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Extra Large Auto Deodorizing Cat Litter Box with Advanced Sterilization

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Transform Your Cat Care Experience

Discover the future of cat hygiene with our Extra Large Auto Deodorizing Cat Litter Box, a revolutionary solution for cat owners who value cleanliness and convenience. Designed to meet the needs of both big cats and multiple cat households, this litter box is a game-changer in pet care. Its innovative features and user-friendly design provide an unparalleled experience for you and your feline friends.

Advanced Odor Control

Our Smart Cat Litter Box stands out with its exceptional deodorization and sterilization system. Achieving over 97% efficiency, it not only controls odors but also purifies the surrounding air, ensuring a fresh environment. This technology is especially beneficial in homes where odors are a concern, maintaining a pleasant atmosphere for both pets and owners.

Cost-Effective and Low Maintenance

Investing in this cat litter box means you can say goodbye to the hassle and expense of frequent filter changes. It’s designed to be cost-effective, eliminating the need for additional self-cleaning products. This feature makes it ideal for budget-conscious pet owners seeking a high-quality, low-maintenance solution.

Spacious and Comfortable

The box’s generous size of 18.89″*15.7″*16.57″ provides ample space for your cat to move and use comfortably. It’s perfect for larger breeds or households with multiple cats, accommodating weights from 2.2 to 18 lbs. Its enclosed structure also offers privacy and security, making it a preferred choice for your pet’s needs.

Easy Cleaning and Leak Prevention

Cleaning is a breeze thanks to the innovative pull-out drawer design. The box’s large capacity reduces the frequency of litter replacement and is compatible with all litter types. Additionally, the upgraded ramp design with raised edges effectively prevents any side leakage, ensuring a mess-free environment.

Simple Assembly and Usage

Setting up this litter box is quick and effortless, taking only a few minutes. The package includes everything you need: a large indoor litter box, a silicone mat, and a high-quality litter scoop. The default odor control setting is optimized for the best results, making it ready to use right out of the box.

Why Choose Our Cat Litter Box?

  • Advanced odor control and air purification for a fresher home
  • Cost-effective with minimal maintenance required
  • Spacious design suitable for large cats and multiple cat households
  • Easy-to-clean and anti-leakage features for hassle-free upkeep
  • Quick and simple assembly for immediate use

Upgrade your cat care routine with our Extra Large Auto Deodorizing Cat Litter Box. Its innovative design and practical features make it a must-have for cat owners seeking a clean, odor-free, and comfortable environment for their pets. Order yours today and experience the difference!

52 reviews for Extra Large Auto Deodorizing Cat Litter Box with Advanced Sterilization

  1. Angela Wright

    Cats love the litter box. Plus it is fantastic in looking and matches our decor.

  2. Brian Scot

    Love this litter box! The air filter is incredibly effective, making our home smell so much fresher. It was easy to set up, and the spacious design is perfect for our large cat. It’s also very sleek looking. A great buy for any cat owner!

  3. Sarah Nguyen

    My cats and I absolutely adore this litter box! It’s the most durable and capacious one I’ve ever purchased for my feline friends. I have nothing negative to say about it, so here are the features that stand out to me:

    The bottom pan slides out for effortless cleaning.
    The optional front door “lock” means cats enter through the door but exit via the top, reducing litter spillage and encouraging a bit of extra activity as they jump out.
    Top grates allow for the easy removal of excess litter from the cat’s paws, dropping it back into the box.
    Conveniently designed with handles, there are integrated holes to hang the litter scoop directly on the box, eliminating the need for separate storage.
    It includes an extra sticky hook for hanging additional cleaning tools.
    Features an air freshener compartment to keep the area smelling fresh.
    The box is lightweight, easily portable, yet extremely durable.
    If possible, I’d rate this box 100 stars. Having experimented with four different litter boxes over the years for my three cats, each had its issues. However, none of the previous boxes, including those designed for easy cleaning through rolling or shaking, measure up to the satisfaction this box has provided.

  4. Emily Wilson

    It’s a nice litter box but still get the litter box smell, I do like that the cats can’t fling their litter everywhere.

  5. Patricia Kim

    We’ve had this product for a month now, and I absolutely adore it. I always check reviews on Amazon before purchasing anything, especially pricey items, so I aim to provide a detailed review myself. Even after a month, it continues to impress me, and I believe our cats are thrilled too! Just recently, I utilized its automatic litter disposal feature, which proved to be incredibly convenient. With three cats using it, I replace the bag every three days, adding a scoop of fresh litter each time to maintain the proper level. Remarkably, a large box of Arm and Hammer Clump and Seal Slide Multi-Cat litter (the purple one) has lasted us an entire month. I’m still amazed by the absence of stray litter in the waste compartment, a feat I couldn’t achieve with manual scooping. The litter box efficiently notifies me via the app when the waste bin is full, allowing me to manage it effectively, often extending the time between bag changes by simply redistributing the contents. The PETKIT bags designed for this unit are durable, showing no signs of tearing. With multiple cats, it initially requires manual input to identify which cat is using it, but over time, the box begins to recognize each cat automatically. For example, I’ve observed that Superman, one of our cats, spends the longest time in it, while Winter is quick, and Freya is the inquisitive one, often watching the box in action. For those with particularly curious cats, activating the ‘don’t repeat clean’ function prevents unnecessary cleaning cycles. The app is user-friendly and intuitive, making the entire experience seamless. Choosing this litter box has been a decision that saved me considerable time and effort.

  6. James Carter

    Happy, just what was needed

  7. Daniel Rodriguez

    Finally, a litter box that lives up to its promises! The odor control is top-notch, and I love how spacious it is. My two big boys have plenty of room, and the anti-leakage design means no more messes to clean up around the box. Assembly was a breeze, too. Definitely recommend!

  8. Harper Davis

    Finding this litter box has been a blessing. The advanced air purification keeps the unpleasant odors at bay, making our home much more welcoming. It’s also quite spacious, providing ample room for my cat. Cleaning it is hassle-free, which I appreciate.

  9. Daniel Mille

    This litter box is a standout. The odor control is excellent, and its spacious design means my cat can move around freely. It’s easy to clean, and assembling it was a breeze. It’s made a significant positive impact on our home environment

  10. Meredith Altenwerth

    I was on the fence about buying this because of the price, but I’m so glad I did! The difference in odor control is incredible. No more embarrassing smells when we have guests. And it’s so easy to clean, which is a huge plus. My cats adjusted quickly, and we’re all much happier for it. Although he likes it both closed and open 😊

  11. Emily Wilson

    I chose this litter box to place in my main floor bathroom, needing something that was both attractive and more contained to discreetly manage cleanliness. It has met my expectations perfectly. My cat quickly adapted to exiting through the top. While the slatted top doesn’t completely contain odors, it effectively minimizes litter spillage. As she exits, most of the litter falls off, leaving only the occasional stray piece behind, which was a significant factor in my decision to purchase it. Its appealing design and ease of assembly are added bonuses. However, it’s worth noting that she shows a preference for her standard front-entry litter box located in the basement.What stands out to me are the grate and mat features. The grate catches any leftover litter from their paws, reducing spillage, and the mat captures any residual grains, significantly minimizing mess. This has eliminated the issue of a smelly litter box, making it a fantastic choice for our multi-cat household.

  12. Sophia Miller

    Finally, a litter box that my cat and I both love! The advanced odor control truly keeps the smell at bay, and cleaning it is no hassle at all. The spacious design suits my cat perfectly, and I’ve noticed she seems happier too. An excellent choice for cat parents.

  13. Jack Davis

    What a relief to find a litter box that actually tackles odor effectively! The air purification system is fantastic, and its spacious design means my cat has plenty of room. It’s also a breeze to clean, which I’m grateful for. This litter box has made a huge difference in our home.

  14. Sophie Clarke

    I’m truly impressed by this litter box’s efficiency in controlling odors. The air purification system works wonders, keeping our home fresh. It’s also remarkably spacious, making it perfect for our big cat. The easy cleaning aspect is a bonus, saving us time and effort.

  15. Olivia Davies

    Beginning with the design, this litter box is expansive and covered, featuring a lid that not only ensures the privacy of your cats but also prevents litter spillage. This enclosed configuration is also great for odor management, keeping your living space fresh and devoid of any lingering smells.
    The litter box boasts an impressive automatic odor removal feature, thanks to its built-in ion deodorizer. This system effectively eliminates smells, maintaining a pleasant atmosphere for you and your cats. Unwanted litter box odors are now a thing of the past!
    Ease of cleaning is another major benefit of this litter box. It includes a spill prevention mechanism that keeps litter inside, thus maintaining clean floors. Disassembling the box for regular cleaning and upkeep is straightforward—just lift off the lid, dispose of the waste, and clean as necessary. This process is simple and time-saving.
    The generous dimensions of the litter box are noteworthy as well. It’s suitably large to accommodate bigger cats or multiple feline occupants, providing ample space for them to comfortably maneuver. The design thoughtfully addresses the needs of your cats.

  16. Michael Johnson

    My husband and I never saw ourselves as cat people and firmly believed we’d never get one, but our children’s desire for a feline companion changed our minds. We welcomed a delightful cat into our home, already inhabited by two large German Shepherds weighing 95 and 110 pounds.
    Initially, managing the kitty litter became a daily hassle. Not only did it require frequent cleaning, but our new cat also scattered litter everywhere, and to our surprise, our dogs developed a taste for her waste, complicating matters further. Eager to streamline the cat care process and accommodate our hectic lifestyle, I decided to purchase this specific kitty litter system, and it’s been a game-changer!
    Here’s why it’s been fantastic:
    The enclosed design and built-in fan significantly reduce odor, a stark contrast to previous litter boxes we’ve used.
    The mat effectively traps about 95% of any stray litter, drastically reducing the mess on our floors. The cleverly designed lip inside the entrance helps remove litter from her paws, preventing it from being tracked outside.
    The cleaning process is a breeze. Simply pulling out the drawer and removing the waste makes maintenance quick and straightforward.
    It’s dog-proof, which means our dogs no longer treat the litter box as a snack bar, thankfully.
    The only drawback was the flap door, which our cat initially disliked. However, I easily rectified this issue by securing the flap to the top with a 3M Command velcro strip, making it more accessible for her. This litter box system has truly simplified our pet care routine and made having a cat a much more enjoyable experience.

  17. Mark Anderson

    Fantastic litter box! Great odor control and very spacious. My cats love it, and so do I!

  18. Hannah Roberts

    This litter box has completely transformed our cat care routine. The advanced sterilization means we no longer dread coming home to any unpleasant odors. It’s spacious enough for our two cats to use without any squabbles. Cleanup is a breeze, making this one of the best purchases we’ve made for our pets.

  19. Ethan Moore

    I was skeptical about the price at first, but this litter box has proven its worth every single day. The air purification system keeps our home smelling fresh, even with three cats. The design is not only functional but also easy on the eyes. Our cats took to it immediately, and we’ve noticed a significant decrease in mess and odor.

  20. Charlotte Brown

    This litter box was a major upgrade for us. The advanced sterilization keeps our home smelling fresh, and the spacious design is perfect for our multiple cats. The fact that it’s easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance makes it a win in my book. Highly recommend to any cat owner!

  21. Oliver Lewis

    Top marks for this litter box! The air purification feature works like a charm, eliminating odors effectively. It’s also incredibly spacious, allowing my large cat to use it comfortably. Assembly was straightforward, and the overall design is both practical and stylish.

  22. Rebecca Thompson

    Absolutely thrilled with our new litter box! It’s been a game-changer in our multi-cat household. The advanced odor control is nothing short of miraculous – even with my ‘little stinker’ who could previously clear a room. The spacious design means all my fur babies can use it comfortably, and I’m loving the easy cleanup. Initially hesitant about the price, but now, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone. It’s worth every penny for a fresher home!

  23. Jessica Martine

    Love this! No more odors and very simple to assemble. My cats adjusted quickly.

  24. Isabella Garcia

    I really like this litter box. It truly helps with order and fan is very quiet. My kitty likes it.

  25. Alex Smith

    Great litter box! Odor control is fantastic, and it’s super easy to clean. A must-have for cat owners!

  26. David Wilson

    Best litter box ever! No more smells and so easy to clean. Worth every penny!

  27. Aaron King

    A stellar product! Assembly was a piece of cake, and the wide entrance accommodates my big cat perfectly. The quiet air filtration system is impressive, efficiently keeping odors at bay. It’s clear a lot of thought went into the design of this litter box, making it a standout choice for cat owners.

  28. William Harris

    This litter box has exceeded all my expectations. It keeps the house smelling fresh, thanks to the advanced odor control, and it’s spacious enough for my cat’s comfort. Easy to clean and simple to assemble, it’s been a wonderful find.

  29. Katie Johnson

    Absolutely in love with this litter box! The assembly was easy, and the odor control technology is impressive. My home has never smelled fresher, and my cats are very comfortable using it. The spacious design is perfect for my two large cats. Highly recommend

  30. Benjamin Anderson

    This thing is awesome!

  31. Megan Wilson

    I have two large cats, and this litter box accommodates their size and efficiently deals with their waste. I usually clean it out weekly, which substantially reduces any bad smells. Although it doesn’t get rid of odors completely, it certainly lessens them significantly. I advise using the door flap for better containment of odors if your cats don’t mind it.

    The box’s design is generous in space, with a deep tray that’s perfect for cats who like to dig. Setting it up was surprisingly simple—I managed to do it in about five minutes, which is saying something, as I typically find assembly challenging.

    What’s more, the litter box is exceptionally quiet in operation. Even with the fan running, it’s barely audible, which I find quite impressive. All in all, this litter box is excellent, effectively handling my cats’ needs and maintaining a fresher environment.

  32. Christopher Gonzalez

    This litter box has exceeded my expectations. The odor control is fantastic, and it’s very easy to clean. My cat had no issues adapting to it, and the spacious design is perfect for her. Definitely a worthwhile purchase for any cat household.

  33. Benjamin Martinez

    This product is great for my cat. It was very easy to put together (10 minutes.) He loves it because it’s spacious and gives him his privacy while eliminating the odor for us. I highly recommend it❤️

  34. Josefa McKenzie

    Love it clean fresh easy to use

  35. Jeffrey Brown

    This was easy to assemble and so far my cat seems to be enjoying it!

  36. Ryan White

    This litter box checks all the boxes: excellent odor control, easy maintenance, and a spacious design that my cat loves. Assembly was a breeze, and the quality is evident. It’s made managing the litter box so much easier and more pleasant. Highly recommend.

  37. Lucas Wilson

    I’m extremely satisfied with this purchase. The odor control is outstanding, and the design is both spacious and easy to clean. My cat was hesitant about the door at first, but after removing it, she’s had no issues. The air filter is a great addition, keeping the area around the litter box smelling fresh.

  38. Liam Anderson

    The litter box appears to be quite sturdy and effectively keeps the litter contained. It’s spacious and features a transparent door. The tray can be a bit sticky when sliding it in or out, but it’s a minor inconvenience. The velcro on the panels was slightly misaligned, with the back strip sitting lower than the sides, yet it still functions well, even managing to hold back any splashes. The mat is effective at catching some of the litter that gets tracked out. Switching to World’s Best orange bag litter has also reduced tracking. I’m satisfied with my purchase. While I haven’t used the deodorizing feature due to the lack of a nearby power outlet, there hasn’t been any noticeable odor, thanks to the box’s design and the litter used.

  39. James Campbell

    Seems very durable and looks great. Easy to put together

  40. Mario Windler

    I was a bit hesitant about the price at first, but this litter box is worth every penny. The odor control is fantastic, and it’s very spacious for my two cats. Cleaning it is a breeze, which is a huge plus for me.

  41. Ava Johnson

    Great size and easy to put together. Can’t wait for my cats to try this out tonight!

  42. Emma Martinez

    This is the best litter box on the market, hands down. The cost-effectiveness and minimal maintenance are exactly what I’ve been looking for. It’s spacious, easy to clean, and the odor control is exceptional. My cats adapted quickly, and I’m planning to replace all our old boxes with this one

  43. Mia Thompson

    A must-have for cat owners! The advanced sterilization technology keeps our home smelling fresh, and I appreciate how easy it is to clean. The spacious design is perfect for my big cat, and the simple assembly meant we could use it right away.

  44. Eldridge Ondricka

    I think it’s a good litter box, my cat is just scared of the door and it doesn’t seem to be removable.

  45. Mason Jones

    This litter box has been a game-changer in our multi-cat household. The advanced odor control keeps the house smelling fresh, and it’s big enough for all our cats. Plus, the easy assembly and cleaning are major bonuses.

  46. Isabella King

    My cats have a habit of digging deep to bury their waste, which used to result in litter and other debris being scattered outside. The design of this litter box, with its one-way front door, forces them to exit through the top, effectively preventing any litter from being kicked out. I initially bought one to see how it would work out and was so impressed that I purchased a second one the following week. These boxes are durable, straightforward to put together, and significantly enhance cleanliness while nearly eliminating odors. For those hesitant to invest over $800 in high-end models, I strongly recommend these as a cost-effective and efficient alternative.

  47. Liam Foster

    I like that easy to set up and need work on smell control better tho but still good

  48. Tyler Smith

    A marvel for cat owners! The assembly was straightforward, and the air filtration fan is so quiet, I don’t even notice it’s on. The entrance is perfect for my cat, and I appreciate the included litter mat and scoop. Just wish the charging cord was longer, but that’s a minor issue compared to the benefits.

  49. Mia Foster

    This litter box is a godsend! It’s spacious, easy to clean, and the advanced sterilization technology keeps our home odor-free. I was pleasantly surprised by how simple it was to assemble. It’s definitely made our lives much easier.

  50. Evan Roberts

    I’m genuinely impressed by this litter box. The odor control technology is top-notch, ensuring our home stays fresh. It’s spacious enough for my cat to be comfortable, and the easy-to-clean feature is a real time saver. Assembly was straightforward, making this a fantastic purchase.

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