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9L Smart Sensor Trash Can – Eco-Friendly, Touchless Waste Bin for Bathroom & Kitchen

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Discover Effortless Waste Disposal with Smart Technology

Introducing a revolutionary way to maintain cleanliness and hygiene in your home – the 9L Smart Sensor Trash Can. This high-tech, eco-friendly solution is designed to make disposing of waste a breeze, whether in your bathroom, kitchen, or any space that requires tidiness without touching the bin. Its sleek rectangular design and smart functionality combine to provide an exceptional waste disposal experience.

Advanced Features for Modern Living

Our Smart Sensor Trash Can comes equipped with a range of features that set it apart from traditional bins. It’s not just a smart device; it’s an intelligent household ally. With its induction-type opening, the lid automatically senses your approach and lifts without any physical contact, making it perfect for maintaining hygiene. Crafted from durable plastic, this eco-friendly bin is a sustainable choice that stands up to daily use.

Where Elegance Meets Convenience

Designed to be both practical and stylish, this waste bin is best used in environments where cleanliness and convenience are paramount. Its ideal for bathrooms and kitchens, where hands-free operation is most beneficial. The smart sensor technology ensures that it opens promptly when you approach, making it perfect for discarding waste while cooking or during bathroom routines.

Product Benefits That Stand Out

  • Eco-Friendly: Contributing to a sustainable lifestyle has never been easier.
  • Hygienic: Touchless operation ensures you maintain cleanliness.
  • Convenience: Smart sensor allows for quick and easy waste disposal.
  • Versatility: Elegant design fits any bathroom or kitchen aesthetic.
  • Capacity: 9L volume accommodates ample waste, reducing frequent emptying.

Transform Your Space Today

Embrace the future of waste disposal with the Smart Sensor Trash Can. It’s more than just a bin – it’s a smart, eco-friendly addition to your home. Enjoy the convenience of touchless technology and the satisfaction of a clean, clutter-free environment. Ready to elevate your home’s cleanliness? Add this innovative waste bin to your space today and experience the blend of technology and convenience. Experience the touchless technology and order now!

51 reviews for 9L Smart Sensor Trash Can – Eco-Friendly, Touchless Waste Bin for Bathroom & Kitchen

  1. Jodie Williamson

    This trash can is really worth the money. It’s good quality and even starts conversations because it’s so interesting. My husband thinks it’s great, and we’ve had some good laughs with it. We got it to keep our dogs out of the trash, but we didn’t expect to like it as much as we do. It works well, looks good, and is durable.

  2. Wilber Douglas

    I’m really happy with this trash bin. The motion sensor works perfectly every time.

  3. Madyson Strosin

    At first, I thought getting an automatic trash can was a bit lazy and unnecessary. But after seeing one in use at my daughter’s house, I changed my mind and had to get one. I’m really glad I did because the hands-free opening is awesome. I’ve had it for a few months now, and it’s still going strong.

  4. Monte Greenholt

    This trash can is pretty cool! Everyone who comes over comments on it. It’s also easy to clean, which is great when kids or guests make a mess.

  5. Jack Dooley

    My experience with this sensor-equipped waste bin has been nothing short of exceptional. The touchless technology is perfect for maintaining hygiene in the kitchen, especially important in current times. The sleek design of the bin adds a touch of modernity to my kitchen space, while its size is ideal for managing household waste efficiently. The sensor’s quick response time ensures the lid opens and closes promptly, keeping the kitchen environment clean and odor-free. The construction quality is superb, with materials that feel sturdy and reliable, promising a long service life. The convenience of the sensor feature, combined with the stylish design and robust build, makes this bin a valuable addition to my home. Its performance in containing odors and the ease of cleaning are commendable. Furthermore, the long battery life minimizes the need for frequent replacements, adding to the practicality of this product. In essence, this automated waste bin is a superior solution for waste management, blending high functionality with aesthetic appeal to enhance the kitchen experience

  6. Cassandre Haley

    I’m extremely happy with this no-touch garbage bin! The sensor technology works flawlessly, detecting motion accurately to open and close the lid. It’s a perfect size for my apartment, not too bulky yet spacious enough inside. The design is modern and sleek, adding a touch of sophistication to my kitchen. The battery life is another plus, lasting longer than I anticipated. It’s a convenient, hygienic, and stylish addition to my home

  7. Tad Hermiston

    Good price, the shipping was fast, and it’s been working great so far.

  8. Elvie Lehner

    Love the motion detection feature; it opens and closes just like you’d expect. The batteries last a long time, and its compact size means it fits easily even in small bathrooms.

  9. Baron Russel

    This automated garbage bin is a revelation in home waste management. The intelligent sensor system effortlessly detects movement, allowing for a hygienic, no-touch disposal experience, which is especially crucial in these times. The design is not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing, with a minimalistic look that enhances my kitchen’s modern vibe. Its substantial volume means less frequent bag changes, which is a time-saver for my busy household. The build quality is top-notch, with materials that feel robust and durable, promising years of reliable service. The ease of installation and user-friendly operation adds to its appeal, making it a hassle-free addition to my home. Moreover, the effective odor control keeps the kitchen fresh and pleasant. In summary, this waste bin is a perfect blend of form and function, offering a clean, efficient, and stylish solution to everyday trash disposal

  10. Donavon Hyatt

    This handy trash can with a sensor is a perfect fit for the bathroom. Setup was a snap. It also came with a roll of trash bags, which is super convenient. The lid responds well to hand waves, and its size and appearance are just right for my bathroom. Really happy with how it’s working out.

  11. Dustin Skiles

    Love this little trash can! The sensor requires you to get quite close, but it works reliably every time. The lid closes by itself after about 5 seconds, which is pretty neat.

  12. Adriana McCullough

    This small garbage can with automatic open and close is incredibly handy.

  13. Sheila Jaskolski

    Been using this for a year now. Loved it so much, I got another. It’s user-friendly, you won’t dirty your hands when taking out trash, and it’s quite attractive. The lid automatically closes after use, and it’s durable. Runs on three batteries.

  14. Mauricio Kuhlman

    Investing in this high-tech waste disposal unit has been a transformative experience for my home. Its advanced sensor technology ensures a touch-free and hygienic waste disposal process, crucial for maintaining cleanliness. The sleek design of the bin fits elegantly into the corner of my kitchen, enhancing the space with its modern aesthetic.
    Its capacity is generous, accommodating a week’s worth of trash for my family, which means fewer trips to the outdoor bin. What sets this product apart is the precision of its sensor; it detects motion accurately and promptly, eliminating any frustration commonly associated with less responsive models.
    The lid seals tightly after use, effectively containing odors and keeping the kitchen environment fresh. I also appreciate the thoughtful design elements, such as the ease of bag replacement and the seamless exterior that’s easy to clean.
    The durability of the materials used suggests that this bin will serve my household well for many years. Additionally, the battery life is impressive, offering months of operation before needing a change, which speaks to the efficiency of the product. In summary, this automated waste bin has elevated the functionality and style of my kitchen, making waste disposal a seamless, sanitary, and aesthetically pleasing part of daily life.

  15. Connor Bartoletti

    Own two of these cans and love them, but one stopped working less than 6 months in. Changed the batteries, looked for troubleshooting tips but no luck so far.

  16. Gregorio Auer

    This can is super sleek and perfect for small spaces. My only gripe is it could open and close a bit faster.

  17. Milo Boehm

    Originally bought this to deter my dog from trash-snacking. While that plan didn’t pan out, the can itself has withstood everything from being knocked over to having the battery compartment come loose – and still works like a champ. Wished it could differentiate between pets and people, but it’s a solid product regardless.

  18. Keshaun Schamberger

    Investing in this sensor-operated refuse bin has been a game-changer for my household. Its intuitive design allows for an effortless waste disposal process, making it a hit among all family members. The sensor’s swift reaction to motion means we never have to touch the bin, which is excellent for hygiene. The size is perfect, fitting a substantial amount of rubbish while still looking compact and neat in the corner of our kitchen. The aesthetic appeal is undeniable, with a minimalist and modern look that upgrades the space. The build quality is robust, suggesting that this bin will stand the test of time. Even more impressive is the energy efficiency, with the batteries lasting months before needing a change. It’s not just a bin; it’s a sophisticated piece of home technology that simplifies a daily task while adding a touch of elegance to the surroundings

  19. Jamal Buckridge

    I’ve just gotten it and already it’s making a big difference! I did a lot of looking around before choosing this one, and I’m not disappointed. It’s whisper-quiet, setting it up was straightforward, and using it is a breeze. The special section inside for the bag is a plus, making it look neat and classy.

  20. Shannon Schowalter

    Got this a few months back mainly for disposing of baby diapers, and it’s been a game-changer. The no-touch open is a blessing when you’ve got your hands full. Absolutely recommend it!

  21. Dayne Wunsch

    Investing in this state-of-the-art waste bin has elevated my home’s cleanliness and convenience to new heights. The sensor technology is remarkably accurate, providing an automatic, touchless lid operation that greatly minimizes germ spread. The design is sleek and contemporary, fitting seamlessly into the modern aesthetics of my home while offering ample space for daily refuse. What impresses me most is the intelligent design that allows for easy bag replacement and maintenance. The unit’s sturdiness and quality materials indicate it’s built to last, which is reassuring. Additionally, the long battery life means less frequent replacements, adding to its convenience. It’s been a game-changer in my kitchen, simplifying waste management while contributing positively to the room’s overall cleanliness and style

  22. Kenneth Metz

    Feels like I’ve got a mini R2D2 dealing with my trash – so cool and a hit at gatherings. It’s like a little show every time someone uses it.

  23. Adell Haley

    Really liked this bin until the lid mechanism gave out. Now it won’t close properly, despite trying to clean it and changing batteries. It was great while it lasted but seems like it might not be built to last long.

  24. Curtis Wilderman

    My experience with this automatic waste bin has been stellar. The convenience of a hands-free operation is its biggest selling point, significantly reducing direct contact with the bin and thus minimizing the spread of germs. The quick sensor response enhances usability, making trash disposal swift and effortless. Its capacity is ideal for my family’s needs, accommodating several days’ worth of waste without frequent bag changes. The design is sleek and contemporary, fitting seamlessly into the modern aesthetic of my kitchen. The construction feels solid and durable, promising longevity. The battery life is another plus, with extended periods between replacements, adding to the convenience. It’s a reliable, efficient, and stylish solution for managing household waste, making it an essential addition to my kitchen

  25. Kennith Langosh

    Was a bit unsure because of the price, but it turned out to be the perfect addition. It’s surprisingly spacious for its size, making trash management a breeze, and it fits my space’s aesthetic well. Definitely worth it.

  26. Newell Hackett

    Normally, I don’t write reviews, but this trash can deserves one. It’s incredibly convenient for disposing of things like baby wipes, especially with the hands-free lid. Tried a cheaper one but it didn’t compare; this one’s design and function are far superior. Got another when the price dropped!

  27. Dayton Mohr

    This little can exceeded my expectations. Been using it for a few weeks, and it’s still going strong. Despite its size, it can hold quite a bit.

  28. Stella Doyle

    This sensor-equipped trash receptacle is fantastic! It’s the perfect combination of functionality and style, with a responsive sensor that makes waste disposal a breeze. The volume is just right for my needs, reducing the frequency of trash bag changes. Its modern design enhances the look of my kitchen, and the robust construction promises durability. The efficient battery use ensures it’s always ready to operate. I find it to be an invaluable tool in keeping my kitchen clean and odor-free

  29. Ryann Schulist

    No more pets getting into the bathroom trash, thanks to this can. The sensor works well as long as the area’s well-lit.

  30. Jared Murazik

    This state-of-the-art waste receptacle has significantly improved the functionality of my kitchen.
    The sensor-operated lid is a standout feature, ensuring that trash disposal is hygienic and effortless.
    The unit’s elegant design is a perfect match for my modern kitchen, blending in seamlessly while offering ample trash capacity. What impresses me most is the sensor’s accuracy, which prevents false triggers and unnecessary battery consumption.
    The construction is robust, indicating that it will be a durable and long-lasting addition to my home. The convenience of the touchless operation cannot be overstated, especially during cooking or when my hands are full. The bin’s ability to contain odors is another benefit, keeping my kitchen smelling fresh. The installation process was straightforward, and the low maintenance requirement is ideal for my busy lifestyle. The battery efficiency is remarkable, providing months of service without needing a replacement. Overall, this automated waste bin represents a perfect fusion of modern technology and practical design, enhancing the cleanliness and efficiency of my kitchen

  31. Abbigail Quitzon

    After comparing several options, this one was the clear winner. Bought another for my other bathroom. Great price and design.

  32. Lemuel Ledner

    This sensor-activated trash bin is a must-have in any contemporary kitchen. Its hands-free operation is its best feature, allowing for a clean and germ-free environment. The size is ample for daily waste, and the design is sleek and minimalist, complementing my kitchen décor beautifully. The battery-operated mechanism is efficient, with the batteries lasting much longer than expected. It’s a fantastic product that combines convenience with modern design

  33. Brent Kiehn

    Installing and changing bags is simple. Fits into my space without being in the way.

  34. Lorenz Bergstrom

    Never thought I’d rave about a trashcan, but this one’s fantastic. Stylish and efficient, though the battery compartment is a tad tricky to open.

  35. Zechariah Volkman

    This touchless waste bin is an exemplary piece of household technology, marrying functionality with style. The motion sensor is incredibly sensitive, providing a seamless, hands-free operation that greatly contributes to maintaining a clean and sanitary kitchen environment. The bin’s capacity is substantial, easily accommodating the waste generated in my busy household, reducing the need for constant emptying. Its elegant design is a visual treat, enhancing the decor of the space it occupies. The build quality is impressive, with a sturdy construction that feels built to last. The convenience of the sensor technology, combined with the long battery life, makes daily waste management a breeze. Furthermore, the odor containment is excellent, keeping the kitchen smelling fresh. It’s not just a bin; it’s a modern home necessity that brings efficiency and style to the forefront of waste management

  36. Stan McKenzie

    This can is perfect for places where you can’t flush paper. Opens with just a wave, closes swiftly. Essential for my off-grid home. Just need to remove batteries when not in use due to the climate.

  37. Percival Ankunding

    Absolutely thrilled with this purchase. The butterfly doors are unique and functional, fitting perfectly in small spaces. Came with a starter roll of bags, which was a nice touch. If it continues to perform this well, it’ll be worth every penny.

  38. Audra Will

    Really satisfied with this purchase. Fits perfectly beside the bathroom sink and toilet. The side-opening lid is a smart feature, although you need to be close to the sensor. Came with a starter set of trash bags, which was handy. A power cord option would have been nice, but it works well on batteries.

  39. Ezekiel Murazik

    Perfect for any small space needing a trash can. It’s neat, doesn’t need touching, and just outstanding. Highly recommend!

  40. Kamron Deckow

    Finally found a trash can that opens sideways, not upwards, making it great for tight spaces like under the kitchen sink or in the bathroom. Durable, easy to clean, and comes with a starter roll of bags. Super satisfied!

  41. Zack Runolfsson

    This innovative waste disposal unit has transformed my approach to handling kitchen trash. The automatic sensor feature is a standout, eliminating the need to touch the bin and thus promoting a cleaner, germ-free environment. The size is perfect for my family’s needs, striking the right balance between capacity and space-saving design.
    The sleek, modern look of the bin is a welcome upgrade to my kitchen decor, and its functionality matches its impressive appearance.
    The lid opens and closes smoothly, securely containing odors and keeping the kitchen smelling fresh. The quality of the materials used in its construction reassures me of its durability and long-term performance. Furthermore, the battery efficiency is commendable, reducing the need for constant maintenance.
    This waste bin not only meets but exceeds my expectations, providing a convenient, hygienic, and stylish solution to everyday waste management. It’s a product I wholeheartedly recommend for anyone looking to enhance their kitchen’s functionality and aesthetics

  42. Caleb Auer

    I am so pleased with this automatic garbage bin. The sensor is incredibly sensitive and accurate, opening the lid promptly when needed. It’s a great size for my family’s needs, fitting nicely without taking up too much space. The design is stylish and the build quality is sturdy, making it a durable choice for any kitchen. The battery life is impressive, contributing to the overall convenience and ease of use. It’s an excellent choice for those seeking a modern and efficient solution for waste disposal

  43. Pattie Macejkovic

    Great value for the price, shipped quickly, and it’s been performing flawlessly.

  44. Zion Crona

    We got two of these, and they’ve been fantastic. Plus, watching the cats jump when it opens unexpectedly is a bonus. Easy to change the bags and move if needed. Just make sure it’s not too close to anything that might accidentally trigger the sensor.

  45. Jane Grimes

    Investing in this motion-sensing waste bin has been a wise decision for my home. It offers a clean, touch-free experience that is ideal for maintaining hygiene. The bin’s capacity is sufficient for our daily waste, and its compact design fits well in our kitchen. The sensor’s quick response time is impressive, and the battery longevity means less maintenance for me. It’s a smart, efficient, and attractive solution for managing household trash

  46. Garret Roberts

    My kitchen has never been cleaner or more convenient since I started using this new waste disposal system. Its intelligent design allows for a completely touch-free operation, which is a godsend during cooking sessions or when my hands are full.
    The motion detection feature is highly sensitive, promptly opening the lid when needed, and securely closing it after use to keep unwanted odors at bay. The sleek and modern appearance of the unit adds a touch of sophistication to my kitchen, blending well with other appliances.
    The capacity is quite generous, accommodating a significant amount of waste, thus reducing the frequency of taking out the trash. The installation process was a breeze, and the unit requires minimal maintenance, just occasional cleaning and battery replacement, which, by the way, lasts impressively long.
    This product not only aids in waste management but also enhances the overall hygiene and aesthetic of my kitchen space. It’s a purchase I’ve found to be incredibly valuable, providing convenience, efficiency, and a clean environment

  47. Irma Lockman

    Needed a lid to keep the cat from making a mess, but my old foot pedal can was marking the wall. This automatic one is neat, doesn’t touch the walls, and looks great in my space!

  48. Bethel Abshire

    I recently upgraded to this automated waste disposal system, and it’s been a revelation in kitchen convenience and hygiene. The sensor activation allows for a completely touchless operation, significantly reducing the spread of germs in my cooking space. Its modern and minimalist design not only complements my kitchen décor but also offers substantial capacity, reducing the frequency of emptying.

    The sensor’s responsiveness is impeccable, opening swiftly when needed and closing securely to trap odors inside. The quality of construction is evident in its sturdy build, promising longevity and durability. Its energy-efficient operation, supported by long-lasting battery life, adds to its practicality and ease of use. Moreover, the ease of installation and straightforward maintenance makes it a user-friendly choice for any household. It’s not just a trash receptacle; it’s a sophisticated addition to my kitchen that combines functionality with style, enhancing my daily routine with its advanced features

  49. Maximilian Hartmann

    Bought this because I was tired of the open bin in my bathroom. This one keeps everything hidden and is super easy to look after. Definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a neat bathroom solution.

  50. Wilton Larkin

    This trash can’s design is smart 💡 and looks sleek with its well-thought-out lid. Love ❤️ how it closes smoothly, making it perfect for snug spaces. It’s unobtrusive, blending into its surroundings. Compact enough for tight spots while maintaining a clean look in any room. The LED 🙌 countdown for the motion sensor is a clever feature, letting you know the closing time. Highly recommend for anyone seeking a minimalist yet functional addition to their room.

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