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Efficient Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner with Advanced Suction & Self-Parking

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Transform Your Pool Cleaning Experience

Introducing the ultimate solution for keeping your pool pristine – our Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner. It’s time to revolutionize how you clean your pool with a device that combines convenience, safety, and advanced technology. This innovative pool cleaner is perfect for both above ground and in-ground pools, making it versatile for all types of pool owners.  

Key Features

  • Cordless design for maximum safety and convenience
  • Dual-drive motor for enhanced durability and cleaning efficiency
  • Large 5000mAh battery offering up to 140 minutes of cleaning
  • Quick 2.5-3 hour charging time
  • Intelligent self-parking feature for easy retrieval
  • Simple one-click operation and easy maintenance

Product Benefits

Our Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner is not just a pool cleaning tool, it’s a complete pool maintenance solution. With its powerful suction and dual-drive motor, it ensures thorough cleaning by effectively removing debris, leaves, and small stones. The large battery capacity ensures extended cleaning sessions, covering up to 1200 ft² of pool area, making it ideal for larger pools. Additionally, its fast charging capability means less downtime and more cleaning. Plus, the self-parking feature adds convenience, making it easy to lift out of the pool when the battery is low.  

Why Choose Our Pool Cleaner?

When it comes to pool cleaning, efficiency, and ease of use are key. That’s exactly what our Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner offers. It’s perfect for busy pool owners who want a hassle-free cleaning experience. The cordless design eliminates the risks of winding and electric shock, ensuring a safe cleaning process. Its ability to work independently from the pool’s filter system adds to its convenience. Moreover, it’s incredibly user-friendly, requiring minimal setup and maintenance.  

Ready to Dive into a Cleaner Pool?

Don’t let pool cleaning be a chore. With our advanced Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner, you’ll have more time to enjoy your pool rather than cleaning it. Say goodbye to manual cleaning and hello to a sparkling clean pool with minimal effort. Order now and transform your pool maintenance routine!  

Additional Information

Please note that this pool cleaner is designed for flat pools with a slope of less than 15 degrees and cannot climb walls. Before first use, refer to the user manual and quick start guide for optimal performance.

55 reviews for Efficient Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner with Advanced Suction & Self-Parking

  1. Augustine Medhurst

    First use in my 24ft round pool and it’s already proving its worth. Love it.

  2. Ole Shanahan

    Did an excellent job on my 16-foot pool. Just remember the right way to take it out of the water to avoid dumping dirt back in. Great value.

  3. Adela Mitchell

    Quick and efficient – exactly what I needed. Makes pool cleaning a breeze.

  4. Abe Bednar


  5. Cierra O'Kon

    The setup was so easy, and it worked perfectly from the first run. Even added a pic to show its first success.

  6. Dulce Casper

    It cleans the entire pool without any issues. So glad I decided to go for it.

  7. Sonia Kuhic

    Gone are the weekends spent laboring over pool cleaning, thanks to this incredible robotic cleaner. Its arrival was met with a mix of curiosity and hope, and it didn’t disappoint. Unboxing and setting it up was almost too easy, and watching it effortlessly navigate the pool for the first time felt like witnessing the future of pool care. Its advanced suction technology doesn’t miss a beat, capturing everything from fine dust to larger leaves, ensuring the pool is impeccably clean. I’ve used it multiple times now, each time marveling at how it manages to keep the pool in pristine condition with minimal effort on my part. It’s not just a pool cleaner; it’s a time-saving marvel that has given me back my weekends.

  8. Danial O'Connell

    Even picks up sand, which is a big plus for me. Does a thorough job.

  9. Maymie Kuhic

    It’s amazing how well it cleans and how long the battery lasts. Perfect for my pool size.

  10. Zackery Jones

    Cleanup is a breeze with this cleaner. It’s made pool maintenance so much easier and more efficient.

  11. Molly Wintheiser

    The added buoyancy feature is genius. It brushes and scrubs right at the waterline. Just set it going, and come back to a pristine pool.

  12. Leslie Stamm

    The packaging was top-notch, and after using it, we’re really happy with how it cleans even the corners. Definitely telling our friends about it.

  13. Anibal Yundt

    Love it

  14. Josephine Little

    My husband was the pool-vacuuming type, but this device has made such a difference. We’re keeping the pool open more because it’s just so easy to maintain now. Totally worth it.

  15. Aurore Ondricka

    It’s been a game-changer. Used to spend so much time vacuuming the pool by hand, but now, this robot does it all, and I get to just enjoy the water.

  16. Elwin Monahan

    We’ve got a 15-foot round pool, and this vacuum is a champ at tackling the sand and dirt we get. Just wish the charging was a bit faster, but still, highly recommend it.

  17. Rachelle Kling

    Does a great job but keep an eye on it, as it might need a little nudge if it gets stuck.

  18. Filiberto Cole

    When I invested in this robotic pool cleaner, I had high hopes but was prepared for the possibility of disappointment. However, this device has far exceeded my expectations. Its first trial run was almost a spectacle, efficiently cleaning every inch of the pool with precision and ease. The advanced suction power is evident as it leaves the pool spotless, tackling both large debris and fine particulates with ease. What truly sets it apart, though, is its self-parking feature and the ease with which the filter can be cleaned and maintained. Its performance has been consistently outstanding, making it an indispensable tool for any pool owner.

  19. Kylee Labadie

    Cleans amazingly well and is a breeze to maintain.

  20. Willy Okuneva

    This cleaner is awesome! Super easy to use, quick to recharge, and it really gets the pool clean.

  21. Nora Senger

    Keeps the pool spotless and conveniently stops by the edge for easy retrieval.

  22. Rebeca Macejkovic


  23. Helmer Lehner

    It easily handles our pool with a deep end and slope. It’s been cleaning non-stop for days, and the results are impressive, especially considering the price.

  24. Chadd Swift

    I’ve been through my fair share of pool cleaners, and each left something to be desired, until this robotic cleaner came along. Its sleek design and intuitive setup had me intrigued from the start, but it was its performance that truly made me a believer. The cleaner’s ability to scale walls and clean every corner of the pool is nothing short of revolutionary. The debris it picks up is astonishing, capturing everything that’s been a bane to pool owners. The filter system is brilliantly designed, making after-use cleaning a breeze. Additionally, its efficiency has not waned over time, proving to be a reliable companion in pool maintenance.

  25. Pascale Armstrong

    This little device is a powerhouse at picking up debris. It’s best to just let it do its thing – if you’re in a hurry, you might want to manually vacuum. But for me, it’s been perfect.

  26. Winfield Kuhlman

    Only had one run with it so far, but it’s earned a solid five stars for its efficiency and ease of use. The pool was a mess, and it handled it like a pro.

  27. Elaina Bechtelar

    After renting a vac that was a letdown, this machine was a breath of fresh air. Cleared up the sand effortlessly. Highly recommend, especially for above-ground pools.

  28. Clementine Jaskolski

    The dread of pool cleaning day is a thing of the past with this robotic pool cleaner. From its unassuming packaging to its first deployment in the pool, every step in the process reassures you of its quality and capabilities. Watching it navigate the pool with such autonomy is both fascinating and immensely satisfying. The cleanliness of the pool after each cleaning session is remarkable, with water clarity improved and surfaces free of debris. Its design also ensures easy maintenance, particularly the filter system, which is straightforward to clean. This cleaner has not only transformed how I approach pool care but also significantly improved the quality of the pool environment.

  29. Lysanne Schimmel

    Using it is a no-brainer, and the build quality is solid. It’s a champ at picking up sand and leaves. Cleaning and recharging are straightforward.

  30. Kattie Miller

    It’s fantastic, works like a charm every time. Can’t fault it.

  31. Chadd Bailey

    Setting it up was a piece of cake right out of the box. A quick charge, and it was ready to go. Collected all the debris without any hassle. Loving it so far.

  32. Jamaal Lindgren

    The Arrival and Setup Experience: The day the robotic pool cleaner arrived was the day pool maintenance changed for me. Unboxing the cleaner, I was immediately impressed by its sleek design and the quality of construction. The setup was refreshingly simple, a plug-and-play experience that belied the sophisticated technology packed within. Charging was quick, and the instructions provided were clear and concise, making the initial setup not just easy but also enjoyable. It was evident that careful thought had been put into making this device user-friendly, catering to both tech-savvy individuals and those who prefer a more straightforward approach.

    Performance and Operation: From its first deployment, the cleaner demonstrated why it’s a cut above the rest. Watching it navigate the pool with purpose and precision was not just fascinating but also incredibly satisfying. The cleaner moved effortlessly from floor to walls, adapting its path to ensure thorough coverage. Debris, leaves, and even fine particles stood no chance against its advanced suction and filtration system. The ability to climb and clean the pool’s steps was particularly impressive, an area often neglected or difficult for other cleaners. The device operates quietly, adding to the convenience by not disrupting the peaceful backyard ambiance. After its cycle, the transformation of the pool was remarkable, with crystal-clear water and a spotless pool floor.

    Impact and Long-Term Use: Several weeks into using the robotic pool cleaner, its impact on my pool maintenance routine and overall lifestyle has been profound. What used to be a time-consuming, often tedious task has become an automated, efficient process. The reliability and effectiveness of the cleaner have allowed me to enjoy my pool more frequently, with the water consistently clear and inviting. Maintenance of the cleaner itself is minimal, with the filter system designed for easy cleaning and durability. The device’s battery life is robust, supporting multiple cleaning cycles before needing a recharge. This cleaner has not just met but exceeded my expectations, proving to be a valuable investment in my home’s outdoor enjoyment. Its blend of performance, convenience, and reliability makes it an indispensable tool for any pool owner looking to reduce the burden of pool maintenance.

  33. Thalia Herzog

    The wide roller brushes make it a beast at cleaning larger areas. Its strong performance makes it ideal for both personal and commercial pools.

  34. Jalyn Waelchi

    It’s great at picking up all kinds of debris. Cleaning the basket is a breeze, thanks to the easily removable screen.

  35. Madalyn Walter

    Love it❤️❤️❤️❤️

  36. Summer Schinner

    This device is a champ at cleaning and super straightforward to use and store. Quality is top-notch, and it meets all expectations. Very happy with this purchase.

  37. Shawn Jacobson

    This robotic pool cleaner is, without a doubt, the best investment I’ve made for my pool. Right from the get-go, it impressed me with its ease of use and exceptional cleaning capabilities. The difference in pool cleanliness was visible after the very first use, with the cleaner leaving no stone unturned in its quest to purge the pool of debris. Its ability to handle different pool surfaces and its adeptness at climbing walls and cleaning steps are commendable. The filtration system deserves special mention for its effectiveness and ease of cleaning. Over the months of use, it has consistently delivered outstanding performance, making pool maintenance a breeze and ensuring the pool is always guest-ready.

  38. Brooke Gibson

    Receiving the robotic pool cleaner felt like the beginning of a new chapter in pool ownership. The packaging was secure, and every component was meticulously designed, from the cleaner itself to the charging station. Initial setup was straightforward, with well-documented instructions that guided me through every step. The intuitive design extended to the operation of the cleaner, with a simple interface that made it easy to select cleaning modes and schedules. The anticipation of its first cleaning session was high, and it did not disappoint, showcasing its sophisticated navigation and cleaning capabilities from the get-go.

    The cleaner’s advanced technology became apparent through its methodical and thorough cleaning patterns. It navigated the entire pool with ease, including hard-to-reach areas that previous cleaners had struggled with. The suction power was impressive, effectively removing both large debris and finer particulates, leaving the pool water exceptionally clean. The cleaner’s ability to scale the pool walls and even clean the waterline was a game-changer, addressing areas that were traditionally challenging to maintain. Additionally, the cleaner’s energy efficiency was notable, operating at a high level without a significant draw on electricity, reflecting its modern, eco-friendly design.

    After months of regular use, the robotic pool cleaner has proven its worth time and again. Its durable construction has withstood the rigors of consistent use, showing no signs of wear or decreased performance. The impact on my overall pool maintenance routine has been substantial, reducing both the time and effort required to keep the pool in pristine condition. The convenience it offers, combined with its superior cleaning capabilities, has transformed pool care from a chore to a simple task. Furthermore, the peace of mind knowing the pool is always clean and ready for use has enhanced my family’s poolside experiences. This cleaner is more than a tool; it’s an investment in quality, convenience, and the enjoyment of my home’s outdoor space.

  39. Neil Kemmer

    Lives up to the hype by climbing walls effortlessly, avoiding wire tangles, and autonomously covering the entire pool without a hitch.

  40. Cleta Osinski

    Stumbled upon this gem, and it’s been a game-changer for pool maintenance. High quality and straightforward to use – a must-have for any pool owner.

  41. Neoma Bosco

    Watching it climb walls and navigate slopes with ease is reassuring. It’s smart in how it operates, making it a reliable tool for keeping the pool clean.

  42. Dante Schumm

    This cleaner is a lifesaver for pool owners, newbies, or veterans alike. Gentle on the pool, but tough on debris. It’s simple to operate and does a fantastic job.

  43. Janie Rippin

    Jumping into the pool season was always a mixed bag of excitement and dread for me, primarily due to the tedious cleaning process. That all changed when I got my hands on this robotic pool cleaner. The simplicity of its operation is astounding. Charge it, drop it in, and let it work its magic overnight. Waking up to a spotless pool without having lifted a finger is nothing short of a miracle. Its climbing ability is impressive, making short work of walls and stairs alike. The filter system is a masterpiece of design, catching everything down to the finest particles, and cleaning it is as simple as rinsing it off. It’s transformed my pool maintenance routine from a chore into a non-issue.

  44. Berneice Beatty

    As summer rolls in and the pool becomes a daily retreat, this cleaner has saved me countless hours and effort. It’s made pool maintenance so much easier, and I’m all for it.

  45. Isabel Mills

    Feeling pretty good about this purchase. It’s durable, does its job well, and might even let me retire my pool net. Using it a few times a week seems to be the sweet spot.

  46. Andreanne Daniel

    Super impressed with its ability to climb walls and even move sideways – a feature I hadn’t seen before in other cleaners. It’s a game changer for pool cleaning efficiency.

  47. Florida Green

    From the moment I unboxed this robotic pool cleaner, I knew I was in for a treat. The setup was a breeze, with clear instructions that had me up and running in no time. Watching it navigate my pool with precision was like watching a seasoned professional at work, tackling debris, leaves, and even algae with ease. The battery life is commendable, allowing it to complete its task without interruption. But the real star of the show is the filter system – easy to access, clean, and replace, making post-cleaning maintenance a breeze. This cleaner has not only met my expectations but exceeded them, keeping my pool pristine with minimal effort on my part.

  48. Amya Olson

    Seriously love this thing. Just drop it in, let it do its magic, and enjoy a clean pool with minimal effort. The debris it catches is impressive, especially since it keeps the water crystal clear when you take it out.

  49. Fletcher Torphy

    While it might not reach every single corner, its ability to scale walls and navigate steps is impressive. It tackles everything on the pool floor with ease, making maintenance a whole lot simpler.

  50. Shannon Swaniawski

    Been putting this pool cleaner through its paces since I got it, and it hasn’t missed a beat. Cleans up the pool like a pro. The quick delivery was a nice bonus too.

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