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Deluxe Multi-Level Cat Tree

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Unveil a World of Purr-fect Luxury for Your Feline Friends!

Introduce your beloved cats to their new favorite hangout spot – the Deluxe Multi-Level Cat Tree! Designed with a blend of entertainment, comfort, and health in mind, this cat tree is the ultimate home accessory for any cat owner looking to spoil their pets. Offering a multi-functional luxury space, it can easily accommodate 2-3 kittens, providing endless fun and relaxation.

Why Choose Our Cat Tree?

Our product stands out for its thoughtful design and superior quality. Featuring four layers of fun, it includes a cozy hammock, a private condo, a lofty tower, and multiple scratching posts. Wrapped in natural sisal and premium plush, it ensures the safety and well-being of your cats, promoting healthy nail maintenance and offering a variety of sleeping options.

Key Features:

  • Multi-Functional Design: Accommodates 2-3 kittens, with ample space for play, lounge, and exploration.
  • Versatile Sleeping Options: Includes a spacious condo, top perch, and a big drop bed.
  • Entertainment Galore: Multi-layered for climbing, scratching, and playing.
  • Safe & Durable: Made with natural particle boards and sisal-wrapped posts for safety and durability.
  • Easy Maintenance: Features removable and washable plush cushions for easy cleaning.
  • Simple Installation: Comes with clear instructions for quick assembly.


  • Keeps your cats entertained and active, preventing boredom.
  • Supports natural scratching behavior, protecting your furniture.
  • Offers a safe and secure space for your cats to relax and sleep.
  • Enhances your home décor with its elegant design and choice of colors.

Bring Joy to Your Cat’s Life Today!

Don’t wait to give your cat the gift of joy, comfort, and entertainment. The Deluxe Multi-Level Cat Tree is perfect for indoor use, offering a safe and engaging environment for your furry friends. With its easy installation and maintenance, it’s the stress-free way to enhance your cat’s life and your home. Order now and watch your cats thrive in their new paradise!

54 reviews for Deluxe Multi-Level Cat Tree

  1. Karina Hoppe

    I bought this as a Christmas present. The kitty sat by me and played with the different parts of the tree as they were built. She’s not usually this responsive so quickly, but the second I took the pieces out of the box she was instantly attracted to it.

    nother important thing about this tree is, it looks expensive. It’s high quality. I wanted a tree that looked good, and not an eye sore. So it fits well in the decor.

  2. Kyler Zulauf

    This cat condo is amazing! We have 2 cats and they love having their own separate spaces to relax on it. The little cubby is a great place for when one cat needs a little bit of alone time, and the different play options keep them both entertained. It’s very sturdy and easy to put together. Very well thought out! Also very easy to clean.

  3. Cristina Lowe

    Assembly is easy, though if you have arthritis or weakness in your hands and/or wrists, you may want to ask for help. The screws and threaded holes can be a bit stiff.

    This tree is well balanced, unlike a lot of other trees that have these perches that hang off to the side, which will easily tip. Even my fat cat can climb up this without tipping it over. And if tipping over becomes a concern, there’s a safety strap included to which you can screw to the wall.

    The material is plush and appears to be durable.

    Overall I am very pleased with this purchase.

  4. Claude Grimes

    Bought this for our 12 pound Maine Coon. It was very easy to assemble. The size is great even for a larger cat, and it’s perfectly stable even when she climbs to the very top. Cat approved and owner approved!

  5. Micheal Mann

    Putting cat trees together is not one of my favorite activities, and while I can’t say this was enjoyable, the instructions were easy to understand and the illustrations clear. One of my cats started climbing on it before I was done. Both have been enjoying it, and one especially likes the hammock on the bottom.

    My cats are heavy, but the tree is very sturdy and doesn’t shake or sag even with both of them on it. I’m very happy with the purchase, and obviously so are my cats.

  6. Robin Kirlin

    This is my 2nd condo.
    My cats love this and I bought it for the two sleeping spots at the top ad they would always fight over the 1 on my old one. Took me 1/2 hour to assemble and was so well packaged and the directions were great. For the price of this, why wouldn’t you give it a try. Just remember as it gets alot of use you will have to re tighten the screws now and again. No biggie! I am super happy with this and most importantly, my cats love it!!!!

  7. Bertrand Gleichner

    My cats love all the sleeping spots on this tree!

  8. Rodger Bailey

    I bought this because of the little cat hammock. My cats love it!

  9. Isabelle Crona

    We got this for our cat Kora, who weighs about 9 pounds. She absolutely loves this cat tree. It wasn’t difficult to put together and is very sturdy. Great value for the price. Highly recommend.

  10. Susana Emmerich

    Perfect size tree. I have two cats and they love this tree. One of them loves to lay in the little hammock. It was pretty easy to put together as well.

  11. Trystan Pagac

    This is my cats first tree. I’m truly thankful for this product going out of its way to make it sturdy and easy to assemble.

  12. Clint Koss

    My cat just came home yesterday so she hasn’t explored it much but she likes to go in the little house 🙂

  13. Keith Beatty

    Very stable and seems to be great quality.

  14. Jaron Hartmann

    Before I could get the cat tower put together, the kitties had already claimed it. I had to finish putting it together by working around my kitty laying in the basket. My short-haired cat had never liked a cat condo until I got this one. It was definitely worth the money just to watch them both enjoy it.

    It is good quality and they love it.
    Definitely recommend.

  15. Anya Gerlach

    It was easy to set up, and my 2 cats were on it even before I was finished putting it together. One of my cats has been on it most of the day in the few weeks we’ve had it.

  16. Krystina Smith

    My boys enjoy it all the time. Sleeping, climbing, chasing

  17. Patricia Wolff

    I loved how easy it was to assemble and I am 80 years old. It’s perfect for an area on my front porch for my cat to enjoy the sun and sunny breezes. A well thought out piece.

  18. Brionna Balistreri

    My cat jumps all over it. And sleeps on all terraces

  19. Chaz Lindgren

    Was very easy to build, even with lots of help from one of my cats. My three cats took to it right away and spend much time climbing or hanging out on it. They enjoy using it as a scratching post also.

  20. Barbara Marvin

    Two cats just love this!

  21. Clarissa Sipes

    I’ve been thinking about getting a new cat tree and hadn’t really found one I liked. Then I saw this one and thought, why not? It was a good price and the right size for my two fur babies. I was a little worried it might not be sturdy enough for my cats but I need not have. It is definitely sturdy enough for both at the same time.
    They were so excited about it, they were in it before I could even finish putting it together; which, by the way, is super easy and super quick!
    Anyway, if you’re on the fence about this tree, don’t be. Get it! It’s great! My two have not left it yet and are currently both asleep on it.

  22. Clare Lockman

    Product seems to be very well built and good quality. The assembly take some patience…

  23. Hannah Gibson

    This was actually easy to put together and would have taken about 30 minutes to assemble, but my kitties kept playing on it while I was putting it together so it took a little longer.

    So far I’m very happy with this purchase!

  24. Kamille Bayer

    This is a decent cat tower for the price but it’s not for a large cat.

  25. Dereck Wunsch

    Very sturdy and worth every penny. My girl absolutely love it.

  26. Hailey Heidenreich

    I bought one of these awhile ago and it’s still standing strong. I’ve had to replace some of sisal rope because the cats have used it so much.
    The towers are still sturdy. I bought another one for my sister whose cat tree fell apart after just a few months. I don’t know how long cat trees typically last but i believe I can still get some more years out of this one.

  27. Lance Walsh

    kitten LOVES IT!

  28. Carole Friesen

    I have two sphynx males. One of my males is pretty massive. He LOVES the hammock. He fits comfortable everywhere. they use the scratching posts regularly.

  29. Erich O'Reilly

    I love it….but most importantly my cat loves it. It is tall enough so that he can see out the window from the top 2 perches. He sometimes just uses it as a place to get away and take a nap – but other times he is jumping from one place to another having fun.
    Such a great purchase!

  30. Brett Ortiz

    I was searching for a cat tree that would hold my maine coon cat, and was pleased with this purchase. It safely holds him, and when he jumps up to the perches, the tree doesn’t wobble at all.

    Also, the tree was super easy to put together. I would definitely recommend buying this tree.

  31. Jade Armstrong

    I have two big Maine coon mixed cats. This cat tree is perfect for them! It’s sturdy. The beds are soft, cushioned and comfy, they actually love the condo too! This is a great buy if you have big kitties!

  32. Nellie Kunde

    My cats love to lounge in it (we placed it where they can see outside – but aren’t close to the window to jump into the blinds ;). The boy likes the scratching posts and the sling bed, while the girl likes sling bed.

  33. Gracie Crist

    My girl wasn’t sure about it at first but I put a couple pieces of her food in a few places at the top and she’s has no issues now. We put it next to a window that gets sunlight and she likes to nap up there in the sun

  34. Vern McDermott

    This was very easy to assemble and is very sturdy!

  35. Cristopher Goldner

    I purchased this for my cat in the hopes that he would sleep on/in it and also use it as a scratching post. After a little exploration (assisted with some cat treats) he likes using it for his daily naps, however he doesn’t seem to really like using it as a scratching post at all, so I can’t really comment on its lasting power as a scratching post.

  36. Alberta Towne

    This is my second time buying this. My cats love it

  37. Torrey Nader

    My three cats adored it so much that the cushions wore out. I am planning to buy the “same” one, in a different color that matches my decor.

  38. Ollie Bahringer

    I have been looking for a cat tree that has platforms suitable for my cats to lay or sleep on, and was pleased with this one.
    The assembly instructions were clear and easy to follow. I also appreciate the wide base of the tree, which gives the whole structure stability.

  39. Josh Glover

    Very sturdy easy to out together and most importantly, my cats love it!

  40. Melissa Romaguera

    I personally love the cat tree for its size & design, but unfortunately my cats are not as fond of it. They regularly use the cat tree scratching posts, but don’t particularly like the 2 beds at the top or the hammock

  41. Lelia Schiller

    So far so good and we have 3 very happy kitties!

  42. Harry Mertz

    This product was very easy to put together, and our kitten loved it from the beginning!

    Assembly was easy using the directions. We are super impressed with this product! It is sturdy and the material covering it is super soft, and the beds are super plushy. Our kitten loves sleeping in the hammock and the perches and loves going inside the covered “cat condo” too.

  43. Maggie Terry

    My boy really does love this tree, for napping, playing and exploring, and we are happy with the purchase! Highly recommend! 👍🏼

  44. Stefan Aufderhar

    This is a really great Cat Condo. I have four cats and they all use it. Many mornings my husband wakes up and our black kitty is sleeping in the hammock part, one of our orange kitties is in the house and one kitty is laying on the top perch. I purposely bought this condo because it has a hammock.All my cats have layed in it, but it is a favorite of my black kitty, he isn’t fond of climbing. All the cats use the scratching posts.

  45. Lynn Moore

    Both my cats love this tree and sleep / play on it. Its sturdy and doesn’t wobble.

  46. Erika Gutmann

    Bought this a month ago for our two spoiled kittens who are around 6 months old. They love it! It’s soft and has lots of perches for them to climb to and pounce from.

  47. Britney Reichert

    Love it easy to put together,materials very soft.

  48. Veronica Abernathy

    It was really easy to put together and the instructions we’re easy to read. Overall, I am satisfied.

  49. Devin Cronin

    Highly recommend!! Definitely worth the money!!

  50. Larissa Yundt

    Absolutely loves it! It is sturdy, which I believe is the main reason why my cat actually enjoys this one over my previous cat tower. Highly recommend!

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