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Full Body 3D Massage Chair with Thai Stretch & Zero Gravity

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Discover Deep Relaxation and Rejuvenation

Step into a world of tranquility and comfort with our Full Body 3D Massage Chair – your at-home solution to the stresses and strains of daily life. Expertly crafted to provide you with an unparalleled relaxation experience, this massage chair boasts an array of features designed to cater to your every need. Indulge in the ultimate full-body massage, with intelligent 3D rollers that emulate the precise movements of professional hands, combined with a complete air massage system that cocoons your entire body.  

Key Features for Personalized Comfort

Our massage chair is equipped with Smart Acupoint Scanning that customizes each session by scanning your body’s height, shoulder width, and spine curvature. The Upgraded Zero Gravity Recliner effortlessly elevates your legs above your heart, promoting circulation and reducing fatigue. With 7 Massage Modes, you can easily select a program that targets your needs, whether it’s to energize after a long day or to unwind before bed. Experience a therapeutic session that feels bespoke, tailored just for you with adjustable speed and strength settings.  

Benefits of Full Body 3D Massage Chair

  • Smart body scanning for a personalized massage experience
  • Zero gravity reclining for optimal relaxation and circulation
  • Deep 3D rollers plus full-body air massage to alleviate muscle tension
  • Multiple massage modes catering to different wellness needs
  • Fast heating for a comforting warmth
  • Bluetooth audio feature for an immersive relaxation environment
  • Extendable footrest to accommodate various user heights


Special Features That Stand Out

What sets our massage chair apart is the attention to detail. The Thai Stretch function revitalizes your body by mimicking yoga-like stretches, while the SL-Track system ensures a comprehensive massage from neck to hips. The chair’s unique flexible shoulder width adjustment, coupled with dual-action foot rollers and air massage, provides a full spectrum of comfort. Complete with fast heating and Bluetooth audio immersion, this chair is not just a piece of furniture, but a gateway to your personal oasis.  

When to Use This Massage Chair

Whether you’re starting your day, needing a midday pick-me-up, or winding down in the evening, this massage chair is perfect for any time. Utilize the Zero Gravity feature to alleviate morning stiffness, or select the Thai Stretch after a workout to aid in your recovery. For a serene end to your day, choose the Rest & Sleep mode with gentle heat to prepare for a good night’s sleep.  

Why Choose Our Massage Chair?

With over 20 years of expertise in massage innovation, we present you a product that combines advanced technology with the wisdom of traditional massage techniques. Our chair is not just a purchase, it’s an investment in your well-being. Embrace the future of at-home massage and transform your living space into a haven of relaxation.   Ready to take the first step towards a life of everyday luxury and relaxation? Experience the pinnacle of comfort with our Full Body 3D Massage Chair. Order yours today and elevate your wellness routine!

50 reviews for Full Body 3D Massage Chair with Thai Stretch & Zero Gravity

  1. Sonya Streich

    This chair lives up to its description – comfortable and a breeze to assemble. I’m thoroughly impressed. With multiple massage options and customizable speed and pressure, it hits all the right spots. The heat feature is a nice touch, and despite some minor issues with the headrest pillow and noise level, it’s a winner in my book. Would definitely recommend to friends and family.

  2. Kyra Block

    Exactly what I needed! Incredible bang for your buck!

  3. Delia Runte

    I’ve had this chair for over three months now, and it’s been perfect for my needs. With just the right number of programs and decent massage quality, it’s a winner. Despite some initial firmness with the rollers, a blanket solved the issue. Its size is perfect for smaller individuals, unlike other chairs designed for larger folks. Overall, it’s a solid choice for the price.

  4. Kasey Koch

    After three weeks of use, this chair has significantly improved my lower back. A fantastic purchase!

  5. Hollis Stehr


  6. Alba Tromp

    This chair is fantastic. I did extensive research before purchasing it. While I got it for my boyfriend for Christmas, I find myself using it more often. I particularly love the sleep mode. I avoid putting my arms in because the pressure is too much for me, and the heat is intense, but it works wonders on the rest of my back. I haven’t encountered any problems with it so far, and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it again.

  7. Bertrand Nicolas

    This is my first experience with a massage chair. Standing at 5’10” with a slender frame, I felt I might be stretching the limits of this chair’s design, especially where the airbags apply pressure on my shoulders. However, it fits me well enough to work effectively. As someone who spends long hours standing or leaning over at work, I anticipated significant benefits from this chair, and I was right. While it took some getting used to, it now feels incredibly soothing. Initially, I was surprised by the firmness of the rollers and the intensity of the airbags. It’s worth noting that the rollers might be too firm for some users. We’ve found that placing a soft blanket on the chair before use adds just the right amount of cushioning for us. While the presets offer some variety, they mainly provide different versions of the same movements. My personal favorite is the Thai stretch mode, which immobilizes some rollers momentarily and moves the chair more than other modes. I didn’t think the Bluetooth speakers would make much of a difference, but they’re a pleasant surprise – positioned on either side of your head for a stereo effect. I chose this chair because I wanted one that could adapt to different body types and featured an SL track that extends down to the hips. I’m very satisfied with my purchase!

  8. Jaiden Stiedemann

    Overall, I’m very pleased with this product. Assembly was straightforward, and there’s a wide range of massage settings to choose from.

  9. Josefina Rippin

    Nestling into his chair after a long day’s work is pure bliss. The intensity of the compressions and rollers caught me off guard, and the Bluetooth speakers are a delightful touch. They really dig deep into those stubborn muscles, leaving you feeling utterly relaxed. Plus, the fact that it came fully assembled straight out of the box was a game-changer – just unpack, roll it into place, and plug in. Worth every single penny!

  10. Dena Dare

    A resounding recommendation! This chair is truly an investment in your well-being, evident within the first 30 seconds of use. While it may be pricey, the unparalleled comfort and relaxation it offers make it worth every penny!

  11. Iva Langworth

    After several months of research, I settled on this chair, and it’s been an excellent purchase. Assembly was straightforward, and the chair is very comfortable. I use it daily, and it’s made a significant difference in alleviating my neck and back discomfort. While it offers seven different modes, I typically stick to just two. Overall, I highly recommend this chair to family and friends.

  12. Melyna Bins

    For the price, you can’t beat it. The various massage options offer different experiences and intensities.

  13. Richmond Towne

    Purchased this during a discount period, but even at full price, it’s fair. It’s made a significant difference in managing my back pain. As a taller individual, I find it comfortable, though an extra inch or two would be ideal. The massages are intense, especially on tight muscles, but using a towel helps. All the functions work well, and I’ve found the lower back waist mode particularly effective. It’s not a miracle cure, but it certainly helps alleviate muscle tension. Assembling it solo was a bit tricky, so I’d recommend assistance.

  14. Ena Hickle

    I was hesitant to buy an expensive chair without trying it first, but I finally took the plunge. It arrived sooner than expected, fully assembled, and was easy to set up. I had concerns about the message being too intense, which turned out to be valid. I have several back and shoulder issues, as well as fibromyalgia and nerve issues, so any chair might have caused discomfort. I initially used a pillow for cushioning, then switched to a lawn chair cushion, which has worked well for me. While it doesn’t quite reach the shoulders or neck as advertised, I love the Thai stretch, zero gravity, and sleep functions. I’ve used it daily since receiving it, often twice a day. So far, I’m very pleased with this purchase!

  15. Nico Hauck

    Always fancied a massage chair but balked at the exorbitant prices. After trying a friend’s in 2022, I was hooked. This year, and I seized the opportunity to get my own. Impressed by its user-friendliness, though I wish the rollers delved a bit deeper.

  16. Rahul Lind

    Got this gem about 10 weeks back and it’s been a game-changer. We love toggling between programmed and manual massages. The robust back roller hits the spot, though my wife cushions it with a blanket. The arm and leg airbags pack a surprising punch, while the foot rollers could be more intense. Easy assembly out of the box, mostly pre-assembled. Highly recommend!

  17. Aimee Lesch

    A fantastic chair for the price! Fits perfectly in the corner of my living room, easy to assemble, and very comfortable. The massage is incredibly relaxing.

  18. Mike Kiehn

    I bought this chair to aid in post-workout recovery, as I exercise about six times a week and often end up feeling quite sore. Additionally, I had recently experienced a severe back sprain and needed something to alleviate the tension.
    The chair arrived promptly and was easy to set up. I used it extensively and found it incredibly helpful. My advice to others would be not to overdo it with any massage chair, as it can induce new soreness. Overall, this chair worked wonders in helping my back recover. When my family visited during the winter, the chair was rarely left unoccupied in the evenings.

    I agree with others who suggest adding something for the lower hamstrings for a bit more range. Personally, I supplement this with a massage gun, which works well. The heating function is robust, but be cautious to avoid direct skin contact, as it can cause discomfort.
    Overall, this chair has effectively addressed my lower back, upper back, foot, shoulder, and forearm soreness and tightness.

  19. Rylan Altenwerth


  20. Penny Goyette

    I took the plunge and got this chair in August, and it’s been nothing short of amazing. It’s become my go-to spot after a long day, offering 15-30 minutes of pure bliss. I love how it fits snugly in the corner of my bedroom, though it’s stylish enough for the living room too. The only minor improvement I can think of is if the foot massager moved up and down, but it’s a minor gripe compared to the overall satisfaction.

  21. Stephon Schaefer

    Fantastic value for the money! Speedy delivery, easy assembly, and impeccable functionality. My wife and I use it religiously, and it’s transformed our sleep quality. Can’t recommend it enough!

  22. Marco Koch

    Bought it in September and it’s been a godsend. Easy assembly, prompt delivery, and it performs like a dream. Couldn’t be happier with this purchase!

  23. Philip Kemmer

    The chair feels heavenly. I’ve tried three settings so far and almost drifted off, even in broad daylight. It’s that good.
    Arriving fully assembled was a major plus and one of the main reasons I chose this product.

    CONS: NONE. Seriously, I have no complaints whatsoever, which is rare.

    The intensity of the airbags could be toned down slightly for increased comfort.
    Unpacking was a breeze until I had to remove the chair from the base, which proved tricky solo.
    Additional intensity on the neck and upper shoulders, as well as interaction with the quads and hamstrings, would be fantastic.

  24. Izabella Doyle

    A lifesaver after stressful work days! The plush leather is beyond comfy, and the quick delivery was a bonus. Can’t express how much I adore this chair!

  25. Tom Abbott

    We’ve only had this chair for less than a week, but it already feels like it’s paid for itself! Our household, spanning different ages and heights, loves it. We’ve had to schedule usage because everyone wants a turn. The delivery experience was smooth, though we had to remove a door to get it inside. Despite minor hiccups, it’s been a fantastic addition to our home.

  26. Priscilla Hansen

    This chair has become the highlight of our evenings at home. It’s a crowd-pleaser, with everyone eager to give it a try. Remarkably versatile, it caters to all body sizes and preferences. Simply put, it’s amazing.

  27. Jerad Blanda

    After suffering from chronic back pain for years and relying on professional massages every few weeks, I decided to invest in this chair based on its reviews. It delivers a deep back massage that’s perfect for those in need of serious relief. However, if you’re sensitive to intense pressure, it might not be the best fit. It also targets arms, shoulders, and legs with air pressure, though the foot rollers, while decent, lack mobility. Overall, it’s been a game-changer for me, allowing me to go three months without needing a professional massage. It’s practically paying for itself.

  28. Mariam Zboncak

    Can’t get enough of the sleek design and smooth operation of this chair!🌟

  29. Janet Spencer

    Finally took the plunge and purchased this chair, and it’s been a wonderful addition to my relaxation routine after long days. No regrets here!

  30. Adam Raynor

    This massage chair has become a staple in our daily routine, especially post-workout. It’s incredibly effective at soothing tired muscles, and it even helps me drift off to sleep! No more trips to the massage parlor for me. A solid 5-star experience!

  31. Carl Kling

    No regrets here. Fits my wife better than me (I’m 6′-2″), but it’s still a winner. Just a heads-up: it’s hefty and cumbersome to maneuver into place.

    Purchase that exceeded expectations. Love everything from its durability to the Bluetooth connectivity. Foot rollers could pack a bit more punch, but overall, fantastic bang for your buck!

  32. Oliver Murray

    Prepare to drift off into a peaceful slumber like never before.👌

  33. Mary Braun

    Among the four of us in the house, this chair is in constant demand. Surprisingly easy to assemble despite its initial appearance, it’s been a hit. The built-in Bluetooth speakers are a delightful surprise, though the remote could use some improvement. Nonetheless, it’s a worthy investment compared to other massage chairs out there.

  34. Wilburn Weissnat

    Definitely a worthwhile investment, especially for targeting shoulders and back. The foot massage isn’t as impressive, but it still feels good. I’d happily recommend it to my colleagues.

  35. Daniel Orn

    The massage chair offers impressive value for its price point.

    Assembly is minimal, mainly involving zipping up a few padding pieces and unfolding the foot pod. Rolling it into place was manageable, although an extra set of hands would have made it even easier.

    Minimal assembly required
    Appears to be of good quality
    Comfortable to sit in
    Provides effective massages
    Features 5 auto programs
    Stretch function, though enjoyable, is too brief to fully satisfy
    Glute massage is pleasant but could be more robust
    Zero-G function is a notable feature

    Lack of 3D capability means inability to adjust intensity, despite product description suggesting otherwise
    Padding is necessary to soften the massage on the shoulder blades
    Stretch function falls short in terms of duration
    Only one roller for foot massage; additional rollers would enhance the experience
    Arm airbags may exert too much pressure for some users, although it was manageable for me; using a phone while seated in the chair is still possible.

  36. Virginia Hahn

    I’m very happy with this chair.

  37. Eve Block

    Absolutely worth every penny! We received it today and decided to give it a try immediately. Wow! What a fantastic investment. The best part? No assembly required whatsoever. Simply take it out of the box, pull down the leg part, and you’re all set to enjoy the experience.

  38. Judy Volkman

    Just received my chair.
    Impressively, the chair boasts quality and features beyond its price point. With 7 massage modes, each offering a unique massage style, it provides a variety that keeps each session fresh. The messages reach from the buttocks to the neck, offering thorough relief. The foot massage, especially, is immersive and relaxing, with kneading motions that soothe tired feet. While the Bluetooth speakers lack bass, they offer crisp stereo sound, complementing the overall experience. I’m hopeful that its performance remains reliable in the long run and highly recommend it!

  39. Harley Reichert

    This chair has been a game-changer for my back pain. I’m really fond of it.

  40. Timmy Emmerich

    My Massage Chair brings me immense joy. It functions wonderfully, and it seems my son appreciates it even more than I do. It’s become a cherished Christmas gift for us both.

  41. Earl Gleichner

    I’m absolutely enamored with this chair. The Massage Chair stands as my best self-purchase yet. Whether after a grueling workday, intense gym session, or just to unwind and clear my mind, it delivers with a range of massages from deep tissue to gentle relaxation. Its adaptability ensures maximum comfort.

  42. Scottie Kautzer

    Having owned two massage chairs previously, I can confidently say that this one surpasses them all. It boasts exceptional quality and features that elevate the massage experience.

  43. Stella Gerhold

    After experiencing the wonders of a friend’s massage chair during a visit, I knew I had to have one in my life. Setting it up was a breeze, and I eagerly anticipated using it, especially since both my boyfriend and I suffer from back pain and more.
    If you’re a fan of deep tissue massages, this chair is a dream come true. It really digs deep, although initially, it was a bit too intense for my liking. To tone it down, I placed a lightweight blanket in the back area until I acclimated to the pressure (though my boyfriend and others absolutely adore the intensity). I particularly appreciate its focus on the lower neck area and the comforting lower back heat feature, along with the calf compressions. While the arm area’s intensity is a tad much for me, others seem to revel in it. Our only unanimous wish is for the foot rollers to cover a broader area. As for the remote, I find it a bit perplexing, sticking to my tried-and-true settings for now, but I’m determined to explore its full potential soon. Whenever friends drop by, the chair becomes the star attraction, prompting playful jokes about charging for its use. 😂 All in all, I couldn’t be happier with this purchase.

  44. Theresia Homenick

    I bought this massage chair as a Christmas present for my mom, but I find myself using it more often than she does! Needless to say, we’re both extremely satisfied with this purchase.

  45. Antonette Grimes

    While I do like the massage chair, I wish the rollers could reach closer to the spine for better coverage. Additionally, for individuals on the shorter side (5’3″ or less), the arms may not fit into the slots correctly for the air massage.

  46. Kiara Kuhic

    This massage chair is as described—comfortable and easy to assemble. I’m impressed overall, especially with the multitude of massage options and the ability to adjust the speed and pressure of the rollers. While the rollers cover most of the body, where they miss, the airbags and stretching options step in to enhance the experience. The heat option is a fantastic addition. Although the connected headrest pillow tends to move or flip behind the chair during shoulder and neck massages, I find that removing it enhances the neck massage experience. While the chair may be a tad louder than expected, it doesn’t detract from the relaxation it provides. I’d happily recommend it to family and friends.

  47. Weston Considine

    The back rollers are a bit too strong and firm for my liking. However, everything else about the chair is satisfactory.

  48. Paris Green

    I really enjoy my chair. It works wonderfully. 🫶💗✌️🥰😊

  49. Vilma Ward

    I was hesitant about splurging on an expensive massage chair without trying it out first, but I eventually took the plunge. To my surprise, it arrived sooner than expected and was fully assembled, making setup a breeze. However, like other reviewers, I found the massage to be too intense and painful at first, given my back, shoulder. To alleviate this, I placed a pillow behind me initially which has been a game-changer. Despite its advertised coverage of the shoulders and neck, I was disappointed to find that the backtrack only reaches the mid-shoulder blade area. Nevertheless, I adore the Thai stretch, zero gravity, and sleep function. I’ve used it religiously since receiving it, missing it dearly during a recent weeklong trip. Overall, I’m very pleased with this purchase!

  50. Erik Ullrich

    I’d been eyeing massage chairs for ages to ease my body aches. After extensive research, I finally took the plunge with this one, and boy, am I glad I did. I only wish I’d made this purchase sooner.


    Packaging: Impeccably packed, zero assembly required. Just unbox and roll it to your desired spot.
    Functionality: It works wonders on my neck and lower back, surpassing my expectations. So cozy, so soothing, and incredibly effective at relieving pain. There’s nothing quite like sinking into it after a grueling workday. My wife, who used to have regular treatments, finds it much easier with this chair around.
    Size: Size was a concern initially, being a tall guy, but it’s surprisingly spacious and comfortable. Despite appearing small in pictures, it’s plenty roomy.
    Airbags: You can adjust the airbags manually, but I prefer a robust air massage.
    Bluetooth functionality is flawless.
    Seven customizable modes are a nice touch.


    The foot roller was a tad painful at first, so I switched it off. I’d recommend wearing thick socks or lowering the intensity for the first time.

    Highly recommended! Would purchase again without a second thought.

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