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Deluxe Wooden Cat Tree Tower with Built-In Litter Box & Scratching Posts

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Transform Your Cat’s Life with Unmatched Comfort and Adventure

Introduce your furry friends to a world of luxury, fun, and relaxation with our Deluxe Wooden Cat Tree Tower. Designed with your cat’s instincts and needs in mind, this multi-level paradise is more than just a cat tree—it’s a comprehensive play and rest area that caters to your pet’s curiosity, playfulness, and comfort needs. Whether it’s for one, two, or three cats, this tower promises endless hours of exploration and cozy naps.

Why Choose Our Cat Tree?

Our product stands out for its thoughtful design and superior quality. It combines a spacious cabinet large enough for a comfortable sleep or to discreetly house a litter box, a foldable litter box included for convenience, and multiple scratching posts wrapped in natural sisal rope for your cat’s scratching needs. The tree also features two top options, including a coconut palm leaf top, and a variety of lounging spots like a large-space top perch and a capacious hammock. Crafted from healthy and eco-friendly materials, it ensures your cat’s well-being while adding a stylish touch to your home decor.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Luxury multi-level design accommodates 2-3 cats simultaneously.
  • Spacious cabinet with a free foldable litter box included.
  • Two top options: coconut palm leaf and scratching post for relaxation and play.
  • Large-space top perch and cozy hammock for ultimate comfort.
  • Scratching posts wrapped in natural sisal rope, promoting healthy claws.
  • Made with eco-friendly materials, ensuring your cat’s safety.
  • Simple installation with instructions included for a hassle-free setup.

When is It Best Used?

This cat tree is ideal for multi-cat households looking to provide their pets with a safe, entertaining, and comfortable environment. It’s perfect for cats of all ages and sizes, offering various activities and resting areas. Use it in your living room, bedroom, or any space your cat loves spending time in. Its stylish design seamlessly blends with any home decor, making it a great addition to your space.

What Makes Our Cat Tree Special?

Aside from its luxurious design and multi-functional features, what sets our cat tree apart is the attention to detail in its construction and material choice. The use of eco-friendly wood, natural sisal rope, and the inclusion of a foldable litter box make it a unique find. Its versatility in accommodating multiple cats while providing various activities and rest areas ensures that your cats remain active, entertained, and comfortable.

Ready to Elevate Your Cat’s Lifestyle?

Don’t wait to give your cats the gift of fun, comfort, and relaxation. Order our Deluxe Wooden Cat Tree Tower today and watch your furry friends enjoy their new favorite spot in the house. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are here to support you with any questions or needs. Transform your pet’s life and your home aesthetics with just one click!

54 reviews for Deluxe Wooden Cat Tree Tower with Built-In Litter Box & Scratching Posts

  1. Ernesto Fadel

    Perfect for my apartment. The cats love it, and hiding the litter box is such a smart idea.

  2. Rupert Leffler

    This cat tree with a built-in litter box is a marvel of pet furniture design. It’s been thoughtfully created to meet the needs of cats, providing them with a space that caters to their instinctual behaviors like climbing, scratching, and observing their environment from a safe height. The hidden litter box compartment is a clever feature that maintains the aesthetic of a home while fulfilling a practical need. The quality of materials used ensures durability and safety for the pets, while the design fits well within any home decor. It’s a testament to the thoughtfulness that went into its development, making life easier for both pets and their owners.

  3. Justice Osinski

    Simple, effective, and my cats love it. The litter box feature? Genius.

  4. Hayden Collier

    Investing in this cat tree was a decision I’ll never regret. It offers everything a cat could want: height, comfort, and play options. The integration of the litter box is what sets it apart, solving the dilemma of where to place an unsightly but necessary item. The build quality exceeded my expectations, promising longevity and sturdiness even with multiple cats. The ease of assembly and the immediate attraction it held for my cats were the icings on the cake. It’s a product that truly understands cat behavior and owner convenience.

  5. Rhoda Becker

    It’s been a hit from day one. Love that it’s not just a cat tree but also a smart litter box solution.

  6. Kendrick Hahn

    I was initially attracted to the sleek design of this cat tree, but it’s the functionality that has truly impressed me. It serves as a multi-level play and rest area for my cats, encouraging them to climb, scratch, and relax in their designated spots. The hidden compartment for the litter box is a stroke of genius, allowing for easy access for the cats while keeping the litter out of sight and smell for me. The construction is solid, providing a safe and durable space for my pets. This cat tree stands out for its thoughtful design, blending seamlessly with home decor and offering practical solutions for cat owners.

  7. Omari Kuhn

    Set up in minutes and my cats are obsessed. The hidden litter box is a bonus.

  8. Lane Beier

    This cat tree has become the main attraction for my cats, offering them endless entertainment and comfort. The incorporation of the litter box into the design is ingenious, addressing the common issue of unsightly litter trays. The quality of craftsmanship ensures stability, and the plush materials invite my cats to spend hours lounging. Assembly was a breeze, with each component engineered for a perfect fit. It’s not just furniture; it’s a significant upgrade to my cats’ lifestyle.

  9. Jessyca Ratke

    My kitty loves it! Especially the top perch. Easy to put together too.

  10. Lavina Funk

    Absolutely thrilled with this purchase. The cat tree not only offers my cat a luxurious spot to relax and play, but it also smartly conceals the litter box, keeping the living area looking neat and smelling fresh. The assembly was hassle-free, with every piece fitting perfectly. It’s sturdy, functional, and aesthetically pleasing, making it a favorite for both my cat and me.

  11. Nannie Medhurst

    What sets this cat tree apart is the attention to detail in its design. From the soft, inviting lounging areas to the sturdy base and the cleverly integrated litter box compartment, it’s clear a lot of thought went into making this a premium product for cats and their owners. The assembly process was straightforward, thanks to the well-organized instructions and labeled parts. My cats were exploring and enjoying their new tree within minutes of its setup. It’s become a central part of their daily routine, offering them a place to play, rest, and observe their surroundings. Plus, the stylish design fits beautifully with my interior decor, making it a welcome addition to our living space.

  12. Jonathon Bauch

    This cat tree is a solid addition to our home. It was easy to assemble, looks good, and the cats were immediately drawn to it. The space for the litter box is particularly innovative, making it a practical piece of pet furniture.

  13. Brandyn Pollich

    My cats can’t get enough of their new tree. It’s sturdy, and the litter box feature is surprisingly handy.

  14. Pedro Boyle

    A longer review here, with a detailed breakdown of my experience: The cat tree arrived well-packaged, with all parts included and no damage. Assembly instructions were clear, making the setup process smooth. I was impressed by the thoughtful design, which includes a variety of textures and platforms to keep my cats entertained. The top perch quickly became the favorite lookout spot for my older cat, while the younger one is obsessed with the dangling toys. The hidden litter box compartment is ingeniously designed, offering easy access for cleaning while keeping the litter out of sight. I appreciate the inclusion of vent slots to minimize odors. The quality of materials is evident, promising durability and stability. This cat tree not only serves its purpose for my pets but also blends seamlessly with my home decor. Overall, this purchase has exceeded my expectations, providing a multifunctional space that my cats love and use daily.

  15. Chelsie Paucek

    Setup was a snap, and my cats were climbing all over it in no time. The integrated litter box space is a game changer for small spaces.

  16. Wilson Shanahan

    This cat tree has been fantastic for my small apartment. It fits perfectly, the cats love the variety of lounging spots, and the litter box is cleverly hidden. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to put together, and it’s sturdy enough for my active cats. Plus, it looks great in my space, which is a bonus.

  17. Rusty Monahan

    It’s perfect. The size is great for my cats, and the addition of the litter box space is genius. Assembling it was a breeze.

  18. Adah Collins

    Love this cat tree! It’s more than just a tree; it’s a space saver with its built-in litter box. My cats adore the plush perching areas, and I appreciate how it keeps the litter box discreetly hidden. Assembly was straightforward, with everything clearly labeled. It’s sturdy enough for my big cats, and the soft mats add a nice touch. Though, I’m considering alternatives for the double-sided tape on the mats for easier cleaning.

  19. Kristian Stroman

    Simple and quick to set up. My cats instantly loved it, especially the cozy spots to lounge. The hidden litter box feature is a huge plus for keeping things tidy.

  20. Jaime Keeling

    Our cats are all about this cat tree. We skipped the litter box idea and turned it into a play and snooze zone instead.

  21. Charlene Muller

    With six cats in the mix, I’ve assembled my fair share of cat trees, so piecing together this Cat Tree with a Cat Litter Box feature was no sweat. The mostly wooden construction is a nice change-up from the usual fur-magnet carpet or bedding, making it sturdy and surprisingly nice-looking for cat furniture. While it’s designed to incorporate a litter box, I’ve already got those spots figured out around my place, so I’m thinking of putting a cozy bed in that space for some cat privacy. The different levels and multiple chill zones are going to be a big hit with my crew, I can tell.

  22. Brad Schultz

    Setting this thing up was a breeze. The bottom doors aren’t exactly Fort Knox, which is actually a plus in my book since my chonky furballs won’t risk getting trapped in there.
    I didn’t bother with a litter box in the bottom; instead, I tossed in an extra cozy bed. Though, if you’re tight on space, it’d be an ideal spot to stash cat food.
    My cats were duking it out over the platform and that cushy, bucket-style seat before I could even finish assembling it. They were so into it, we ended up just leaving it by the couch rather than risk their wrath by moving it. The material’s super soft, and the whole structure feels solid, even for my more generously proportioned kitties. There’s loads of room for a multi-cat setup. Honestly, this cat tower’s a hit!

  23. Emmy Bayer

    Our kitty is over the moon with her new digs – both the cat tree and the litter box setup. It was straightforward to put together and feels really sturdy.

  24. Angelo Jenkins

    Assembled in under an hour, and it’s a hit. My living room looks better, and my cats are happy. The litter box space? Brilliant.

  25. Graham Hermiston

    This addition has been a hit in our place. My cats are all over the tall tower, while I’m all about the hidden litter box feature. It’s super convenient for them to get to, and it’s tucked away so it’s out of sight, meaning I don’t have to stare at it all day. It’s also great because it doesn’t hog extra space. Before, we had to keep the litter box in a separate room to keep the dog from messing with it. Now, he’s clueless it’s even there.

  26. Forrest Ortiz

    The upper part where the cats can hang out is top-notch—they can’t get enough of the hammock and the cushy bed. The whole unit feels stable thanks to the enclosed base. Being able to swing open the doors, whip out the litter box for a quick clean, and slot it back in effortlessly is a game-changer. It’s sleek, made from quality materials, and doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb in the room. Plus, the inclusion of a foldable litter box is a neat little perk.

  27. Reed Moore

    This cat tower is a standout, truly one of the best I’ve come across. Both my cats are smitten with it, especially the cozy cabinet section at the bottom where they like to snooze. My younger cat happily explores every level, while my senior cat, who’s on the heftier side and about 20 years old, sticks to the first tier. She can’t climb higher but still gives it her all and loves it regardless. The included toys were a hit with my kitten too!

  28. Izaiah Blick

    Really, all you need to know is that this is a solid cat tree with a bonus: a compartment that cleverly hides the litter box. The cats are always on it, lounging away. Having a discreet spot for the litter box is a massive advantage. They’re happy, I’m happy—it’s a win all around.

  29. Antoinette Reynolds

    It’s pretty well-crafted, aside from a couple of cracked corners I’m guessing got damaged during shipping. Putting it together was straightforward, and it feels solid. I do wish it had some feet to raise it off the ground a bit, but that’s an easy fix I can do myself. My cat’s already taken a liking to the litter box area, opting to nap in it even before I’ve added any litter.

  30. Timothy Olson

    This cat tree is just right for small to medium-sized cats. Having a designated space for the cat litter box at the bottom is super convenient. It comes with carpet pads, so it’s not all slippery wood—there are spots for the cats to grip onto. It’s sturdy and stable; the cats can’t tip it over or shake it too much when they’re climbing up to the top. Cleaning is easy, just a quick wipe down, and the litter box is easily accessible through the large doors at the bottom. Assembly was straightforward, took about half an hour, and it came with all the necessary tools. It’s an all-in-one setup that’s really practical. You’d think for the price it would be fully carpeted, but even without, it’s a quality piece.

  31. Mustafa Tremblay

    Love this cat tree! It’s adorable, a cinch to put together, and even includes a foldable litter box down below. It’s clear a lot of thought went into its design, offering the perfect hangout for both my fur babies. They took to the new litter box setup right away, which is a big deal because switching their litter box has always been a struggle. The side doors make cleaning it super easy, and the extra scratcher that sticks to the side is a nice touch.

  32. Sammie Nader

    This combo of a cat scratcher and litter box enclosure is sleek and does an ace job of keeping the litter box out of sight. Assembly was a tad tricky but cleaning it is no hassle at all.

  33. Vivienne Robel

    Putting this cat tree together was a breeze, came with all the necessary tools right out of the box. The setup instructions were clear as day, which is always a plus. It includes some cozy carpet squares you can stick on the wood parts to keep your furballs from slipping around. There’s a choice between adding another perch or a scratching post topped with faux greenery at the very top. Kinda wish I could have slapped both options up there at once, would’ve been cooler, I think. The litter box setup at the bottom is smart, with vent slots and a magnet-held door. But, the litter “box” it comes with is just laughable 😂 It’s like a flimsy fold-up storage bin. Definitely upgrading to a plastic or stainless steel one. Despite that, it’s a solid 5-star find for me. Totally love it.

  34. Domingo Kuhlman

    It’s hilarious how cats just know when something’s theirs, right? My cat’s almost completely blind, doubt he can see much more than a shadow of this tree, but he was straight-up drawn to it. It’s fantastic furniture – doubles as a play area and a litter box holder, and best of all, keeps the dogs out of the litter. Seriously sturdy piece.

  35. Earline Kassulke

    This thing’s rock-solid, doesn’t budge an inch. The cats seem to be fans!

  36. Laurence Gusikowski

    He’s totally in love with it, and I’m digging the fact that it offers a spot for a second litter box that’s a no-go zone for the dogs. Assembly was simple, it’s sturdy as can be, and the quality’s top-notch!

  37. Magdalen Bahringer

    Gotta say, the packaging was almost as impressive as the cat tree itself. Though, I think it might’ve been missing a couple of holes for the door installation. Pretty sure I didn’t mess up the assembly. No biggie, I’ll just drill the holes myself to fix it.

  38. Liliana Eichmann

    Really into the wooden box at the bottom. It’s solid quality.

  39. Lempi Parisian

    My little ones are obsessed with this cat tree, even going as far as to nibble on the fake plant on top. Luckily, I can grab a replacement from Michaels, no sweat lol.

  40. Phoebe Franecki

    For sure, this is a clever way to keep a cat entertained, though it really boils down to the cat’s mood – don’t expect them to be all over it every single day. My cat occasionally ventures to the top platform to keep an eye on the world outside the window. I skipped on using the litter box feature since I placed the tower in my living room. Apart from the lookout point, my cat hasn’t really taken to the other lounging spots much. The structure is solid, but the top perch feels a bit cramped.

  41. Keven Kunde

    It’s adorable and fits right in with my room’s vibe, plus my cat’s all about it.

  42. Makenzie Donnelly

    This cat tree is the perfect size and comfort zone for my 9lbs fur baby. It’s made of wood, so it’s pretty solid and can easily hold up my cat’s weight without any trouble. She’s practically claimed it as her new snooze central. I’m planning to swap in my old litter box since it’s awesome to have a built-in spot to hide it away – big win for keeping my place tidy. Both of us are pretty happy with this buy 😊. Putting it together was no big deal and took about an hour.

  43. Janiya Gutmann

    Super easy setup. It came with a screwdriver, but trust me, you’ll want to use a drill for this. Made the whole process faster. It’s a looker in my living room 😎. Might move it later, but it’s good for now. The bottom section, where the litter box fits, is spacious enough for the box and even leaves room for the scoop at the back. Planning to add a litter mat at the entrance for cleanliness. Just hoping my kitten actually uses this one, considering her history of ignoring new stuff. All in, took me around two hours from start to finish. Definitely a solid purchase, and I’ll be checking out more from this seller.

  44. Clovis Kertzmann

    Assembly was a breeze, which was a relief. Looked exactly as advertised, with straightforward instructions and everything labeled. The collapsible litter box, though, is just a canvas box, hardly suitable for holding litter, and definitely not for larger cats. The enclosed bottom area is a neat hideout for my kitties, but if you’re looking for a functional litter box space for a big cat, you might want to look elsewhere. Perfect for smaller cats with an alternate litter solution.

  45. Hannah Sauer

    My bed’s pretty high, nearly 5 feet off the ground, and he’s turned the tree into his personal launchpad to my bed. It’s super sturdy. He’s really taken to the hammock, especially when I’m not around to snuggle with. The spot meant for the litter box is a bit cramped, so it’s become more of a chill zone for him and a stash for his canned treats instead!

  46. Buddy Russel

    Putting it together took me about an hour and a half, but I was in no rush, taking breaks to catch up on some TV. My cat’s all over it, loving every bit. It’s been holding up great since I got it set up three weeks back.

  47. Darren Okuneva

    My furball’s a chill 7-year-old, tipping the scales at 11lbs. He’s not the type to wreak havoc on his tree, though he totally could if the mood struck him. His fave spot is by the window, keeping an eye on the city life. Passersby often stop for a chat, and my security cam gets all the action.
    At first, I didn’t bother with the tension rod since he wasn’t using the top two perches. But after tempting him with Churu on the second highest spot for four months, he finally made the climb on his own. That’s when I decided to put in the tension rod and started enticing him to the top perch with treats. Let’s see how long he takes to venture up there without a bribe.

  48. Garret McClure

    My kitties are all about this setup. It doesn’t rock or make a racket when the little one goes on climbing adventures. There’s a shorter build and a taller one that reaches the ceiling. The spot for the litter box is super handy, though I’m not exactly sold on the fabric litter box it comes with. Putting it together was no sweat. You can totally do it solo, but snagging a buddy to help stand it up isn’t the worst idea.

  49. Audreanne Kertzmann

    This is solid stuff, from top to bottom. The spring that stretches to the ceiling is super reliable, and there’s even a bit for securing it to the wall if that’s your jam. Pro tip: grab a budget-friendly plastic litter box to swap out the kinda iffy one it includes. Totally worth the spend and my hefty feline has no complaints!

  50. Reagan Schneider

    This one’s a looker and it’s not throwing off my home’s vibe, plus you can fit a different litter box in there if the one it comes with isn’t your thing.

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