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4K PTZ Conference Camera with 12x Zoom and HDMI

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Transform Your Virtual Meetings and Live Streams

Introducing the ultimate solution for high-quality video conferencing and live streaming – our 4K PTZ Conference Camera. Equipped with a powerful 8MP Sony IMX415 CMOS sensor and delivering 4K 30fps clarity, this camera ensures every detail is captured with precision. Whether it’s for church worship, educational purposes, or professional meetings, this camera is designed to enhance your virtual presence. Its sleek design and intelligent features make it a standout choice for a range of settings.


Key Features

  • 12x Optical Zoom and 16x Digital Zoom for detailed close-ups
  • Multiple Outputs: USB3.0, HDMI, and RJ45 for versatile connectivity
  • Wide 78.58° Field of View with no distortion, perfect for capturing large groups
  • Easy Plug & Play USB Connectivity for quick setup
  • Advanced Video Compression Formats including H.264 and H.265
  • Support for popular streaming and conferencing software like OBS, VMix, Zoom, and Skype
  • Quiet and fast PTZ movements with preset positions for efficient operation

When and Where to Use This Camera

Our 4K PTZ Conference Camera is best utilized in environments where high-quality video is paramount. It’s ideal for church services, online education, professional meetings, and live streaming events. Its versatility makes it suitable for various setups, including ceiling, wall, or tripod mounting. The camera’s extensive compatibility with streaming and conferencing software offers a seamless integration into your existing system.


What Makes This Camera Special?

The combination of high-resolution video, powerful zoom capabilities, and versatile mounting options sets this camera apart. The state-of-the-art Sony sensor ensures top-notch image quality, while the smooth PTZ movements allow for dynamic framing and focus. Additionally, the camera’s support for various network protocols and video compression formats makes it a highly adaptable tool for diverse streaming and conferencing needs.

Benefits of Choosing Our Camera

  • Exceptional Video Quality: Experience crystal-clear 4K resolution for your live streams and conferences.
  • Flexible Zoom Options: Get up close with 12x optical zoom and enhance details with 16x digital zoom.
  • Wide Compatibility: Effortlessly connect with the most popular conferencing and streaming platforms.
  • Easy Operation: Simplify your setup with plug-and-play USB connectivity and intuitive controls.
  • Versatile Mounting: Adapt to any setting with multiple mounting options.


Make Every Connection Count

Upgrade your video conferencing and live streaming capabilities today. This 4K PTZ Conference Camera is more than just a camera – it’s a gateway to professional-grade virtual communication. Capture every moment with unparalleled clarity and make your online presence felt. Don’t wait to transform your virtual interactions. Order now and step into a world of high-definition communication.

61 reviews for 4K PTZ Conference Camera with 12x Zoom and HDMI

  1. Euna Purdy

    Snagged the 3X version for our church broadcasts and was instantly sold on it. Plug it in, and off you go—massive upgrade from the old cam we had. Initially, it had to sit front and center, not ideal because of the zoom limitations. Ended up putting it in the front row, which wasn’t exactly the pastor’s favorite setup. Running the feed through OBS Studio from my laptop and adding our church logo to the stream really polished the look. Eventually, switched to the 10X for its better zoom, setting it up at the back with a long ethernet cable and a USB adapter to make it work. The remote control makes it easy to switch views, even though it’s IR-based and gets a bit finicky with the USB slot in the way. Still exploring control options, but so far, OBS integration has been seamless for switching shots, despite some slow and noisy zooming on tight shots. The auto-adjust features for lighting and focus are pretty neat, though color consistency is a bit off between cams. A fellow churchgoer bought the 3X for his business after seeing it in action, and I didn’t think twice about grabbing another 10X. Highly recommend it for its adaptability and quality.

  2. Marina Dare

    Picked up a Tenveo cam for my online tutoring sessions, and it’s been absolutely stellar. Crystal clear video and audio make it perfect for both teaching and meetings. Hooks up to my laptop without any hassle, and the sleek design doesn’t hurt either. Been a daily driver without any issues. Packaging was solid, and the customer service was on point with their quick responses. Totally feel it’s been worth every penny.

  3. Dock Brakus

    Our conference room got a major upgrade with the 4K PTZ Camera, turning our virtual meetings around with its sharp clarity. The pan-tilt-zoom functionality makes framing the team effortless, enhancing our remote communication significantly. Setup was a breeze, blending seamlessly with the room’s aesthetics. The autofocus feature keeps up with the pace, ensuring we’re always in focus, even when moving around—a couple of screenshots I’ve taken attest to the zoom and quality in action. It’s become an indispensable tool for our video calls, highly recommended for any team looking to elevate their conferencing setup.

  4. Keagan Glover


  5. Dallin Rolfson

    On a tight budget for our small congregation’s live streams, this camera was a godsend. The video quality far surpassed my expectations, meshing perfectly with OBS without any headaches. The pan, tilt, and zoom controls are smooth as silk, preserving image quality at all levels of zoom. The preset camera angles on the remote have been a huge time-saver. The ceiling mount was straightforward to install, and overall, I’m thrilled with the purchase. For anyone streaming from a distance, this is the camera to get—just pair it with a top-quality USB cable.

  6. Demond Lang

    Nice quality camera

  7. Abel Bins

    I like it. The zoom and pan features are impressively smooth, and the video quality holds up well in our brightly lit venue.

  8. Earline Kirlin

    Initially, the camera tended to drift too far left or right, but it turned out to be a simple fix with just replacing the remote’s batteries. The image and zoom quality are more than adequate, offering solid video for PC connections. It’s become a reliable tool for my online communications.

  9. Berniece Zemlak

    For my Zoom meetings, this camera has been a game-changer. Sleek design and superior image clarity have made my video calls much more professional

  10. Jacques Williamson

    Had a rocky start with setup issues, but customer support was phenomenal, guiding me through to a fully functional setup. Now, it’s working flawlessly, enhancing my video communication significantly.

  11. Nyasia Prohaska

    Despite initial reservations due to a limited budget and sparse reviews, this PTZ camera has been a fantastic addition to our church streaming setup. The 10x zoom performs admirably, and the intuitive remote control simplifies operation. Installation was straightforward, and the build quality feels robust. Its performance under artificial lighting is exceptional, though it does struggle a bit with natural light contrasts. For churches looking to dive into streaming without breaking the bank, this camera is a wise choice, easily recognized and integrated with OBS.

  12. Itzel Balistreri

    Our church has been streaming with this camera for several months, making extensive use of its programmable positions and zoom for our services. It’s been nearly perfect, save for wishing the transitions could be a tad slower. Yet, for its price point, it’s a minor quibble in an otherwise stellar performance.

  13. Haylie Schiller

    After a couple of months using this camera in our small church, its ease of use, particularly the zoom presets and plug-and-play functionality, has been a blessing. The remote control effortlessly operates from anywhere in the room, maintaining crisp video quality throughout.

  14. Kathlyn Feest

    Love it

  15. Laurence Mohr

    We’ve started streaming our weekly award ceremonies to another building, displaying it on a large TV. The clarity of the video transmission is impeccable, ensuring a great view for everyone.

  16. Antwan Schimmel

    Needed a reliable camera for my home office to support virtual learning, making regular use of the 10 presets for different teaching angles. It’s high-quality, user-friendly, and a solid investment for my professional setup.

  17. Zane Klocko

    This camera has been hassle-free from the get-go, fitting perfectly into my video setup without any issues.

  18. Shawn Murray

    Its versatility shines, especially for solo projects without the weird close-up look or for group settings. The remote’s presets are a breeze, making it easy to switch shots. Setting up was straightforward, enhancing my video production significantly.

  19. Laney Larkin

    We’ve already picked up a couple of these cameras and are eyeing a third. The value for the price is unbeatable. Image quality surpasses expectations, and integrating with OBS 16.2 has unlocked even more features like in-camera adjustments for zoom, tilt, pan, and more. Managing multiple cameras is seamless, a testament to its quality.

  20. Ara VonRueden

    The UHD quality of this conference camera blew me away, with autofocus that snaps to precision quickly. It’s a standout for Tenveo, making every detail in my video projects pop, even in less-than-ideal lighting. Transitioning from other webcams, this one has set a new standard in ease of use and out-of-the-box quality, saving me from the usual setup hassles. Definitely a value-packed choice for creators.

  21. Carmella Graham

    Excellent quality

  22. Luciano Koepp

    For anyone deep into video calls or streaming, this 4K UHD camera is a must-have. The clarity is astonishing, bringing a lifelike quality to every frame. The 12x optical zoom and pan-and-tilt capabilities transform your video presence. Pair it with a good mic, and you’ve got a professional setup ready for Zoom, Skype, and beyond.

  23. Paris Johnson

    Grabbing this camera on a deal was a no-brainer. The focus and zoom functionality are incredibly smooth, diving into details with ease. It’s earned a solid spot in my tech arsenal, backed by its Reddot award in 2023.

  24. Danielle Becker

    Tenveo has really hit the nail on the head with this one. Setting it up was a breeze, especially appreciating the RJ45 for streaming and PoE support. It stands out in design and performance among PTZ cameras, making it a go-to for our varied streaming and conferencing needs without a single hiccup.

  25. Everett Lind

    TENVEO’s really outdone themselves this time. I had a pretty good run with one of their older models, but this new cam has stepped things up a notch for me.

  26. Easton Reichel

    This camera is a game-changer, full-on 4K. Planning to use it for my Instagram kitchen product vids. The cool part is setting my shots in advance and just hitting the remote when it’s go-time. Super stoked to kick things off!

  27. Jaydon Kirlin

    In my quest for a 4K PTZ cam, I ended up checking out the TENVEO-VL12U and, wow, what a pleasant surprise! It ticks all the boxes for me—build and function-wise. It’s loaded with ports like HDMI, RJ45, USB-C, RS232, and RS485. Feels like a premium piece right out of the box. Plus, it comes packed with all the extras: wall mount, screws, plugs, power supply, USB 3.0 cable, remote, and a lens protector. For the price, you’re not gonna find a better 4K PTZ camera. Giving it a well-deserved 5 stars. Top-notch!

  28. Zack Schulist

    On the hunt for an extra cam for our shows, I stumbled upon the TENVEO-VL12U. Just like its predecessor, it’s a winner, but now we’re talking 4K goodness. The build quality’s even better than before. It’s got all the hookups we need: HDMI, RJ45, USB-C, you name it (+ RS232 and more). Comes with everything: wall mount, screws, plugs, a power adapter, USB 3.0 cable, a remote, and even a lens cap. Hard to beat what you’re getting for the price. I’m all in on this cam, handing it a solid 5 stars. It’s a beast!

  29. Brooks Dietrich

    Been giving this camera a run for its money in zoom conferences, and I gotta say, I’m all in! The clarity is next level, even when other cams just give you that grainy mess. The zoom, plus the 360° and up-and-down panning are on point, though there’s a tiny lag sometimes. Occasionally, it takes a sec to refocus or gets a bit jittery, but considering the price, griping about that feels kinda petty. I mean, you’d usually drop a few grand for anything better, and I’m not even sure those pricier models would outdo this one. Honestly, this camera’s a blast to use and the quality of the images is just mind-blowing. How do you even get this kind of bang for your buck? I’d slap a 7 out of 5 on the value for money if I could. Totally recommend snagging one for yourself. Oh, and a heads-up: the remote’s set to “inverted” out of the box (left is right, right is left). Just hold down the L/R Set button for 10 secs to switch it.

  30. Dawn Doyle

    So here’s the scoop: I’m in charge of live streaming for a sports club and have been on the hunt for the right camera. I’ve tried a bunch, like GoPros and KI Gimbals, but decided it was time to level up to a PTZ camera. This camera caught my eye. Right out of the box, the build quality was impressive—lots of metal parts, which is not what you’d expect at this price point. Made a great first impression. Getting it set up was a breeze. Hooked it up to the power and connected it to my computer via USB-C. Got it working with OBS Studio right away. I’m running it with the included USB-C cable, which screws into the camera for a secure connection, along with an active extension and a LAN cable for PoE. Technically, you could use it as an IP camera, but with how I move around, USB-C is more convenient. I can control the camera from my computer with some third-party software, which lets me preset positions and control them with a stream deck during live streams—huge plus. The remote that comes with it does the job for saving and recalling positions, but using a Streamdeck makes things easier. I handle the manual movements with the remote. You can tweak the movement and zoom speed, which is nice. Even though the camera supports 4K, I stick to 1080p for my streams to keep the data use manageable. This is my first go with a PTZ camera, and I’m totally sold on the value it adds over a static setup.

  31. Edwin Russel

    This camera is a solid pick. The video quality is top-notch, and the presets for big meetings are clutch. The zoom capability is legit too.

  32. Vivianne Keebler

    Calling this thing a webcam hardly does it justice. I won’t lie, the price tag had me sweating a bit. But then I caught it on sale and decided to jump on it. And seriously, there hasn’t been a single scenario it hasn’t been up to the task. Whether it’s video conferences, one-on-ones, or online training sessions, the 4K and 12x zoom are killer. The AI focus and high-quality remote with all the features you need just make the whole deal even sweeter. The quality stays crisp whether you’re moving around or staying still. It’s super user-friendly, comes with everything you’d expect like USB 3 cables, power supply, and a wall mount. You get to play around with all the settings right from the get-go to make sure the output is just how you want it. Plus, the build quality is obvious the moment you unbox it. Would totally buy it again.

  33. Judah Balistreri

    Pulling this camera out of the box, I was hit with how premium it felt and the sleek, minimalist look really stood out to me. Been using it for a couple of days now, and it’s legit exceeding my expectations. The 4k is crisp, the zoom is on point, and it’s super straightforward to use. Just hook it up to your computer and boom, you’re all set. It’s idiot-proof and exactly what I’ve been looking for. The extras in the box like the USB A to C cable with a security screw and the wall mount are top-notch too. I’ve already got the mount set up and it’s working great. All up, this product is a winner and I’m all about recommending it!

  34. Nova Hills

    Dropping the same cash as you would on a TopGamma webcam, you get something that’s pretty sweet with this camera. The picture quality and zoom are solid, although it’s a tad on the dark side. You can tweak a bunch of settings using the control panel, which is a plus. The only bummer is you can’t fully power it down; it just hangs out in standby mode instead of turning off completely.

  35. Mabelle Torphy

    This camera’s practically got it all, making it a solid pick if you’re hunting for a PTZ camera. We needed one for broadcasting our club’s games, and it’s really lived up to the hype. There’s still a bunch of testing I want to do, but from what I’ve seen so far, the performance is top-notch. It’s a breeze to connect via USB and pairs well with OBS and other broadcasting software right out of the box, no installation required. It comes loaded with everything you need to get going – a wall mount, screws, a solid 3 m USB 3.0 cable that screws in so it won’t pop out accidentally, and a remote (just a heads up, it doesn’t come with AAA batteries, but that’s hardly an issue). Everything about it screams quality, from the build to the packaging. It’s a purchase I’d recommend in a heartbeat. I’ve already put up a 1080 60fps video sample. While the manual doesn’t mention it supporting a 1080 60fps output, the footage looks smoother, and I haven’t noticed any dip in quality. The video I uploaded is in 1080p since that’s what I broadcast at, and I’m hoping this review sheds some light for those unsure about which camera to get for live streaming. I’m working on a mini-review of the camera for our YouTube channel, Oiangu Pilota Elkartea, so stay tuned for that.

  36. Luciano Lebsack

    The image quality is really sharp, and I’m digging the design. Optical zoom, panning, tilting – all done electronically and super smooth. It’s been incredibly user-friendly, even for someone not too tech-savvy like me.

  37. Lucienne Ondricka

    Top-quality stuff here. The camera moves super smoothly. Comes with a manual, and setup is a breeze. Works with pretty much any device you can think of – TV, computer, you name it. The remote’s handy too. It’s a solid piece of kit, sits stable on the desk, and the image and video quality are just brilliant. Wide-angle shots are a piece of cake. Great for conferences or even just at home. Definitely worth the price, a satisfying purchase all around.

  38. Andy Graham

    Quality camera

  39. Ottilie Bode

    The IR features on both sides were the clincher for me. Super sharp focus and clarity.

  40. Garett Koch

    This Tenveo 4K conference camera has totally changed up my Skype meetings. The clarity’s unreal and hooking it up with just a simple cable blew my mind. Drivers got installed on their own, just plugged it into my laptop, and bam, ready to go. The PTZ feature is wicked for when I need to show stuff, and having manual control with the remote is a nice touch. There are a ton of features on the remote I’ll probably never use, but hey, it’s cool to have options.

  41. Sienna Breitenberg

    Honestly, this might just be Tenveo’s best thing yet. Setting it up with the remote wasn’t too tricky. It’s got an RJ45 streaming interface and supports PoE power, so we mainly use it for streaming events and the odd video conference here and there. Quality’s been top-notch, and design-wise, it stands out from other PTZ options. Haven’t run into any issues.

  42. Valentin Harvey

    Got this camera with a coupon and man, it’s a steal. Super happy with the quality. Focusing is a breeze, and the zoom? Smooth as butter, gets right into the nitty-gritty details. Solid five stars from me. Did a bit of googling and turns out this brand won the Reddot in 2023? Makes sense now.

  43. Rachelle Altenwerth

    If video calls or streaming is your thing, you gotta check this camera out. The 4K UHD quality is so crisp, it feels like you’re right there in the room. Every tiny expression is crystal clear. And with 12x optical zoom plus super easy pan-and-tilt, it’s a game-changer. Tired of grainy or laggy video? This will sort you right out. Just a heads up though, it’s for inside use only and doesn’t come with audio. Pair it with a decent mic, though, and you’re golden. Works like a charm with Zoom and Skype. Big recommend from me.

  44. Larissa Haag

    So we’ve snagged ourselves a couple of these cameras already and are actually thinking about grabbing another one. Really happy with what you get for the price, honestly. The image quality is way better than you’d expect from a budget PTZ camera. Been using it with OBS 16.2, and the in-camera control features are pretty sweet – you get to mess with zoom, tilt, pan, saturation, brightness, and a bunch more. Plus, managing more than two cameras at once is a breeze with these features.

  45. Zoila Krajcik

    It’s incredibly versatile, great for solo videos without that awkward close-up distortion and zooms out far enough for group shots or to focus on a presentation. The remote-controlled presets make it easy to switch views. Simple to set up and start using right away.

  46. Yoshiko Wisozk

    This camera works great, no fuss at all.

  47. Gerhard Lind

    Needed a solid camera for my home office for virtual learning sessions. I make use of several of the 10 presets regularly. It’s high-quality and straightforward to use. Worth the investment for sure.

  48. Halie Kovacek

    We use this to stream a weekly awards ceremony to another building, showing it on an 85″ TV. The video image is clear and carries across well.

  49. Dennis Steuber

    This camera’s been in use at our small church for a couple of months. The zoom presets are handy, really easy to plug and play. The remote control works well from across the room, and the video quality is sharp.

  50. Amiya Swift

    This UHD conference camera’s got some seriously good video quality, and the autofocus is quick as lightning. Tenveo’s nailed it, easily a five-star gadget in my book. It’s ace at catching details super quick, even when the lighting’s not great, making you look awesome. Been using it for my YouTube stuff and live video gigs, and it’s been a dream. Tried out a bunch of other webcams before, some with pretty hefty price tags, but none of them come close to how easy this one is to use or the quality I get straight out of the box. Usually have to fiddle with auto exposure and white balance settings on other cams, but this one? Perfect from the get-go. Love messing with the settings when I’m after a specific vibe, but honestly, hardly ever need to. Solid value for the money, for sure.

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