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Efficient Robotic Pool Cleaner Automatic Vacuum with High Suction, Wall and Floor Cleaning

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Transform Your Pool Cleaning Experience

Discover the ultimate solution for maintaining a pristine pool with our state-of-the-art Robotic Pool Cleaner. Designed for ease and efficiency, this automatic vacuum revolutionizes pool cleaning, offering high suction power to meticulously clean both the floor and walls of your swimming pool.


Key Features

  • Adaptable Voltage Input: 110VAC/220VAC, suitable for a variety of setups.
  • Efficient Power Usage: Cleaner 112W; Power unit 150W.
  • Customizable Working Cycles: Choose between 1H, 2H, or 3H for tailored cleaning.
  • Deep Cleaning Ability: Works in pools with depths of up to 2 meters.
  • Advanced Filtration: 180μm filter density, with a maximum capability of 16m³/h.
  • Operates in a wide range of water temperatures (0℃ – 40℃).
  • Quick and Agile: Moves approximately 10.5m/min.
  • Robust IP Grades: Cleaner IPX8; Power unit IPX5.


Why Choose Our Robotic Pool Cleaner?

Our product stands out with its efficient and thorough cleaning capabilities. It is best used for routine pool maintenance, ensuring a consistently clean and inviting swimming environment. The 15m floating cable provides extensive reach, and the high suction power ensures thorough cleaning of both pool floors and walls, saving you time and effort. Moreover, its energy-efficient design helps in conserving water, making it an eco-friendly choice.

Product Benefits

  • Effortless cleaning with automatic operation.
  • High suction power for deep cleaning.
  • Energy and water-saving design.
  • User-friendly and adaptable to various pool sizes and types.


Ready to Elevate Your Pool Maintenance?

Make the smart choice for a cleaner, more inviting pool. Experience unmatched convenience and efficiency with our Robotic Pool Cleaner. Order now and take the first step towards hassle-free pool maintenance!

64 reviews for Efficient Robotic Pool Cleaner Automatic Vacuum with High Suction, Wall and Floor Cleaning

  1. Fleta Wilkinson

    The suction power is impressive and offers great value for money, plus it’s simple to clean.

  2. Brisa Kuhn

    It climbs walls efficiently and offers superior suction power, outperforming my previous cleaner.

  3. Damien Jones

    With our pool near tall gum trees, this robot excels in removing large leaves, a significant improvement over our previous cleaner.

  4. Lisette Predovic

    Machine is amazing. Tread broke on 1st purchase. Took a minute but we eventually got a brand new machine.

  5. Rory Mraz

    I deliberated quite a bit before choosing this model. I initially opted for a well-reviewed top brand, but this cleaner significantly outperformed it. It effectively does its job without unnecessary acrobatics. An algae outbreak in my pool was quickly managed with the help of this cleaner and my skimmer socks, resulting in crystal-clear water, as evidenced by the attached photos. The advantages of this cleaner include its ability to thoroughly clean and even skim the walls, with brushes that work cohesively with the system to capture rather than disperse dirt. The downside is its weight; even though the handle provides some maneuverability, the cleaner becomes particularly heavy when filled with water, and it’s still quite hefty when empty.

  6. Raegan Batz

    Simple to maintain, this vacuum impressively collects dirt and sediment, featuring dual filters and exceptional suction, cleaning the water line and enhancing overall pool cleanliness.

  7. Sydney Tremblay

    quality product

  8. Maye Mitchell

    In one word: AWESOME. The cleaning brushes and the simplicity of setting it up make pool maintenance much easier, effectively tackling sand and pollen accumulation.

  9. Jammie Wyman

    Although heavy, a simple rope solution facilitates its retrieval. Its performance under my winter cover has been flawless, impressively collecting leaves and debris without getting stuck.

  10. Modesto Willms

    Despite initial reservations about the cord, it hasn’t been an issue. The cleaner does an excellent job, especially in scrubbing the walls, although it misses some corners and edges.

  11. Yolanda Hilpert

    very good

  12. Janiya Kautzer

    Upgrading to this model was a wise choice, with its superior wall-climbing and cleaning capabilities making a noticeable difference compared to my old vacuum.

  13. Albin Pagac

    This robot significantly improves the cleaning process, especially at the waterline, reducing manual effort and keeping the pool floor spotless.

  14. Juliana Kub

    It delivers in both quality and speed, cleaning the pool walls efficiently, though it occasionally struggles with stairs.

  15. Linnie Durgan

    The vacuum’s performance has been outstanding, with a waterproof control head adding to its impressive features.

  16. Shawna Bartoletti

    It performs its job well, maintaining pool cleanliness effectively.

  17. Clark Prosacco

    Surrounded by trees, my pool is prone to debris, but this robot handles it all effortlessly, saving me from manual cleaning and keeping the pool pristine.

  18. Marian Boyer

    The suction power is clearly strong, offering great value and ease of cleaning.

  19. Deangelo Sauer

    After a month of thorough research, I decided to take the plunge and invest in this Robotic Pool Cleaner. I wanted to ensure I gave it a fair test run before forming an opinion, and now, a few weeks later, I’m absolutely delighted with my purchase—even with its higher price tag.

    Setting it up was quite straightforward. While a more detailed user manual would have been nice, I managed to get everything up and running in about 30 minutes. I experimented with the float handle’s positioning straight out of the box and found that setting it to the maximum diagonal worked best for me. The app controls for scheduling cleaning cycles, monitoring progress, and adjusting settings turned out to be very intuitive. The feature that allows you to control the cleaner from anywhere, as long as it’s connected to WiFi, has been exceptionally convenient for me. I’ve even started cleaning cycles while away from home.

    In terms of performance, this cleaner has exceeded my expectations. My pool, a 25K gallon in-ground rectangle with some curvy sides, has never looked better, and it requires so little effort on my part. Running it on a 2.5-hour cycle every other day—or daily, depending on how often I remember—ensures the pool stays in top condition. This device has been a huge time-saver for me, freeing up hours each week that I would have otherwise spent manually cleaning.

    The cleaner’s ability to climb walls and effectively scrub them clean is particularly impressive. I’ve adjusted the float handle to maximize its time spent high on the walls, allowing it to ‘crawl’ along the waterline and clean as it goes. Yet, it intelligently spends most of its time focused on the pool floor, with occasional ventures up the walls, which seems to be the most efficient approach.

    A few highlights of its cleaning performance include:

    Exceptional filtration capabilities, capturing both fine dirt and sand, as well as larger debris like leaves and twigs, with ease.
    The filters are incredibly easy to clean, a task that’s much simpler compared to other methods I’ve used in the past.
    It navigates over raised drain covers seamlessly, a feature that significantly sets it apart from other models I considered.
    Choosing this Robotic Pool Cleaner has genuinely transformed the way I approach pool maintenance. Its high suction power, efficient power usage, customizable working cycles, combined with the convenience of automatic operation and its adaptability to various pool sizes and types, make it an outstanding product. It not only saves time and energy but its eco-friendly design also resonates with my commitment to water conservation. For those looking to streamline their pool maintenance with a highly effective, user-friendly, and environmentally conscious solution, this cleaner is undoubtedly a top choice.

  20. Matilda Langworth

    It has maintained our pool’s cleanliness as expected, without any complications.

  21. Daron Hermiston

    This pool cleaner is a standout, matching and perhaps exceeding the performance of my previous Dolphin robot. Its ability to climb walls and clean the waterline has been impressive and offers great value.

  22. Rowan Willms

    While it performs excellently in cleaning, its weight is noticeable when removing it from the pool.

  23. Oceane Doyle

    This vacuum excels at picking up all debris, including sand, and its wall-climbing capability is superior to other models I’ve tried. The only drawback is its weight, which may be a concern for some users.

  24. Jermey Gusikowski

    It cleans effectively, though occasionally it struggles with certain areas like floor drains or where the wall meets the floor, but it’s the best among the three I’ve owned.

  25. Alize Fritsch

    Surpassing a previously owned cordless model, this vacuum boasts impressive power and easily climbs walls, making it perfect for our above-ground pool. Though we had to empty it sooner due to debris accumulation, the results were impressive.

  26. Leland Bradtke

    Works well for me

  27. Marianna Rath

    The performance has been solid up to this point, maintaining cleanliness efficiently.

  28. Elenora Williamson

    It’s working well so far, meeting expectations without issues.

  29. Christa Bednar

    Performance in the shallow end was satisfactory, but it fell short in deeper areas and on inclines, lacking the power needed for comprehensive cleaning.

  30. Claud Crist

    This vacuum has consistently amazed me with its thorough cleaning ability, even though it occasionally gets stuck due to my pool’s unique design. The convenience of not worrying about battery life and the cord’s reliability add to its appeal, despite its heaviness during removal.

  31. Ova Leannon

    We’ve named our new pool-cleaning companion Wally, and it’s been a fantastic addition to our pool maintenance routine. After returning a less effective cordless model, this corded version has proven to be more suitable for our larger pool, handling the entire area with ease, despite its weight.

  32. Justina Heathcote

    Let me tell you about my latest home addition, a robotic pool cleaner that’s not just a marvel of modern cleaning technology but has unexpectedly turned into a source of sheer amusement for me and my family. Watching this ingenious device navigate the pool, effortlessly ascending the walls with a grace that’s almost human-like, has become a pastime we didn’t know we needed. It’s like having a pet that cleans your pool; I often find myself and the kids just mesmerized by its wall-climbing antics. I secretly wish it could perform its acrobatics without being tethered by a cord. Imagining it scaling the pool sides unencumbered does strike me as a more futuristic scene. However, the practical side of me appreciates the cord for what it is – a lifeline that ensures the cleaner never succumbs to an untimely power outage mid-clean.

    Drawing a parallel, this device feels akin to a Roomba for your pool. Yet, it’s clear that while such gadgets add convenience, they don’t negate the need for professional cleaning and maintenance services. Rather, it bridges the gap between those scheduled visits, keeping the pool in a presentable state. It’s adept at skimming out leaves and assorted debris, a task many pool cleaners can competently manage, but where this little wonder truly shines is its prowess in tackling the more demanding job of scrubbing the pool’s walls and floor. The thoroughness with which it excavates dirt and grime from those surfaces is something to behold.

    Reflecting on the device’s design, the cord, a point of contention among my circle of friends, actually symbolizes reliability to me. There’s a divide in preferences for corded versus cordless pool cleaners, each with its own set of advantages. However, belonging firmly to the ‘corded’ camp, I find solace in knowing that my pool cleaner will diligently complete its cycle without the fear of losing power. This assurance, coupled with its exceptional cleaning performance, makes it an indispensable tool for anyone looking to maintain a pristine pool with minimal effort.

    In an era where the merits of corded versus cordless appliances are hotly debated, I stand by my choice of a corded robotic pool cleaner. Its unmatched ability to keep the pool sparkling, coupled with the unexpected joy it brings as it performs its wall-climbing routine, has earned it high marks in my book. It’s a recommendation I extend with confidence, especially to those in the ‘corded’ camp, seeking a reliable, efficient, and surprisingly entertaining solution to pool cleaning. Whether you’re a technology aficionado or simply someone who takes pride in a well-maintained pool, this robotic cleaner is a choice you won’t regret.

  33. Cassandra Dicki

    This robotic pool cleaner is highly recommended for its value and efficiency. It stands out as a reliable option for anyone in need of an effective cleaning solution.

  34. Jamey Quigley

    This robotic vacuum impresses with its wall-climbing capability and powerful suction, outperforming my previous one. Initially skeptical due to a bad experience with another brand, my doubts quickly dissipated after applying the included foam pads, which significantly boosted its performance. Although it’s a bit on the heavier side, using a caddy from a previous model made handling easier, and opting for the extended warranty was a prudent choice.

  35. Marian Padberg

    Switching to a corded robotic pool cleaner after using two cordless ones was a game-changer for me. This cleaner, with its efficient 1-3 hour cycles and impressive waterline cleaning, significantly reduced my pool maintenance time. Teaming it up with a solar-powered surface skimmer, my weekly pool upkeep is now down to a mere 10 minutes. The only minor drawback is its inability to reach certain corners, but a simple microfiber brush easily solves that. Initially, it had issues navigating the deep end, but after adjusting the floats on the cord, it’s been smooth sailing. The cord tangling was a concern, but it turned out to be unfounded, much like childhood fears of quicksand.

  36. Waylon Morissette

    Following three 2-hour sessions, this product lives up to its advertised capabilities. It successfully climbs the walls and navigates the broad stairs of our pool. Yet, its movement appears arbitrary, necessitating periodic checks to ensure complete area coverage. Due to its dimensions and orientation, it might overlook some corners or edges. Removing it from the water for cleaning can be cumbersome due to its weight, so it’s advisable to proceed with caution. Overall, the performance has been satisfactory thus far.

  37. Malvina Beatty

    This vacuum has consistently impressed me with its thorough cleaning ability. Occasionally, it gets stuck due to the sloped sides of my pool’s deep end, but it excels at wall climbing. My 20×44 inground pool is spotless after using the 3-hour setting. I need to remove the jets to prevent it from getting stuck, but this is a small inconvenience. Choosing a corded model was the right decision for me; there are no tangles or charging concerns. The only drawback is its weight when removing it from the pool, which I hope will prove durable over time.

  38. Ted Moore

    So far, it’s an excellent product.

  39. Austen Thompson

    Using it is a pleasure, and it’s straightforward to operate.

  40. Sharon Grady

    This device is exceptional and a must-have. It operates as promised, climbing walls and cleaning the waterline effectively. Its cost is reasonable, and it rivals, if not surpasses, my previous Dolphin robot. Very satisfied with its performance.

  41. Jonathan Armstrong

    When our previous pool vacuum needed replacing, I discovered this model, which boasted superior features. This robot surpasses my old one in many aspects, especially in how it cleans the pool’s walls and waterline, reducing my manual cleaning effort. The pool bottom became spotless quickly after pool opening. I appreciate the three timing options (1, 2, and 3 hours) and often select the longest for my large pool. Its filter baskets are user-friendly, capture a lot of debris without leaking, and are much easier to manage than my previous cleaner’s bags. This robot offers strong suction, energy efficiency, and leaves my pool impeccably clean, making me extremely happy with this purchase.

  42. Sasha Stoltenberg

    This cleaner is nearly capable of climbing out of the pool, hindered only by a lip at the top. It faces some difficulties around the steps, but overall, it’s impressive. Given its weight, using a hook for removal is advisable. It’s a valuable investment for its price.

  43. Yvonne Schultz

    I’ve struggled with pool cleaning for a while, so I’m glad I finally decided to buy a pool cleaner. My neighbor informed me that corded cleaners have more suction power than cordless ones, leading me to opt for the corded version. To my delight, it performed exceptionally well, exceeding my expectations. Handling the cord takes some getting used to, but it’s a minor issue compared to the benefits. The cleaner effectively removed debris and leaves, leaving clear trails in its wake.

  44. Robb Carter

    Situated amidst trees, my pool frequently collects debris, but this robot efficiently cleans the pool’s floor and walls, saving me from manual labor.

  45. Theresia Schmidt

    I had the opportunity to test the Grampus 800 robotic pool cleaner recently, and I’m genuinely thrilled with how much it has simplified the pool maintenance process for me. This device is a game-changer, equipped with a programmed cleaning feature and intelligent navigation technology, allowing me to set it on autopilot with cleaning durations of 1H, 2H, or 3H. Watching the upgraded roller, designed for strong adsorption, effortlessly climb and scrub every inch of the pool surfaces, including the challenging waterline, was nothing short of fascinating.

    What stood out to me even more was its remarkable efficiency in collecting and filtering a wide variety of debris, thanks to its triple motor power and expansive inlet. It’s adept at handling everything from leaf fragments and tough dirt to debris and sand, ensuring nothing is left behind. The device is also fitted with two independent, precise brushes that work wonders in rendering my pool water crystal clear.

    The inclusion of a 50-foot tangle-free cable extends its cleaning reach significantly, while the brushless motor operates quietly and with minimal heat emission, enhancing its energy efficiency and making it a friendlier choice for the environment. I’m particularly fond of how it allows for thorough cleaning without the need to replace the pool water, which is a massive win for water conservation and positions it as an exemplary option for those conscious about environmental protection.

    Observing the Grampus 800 in action, as it climbs and meticulously scrubs the pool walls, has been both impressive and reassuring, affirming its capability to maintain the cleanliness of my pool with minimal effort on my part. In summary, the Grampus 800 comes with my wholehearted recommendation for anyone in search of a reliable, efficient, and environmentally considerate solution to pool cleaning.

  46. Liliane Cartwright

    It operated wonderfully, and its control head is impressively waterproof.

  47. Trace Wiza

    Upon its arrival, I immediately tested the cleaner and am thrilled to report that it not only met but surpassed my high expectations.

    The quality of the product was outstanding, and the customer support was exemplary. Jessica’s warm and helpful approach made the experience seamless and pleasant, highlighting the company’s exceptional service ethos.

    In summary, I fully endorse the WYBOT brand for its value and superior customer support. For those in need of a dependable and effective pool vacuum cleaner, WYBOT is definitely worth considering.

    I extend my gratitude for transforming a potential issue into a favorable outcome and commend the team for their excellent service.

  48. Arnulfo Mann

    Working so far

  49. Kiel Predovic

    This robot cleaner fulfills its description, adeptly climbing walls and navigating steps, eliminating longstanding dirt missed by other cleaners.

  50. Katlynn Schinner

    It outperforms my previous Zodiac CX35, cleaning the floor impeccably and scaling walls with ease. Given its price, which is half of similar models, it’s faultless.

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