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Cat Sandbox Automatic Collector Cat Litter

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Revolutionize Your Cat’s Hygiene with Advanced Technology

Introducing the ultimate solution for cat owners – the Smart Automatic Cat Litter Box. This innovative device is not just a litter box; it’s a comprehensive care system for your furry friend. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, it ensures a clean, safe, and odor-free environment for your cat, making your life easier and more comfortable. 

Key Features

  • Smart Device Integration: Control and monitor your cat’s litter box remotely via your mobile phone.
  • Automatic Self-Cleaning: Say goodbye to manual scooping. This litter box cleans itself, ensuring a hygienic space for your cat at all times.
  • Advanced Deodorization: Utilizing FS compound biological enzymes and natural plant sources, it effectively neutralizes odors and bacteria right from the source.
  • Four-Fold Protection: Equipped with a 4-weight sensor, it guarantees the utmost safety for your pet.
  • Large Capacity: Designed for convenience, it can go up to 10 days without needing a refill, perfect for busy pet owners.
  • Material: Durable and high-quality plastic construction.
  • Type: Specifically designed for cats.

When and Why to Use

Perfect for everyday use, this litter box is especially beneficial for busy cat owners. Whether you’re at work or on vacation, you can rest easy knowing your cat’s hygiene is taken care of. The product’s smart features make it special, allowing for remote monitoring and control, providing peace of mind wherever you are. 

Benefits of the Smart Automatic Cat Litter Box

  • Effortless Cleaning: Automatic self-cleaning means less time scooping and more time enjoying your pet’s company.
  • Odor and Bacteria Control: Keeps your home fresh and hygienic, thanks to its advanced deodorization technology.
  • Safety First: The safety sensors ensure that your cat is always protected while using the litter box.
  • Convenience: Its large capacity and smart monitoring system offer unparalleled convenience.
  • Eco-Friendly: Made with sustainable materials and energy-efficient design.

Take the Next Step in Pet Care

Upgrade your cat’s litter box experience with the Smart Automatic Cat Litter Box. It’s not just a product; it’s a new way of living harmoniously with your pet. Order now and embrace a cleaner, healthier, and happier home for you and your cat.


53 reviews for Cat Sandbox Automatic Collector Cat Litter

  1. Estefania Zemlak

    Works perfectly!!!! Always clean sand!!! A little tricky to download apps, but when you do, that’s enough, it works!!! Thank you so much to the seller!!! In a short time answered and solved all the questions!! Advice!!

  2. Tiffany Bruen

    This has been a fantastic addition to our pet care routine.

  3. Seth Goodwin

    I recently invested in this automated cleaning system for my feline friend’s bathroom needs, and it’s been a total game-changer. The convenience of not having to manually sift through litter every day is a huge relief. Its sleek design blends seamlessly into my home, and it operates quietly, without startling my cat or disrupting our daily life. The odor control feature is phenomenal, keeping the air fresh and clean. It’s easy to set up and maintain, making my life simpler and giving me more quality time with my pet. Highly recommend to any cat owner

  4. Oma Legros

    I never thought I’d be so excited about a litter cleaning system, but here we are! This device has simplified my pet care routine immensely. It’s discreet, effective, and has made a noticeable difference in the cleanliness of my home

  5. Claude Stanton

    It didn’t include starter litter bags as anticipated.

  6. Gabriella Hammes

    This product is a game-changer for cat owners. It automates one of the least pleasant aspects of pet care with ease and efficiency. The design is sleek, and it operates smoothly, without disturbing the peace of our home. The automatic cleaning feature is incredibly efficient, saving us time and keeping our home free from unpleasant smells. It’s also reassuring to know that our pet’s area is always clean! Its transformative impact on our pet care routine, combined with the tangible benefits it offers, makes it a highly recommended addition to any household looking to simplify the care of their furry companions.

  7. Reynold Gusikowski

    I’d give it a solid four out of five stars. It delivers on its promises, but a larger waste compartment would enhance its functionality and simplify cleaning.

  8. Megane Lueilwitz

    This automated litter solution has completely transformed our cat care routine. It’s incredibly efficient, removing waste without any fuss and keeping the litter box fresh for longer. The system is surprisingly quiet, which was important to me as my cat is quite skittish. It’s also been a blessing for odor control, ensuring our home stays smelling pleasant. The setup was straightforward, and it’s been low maintenance. For anyone looking to simplify their pet care tasks, this is a must-have

  9. Xzavier Terry

    This device has been a godsend for reducing odors in my mother’s house. The accompanying app and clear instructions on transitioning cats from their old litter box make it user-friendly, even for those who are less tech-savvy.

  10. Karl Luettgen

    Adopting this automatic waste collection system for our cat’s litter box has been one of the best decisions we’ve made. It’s efficient, reliable, and incredibly user-friendly. The design is modern, fitting nicely into our home without being an eyesore. It’s practically silent in operation, and the way it manages odors is nothing short of miraculous. Cleaning is now hassle-free, saving us time and effort. If you’re on the fence about getting one, I’d say go for it!

  11. Florence Bogisich

    This product would earn a perfect score from me if not for the difficulty in obtaining support and suitable bags for the waste tray.

  12. Kendall Stiedemann

    I’m genuinely impressed with this automatic waste management system. It’s incredibly convenient and has significantly reduced the time I spend cleaning up after my furry companions. The unit is also surprisingly quiet, which is a huge plus in our household

  13. Allene Rolfson

    It functions exceptionally well for my cat, who tends to be quite disorderly.

  14. Delphia Farrell

    While I appreciate the convenience of this litter box, I feel its design could use some improvements. Deep cleaning the unit can become cumbersome due to hard-to-reach areas where waste tends to accumulate, particularly with softer stools. Additionally, waste sometimes gathers along the waste tray’s inner edge when it’s close to capacity. Filling it with fresh litter is also less convenient than I’d prefer, requiring me to funnel litter through a small opening at the front rather than pouring it in directly. I find myself emptying the waste tray weekly, though twice a week would be ideal.

  15. Eladio Orn

    As a pet owner, finding this product has been a blessing. It’s easy to set up and even easier to maintain, which is perfect for my busy lifestyle. The fact that it keeps the litter area clean and odor-free is just the icing on the cake

  16. Domingo Buckridge

    I’m thoroughly impressed with this automated cleanup system. It’s user-friendly and does an excellent job of keeping the litter area pristine. My cats were a bit curious at first but have since grown to use it without any issues

  17. Andreanne Hermiston

    An absolute must-have for any cat owner!

  18. Lydia Mertz

    The arrival of this product was slightly delayed due to backorder, but it was worth the wait, arriving just a few days behind schedule. My cats have taken a liking to it, making it a recommendable choice for households with multiple feline friends.

  19. Adolphus Hartmann

    I can’t express enough how much easier my life has become since getting this automatic litter cleaning system. The self-cleaning mechanism works like a charm, keeping everything tidy and significantly reducing the smell. Its compact design is perfect for small spaces, and my cat adapted to it surprisingly quickly. The peace of mind knowing that the litter box is always clean, without constant attention, is worth every penny. It’s a top-notch product for any cat household

  20. Fay Strosin

    This is my second attempt at using an automatic litter box, and it’s significantly quieter than its predecessor. It’s a discreet solution that eliminates the need for constantly checking on the litter, and it effectively controls odors. My cats have taken to it well, including the one that’s usually nervous.

  21. Cristina Robel

    It’s very quiet during operation, making it hard to notice when it’s shoveling, which is a significant improvement over other models I’ve tried. Plus, my cats seem to really enjoy it.

  22. Raoul Schaefer

    Everything has been smooth and satisfactory up to this point.

  23. Demetris Swift

    The odor control on this product is excellent, making it ideal for anyone with allergies to conventional litter boxes.

  24. Willis Bernier

    This self-cleaning litter device has been a revelation in our home. It’s efficient, removing clumps and controlling odors far better than any traditional litter box we’ve used. The quiet operation ensures it doesn’t disturb our cat or us, and the ease of use has simplified our daily routine. It’s durable, easy to clean, and blends well with our home decor. For cat owners looking for a hassle-free solution to litter box maintenance, this is an excellent choice

  25. Stephanie Torphy

    It’s truly amazing!

  26. Mossie Cruickshank

    Overall, I’m quite satisfied with this automatic litter solution. Managing the litter needs of my three adult cats used to be a daunting task, but this system has made it a breeze. I particularly appreciate not having to manually scoop litter anymore. The unit operates quietly, is spacious enough for my needs, includes a handy mat, and is straightforward to empty. Initially, one of my cats was hesitant to approach it but has since become accustomed and uses it without any issues.

  27. Wellington Kertzmann

    Initially, my cats were unsure about this new litter box, but they’ve adapted well and now use it just as they would a traditional one. It has significantly simplified the cleaning process for me, a true lifesaver. Plus, its design is quite sleek, resembling a small appliance rather than an unsightly litter box.

  28. Yessenia Wunsch

    It’s incredibly helpful and a relief to have found this product for our two large cats.

  29. Jacquelyn Schultz

    This litter box-nightstand hybrid stands as a testament to the possibility of integrating pet care solutions into our living spaces without compromise. Its remarkable odor control capabilities, ease of maintenance, and dual functionality address the core needs of pet owners living in compact environments. While it may not cater to every size and number of pets, its benefits are undeniably significant for those it does suit.

  30. Jace Brekke

    Having owned this litter box for over a year, I’ve experienced no issues with its operation or maintenance. It’s easy to manage, especially when emptying the dust drawer, offering a hassle-free cleaning solution. The box-like design is particularly beneficial, allowing me to place my cats’ food on top, out of reach from my dogs—an advantage not possible with round-shaped models.

  31. Pablo Hauck

    My cat seems to have taken a liking to it, although adding fresh litter can be a bit of a challenge.

  32. Berta Herzog

    Unfortunately, I encountered issues connecting it to my Wi-Fi, as the signal strength was insufficient. Despite this connectivity issue, this model significantly outperforms manual scooping and is an excellent value. It would be beneficial if future versions featured a larger entryway.

  33. Mozelle Lind

    Despite my cats not being the biggest fans, there’s no denying the quality of this product. It cleans effortlessly and operates so silently that the shoveling noise is almost imperceptible. It’s designed with cat safety in mind, pausing operation in the presence of cats. , eliminating the need for regular scooping. The odor control is significantly better, depending on the litter used, compared to traditional litter boxes. The app, however, could use some development work as it’s still in its early stages and lacks full functionality. Also, be aware of the size; it’s larger than it might seem, so ensure you have adequate space. The added convenience of app control and the feature to weigh cats are significant pluses.

  34. Reynold Mills

    We snagged this during a sale, and it’s been a welcome addition alongside our noisier, pricier brand (irobot). This auto-cleaning litter box stands out for its value, especially with the addition of two more cats to our household.

  35. Jessy Padberg

    I acquired this automated litter solution around a year ago and initially faced some of the challenges highlighted by other users. A piece of plastic used for shipping had jammed the drum, taking a short while to remove. The setup process involved tweaking my WiFi settings to separate the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. Although connecting to the app was tricky at first, customer support was quick to assist, requiring me to press and hold a button for about 30 seconds to establish a connection. The unit is quite large, resembling a compact washing machine, but it’s the sole litter box my cat will use. It’s convenient not having to scoop litter daily, as it self-cleans after each use, and I only need to replace the bag once a week. However, cleaning can be cumbersome, and the space inside is somewhat limited. Despite these minor inconveniences, the system’s efficiency and the peace of mind it brings, especially for short trips away, are invaluable.

  36. Samir Orn

    The appearance of the product is impressive. Initially, my cat was hesitant to use it, but necessity has led her to become acquainted with it. The interior light is a thoughtful addition, aiding visibility. This feature is much appreciated.

  37. Colten Bergnaum

    With five indoor rescue cats at home, I was in search of a litter solution to ease the cleaning process. This large-sized unit has significantly contributed to that, with two of my cats quickly adapting to it, another joining in after six weeks, and the remaining showing interest. Monitoring via a “Kitty Potty Cam” has helped me track their usage and match it with the app’s data, offering insight into their gradual acceptance. The only hiccup might be the small entrance, which seems to be a temporary barrier for some. Note that it doesn’t come with bags, requiring specific types for optimal use. Overall, it’s performing well, promising long-term utility.

  38. Junius Wintheiser

    Though this litter box may look like and be as large as a washing machine, it’s a hit with our pets! The app and controls are straightforward, requiring minimal setup. Our cats adapted to it immediately, and it’s impressively effective at minimizing odors, a significant plus for a multi-cat household. Cleaning is a breeze, and it accommodates standard kitchen trash bags for litter disposal. For cat owners who dread the litter box chore, this is a must-have.

  39. Merritt Fahey

    This litter box has been a great addition to our home, straightforward to set up and excellent at controlling odors, which is vital in our household with multiple cats. We’ve had it for a month without any problems, though integrating it with its app was a bit challenging, likely due to my mistake, but it proved time-consuming. Now operational, the app provides useful information. I’ve found that regular kitchen drawstring bags fit perfectly as liners. We were so satisfied that we purchased a second unit. Despite their cost, the convenience and odor management they offer justified the expense for us.

  40. Erna Kilback

    It came without the starter bags I was expecting, forcing me to improvise with regular trash bags.

  41. Rey Daugherty

    After four months of use, this device has been performing flawlessly. I haven’t needed to clean it yet, though the app could be more informative, especially regarding tracking my cat’s usage patterns. Despite this minor drawback, I’m very pleased with the product and would definitely purchase it again.

  42. Nichole Rolfson

    My cat adapted to the new system instantly!

  43. Antonietta Herzog

    Setting it up was a breeze, and keeping it running smoothly has been effortless. This self-cleaning litter box deserves a five-star rating for meeting all my expectations—no daily scooping, no lingering odors. My little Napoleons adjusted to it immediately without any fuss. It operates quietly and accommodates cats of various sizes perfectly. I was initially skeptical about its self-cleaning capabilities, especially with “Pretty Litter,” but it has exceeded my expectations flawlessly. Despite some minor glitches with the Instachew app, its functionality remains unaffected, proving reliable in every aspect. It’s unfair to dock points solely for app-related issues, especially when the core function—cleanliness and convenience—isn’t compromised, and when customer service is responsive and helpful. I wholeheartedly endorse this product and encourage others to give it a try. 😊💖👍

  44. Jake Deckow

    While setting up the box with the app presented some initial difficulties, the instruction manual offered solutions for virtually every potential problem. First, ensure your WiFi operates on the 2.4GHz frequency, which is a quick fix with most internet services. If the device seems pre-paired, follow the unpairing instructions in the manual, restart it, and try pairing again. Removing any foam inserts from the drum and disabling automatic cleaning can also help avoid unexpected activations. If you receive alerts about the box being occupied, confirm no cats are inside before commanding it to clean. Ultimately, the convenience of simply pressing a button to clean, without the need for hands-on maintenance, justifies the cost. Familiarize yourself with the manual for a hassle-free experience.

  45. Forrest Kunde

    I sifted through numerous reviews and, despite my hesitations, decided to take the plunge. And now, there’s no turning back for me. The days of scooping, topping up with fresh litter, or using air fresheners are long gone. There’s no lingering odor; it simply works flawlessly. I found the concept intriguing and setting it up was straightforward. Trust me, it’s completely worth the investment.

  46. Maddison Hodkiewicz

    I regret not purchasing this litter box when my cats were still kittens. Its quiet operation and quality construction impressed me, and it’s easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning. Unfortunately, my cats, now over 21 lbs, find it difficult to fit and are hesitant to use the small entrance. I wished it was more accessible for them. Despite my hopes, it didn’t suit my larger, older cats, and I had to return it, though I would consider it for future kittens. However, considering my current cat count, getting another kitten might push my husband’s patience too far.

    The advantages of making this switch are manifold. The ease of cleaning has dramatically reduced the time and effort previously invested in maintaining a hygienic environment for our feline friends. The innovative design not only combats odors effectively but also contributes to significant litter savings over time, thanks to its efficient use of materials.

  47. Julien O'Hara

    I was skeptical about whether my 27-pound cat could comfortably use it, but he fits and seems comfortable. So far, it’s living up to its promises. I’m just hopeful that its electronic components will remain reliable over time. My cats were initially cautious but are gradually becoming accustomed to it.

  48. Dillan Yundt

    Adopting my first automatic litter cleaner was a bit of a surprise size-wise, resembling a small domestic appliance, but it’s a necessity for its functionality to cater to cats of all sizes. Our family includes cats ranging from small to large, and while the medium-sized one uses it without issue, our largest cat hasn’t given it a try, likely due to size constraints. The device handles clumping litter well, efficiently dealing with both urine and feces. However, the waste compartment, though adequately sized, lacks depth, and the sensor doesn’t always alert to uneven waste distribution, necessitating manual tray checks to ensure even spread. Despite this, it’s a valuable addition for pet care.

  49. Rodrigo Weissnat

    This product is a game-changer, transforming the dreaded task of litter box cleaning into something manageable. The biggest challenge has been sourcing liners that fit well, but we’re adapting. The benefits include ease of cleaning, odor elimination, litter savings, and an aesthetically pleasing design. The downsides are the initial reluctance of one cat to use it, taking three weeks to adjust, the difficulty in finding compatible liners, and the initial cost. Despite these points, we’re highly satisfied and recommend it to others.

  50. Rocky Kautzer

    Living in a space where every square inch counts, the decision to integrate a litter box into my furniture setup was not made lightly. Yet, the dual-purpose design of this litter box has seamlessly blended into my living environment, serving both as a crucial component of my pet’s wellbeing and a practical nightstand. The most pressing concern for me was odor control. Sensitive to the harsh scent of cat urine, I was in dire need of a solution that could spare me the debilitating headaches triggered by lingering smells. To my amazement, this litter box has exceeded all expectations, maintaining an odor-free atmosphere even through periods of unintentional neglect, such as a hectic three-week span over the holidays.

    Assembly and maintenance have proven to be remarkably straightforward, removing any sense of burden typically associated with pet accessories. Despite its substantial size, which allows it to function effectively as a piece of furniture, it has demonstrated exceptional durability. Contrary to recommendations, it has withstood weights exceeding 10 pounds without any hint of strain. Its suitability for my single, small cat is beyond reproach, although I concede that households with multiple or larger felines might find the entryway a tad restrictive.

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