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Deluxe Cat Tower with Scratching Posts, Condo & Play Toys

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Welcome to the ultimate home accessory for your feline friend! Our Deluxe Cat Tower offers a multifunctional playground that is guaranteed to keep your cat entertained, healthy, and happy. This cat tree is a must-have for any cat owner looking to provide their pet with a luxurious and engaging environment.

Basic Features & Benefits

Our cat tower comes packed with features designed to cater to your cat’s natural instincts and provide endless hours of fun. Crafted from durable wood and available in stylish gray or beige, this cat tree blends seamlessly into any home decor.

  • Four Levels of Play: With multiple tiers, your cat can climb, perch, and explore, keeping them active and agile.
  • Scratching Posts: Wrapped in sisal rope, these posts satisfy your cat’s scratching needs, protecting your furniture from damage.
  • Cozy Condo: The perfect retreat for a nap or some alone time, offering your cat a sense of security.
  • Interactive Toys: Built-in toys stimulate your cat’s hunting instincts and keep them engaged.
  • Sturdy and Safe: Constructed from high-quality wood, this tower is stable and safe for your feline explorer.
  • Easy to Assemble: With a compact package size and straightforward instructions, setting up your cat tower is a breeze.

When to Use

Perfect for indoor use, this cat tower is ideal for cats of all ages and activity levels. Whether your cat loves to climb, scratch, play, or just relax, our cat tower provides a dedicated space for all their needs.

Order Now!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to provide your furry friend with their own luxurious space. With our Deluxe Cat Tower, you’re guaranteed to make your cat’s day, every day. Order now and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a satisfied and content feline companion.

52 reviews for Deluxe Cat Tower with Scratching Posts, Condo & Play Toys

  1. Emma Grant

    My cat is in love! Was right there beside me while setting it up! He started playing on it right away! Love the little house as my cat loves boxes and it makes him feel like hes in a box! Everything was super easy to set up and he hasnt left it besides to eat and use the litter box! He sleeps and plays on it and its high enough that he can get away from the dog if he wants alone time! Its wonderful! 10/10 would recommend!

  2. Carmine Larson

    Kinda wobbly but so far so good!

  3. Isabel Monahan

    Good quality, sturdy.My kitten loves her cat tree.

  4. Mary Reichel

    Got this for my kitten, she has grown and I bought her a bigger cat tree but kept this one as she’s just as obsessed with it. It’s really great. It’s not that stable though so maybe get a bigger one for bigger cats.

  5. Royce Reinger

    My cats rarely spend time in the same place, and they both love this cat tree!

  6. Diego Konopelski

    My kitten loves it. It was quick and easy to put together. Great product!

  7. Tate Collins

    Set up a temporary cat tree to help foster a kitten. Both my cat and the foster kitten LOVE it. The kitten especially climbs all over it and enjoys chewing the rope.

  8. Jody Haley

    My cat lila just loves it..at first she was scared of it but now she plays and sleeps on it.

  9. Estell Harris

    I love this item!
    I love the texture of the carpet, it’s so soft! Was fairly easy to put together although it did take me over an hour😅

  10. Trent Ziemann

    Absolutely great for my cat she loves it. Only complaint I have is the one screw that has to be done upside down. It’s a bit of a pain. Other than that easy to build and set up. Great color too.

  11. Gerda Grimes

    My cats love this cat tree. Simple to put together and quite sturdy.

  12. Torey Schmeler

    This was a fabulous purchase for our cat as she loves the tower and sleeping at the very top. I’m not sure how well it would accommodate a large full size cat as the levels are not overly large – which is something I noticed with most cat trees and not just this one. Overall great value for the money and easy to put together.

  13. Oliver Macejkovic

    This is great value for the money but I wish it was more sturdy. I have to tighten the bolts quite often.

  14. Amy Pagac

    Easy to install and very nice colors!

  15. Dewayne Nicolas

    This is excellent quality and the price was good value!

  16. Kelly Wuckert

    I wasn’t crazy about assembling it, but I did it at 68 years old! My cat isn’t quite sure yet but she is curious It looks good!

  17. Rod Durgan

    Perfect for my two cats, they love this tree!! very easy assembly, very sturdy, good quality. great price, they’re on it everyday! highly recommend! just do it!

  18. Skylar Kirlin

    This thing is pretty awesome. My cat loves it. It was pretty easy to put together and the cat just have so much fun it.

  19. Emile Gleason

    Easy to assemble. Instructions were simple and complete. Very good material quality and fasteners sized robustly. Stable assembly. One cat moved right in!

  20. Lynn Haley

    My cat loves it. he’s still within the normal weight range for an adult, but the chonkier end. it definitely needs to be against a wall or in a corner for when your cat jumps from level to level.

    It would be great for kittens or smaller/light cats.

  21. Virginia Wilderman

    Bought for my grand daughters kitten and she LOVES it. Went together easily!

  22. Ahmad Jerde

    I think he likes it

  23. Amina Jenkins

    My kitty loves it and so do I, I was expecting it to be taller but that is just user error and not seeing the measurements. Really easy to put up only took me about 10-15 minutes on my own to get everything secure.

  24. Herbert Murphy

    I have a 5 year old siamese cat that isnt fat. It is great for him. Everything is still solid after a few months. Cord holds up pretty nice.
    My cat plays around pretty hard, runs up and down.

  25. Casey Smitham

    This cat tree is worth it. It was super easy to put together, and my cats love it. There is different levels which is nice.

    The only thing is that I wish the top bed was bigger as my cats are both too big to lay in it, but they do like to just sit at the top. Overall, I highly recommend purchasing this item!

  26. Margret White

    My cats absolutely adore this tree, they love the scratching area and are very happy going up and down using it everyday.

  27. Sadye Langosh

    Easy to assemble, a little wobbly but stable enough for my fat cat,
    He’s too chunky for it but he still makes it work.
    He absolutely loves all the lil scratching posts and lovings running up and down the tower.
    Better than I expected and a good size for just one cat.

  28. Dusty Greenfelder

    It was easy to put together, soft material, my kitten likes it.

  29. Pierce Sanford

    Our cat just loves this tree!!!
    She is always on it and sleeps right at the top 😊

  30. Cathy Koepp

    My cat LOVES this cat tree!

    He usually refuses to use a bed but the top of the tree is his favorite spot.
    It is just a tad wobbly but tightening them every now and then doesn’t hurt. it’s been almost 8 months and it hasn’t fallen apart so i would say good product for such a deal!

  31. Rory Cartwright

    As pictured, easy assembly and cats love it.

    They began playing on it as it was getting built and enjoyed the cubby hole to hide out in. Basket is one of the cats immediate lounge spots.

    Good quality for price.

  32. Jarvis Herzog

    I think this cat tree is a good value for its price but it’s a bit unsteady so I placed a kettle bell on the base to make sure it doesn’t tip over when my crazy cat has his zoomies and attacks it.

    It was also easy to put together without any help. I’d recommend!

  33. Tate Bayer

    Cats love climbing it and it is fun watching them play fight.

  34. Katherine Ratke

    My cats like it and It’s small enough to fit in room.

  35. Orie Ryan

    Great cat tree,easy instructions,soft fabrics.
    Highly recommended!

  36. Elwyn Weissnat

    It was easy to set up. It is quite large so have a good space to place it.

  37. Ricardo Grimes

    Product was easy to put together, sturdy and fabric/materials are great for the price. Platforms are good size for kitten or young cat. Might not be suitable for larger cats but works well for ours!

  38. Sam Goldner

    It was really easy to put together my cat. Absolutely loves it. Loves to sleep in that little basket thing. There is so cute to watch her. I definitely like it as she scratches on this except for my furniture. definitely was a great price for it was very durable simple to put together and my animal loved it 10 out of 10

  39. Emma Hamill

    Overall it exceeded my expectations. Sturdy and strong, doesn’t fall over easily (hasn’t at all so far), and it doesn’t smell. The sheet for assembly was hard to find but I could piece it together without reading as much.

    I don’t like the furball though. I tested it and the ball broke easily from the string. They gave another that I tied it up with though.

    Worth the money. Worked either way. Nice design, not too big even though I live in an apartment.

  40. Katherine Beier

    Got this for my kitten, she has grown and I bought her a bigger cat tree but kept this one as she’s just as obsessed with it. It’s really great. It’s not that stable though so maybe get a bigger one for bigger cats.

  41. Rickey Kunze

    Good product.

    Our cat took to it fairly quickly and enjoyed hanging out at the top or in the little basket on the side. The basket seems a bit small, but she gets cozy in it. Easy to follow instructions and put together.

  42. Peter Gleason

    This fit nicely in our apartment, but is still big enough for the cats to sit on. Easy to assemble and sturdy.

  43. Jena Gibson

    I loved the fact that it took less than 5 minutes to put this thing together. It also looks nice as it isn’t too large as other cat trees can be.

  44. Eleanore Schimmel

    Currently, the cat is grooming himself on the top of the tree, so I’d say he approves of it.

  45. Elena Ritchie

    My cat loves the top perch, but doesn’t use the scratch posts or the house feature. She’s new to our household, so maybe in time she’ll use them. It’s sturdy and was easy to assemble.

  46. Hugh McDermott

    I’m was so excited when this cat stand came in my cat absolutely loves it he makes himself fit in the little round hanging basket I had to sprinkle catnip on it to make him go to it at first cuz it is so fresh and clean but he loves it he lays on it throughout the day very easy to put together very sturdy absolutely a good purchase!

  47. Michael Lind

    I like how this cat tree doesn’t need a lot of space, but it’s not really made for cats on the larger side.

  48. Hank Mueller

    I own a 15 years old cat, a 12 weeks old kitten and a medium size dog. That’s what they have to say about it.

    The cat: LOVE the highest perch. It provides a nice view from every angles and it prevents sneak attacks from the
    the kitten. The best part will always remain the long naps by the sunny window.
    The kitten: Having a blast by playing, climbing and annoying the old cat who lives at the top of the castle. It’s also a really good hiding spot to retreat from the dog after losing the battle. But where it really shines, is the incorporated bowl where you can eat or drink with the dog out of reach. Also, I love the round hammock!

    The dog: Hate it. The cat has an unfair view of outside the window, the kitten has an unfair strategic advantage for retreat or sneak attacks. The worst part is the inability to reach the food in the bowl. Why is the bowl so high?

  49. Gia Simonis

    My cats love it. Very sturdy

  50. Lilly Hegmann

    Perfect size, soft and easy to built! My cats sleep in/on it almost every night! Would definitely recommend.

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