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DIY Mini Smart Tank Robot V3.0 – Programmable STEM Toy Car Kit, Compatible with Arduino & Mixly

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Explore the World of Robotics with Our DIY Mini Smart Tank Robot!

Unleash the power of technology and creativity with our DIY Mini Smart Tank Robot V3.0! Perfect for budding engineers and robot enthusiasts, this programmable STEM toy car kit is not just a toy, but a gateway to learning and innovation. Compatible with Arduino and Mixly, it offers a hands-on experience in building, programming, and controlling a versatile robot.  


Exceptional Features for an Unmatched Experience

  • Multiple Functions: From line tracking to fire extinguishing, light following, and more, our smart tank robot is designed to challenge and entertain.
  • Easy Assembly: The kit includes tiny parts for a fulfilling DIY building experience, suitable for individuals or educational settings.
  • Durable Construction: Made with aluminum alloy brackets, metal motors, and high-quality wheels, it’s built to last.
  • Extensive Connectivity: Expand the robot’s capabilities by connecting various sensors and modules through its motor driver shield and sensor shield.
  • Versatile Control Options: Control your robot via IR remote, or use the dedicated app for both iOS and Android systems.
  • Beginner-Friendly Programming: Dive into the world of programming with easy-to-follow C language code, compatible with Arduino IDE and Mixly.


Why Choose Our Mini Smart Tank Robot?

What sets our product apart is its blend of durability, versatility, and educational value. The Mini Smart Tank Robot is perfect for learning environments, hobbyists, or as a unique gift for tech enthusiasts. Its robust construction and multiple control options make it suitable for a wide range of activities and skill levels. Whether it’s a birthday, Christmas, or New Year, this robot kit is an ideal present that keeps on giving – the gift of knowledge and creativity.  

Product Specifications

  • Supply Voltage: DC 5V, Input Voltage: 7-12V
  • Maximum Output Current: 2A, Dissipation Power: 25W
  • Motor Speed: 5V 200 rpm/min, Ultrasonic Induction Angle: <15 degrees
  • Infrared Remote Control Distance: 10 meters
  • Bluetooth Remote Control Distance: 30 meters
  • Battery Type: 18650 battery (Not included)
  • Suitable Age: More than 12 years old


Ready to Dive into Robotics?

Don’t wait any longer to explore the fascinating world of robotics! Our DIY Mini Smart Tank Robot V3.0 is ready to bring your creativity and technical skills to life. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now and embark on an unforgettable journey of learning and fun!

51 reviews for DIY Mini Smart Tank Robot V3.0 – Programmable STEM Toy Car Kit, Compatible with Arduino & Mixly

  1. Adele Botsford

    This tank robot kit is a gem! The building process was a fantastic hands-on learning experience, and the quality of the components is outstanding. It’s been incredibly fun and rewarding to program and watch it tackle various tasks. A perfect choice for anyone looking to delve into the world of robotics and coding.

  2. Clementina Wiegand

    Jumping into this project was the highlight of my month. The kit is brilliantly designed, with each component showcasing high quality. The programming aspect was a breeze, thanks to the user-friendly guides. It’s amazing to see how the tank robot responds to its surroundings and executes the commands. An excellent kit for anyone passionate about DIY projects and robotics.

  3. Ronaldo Schroeder

    The assembly of this tank robot kit was a delightful challenge, and seeing the finished product in action was incredibly rewarding. The guide provided clear instructions and valuable insights into programming with Arduino and Mixly, making it an educational experience as much as it was fun. It’s a fantastic kit that blends learning and play perfectly.

  4. Imelda Anderson

    From the unboxing to the first successful code upload, this robot kit has been a stellar experience. The learning curve was just right, offering a nice challenge without being overwhelming. The final product is incredibly satisfying to watch in action. It’s been a fantastic way to introduce practical coding and electronics to my daily routine.

  5. Genesis Klein

    Loved every minute of assembling and coding this tank robot! It’s not just a toy but a comprehensive learning platform that’s perfect for getting hands-on with coding and robotics. The quality of the materials and the detailed instructions make it a fantastic project for beginners and experienced enthusiasts alike. Watching it maneuver around with its array of sensors is just brilliant.

  6. Miguel Greenholt

    Building this tank robot has been an absolute joy. The assembly was straightforward, and the programming tutorials were incredibly helpful, making it easy for a beginner like me to get started. The design and quality of the parts are remarkable, making it a durable little machine. It’s fascinating to see it navigate and interact with its environment. Highly recommend to anyone curious about robotics!

  7. Camden Erdman

    I’m blown away by the versatility and quality of this tank robot kit. Building it alongside my nephew, we both learned heaps about programming and robotics. The satisfaction of seeing it come to life and perform tasks is unmatched. Definitely, a rewarding experience for both of us, sparking a keen interest in further robotics projects.

  8. Pat Stehr

    Just dove into the world of robotics with this kit and wow, what a fantastic introduction! The build was engaging from start to finish, and playing with the different control options like IR and Bluetooth has opened up a new realm of possibilities for me. The kit’s attention to detail and quality is impressive. Can’t wait to explore more of what it can do!

  9. Triston Kuhlman

    Absolute win with this tank robot kit! From unboxing to the final setup, every step felt like an adventure. The quality of components is top-notch, and the coding part is a smooth ride, thanks to the comprehensive guides. It’s a joy seeing my creation navigate around obstacles and respond to light. Super satisfied with this purchase!

  10. Quinn Hilpert

    This robot kit is a dream come true for a hobbyist like me. Jumping into it with no prior experience in Arduino, I found the instructions crystal clear and the assembly process a real treat. Cruising around with the finished tank robot is just as fun as the build itself. A big thumbs up for making programming accessible and enjoyable!

  11. Elliot Homenick

    Really enjoyed this item!

  12. Bernie Schulist

    Had a blast with this kit!

  13. Judy McCullough

    Kids are all over it, pretty solid kit.

  14. Rafael Nader

    Building this robot was an absolute joy, now just gotta get the hang of programming it. But so far, assembling it has been a blast.

  15. Maye Wiegand

    Picked this up for some holiday fun and absolutely loved piecing it together. The online guide is crystal clear, with every part neatly packed and easy to identify. Once built, there’s a bunch of projects to dive into, helping you get to grips with each robot component.
    Ran into a hiccup with a missing part, but the seller was on it like lightning, sorting out a replacement straight away. First time reaching out to online support and was blown away by how efficient and professional they were. Got the replacement parts without a hitch and got my robot fully up and running.

  16. Brian Skiles

    Solid project for teens dipping their toes into electronics. Ran into a few small snags during assembly, but it sounds like those kinks have been ironed out in the latest version. Overall, a rewarding build.

  17. Jewell Herzog

    Just got this kit, and the presentation is next level. Everything’s packed in its own little carton, clearly labeled. Snatched the instructions off their website, and it’s hands down one of the most detailed Arduino guides for newbies out there. For STEM projects, it’s gold, with experiments for every sensor and part. It’s a well-structured journey from the basics to fully programming the robot. Can’t wait to start putting it together!

  18. Syble Stark

    Dived into this robot project to learn on my own, and wow, did it spark a love for coding and robotics! Building it was straightforward, making it a great start for beginners. Totally stoked about this buy.

  19. Maybell Maggio

    The whole fam’s digging the robot. My kid’s already into Arduino, so we knew this would be a good pick. Takes some time to get it all assembled and programmed, but it’s a blast. Plus, the packaging is top-notch, with every part neatly labeled and organized.

  20. Jo Crooks

    The kit’s a hit, but a heads-up: it doesn’t come with batteries, and finding the right ones is a bit of a hassle.

  21. Kellen Marvin

    Snagged this mini tank robot kit online, and right off the bat, the box and everything inside screamed quality. But, hit a snag when I noticed the Bluetooth receiver was MIA. Shot an email over to the seller, and they were super quick to sort it out. Instead of waiting forever for a replacement part from halfway across the globe, they just sent over a brand new kit, no extra charge. Talk about customer service! The kit’s a breeze to put together, comes with all the tools you need, and all the coding stuff is online, ready to dive into. It’s perfect for anyone from 10 to 75 years old, just note you gotta pick up a couple of 3.5v rechargeable batteries since they’re not included. Got everything up and running, but still need to check out how the Bluetooth functions.

  22. Conrad Homenick

    Impressed with this product. It was a cinch to assemble thanks to a detailed guide complete with 3D drawings. The structure’s solid, built from anodized aluminum plates, and the metal motors with reducers pack a punch in terms of power. The dual 18650 battery compartment ensures good runtime. The display adding to its charm by indicating direction or status is a nice touch. Love that you can test each component with manual examples. The inclusion of two shields, one for component connections and the other for motor control, is clever. The block programming guide is fantastic, making it more engaging for my 14-year-old daughter. Highly recommend for anyone eager to dive into arduino and robotics without prior experience.

  23. Cristian Heaney

    Absolutely a 10/10 product, chosen as a gift for my cousin. Pretty sure it’s going to be a hit.

  24. Kayley Erdman

    This kit is top-notch, offering great quality and loads of fun programming possibilities.

  25. Pete Turcotte

    Perfect for beginners, though it’s on the smaller side. Wouldn’t suggest it for anyone beyond newbie level.

  26. Kenya Sauer

    Assembly was a breeze, and building it was super fun. For anyone curious about getting into robotics, this kit is a great start.

  27. Rashad Rippin

    Built this with my two kids, 10 and 11, their first crack at something like this. They managed most of the assembly themselves with minimal guidance. Given the variety and value packed in this kit, it’s definitely worth the price. Very pleased with this purchase.

  28. Lesly Dooley

    The unboxing experience was impressive, with everything neatly arranged and intact. The instructions are clear, making it an educational venture into electronics. It’s best if kids under 14 have an adult around to help out with the assembly. A fantastic learning tool overall!

  29. Gabriel Mayert

    Just finished assembling and wiring the robot, and I had a great time with it. Fitting the batteries in was a bit tricky after assembly, but I’d buy it again in a heartbeat. Some spots were tough for screwing things in place, but overall, it’s a solid five-star kit in my book.

  30. Marcia Gutkowski

    This kit’s packaging is a neat freak’s dream, with everything well organized and labeled. Even the bags for screws are clearly marked, which might seem small but is super helpful. The online instructions are easy to follow, and my 7-year-old got most of it put together without much help from me. There’s a ton of stuff to explore, from blinking lights to controlling it with Bluetooth. The boards themselves look super clean, a nice touch compared to others I’ve used. Programming-wise, it’s versatile, offering many levels to learn and grow in coding and robotics.

  31. Brycen Kemmer

    This kit’s quality is through the roof, from the development board to the sensors, and it’s all laid out so well. There’s a mix of acrylic and metal parts that beef up the durability. For the price, you’re getting a ton of value, especially if you’re keen on learning Arduino or just want to mess with some cool tech features. You can steer this tank with an IR remote or a Bluetooth-connected phone, track light, dodge or follow objects with its ultrasonic sensor, and it even has a fancy LED panel that shows what it’s up to. Definitely a must-have for any tech enthusiast.

  32. Ova Barrows

    Putting this together was a blast, diving into motor and infrared control, playing with light sensors and ultrasound for distance measuring, not to mention hooking it up to a smartphone via Bluetooth. The instructions are top-notch, walking you through C++ programming with the Arduino IDE. They’ve also got this graphical programming language called Mixly which is perfect for beginners or kids. Ran into a minor hiccup with some wire colors not matching the manual, but the circuit board labels cleared that up. Transferring code from the PDF needs a bit of tweaking, especially for comments and LED-matrix definitions. Just a heads up, you’ll need to grab your own batteries for both the robot and its remote.

  33. Nathaniel Cole

    In the STEM and robotics teaching scene, always on the lookout for cool, educational kits. Went for a tracked robot this time and it was a hit.
    The kit’s packed with quality parts, and I’m a fan of the brand for its top-notch boards and clear instructions. This kit stands out with its tracks and LED matrix design, making it uniquely appealing.
    What I appreciate most is the Mixly coding environment. It’s great for teaching logic over syntax, thanks to its intuitive drag-and-drop code blocks. This feature allows for quick demonstrations and modifications of the bot’s behavior. Highly recommend this kit for educators.

  34. Juston Hammes

    Picked this robot up as a personal project and it’s been a game-changer for me. Helped me find my love for robotics and coding. Building it was fun and the steps and coding are beginner-friendly. Really glad I made this purchase.

  35. Bailey Thiel

    This kit’s got it all. Loads of programming options to explore.

  36. Eva Ondricka

    Just a heads-up, it doesn’t come with batteries.

  37. Joanny Schiller

    Grabbed this to brush up on my electronics skills and it’s an awesome project for beginners. If you’re into teaching kids or into electrical engineering yourself, you’ll love this.

  38. Era Hirthe

    Putting it together was a piece of cake, everything was neatly packed, and the quality’s top-notch. The step-by-step programming tutorial is super helpful. Totally happy with it.

  39. Lester Stehr

    Dived into this project to get a handle on C++ coding…

  40. Erika Brown

    Assembly was straightforward but the instructions could be clearer. Some of the YouTube guides were a bit of a miss too. Managed to get it all working in the end. Starting with Arduino projects was pretty simple and got more interesting as we went along. My kids and I are enjoying it big time.

  41. Jerome Langosh

    Had an absolute blast building this with my 10-year-old nephew. It strikes the perfect balance between challenging and accessible, keeping us both hooked.
    The programming side of things opens up a neat way to introduce kids to the basics of coding, playing with conditions, and whatnot. Even for me, messing around with the code was pretty fun.

  42. Lon O'Conner

    This thing’s versatile as heck. Great as a launching pad for all sorts of projects.

  43. Orin Watsica

    Total tech enthusiast here, always tinkering and probably voiding warranties left and right. This kit blew me away with its organization right out of the box. Every tiny piece was marked and accounted for. Found some super helpful videos on YouTube and a bunch of resources via QR codes right when you open the box. Plus, a CD packed with all the manuals, codes, and even assembly videos. They’ve really put the effort into this kit, making it totally worth the investment.

  44. Dandre Kessler

    Spent a few hours on this and ended up with a robot that dodges obstacles and can be controlled via Bluetooth. Everything fell into place once I got all the libraries up and running. Instructions were a breeze to follow. Definitely a solid pick for anyone looking to dip their toes into robot building. Thoroughly enjoyed it!

  45. Kitty Kautzer

    Teamed up with my 12-year-old to assemble this robot, and we had a blast. It’s a project brimming with possibilities, going together nicely. The only hiccup was not having the right nut-driver, but some needle-nose pliers and a later purchase of mini nut drivers did the trick. The instructions are kid-friendly, with our build featuring a cool LED matrix, ultrasonic and light sensors among other neat components. Lost a tiny nut in the process, so watch out, those parts are small! Had to snag a replacement from the hardware store. The website hosts about 15 different code samples, all well-explained, making it easy to tweak the robot’s actions. Remember to disconnect the Bluetooth receiver before uploading code, a detail we missed a few times. Overall, it was a rewarding project to share with my son, and we’re looking forward to playing with the code more.

  46. Cathrine Bahringer

    Building this mini tank robot has been a delight. As a retired electronics tech, it’s been perfect for getting up to speed with new tech. The metal construction is impressive, and the layout makes it easy to see how everything comes together. Each board and sensor is clearly marked and durable. The online assembly guide is spot on, with clear diagrams and illustrations. Chose this project to dip my toes into Bluetooth technology, and it’s been educational for both youngsters and adults alike. Eager to dive into more robotics projects with this kit. Hats off to the team behind it.

  47. Briana Hyatt

    This bot’s a steal, bringing everything to the table except the batteries. Powered my board with AA batteries, though it’s suggested to use those beefier 18650 batteries for the motor. You’re looking at around $27 for two batteries plus a charger. Assembly takes a bit, especially getting the servo motor positioned right. Found all the wiring help I needed online. To get it moving and grooving with obstacle avoidance and other tricks, you’ll need Mixly and Arduino. Fair warning, it’s a 2 to 4-hour build, and the instructions could be clearer with better pics.

  48. Willie Casper

    Got my hands on this tank kit and was seriously impressed. The online guide was a breeze to follow, everything from unboxing the well-organized and labeled parts to diving into the assembly. Screws and bits were sorted into their own bags, which made the whole process smooth. The manual covers both hardware setup and software deep dive, offering a choice between Arduino or Mixly for coding. Decided to give Mixly a go and it was a blast, especially seeing how it translates to Arduino code. Building and coding went off without a hitch, but it was good knowing support was there if needed. Definitely a thumbs up from me for anyone keen on getting into electronics and coding.

  49. Elenora Kris

    Just checking it out online doesn’t do this kit justice. Once you have it in your hands, you realize it’s packed with potential activities for days, or even months. This isn’t just a build-it-and-forget-it kit; it’s a full-on robotics playground that’ll get your creative juices flowing. What grabbed me was how many ways you can control this robot – IR, Bluetooth, ultrasound, light sensitivity. Initially, I was like, “Why all the options?” But now, I get it. Each control method is cool on its own, but combine them, and you’re only limited by your imagination. I snapped some photos to show off the variety of parts it comes with. Even the mechanical components are top-notch, including sturdy flange bearings and fasteners. They’ve really thought of everything with this kit.
    Would I grab another? In a heartbeat. It’s like getting multiple kits in one, making it the perfect launchpad for anyone curious about diving into robotics.

  50. Chelsey Kemmer

    The Motor Tank arrives in pieces inside a cardboard box, with each part neatly packed, and the more delicate bits like shields and sensors in their own little boxes. There’s a bunch of tiny components, so heads up, it might be a bit of a challenge for the younger crowd to put together. The guides for assembly and coding are pretty sweet. Found a wiki for my model (KS0428) with all sorts of files on Dropbox. The coding guide is loaded with examples for each sensor and wraps up with three full-blown sample codes for maneuvering the tank with IR or Bluetooth. My kids are all over this tank.
    Here’s the lowdown:
    Pros: Everything’s packed with care, instructions are clear, and it’s a total joy.
    Cons: Might be tough for kids to assemble solo, and there’s no wrench for the nuts. Best have some pliers handy before you start putting it together.
    Would I recommend it? Heck yeah! My kids and I are having a blast.

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