities. The Full HD 1080P resolution exceeded my expectations, providing a cinema-quality viewing experience right in my living room.

  2. Terence Bergstrom

    The ease of use and the quality of the image produced by this projector are unparalleled. With Android OS, I had access to all my favorite streaming apps without any hassle. The digital focus feature made setting up for movie nights a breeze, ensuring sharp and engaging visuals every time.

  3. Dorris Koepp

    This projector boasts an exceptional contrast ratio, rendering images with remarkable sharpness and clarity.

  4. Magali Keeling

    I find this projector to be of superior quality, offering an outstanding resolution that shines on a proper screen. While it already provides crisp images, excellent focus, and smooth operation, using a projection screen enhances these qualities even further. Although the built-in audio can sometimes distort, I find that connecting to Bluetooth offers a flawless listening experience.

  5. Eliseo Reinger

    An excellent product that was delivered promptly and efficiently!

  6. Joanie Runolfsdottir

    For those considering an entry-level projector, this one stands out. It performs exceptionally well, and I highly recommend it to anyone in the market for a reliable projector.

  7. Delbert Stiedemann

    Pros: Aesthetic appearance, build quality, projection quality. An excellent choice for a home theater! I’ve been using it for about 3 months now and haven’t encountered any problems.

  8. Price Quitzon

    Best purchase ever!

  9. Irma Price

    Astounding clarity!

  10. Emely Gleason


  11. Josefina Flatley


  12. Reuben Johnston

    Remote control operation. Adjustment of lens angles and tilt. The picture is clearly visible in daylight. Good sound. Runs on Android, allowing the installation of apps.

  13. Fiona Eichmann

    The Full HD 1080P Smart LED Projector is not just an electronic device; it’s a gateway to immersive entertainment experiences. The setup process was incredibly straightforward, thanks to the intuitive Android OS and the digital focus feature, which ensures a perfectly sharp image every time. The wireless connectivity options, including Airplay and Wi-Fi display, mean that you can easily share content from all your devices without the mess of wires. The image quality, with its native 1920*1080 resolution and high brightness, brings movies, games, and streaming content to life in a way I never thought possible in my own living room. The projector supports a vast array of languages and comes with multiple input/output options, ensuring it can connect with just about any device.

  14. Porter Hudson


  15. Sofia Zboncak

    From unboxing to first movie night, the experience was top-notch. The digital focus and Android OS make it incredibly user-friendly.

  16. Lamont Aufderhar

    Bright and brilliant!

  17. Orion Hettinger

    Cinema at home.

  18. Horacio Sawayn

    The versatility of this projector is unmatched. Not only does it serve as an excellent home cinema for movies and series with its sharp, clear images and high brightness, but it’s also fantastic for gaming, thanks to its low latency and vibrant colors. The Android operating system provides an intuitive interface, and the wireless connectivity options are a boon for a seamless setup. Whether it’s the digital focus for easy adjustment or the long lamp life for reliability, every feature has been designed with the user’s convenience in mind.

  19. Aurelio Bashirian

    Easy setup, fantastic picture.

  20. Hillary Gaylord

    I was skeptical about a projector replacing my TV, but this has done just that and more. The setup is easy, and the picture quality is amazing.

  21. Omer Schneider


  22. Leonard Jenkins

    One aspect of the projector that has truly impressed me is its color accuracy and visual performance. The 8-digit IPS panel and the 95% NTSC color gamut produce images that are not only clear but vibrant and full of life. The LED light source, with a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, promises years of entertainment without the need for frequent replacements. Additionally, the built-in 4D digital keystone correction has been a lifesaver, making sure that the image aligns perfectly every time, regardless of the placement of the projector.

  23. Trey Weissnat

    Transformed my evenings. Whether it’s movies or gaming, the Full HD resolution and vibrant colors bring everything to life.

  24. Chaim Harris


  25. Hilma Hintz

    For anyone considering a home projector, this is the one. The resolution, brightness, and Android OS provide an unparalleled viewing experience.

  26. Mose Kihn

    Impressed by the lamp life.

  27. Selmer Bahringer

    Digital focus = game-changer.

  28. Muhammad Toy

    Absolutely love the wireless features. Streaming from my devices is seamless, and the digital focus makes setup a breeze.

  29. Aniyah Skiles

    The projector’s audio capabilities are just as impressive as its visuals. The built-in HiFi speakers deliver rich and immersive audio, making external speakers unnecessary for most situations. However, for those looking to enhance their audio experience, the Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity allows for easy connection to external sound systems. Furthermore, the built-in 5G Wi-Fi not only facilitates effortless streaming of online content but does so with such ease that it has become my go-to method for watching anything. This projector has not only met but exceeded my expectations in every way, offering a cinema-quality viewing experience in the comfort of my own home. It’s perfect for anyone looking to elevate their home entertainment system.

  30. Mollie Kling

    Built-in speakers are surprisingly good. Android OS is super user-friendly. Incredible for movie nights.

  31. Horace O'Reilly

    My quest for the ultimate home cinema experience led me to the Full HD 1080P Smart LED Projector, and what a journey it has been. As someone who values both the visual and auditory aspects of watching films and playing games, this projector has become the heart of my entertainment setup. The image quality is simply outstanding. The colors pop with vibrancy, the blacks are deep, and the level of detail is incredible, thanks to its 1080P resolution. Moreover, the digital focus and keystone correction features ensure that I always get a perfectly aligned and focused image, enhancing my viewing pleasure.

    The Android OS with built-in Wi-Fi has significantly changed how I access content. Being able to install streaming apps directly on the projector means I have all my favorite shows and movies at my fingertips, without needing extra devices cluttering my space. The wireless connectivity options are robust, providing seamless streaming from my phone, tablet, or laptop. This feature alone has made movie nights more enjoyable, as anyone can easily share their favorite content.

    To sum up, the Full HD 1080P Smart LED Projector is a game-changer. Its combination of high-quality image projection, user-friendly features, and smart capabilities make it a standout choice for anyone looking to enhance their home entertainment system. Whether it’s hosting a movie night, binge-watching series, or gaming, this projector has proven its worth time and time again. It offers an immersive viewing experience that rivals many high-end home cinema setups, all without breaking the bank. If you’re considering taking your home entertainment to the next level, this projector is definitely worth a look.

  32. Wendell Crist

    Vibrant colors, clear image.

  33. Jose Cummerata

    Perfect for our family movie nights.

  34. Oswald O'Conner

    Never going back to a regular TV. This projector has changed how I view movies and play games forever. The HD clarity and the size of the display it can project have turned my living room into a private cinema. Setup was straightforward, and the Android OS makes it so easy to access my favorite streaming services directly.

  35. Charlotte Jakubowski

    Makes my living room a cinema.

  36. Rodger Hermann

    This projector has elevated our home entertainment. The clarity and brightness are perfect for movie nights and gaming sessions. The Android OS integration makes streaming effortless.

  37. Junius Kshlerin

    Feels like a theater at home.

  38. Jeffrey Wehner

    The portable design fits my lifestyle perfectly. It’s easy to move around the house or take to a friend’s for game night.

  39. Andreanne Langosh

    When I decided to upgrade my home entertainment system, I stumbled upon the Full HD 1080P Smart LED Projector and was intrigued by its features. I’ve always dreamed of having my own home theater, and this projector seemed like the perfect start. After using it for a couple of months, I can confidently say it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. The image quality is absolutely stunning. The native 1920*1080 resolution combined with the high lumens brightness makes for an unparalleled viewing experience. Every movie night has been a hit, with the projector providing a larger-than-life display that’s both sharp and colorful.

    The digital focus feature is a standout, allowing me to adjust the focus precisely with the remote, ensuring that the picture is always perfect, no matter the content. During the day, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the picture quality holds up even in ambient light, a testament to the projector’s brightness and clarity. The Android OS is a breeze to navigate, and having the ability to download apps directly onto the projector has opened up a whole new world of streaming possibilities.

    In conclusion, the Full HD 1080P Smart LED Projector has exceeded all my expectations. Its ease of use, combined with the superior image and sound quality, has truly elevated my home viewing experience. It’s not just a projector; it’s a gateway to an immersive cinematic experience. Whether it’s for movies, gaming, or streaming, this projector delivers on all fronts. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to bring the magic of cinema into their home. It’s an investment that pays off in endless hours of entertainment.

  40. Melvin Grimes


  41. Milford Doyle

    The product is very good and the internal sound until it is also good, you can use it in a room without problem, the fan is not noisy and I quite liked the image quality even projected on a wall. But mine came with a dead pixel that bothers at times.

  42. Maymie Hammes

    Ready very top excellent image recommend selling cooling little noise came very fast arrived on the day marking delivery I am testing but I already liked it a lot ….

  43. Erich Schulist

    Good luminosity in clear environments, and arrived 5 days ahead of schedule

  44. Abbigail Harber

    Love it! 😍

  45. Jaquan Dooley

    Excellent image projector.

  46. Americo Champlin

    Very good fulfills what promises

  47. Destin Aufderhar

    Setup? A breeze!
    So portable, yet so powerful.

  48. Rahsaan Prohaska

    An excellent product of great quality excellent image loved

  49. Maxine Braun

    Great very satisfied projector arrived fast all right recommend

  50. Constance Kuphal

    Better than I imagined. Excellent projector with a very affordable price. Arrived very fast.

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