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4K HD Dual Camera GPS Drone with Visual Obstacle Avoidance and 5G WIFI Connectivity

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Discover Unmatched Aerial Photography & Videography

Embark on an unparalleled journey of aerial photography and videography with our state-of-the-art 4K HD Dual Camera GPS Drone. Engineered for enthusiasts and professionals alike, this drone features visual obstacle avoidance, a brushless motor for silent operation, and dual 4K HD cameras. It’s your ticket to capturing breathtaking footage with ease and precision.


Product Highlights

The drone boasts a suite of advanced features designed to elevate your flying experience. With its foldable design, it’s incredibly portable, making it perfect for adventures. The 4K HD wide-angle cameras, adjustable up to 90°, coupled with 5G WIFI connectivity, offer real-time image transmission and stunning aerial shots. GPS-assisted flight ensures precise positioning, while various intelligent flight modes, including Follow Me, Waypoint Flight, and Gesture Control, open up endless possibilities for creativity.


Why Choose This Drone?

  • Visual Obstacle Avoidance System for safer flights.
  • Dual 4K HD Cameras for superior image quality.
  • GPS and Optical Flow Positioning for stable hovering and accurate flight.
  • Long-distance control and HD image transmission up to 1200 meters.
  • Modular smart battery design ensures an average flight time of 18 minutes.
  • Foldable and lightweight, offering unparalleled portability and convenience.
  • Intuitive gesture photo/video capture, making it easier to snap selfies or record videos creatively.

Perfect For Every Occasion

Whether you’re capturing a scenic landscape, following an action-packed adventure, or simply exploring the skies, this drone is equipped to handle it all. Its versatility and ease of use make it ideal for both beginners and seasoned pilots looking for advanced capabilities. Experience the thrill of professional-grade aerial photography and the joy of flight, all packed into one compact, powerful device.


Take Your Creativity to New Heights

Don’t let your imagination be grounded. With our 4K HD Dual Camera GPS Drone, the sky’s the limit. Capture stunning visuals, explore new perspectives, and enjoy a flying experience that’s as exhilarating as it is seamless. Elevate your aerial photography and videography today. Embrace the skies and unlock your creative potential — Add to Cart now!

53 reviews for 4K HD Dual Camera GPS Drone with Visual Obstacle Avoidance and 5G WIFI Connectivity

  1. Renee O'Conner

    Its durability is astounding. Despite an accidental month-long stay in a tree through several downpours, it fired right up with a fresh battery, flying as if nothing had ever happened. It’s not only easy and enjoyable to fly but also surprisingly rugged and even weather-resistant.

  2. Nikko Grady

    This drone’s compact size makes it perfect for on-the-go. It’s incredibly helpful for spotting minor issues on rooftops.

  3. Xzavier Ward

    After going through a few budget-friendly drones that didn’t last, investing in this high-quality drone was a smart move. Both my kid and my husband can fly it without any trouble, thanks to its stability and auto-return features. The video capture is crisp, and maneuvering it is a breeze.

  4. Laila Gerhold

    The learning resources provided are fantastic, making it easy to pick up flying techniques.

  5. Rubye Ritchie

    I use this drone daily for work, checking out roofs and gutters. It’s straightforward to handle and the camera does a fantastic job. Definitely recommend it for professional use.

  6. Candido Swift

    What really impresses me is how smoothly and fluidly it flies, especially when using the RC control. It’s nice not having to fiddle with the app too much to switch flight modes.

  7. Angelica Sporer

    If you’re debating whether to step up your drone game, I’d say go for it. While it might not have some of the fancier features like follow me or waypoint navigation, its stability is top-notch, reliably returning to within a few feet of its takeoff point. The image and video quality are impressive, as is the battery life. It handles well, even in windy conditions, and I’m always excited for another chance to fly it.

  8. Eileen Brekke


  9. Owen Blanda

    This little flyer is incredible, perfect for beginners. Just two weeks in, and I’m already looking to explore more advanced flying. Took me a while to decide to dive into the drone world, but now that I have, I’ve got zero regrets. Highly recommend it to anyone curious about flying drones.

  10. Vidal Schuppe

    The drone lives up to its promise, although the area restrictions can be a bit tight considering its size. Safety’s important, of course, but the limits can feel a bit over the top. Still, it’s a top-notch drone in my book.

  11. Joany Emard

    Loving how user-friendly it is, though I do wish it had more features and customization options through its app.

  12. Cassandre Nader

    You definitely get your money’s worth with this drone. It’s stable, flies smoothly, and the video quality is more than enough for capturing personal moments.

  13. Helene Pagac

    Bought mine primarily for keeping an eye on things, and it’s been stellar, even in strong winds. The image quality is sharp and clear, not at all grainy. Getting extra batteries was a good move for more flight time. Happy with my decision, it’s also a blast to fly.

  14. Ola Kutch

    This drone is seriously impressive, offering solid performance and quality.

  15. Wendell Mills

    If you’re new to drones and want something that packs a punch without emptying your wallet, this is a fantastic choice. It’s the perfect gateway to experiencing all the incredible stuff drones can do.

  16. Chase Hermann

    I’ve been into RC helicopters and car racing for years, but getting into drones feels like leveling up in the world of remote control. The precision in flying and hovering is unmatched, really easy to get the hang of. It’s like this drone sets the bar for what to expect from the tech.

  17. Diego Howe

    Overall, my experience with this drone has been overwhelmingly positive

  18. Lindsay Sporer

    Flying this drone is a breeze, and the camera stabilization is fantastic, making for crystal clear photos and videos. Highly recommend it.

  19. Jarrett Lindgren

    As a beginner, I was cautious about spending a lot on a drone I might end up crashing. But so far, so good! Learning heaps from various videos. The camera quality is impressive, as is the flight time.

  20. Leilani Heaney

    This drone is seriously cool! As someone pretty new to the drone world, I’ve found it super easy to get confident flying it. It feels robust enough to handle a few bumps and knocks. Definitely a great buy for newbies looking for something more advanced without breaking the bank.

  21. Josiane Schroeder

    This is an awesome first drone for beginners! Syncs seamlessly with my iPhone 15 and flies without any issues.

  22. Aurelie Moen

    Gifted this to a family member who’s really into tech, and it was an instant hit. He absolutely loves it.

  23. Braden Crist

    Jumping into the drone scene with this purchase was a solid choice. The setup was straightforward, and it’s priced well for the quality you get. It lacks proximity sensors, which actually might be a plus since it forces you to learn the ropes properly, setting you up for more advanced flying down the line. Really satisfied with this buy.

  24. Deron Durgan

    The delivery was spot on—arrived super quick! And everything works flawlessly. Really can’t fault it.

  25. Joanny Kunze

    I’m totally into this drone. Honestly, it feels like the best purchase I’ve made. Learning to fly it was a breeze, and it’s brought me so much joy. I hesitated for the longest time, worried it would be too complicated, but it turned out to be incredibly user-friendly. A tip: check out some tutorials on YouTube to grasp the basics and limits. Flying it is a blast, and the battery life isn’t too shabby either. So much fun!

  26. Vaughn Kozey

    My kid is all over this drone, finding it super easy to handle, especially the camera’s stability which is just impressive! It’s definitely a recommend from us for anyone just getting into drones. This is one of those rare finds that exceed expectations. We’re really pleased with how this purchase turned out!

  27. Alberta Treutel

    Loving it so far. Had a successful first flight without any issues.

  28. Arnold Farrell

    Matches the description perfectly, making it ideal for us newcomers to drone flying.

  29. Pansy Predovic

    This drone has been excellent and met all my expectations. If you’re new to drones, this is a great choice. Highly recommend it for beginners.

  30. Elouise Streich

    I’ve been on the fence about investing in a high-quality drone for a long time. Wishing now I’d done it much sooner because it’s been so much fun! Took it to Costa Rica and captured the most amazing vacation footage. Highly recommend this to anyone thinking about it.

  31. Laron Hackett

    This drone worked out perfectly for me.

  32. Walker Jakubowski

    Giving this a 4-star rating because, although it’s easy to start with, it’s packed with so many features. Was expecting it to be a bit bigger, but it’s still a premium drone. If you’re considering it, definitely worth the investment. Save up if you need to, but it’s worth the wait. 4 stars on ease of use because of the learning curve.

  33. Briana Bechtelar

    I’ve played around with basic drones before, just for fun with the kids. This is the first one I’d consider a “pro” drone, and it’s incredible. I recommend getting the fly more combo for the extra batteries, the handy carrying case, extra propellers, and the charging hub. It’s worth it.

  34. Mallie VonRueden

    This drone really stands out for its affordable price and exceptional quality. Totally impressed.

  35. Nicola Nikolaus

    Never flown anything like this before, and it’s a game-changer. It’s so user-friendly I can fly it close to my face without worries. The video quality is stunning. It’s like the flying RC plane I dreamed of as a kid but way easier to control. It holds its position perfectly until you decide to move it and comes back with just a push of a button if it loses signal, which hardly ever happens unless I fly it really far. It’s a blast, feels like piloting my own helicopter.

  36. Makayla Marvin

    This is my fifth drone, and it’s by far the quickest, most stable one with the clearest video and pictures I’ve ever had. It’s an outstanding drone.

  37. Selmer Lebsack

    Coming into this as a newbie to drones, but with plenty of hours as an airline pilot, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Charging up took about an hour and a half, and then I was off, flying it around my ranch and even using it to herd cattle. Worked like a charm right from the get-go. My only gripe? The app doesn’t automatically launch when I hook up my iPhone to the drone. But the camera quality is stellar, the videos are impressive, and the auto-return function hasn’t let me down. Big fan of this drone!

  38. Gaston Stroman

    Bought it for my 15-year-old, who’s into a drone class at school. It captures cool videos and reliably returns to its home point. Even his teacher was impressed, confirming it’s a great buy for the price.

  39. Duncan Wilderman

    This drone stands out in its price range for its battery life and stability. The app is user-friendly, making connection a breeze every time. I’d strongly recommend this drone to anyone.

  40. Leta Yost

    For first-timers, the market’s vast, with some options cheaper than the mini SE 2. But after trying two other popular drones, I can vouch that the DJI’s app and overall performance are far superior. It was a game-changer from day one, making me wish I’d gone straight for it and saved the hassle and expense of the others.

  41. Mac Collins

    This has been an incredibly satisfying purchase for me. Initially, I had no clue how to operate a drone, but I quickly became familiar with it, managing not to crash even once after about a month of flying it almost daily. The video quality is listed as “only” 2.7K, but for me, it’s been plenty to capture some truly beautiful videos and photos of the countryside around my home. Just make sure to use one of the recommended micro SD cards, or you might run into issues, which I learned the hard way.
    At first, I tried flying it without disabling my phone’s WiFi and Bluetooth and faced quite a few interference problems. I was close to returning it, thinking these issues were insurmountable, but it turned out they were just due to my lack of experience and not thoroughly reading the manual. Now, I just switch my iPhone to airplane mode before flying, and everything works perfectly. You only really need an internet connection for the drone’s initial registration.
    The battery design is a bit of a challenge because it’s snug and doesn’t offer much to grip on, making it tricky to remove without it potentially popping out unexpectedly. Also, be careful when removing the gimbal protector; I initially pulled it in the wrong direction, and it came off so suddenly I feared I had damaged the gimbal or the drone itself. Fortunately, everything was fine.
    I found that the battery charges quite quickly directly in the drone with a good USB-C charger. Eventually, I decided to buy the charging hub and a couple more intelligent flight batteries, despite the already impressive flight time from a single charge. Sometimes, I just want to fly for more than 20-30 minutes at a stretch.
    The drone feels light and somewhat fragile, but only because of its weight (mine came in at 240g). It’s actually quite sturdy and well-constructed, as long as you handle it with care. I’ve noticed a few minor graphical glitches on the live feed to my phone, but these don’t affect the high-quality video recorded to the SD card and have no impact on flying. They’re easily fixed by adjusting the drone or gimbal slightly and don’t occur often.

  42. Amina Smith

    Purchased this drone mainly to deal with pigeons under my solar panels and to check on my roof’s condition due to frequent storms. Had to trust the drone’s stability through the screen on breezy days, and it hasn’t let me down. The images and videos, even at night, are stunning. It’s compact enough to fit into my Nikon camera case with its accessories, making it super portable. It’s been fun and useful for high-altitude observations and capturing family events and sports from a new angle.

  43. Osvaldo Treutel

    Got this for our 6-year-old who wanted a camera drone. Opted for this one because of the return home function and warranty, despite considering cheaper options. It’s been great—easy for him to control and takes fantastic pictures. Added propeller guards for extra safety for the drone and his fingers.

  44. Dakota Conn

    In strong winds of 25-30mph, this drone holds its position perfectly, even having to tilt a bit to counter the wind. It’s impressive how it maintains its spot. The camera and battery life don’t disappoint either.

  45. Minnie Williamson

    The highlights are its clear 4K video and photo capabilities. Comes with an auto home feature and a way to find it if lost. Signal strength is pretty reliable, even out of direct line of sight. You can set altitude limits, and with GPS tracking, it’s pretty accurate. No need for WiFi after initial setup.

  46. Nikki Durgan

    This is one zippy little drone that can really get up there and out of sight in no time, blending into the sky. It lacks crash avoidance but has sensors underneath to dodge obstacles on the ground. However, if you hit ‘return home,’ it’s going straight back the quickest way it knows—through trees or whatever’s in its path. Best to fly it in clear spaces.

  47. Maiya Green

    Everything about this drone is spot-on. It’s got a sleek design that makes it sturdy, yet it’s surprisingly lightweight. It can handle wind, and even some rain and snow. I’ve pushed it to 37 mph in sport mode, but I bet it could hit 40 under the right conditions. The connection and range are impressive, and the video quality is thanks to a top-notch gimbal. Plus, there’s a ton of accessories to personalize your drone.

  48. Justen Waters

    Started out with a Holy Stone HS720, which was decent for a beginner, but if you’re into photography, a gimbal is essential. The camera on this one exceeded my needs—taking fantastic photos and videos, packed with features I’m still figuring out. It’s super fun to fly and quite speedy, hitting 35mph and still delivering smooth video. Wish the batteries lasted longer though; I get about 20-25 minutes of fly time, mixing in some pics and video shots. Extra batteries are a good idea if it’s in your budget. Overall, I’d rate it a solid 10/10. Quick heads-up: stay legal with the 400ft height limit, only do night flights if your drone has a light visible from 3 miles, avoid flying over roads or crowds, and always keep it in sight or have someone spot for you. And remember, a drone dropping from 400ft can hit 110mph—wouldn’t want to be underneath that.

  49. Johnathon Feeney

    Definitely found out that those high-quality drones come in a range of options for all skill levels after diving into tons of articles before buying. The hardest part wasn’t deciding if I should get one, but which one to go for as someone just starting out. Didn’t want to shell out a hefty sum only to lose it on the first flight. So, I went for a balance between risk and cost/performance, choosing an earlier version rather than the latest one, which would’ve cost more than double for what seemed like small improvements.
    Happy to share that this drone is a solid pick for beginners. While it lacks some of the high-end features like advanced collision avoidance and the top-tier camera quality of the newest releases, it nails the basics like setup and flight controls, plus the camera is more than capable for starters. It’s an excellent piece of tech, and I’m glad I made the purchase. It was pretty easy to get it up and running, and learning to fly felt intuitive. Really pleased with this choice.
    Something I hadn’t considered before getting into this was the regulation aspect, specifically that drones over a certain weight need FAA registration, and some require real-time flight approvals. If you’re looking at a drone above that weight limit, be ready for what that entails. It’s one thing to register online, but needing a cellphone signal for flight permissions is a whole other. Luckily, this one doesn’t complicate things with those requirements.
    In conclusion, while I have a few pointers for improvement, my overall experience has been positive. This drone offers great quality and ease of use at a more accessible price point compared to the most advanced models. It’s an excellent choice for anyone’s first drone, providing a good balance between features and cost. I’m thoroughly satisfied with my decision and would recommend this path to others in a heartbeat.

  50. Kitty Wolff

    This drone’s a real standout, especially if you’re just starting out or somewhere in the middle skill-wise. We’ve tried others around the $100 mark, and they don’t even come close in terms of range, video quality, or features. It’s got a feel like the higher-end models without the hefty price tag, offering up solid range and video. Sure, it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the pricier options, but it’s priced in a way that you feel like you’re getting your money’s worth. Flying it feels secure, even when the wind picks up. We’ve tested it in up to 20 mph winds, and it handles like a champ, staying stable and maintaining course without any trouble. Battery life is decent too, hanging in there for about 15-20 minutes, even when it’s windy. The only catch is the battery and charging setup, which is a bit unique to this brand. You might end up needing to buy a specific charger if you don’t want to charge it through the drone itself.

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