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Advanced Long-Range FPV Quadcopter with Bluetooth

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Experience Unmatched Aerial Adventure

Discover the thrill of flying with our Advanced Long-Range FPV Quadcopter, engineered for the ultimate aerial experience. Perfect for intermediate and expert pilots, this drone is designed to elevate your outdoor adventures, offering unparalleled control and stability.


Product Features

  • Long-range capabilities with a remote distance of up to 2000 meters.
  • Durable construction combining metal, plastic, and carbon fiber.
  • Advanced video capture technology for high-quality aerial footage.
  • 8-channel control for precise and responsive maneuvering.
  • Built-in Bluetooth for easy parameter adjustments via mobile phone.
  • Compatible with a wide range of cameras including GoPro and Insta 360 Go2.
  • Includes comprehensive accessories like battery straps, silicone pads, and screwdrivers.


When to Use

This drone is best used outdoors, catering to those who seek to explore vast landscapes or capture stunning aerial footage. Whether you are a hobbyist videographer or a professional pilot, this quadcopter offers the versatility and control needed for a wide range of applications.

What Makes It Special

What sets this quadcopter apart is its ability to blend high-tech features with user-friendly controls. The integration of a high-performance F722 flight controller, 42688-P Gyro, and GEPRC RAD VTX ensures a smooth, stable flight experience. The drone’s H-shaped frame design contributes to its impressive stability, especially suitable for long-range flights. Additionally, its built-in Bluetooth feature simplifies parameter adjustments, making it convenient for pilots to customize their flying experience.



  • Enhanced flight time of up to 30 minutes, perfect for extended missions.
  • Strong and sturdy camera mount, ensuring clear and stable footage.
  • Personalized protective side plate for improved reliability and safety.
  • VTX cooling fins for stable operation during extended flights.
  • Flexibility in battery choices, accommodating various flying needs.
  • Supports a full range of camera mounting, offering versatility in photography.

Take Your Flight to New Heights

Whether you’re capturing breathtaking landscapes, exploring remote areas, or just enjoying the freedom of flight, our Advanced Long-Range FPV Quadcopter is your perfect companion. Embrace the skies and experience flying like never before. Add this incredible drone to your collection today and elevate your aerial adventures!

53 reviews for Advanced Long-Range FPV Quadcopter with Bluetooth

  1. Marvin Osinski

    LOVE my new quadcopter!
    The sturdy camera mount ensures my shots are always stable and clear.

  2. Willy Zboncak

    With VTX cooling fins, I can fly with confidence knowing my quadcopter will remain stable even during extended missions.
    Beyond impressed with the performance!

  3. Dane Tromp

    Recently upgraded to this quadcopter.
    The extended flight time allows me to explore the skies without worrying about battery life.
    The full range of camera mounting options gives me the freedom to experiment with different photography angles.

  4. Marvin Gleason

    I can fly for longer periods without worrying about overheating issues. The flexibility in battery choices is excellent, allowing me to tailor my quadcopter to specific flying conditions.

  5. Kira Carter

    The full range of camera mounting options offers endless possibilities for creative photography.
    The battery is fantastic!

  6. Johnathan Corwin

    This quadcopter remains steadfast even during prolonged flights, maintaining its performance at peak levels.

    The array of camera mounting choices offers unparalleled flexibility, unleashing my creativity in capturing unique perspectives.

    Pleased with my purchase!

  7. Dean Towne

    I’ve unlocked a whole new world of aerial exploration!

  8. Jed Ritchie

    The custom protective side plate provides an additional layer of assurance, allowing me to fly with peace of mind. With the integration of VTX cooling fins, this quadcopter maintains its composure even during extensive flights, ensuring uninterrupted performance.

  9. Jermaine Dare

    A camera range mounting options empowers me to explore different angles, sparking boundless creativity.

  10. Christian Lowe

    Remarkable flight endurance!
    Camera ensures that my footage remains stable and visually captivating, regardless of external factors

  11. Guy Altenwerth

    This quadcopter remains cool and composed throughout prolonged flights, ensuring uninterrupted performance.

    The flexibility offered by its battery options caters to my diverse flying needs, allowing for seamless adaptation to various environments.
    Camera is great! Empowering me to craft visually stunning compositions.

  12. Dock Gottlieb

    This quadcopter has revolutionized my approach to filmmaking, setting new standards of excellence in the skies!

  13. Mathew Bogisich

    every aerial journey feels like an endless adventure!

  14. Jalon Hegmann

    This quadcopter stays cool under pressure, ensuring seamless performance even during the most demanding flights.
    Сamera ensures my footage remains steady and clear!
    Battery choices caters to my diverse flying needs, enabling me to customize each flight experience

  15. Irwin Davis

    This little guy has transformed my aerial adventures, turning every flight into an exhilarating journey through the clouds!

  16. Zane Orn

    The flight endurance allows me to extend my flights, capturing stunning footage without interruptions!

    Battery empowers me to tailor my setup to suit various flying conditions, enhancing overall efficiency

  17. Ezra Donnelly

    Safety is always a top priority, and this quadcopter delivers peace of mind with its personalized protective side plate. Knowing that my equipment is well-guarded gives me the confidence to push the boundaries of aerial exploration. And with the integration of VTX cooling fins, I can fly with ease, knowing that my quadcopter remains cool and reliable throughout even the most demanding flights.

  18. Irwin Gerhold

    It has transformed my aerial adventures into unforgettable experiences!

  19. Liam Hansen

    Now I can shoot sweeping landscapes or heart-pounding action shots! this quadcopter delivers every time!

  20. Jerald Hackett

    What sets this quadcopter apart from the rest is its unwavering stability, thanks to its camera. Whether I’m navigating through tight spaces or soaring high above the clouds, I can trust that my footage will be smooth and steady, allowing me to focus on capturing the perfect shot. And with the addition of a personalized protective side plate, I can fly with confidence, knowing that my equipment is safe and secure.

  21. George Zboncak

    A magic happens when I take to the skies!

  22. Hector Weissnat

    With a wide range of camera mounting options, I can unleash my creativity and capture unique perspectives that truly stand out from the crowd!
    Make it a part of your drone arsenal! You won’t regret!

  23. Pierce Hudson

    Endless possibilities! I’m talking aerial acrobatics in every shot!

  24. Simeon Hammes

    I’ve been able to capture some seriously epic footage!
    With this battery, I’ve got options for days!

  25. Alex Bartoletti

    Pretty happy with my purchase!

  26. Alysa Harris

    I’m seriously impressed! It’s like having a personal tour guide to the skies!
    Even when I’m maneuvering through tight spaces or dealing with gusty winds, my footage stays smooth and steady!

  27. Jan Reinger

    it’s a solid choice for enthusiasts seeking reliable performance and versatility

  28. Joel Rosenbaum

    The battery thing is like a power menu at a five-star restaurant!

  29. Nick Johnson

    The camera mount is robust, ensuring steady footage even in challenging conditions.

    The personalized protective side plate adds an extra layer of safety during flights.

    I’m quite satisfied with its performance!

  30. Darrick Murazik

    The inclusion of a personalized protective side plate has instilled a sense of security, alleviating any concerns about potential mishaps during flights.

    Paired with VTX cooling fins, the quadcopter maintains its composure even during prolonged journeys, ensuring consistent performance throughout.

    And let’s not forget about the extensive range of camera options! It’s like having a whole arsenal of creative tools at my disposal, enabling me to experiment with different angles and perspectives to capture truly captivating shots!

    Would recommend!

  31. Natalia McGlynn

    With a robust camera ensuring steady footage, every moment captured is a testament to its exceptional performance! it’s a gateway to endless possibilities in the vast expanse of the sky. 😊

  32. Emma Hayes

    Its battery options has been a game-changer, allowing me to adapt to various flying scenarios with ease.

  33. Felicity Stanton

    From sweeping vistas to close-up action shots, the quadcopter offers endless opportunities for creativity and expression, empowering me to capture moments in ways I never thought possible.

  34. Lisandro Funk

    Whether I’m embarking on a leisurely exploration or engaging in high-intensity maneuvers, the quadcopter adapts seamlessly, delivering consistent and dependable performance every time.

  35. Nicholas Harvey

    the quadcopter empowers me to unleash my creativity and capture moments from unique perspectives!

  36. Payton White

    it’s not just about how long you can stay in the air; it’s about what you can do while you’re up there. And let me tell you, this quadcopter doesn’t disappoint!

  37. Bobbie Huels

    The camera is rock-solid, providing a stable platform for capturing stunning aerial footage.

    Whether I’m gliding gracefully over a serene landscape or tearing through the sky at breakneck speeds, the footage remains crystal clear, allowing me to relive every moment with vivid detail.

    In summary, this FPV quadcopter has transformed my aerial adventures into unforgettable experiences!

  38. Jared Herman

    It deliver!

    I felt like I could explore the entire world from above. Every twist and turn, every breathtaking vista—it’s all there, just waiting to be discovered.

  39. Dewitt Pouros

    Safety is always a concern when you’re flying, but with this quadcopter, I never once felt worried.
    And with cooling fins keeping everything running smoothly, I can focus on the flying, knowing that my gear is in good hands.

  40. Clyde D'Amore

    This quadcopter has everything you need to take your flying to the next level.

  41. Francis Gislason

    From the very first flight, I was hooked!

    With a flight time, the possibilities felt endless, and I couldn’t wait to explore every corner of the sky.

  42. Kaia Wunsch

    Extra minutes make all the difference. With that kind of endurance, I’ve been able to explore every nook and cranny of the world above, capturing stunning footage along the way!

    The camera mount on this quadcopter – it’s solid as a rock!

  43. Lennie Dicki

    The feeling of freedom as I soared through the air, the rush of excitement as I explored new heights—it’s an experience that’s hard to put into words!

  44. Howard Hartmann

    With so many options to choose from, I feel like a professional photographer every time I take to the skies. From sweeping panoramas to intimate close-ups, this quadcopter lets me capture the world in ways I never thought possible.

  45. Nathan Kuhic

    impressive flight time!

  46. Mathew Torphy

    From majestic mountains to bustling cityscapes, I’ve captured it all with this quadcopter by my side!

  47. Nella Rice

    I feel like a professional photographer every time I take to the skies 😀

  48. Theo Monahan

    If you’re ready to take your flying to new heights, do yourself a favor and give this quadcopter a try. You won’t be disappointed!

  49. Marshall Hauck

    This quadcopter boasts a rock-solid camera mount that keeps your footage clear, even in the face of strong winds or sudden maneuvers. You can trust that your aerial shots will be smooth and professional-looking, enhancing the quality of your photography or videography projects.

  50. Clement McClure

    Safety is paramount in the world of drone flying, and this quadcopter takes it seriously.
    With a personalized protective side plate and VTX cooling fins, your drone remains protected and operational, no matter the conditions. You can fly with confidence, knowing that your equipment is well cared for.

    With a range of battery and camera mounting options, you can customize your setup to suit your specific needs and preferences. Whether you’re a hobbyist capturing stunning landscapes or a professional filmmaker shooting dynamic action sequences, this quadcopter adapts to your style.

    This boy invites you to explore, create, and discover in ways you never thought possible. If you’re ready to elevate your aerial adventures to new heights, then look no further.

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