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4K Professional GPS Drone with HD Camera & Brushless Motor

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Discover the Sky: The Ultimate Aerial Photography Experience

Introducing our cutting-edge L900 PRO 5G WIFI FPV Drone, engineered for enthusiasts and professionals alike who demand precision, performance, and unparalleled quality in aerial photography and videography. With its 4K UHD camera, brushless motors, and a host of advanced features, this drone is your ticket to breathtaking views, stunning footage, and an unbeatable flying experience.


Key Features

  • Exceptional 4K UHD Video & 5120*2880P Photo Resolution
  • Advanced 5G WIFI FPV for Real-Time Transmission
  • Powerful 1503 Brushless Motor for High-Efficiency Performance
  • GPS Smart Return Home for Safety and Peace of Mind
  • Extended 1200M Remote Control Distance & 20-25 Mins Flight Time
  • 90° Adjustable Camera Angle with 120° Wide-Angle Lens
  • Foldable & Portable Design for Easy Transportation

When Best Used?

This drone is perfect for outdoor adventures, travel, and events where capturing the moment from a unique aerial perspective adds value and depth to your content. Ideal for photographers, vloggers, and hobbyists who seek to elevate their creative potential and explore new heights.


What Makes It Special?

What sets the L900 PRO Drone apart is its fusion of high-end technology and user-friendly features. The foldable design makes it incredibly portable, while the GPS smart return function ensures your drone is never lost. Its superior camera and transmission capabilities allow you to capture professional-quality content effortlessly.

Product Benefits

  • Unmatched Clarity: Capture every detail with the high-resolution 4K camera, ensuring your footage is crystal clear and vibrant.
  • Stay Connected: The 5G WIFI FPV allows for seamless image transmission up to 600 meters, keeping you in control and your views uninterrupted.
  • Reliable & Durable: Equipped with a brushless motor, the drone offers a quieter flight, longer lifespan, and reduced maintenance.
  • Smart Navigation: GPS-enabled features like auto-return, follow me mode, and waypoint flight, offer a hassle-free flying experience.
  • Explore More: With a long flight time and extensive control range, adventure further and capture more of the world around you.


Ready to Take Off?

Embrace the sky with the L900 PRO 5G WIFI FPV Drone and transform the way you view the world. With its advanced features, superior design, and unmatched performance, it’s the perfect companion for anyone passionate about aerial photography and videography. Don’t just fly; soar to new heights and capture the beauty of the world from above. Order now and start your aerial adventure today!

66 reviews for 4K Professional GPS Drone with HD Camera & Brushless Motor

  1. Hollie Kerluke

    Very good drone for beginners, the camera sometimes shakes. But for the price, it’s totally worth it!

  2. Jerrold Hudson

    Very good for photos, goes very high and takes good pictures, but for filming, it comes out a bit shaky.

  3. Richie Kuhlman

    Very good drone.

  4. Brianne Kub

    Cool 👌

  5. Melody Kozey

    Hard to sync. Sometimes I manage, sometimes not. The product is quite average.

  6. Deon Windler

    As my first drone, it exceeded expectations. Good resistance of the propellers and withstands winds well. The images are satisfactory for the cost-benefit, but the image freezes with little distance.

  7. Clyde Batz

    I found it spectacular! Easy to control, has a great range, and excellent value for money. Very fun!

  8. Bert Hoppe

    Excellent product! Great value for money! Excellent for beginners!!! I recommend!!!

  9. Gunnar Kassulke

    The product is super cool, just the battery as specified lasts little, and with time use decreases more, good thing it sends spare propellers because in a fall they are fragile.

  10. Easter Mante

    Very top, has a good range, good camera, and is made of quite resistant material.

  11. Joseph Bartell

    Very good, you can record lots of great videos.

  12. Christian Bosco

    It records the footage, the camera is good, you just have to practice a lot to be able to pilot it well.

  13. Ines Anderson

    Very good, thank you 😃

  14. Martin Schuppe

    I’m trying to connect to the cell phone but the camera is top and the drone is top too, thank you very much.

  15. Amiya Boyle

    It works perfectly, just my cell phone that is not compatible, it doesn’t just have to be 5G, it has to have its own technology to work, but with the control, it’s very good.

  16. Chaz Wisoky

    Great drone for those who want to play or practice the controls. I say this because of the price and the quality of the material the drone is built from. The battery lasts about 10 to 15 minutes, depending on what you do with the drone. For the price, it’s a very good time! The drone also responds well and quickly to commands, and the GPS function works well too. The camera quality isn’t like a cell phone, but I was able to make good videos. Depending on the distance, the connection with the cellphone is lost so it’s good to make videos/photos with the drone close by (however, the connection between the drone and the control continues, you can still control it). The only downside, given the cost-benefit, is that this model does not have a stabilizer or protection for the propellers, so the propellers can break easily while flying. So I recommend always practicing in open places and with little wind, as the drone is light and gusts of wind can move it easily.

  17. Regan Bins

    The product responds well to control, but the FPV only goes up to 260 feet, which I found very little, and the battery only lasts about 10 minutes.

  18. Erika Marvin

    The drone is great but the battery is terrible, it lasts very little time, there were two batteries, one came defective and doesn’t charge, the battery of the controller is great.

  19. Joyce Walker

    For my first drone, it’s excellent, I really liked it. I recommend it to those looking to buy.

  20. Leatha Thiel

    Wonderful drone for learning to fly 👏👏👏🙌🙏

  21. Gilberto Wiza

    Very good for the price, really cool.

  22. Lyda Homenick

    Fantastic and fun. Worth the investment.

  23. Abdiel Hayes

    Very good 👍

  24. Garnett Monahan

    For those starting, it’s very good, easy to control, very stable! I recommend starting with it for those who want to learn.

  25. Aaliyah Hoppe

    The drone itself is good, looks nice, and is priced well but the batteries are disappointing, unfortunately. I bought two, one came defective right from the start and the other stopped working after 5 uses, unfortunately, the batteries are bad, I will have to look for others and hope for better luck.

  26. Daniela Gottlieb

    It delivers what it promises in terms of quality. The battery doesn’t last long, and it’s recommended to have at least one more.

  27. Sylvester Schiller

    Great product for those looking for fun and quality. However, it fell short in some components: it came with a USB cable but no charger, it’s just a USB cable to charge the drone and the controller, so if you don’t have another cable you’ll have to wait to charge one and then the other. But the positives outweigh the negatives. My first flight was with a lot of wind and weather difficulties and still, the drone was stable and reliable. I recommend it.

  28. Grayson Runolfsdottir

    It’s simple. The camera is good for photos and bad for filming. The connection with the camera doesn’t allow for long distances, but for flight, it goes far. Good for beginners.

  29. Coleman Williamson

    Tested it once but it met my expectations.

  30. Lew Stokes

    Guys, it’s not a drone for making money on freelancing, it’s for gaining experience and moving to professional drones. It’s resilient.

  31. Alvis Gulgowski

    I liked the drone.

  32. Meta Ortiz

    A good drone to practice piloting.

  33. Gillian Rau

    Sensational, perfect drone. I was testing it tonight. I saw a lot of people saying it doesn’t return. They definitely don’t know how to use it, didn’t learn on YouTube. It returns and goes far. Congratulations. 10 out of 10.

  34. Ignacio Crooks

    I found it good, resistant, I’m liking it for the price it’s a good product.

  35. Kurtis Treutel

    Excellent, I recommend it.

  36. Gilberto Boyer

    Wonderful drone, if you follow all the steps and processes it goes and comes back to your hand perfectly. Gives you a thrill since it’s my first time. On the first flight, I went up to 164 feet and 0.62 miles away. But I studied a lot before flying. Following all the test steps, etc.

  37. Heidi Legros

    I haven’t had the chance to really put it to the test and fly it for real.

  38. Brennan Streich

    It’s a great drone for the price. Great stability, GPS calibration, images at an acceptable resolution (don’t try to compare with your cell phone videos) but offers the best value for money on the internet compared to other drones.

  39. Jarvis Sauer

    As you use it, you learn. It’s notably resistant; I accidentally turned mine off about 26 feet high, it fell on my dad’s house roof and only broke a propeller. Yesterday, I was practicing in a field, it got disconfigured and crashed into a goalpost, breaking 3 propellers. I think I messed with some settings and the control wasn’t responding (be careful with the app), and there’s also a delay in the camera sometimes, but I found the drone really top, very satisfied.

  40. Lenny Konopelski

    I really liked the drone.

  41. Annamae Schmidt

    For the price, it’s good, I just wish the battery lasted longer.

  42. Janiya Kassulke

    I liked the drone, it’s perfect. I even ordered another battery but the drone is really good.

  43. Vivianne Mohr

    Absolutely steady in the air once it locates the GPS, just missing a gimbal but otherwise, for playing around, it’s great but it’s just for fun.

  44. Gabe Abshire

    My first drone. Amazing. If you calibrate it correctly, you’ll have total control. The camera isn’t bad but it’s not great either. But there’s an app to improve the image. Loved it.

  45. Lucius Emard

    Loved it, very efficient.

  46. Lue Koepp

    Very good product for the price, can’t complain, it does what it promises, only the battery doesn’t last long, but still worth it.

  47. Kenna Borer

    Really cool.

  48. Major Rohan

    For the price, it’s a great value. Great for learning to pilot.

  49. Freida Bartell

    Just for flying!

  50. Holden Cole

    Excellent. Very good.

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