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4K 1080P High Brightness Smart Projector

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Discover the Ultimate Viewing Experience

Introducing the ultimate solution for both your home theater dreams and office presentation needs. With a blend of cutting-edge technology and user-friendly features, this smart projector is designed to bring your viewing experience to the next level. Whether it’s movie night, gaming sessions, or professional presentations, expect nothing less than brilliance.


Why Choose Our Smart Projector?

Our projector stands out with its unmatched brightness and clarity, thanks to 20000 lumens and a 1100 ANSI rating. Coupled with 1080P resolution and a 3000:1 contrast ratio, it delivers panoramic views that are vibrant and full of life. The inclusion of Android 9.0, dual-band Wifi 6, and Bluetooth 5.0 ensures seamless streaming and connectivity, making it a hub for all your entertainment and work needs.

Product Features

  • High-definition 1080P resolution with 20000 lumens for unparalleled brightness.
  • Dual-band Wifi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0 for the fastest, most reliable connectivity.
  • Auto-focus and auto-keystone correction for a perfect picture every time.
  • Large 16GB memory to store all your favorite content.
  • Built-in 5W speakers for immersive audio.
  • Efficient cooling system to ensure longevity and reliable performance.


What Makes It Special?

This projector is not just about high-quality images; it’s about enhancing your lifestyle. The auto-obstacles avoidance and image fit screen technology adapt to your space, ensuring the best viewing experience without the need for manual adjustments. Its silent cooling system and energy-efficient LED light source mean you can enjoy your favorite content without interruptions or high energy costs. Perfect for movie enthusiasts, gamers, and professionals alike, this projector is versatile, powerful, and ready to elevate your visual experiences.

Product Benefits

  • Enjoy cinema-quality movies from the comfort of your home.
  • Make your presentations stand out with crisp, clear images and vibrant colors.
  • Easy setup and adjustment with auto-focus and keystone correction.
  • Stay connected with the latest dual-band Wifi 6 technology.
  • Long-lasting lamp life ensures years of reliable entertainment.


Transform Your Viewing Experience Now

Don’t settle for less when it comes to your viewing needs. Whether it’s for entertainment, gaming, or professional presentations, our smart projector offers everything you need and more. With its blend of technology, convenience, and performance, it’s the perfect addition to any space. Upgrade your visual experience today and see the difference for yourself!

50 reviews for 4K 1080P High Brightness Smart Projector

  1. Brenden Bahringer

    Been a week with this projector and it’s blown me away. Bright enough to cut through ambient light, and the clarity is just unbeatable. It keeps up perfectly with fast-paced games and sports, no stutter or lag. Hooking up a Soundbar for that immersive audio is easy too. Got my setup delivering Dolby Atmos sound by connecting my 4K FireTV stick directly to the soundbar, then linking it to the projector. If you’ve got a 4K pass-through on your soundbar, this is the way to go. Otherwise, an HDMI to Audio or SPDIF splitter will sort you out, sending audio to your soundbar and video to the projector. For the quality and features you’re getting, it’s an absolute steal. Plus, the built-in speakers are surprisingly decent.

  2. Genesis Kuphal

    Super user-friendly and the picture quality’s sharp.

  3. Javon Maggio

    Just got this today, and wow, it’s even better than I was hoping for.

  4. Lillian Lakin

    Top-notch projector for sure.

  5. Sarah Beer

    Bought this for my nephews, and they’re all over it. The picture and sound are spot-on.

  6. Francisca Hyatt

    The image quality is just stunning.

  7. Rita Beier

    Super easy to use with auto-focus and the clarity’s impressive. Definitely worth the money.

  8. Evan Sawayn

    Everything’s good from all angles.

  9. Paige Mitchell

    If this lasts, it’s a smarter buy than a TV. First impressions are solid. It’s a bit bigger than expected, but that’s all good.

  10. Jabari Ratke

    I’ve got a few projectors, but the Wanbo x5 takes the cake. Works great even with the lights on, like a TV.

  11. Juliana Ankunding

    In this price bracket, the quality’s unbeatable. Don’t hesitate, just get it. The picture quality will impress you.

  12. Piper Mraz

    Wasn’t sure it’d handle the light in my room, but it nails vibrant pictures even in daylight. For the price and the big screen experience, it’s a steal.

  13. Koby Jenkins

    For the price, it’s giving off good brightness. Right out of the box, it feels like money well spent.

  14. Elmira Treutel

    Been watching the Cricket World Cup and movies non-stop for 6 days. It’s loud, clear, and the picture quality is spot-on. Looks sleek, too. An Amazon Fire TV Stick makes it even better. The auto keystone and focus are clutch. Seriously, turn your place into a cinema with this.

  15. Mitchell Gottlieb

    Teamed it up with a MiBox 4, and the results are super sharp. Still figuring out all the features, but my family loves it.

  16. Kristina Batz

    It’s a solid product. Totally worth the price and I’d recommend it in a heartbeat.

  17. Shane Stroman

    If you’re on a budget, this is your projector. Might need to bump the brightness up a bit, and you’ll want an external stick for streaming. Brightness could be better, but it’s unbeatable for the price.

  18. Brennon Walter

    In a dim room, it’s just as good as a Full HD TV. I’ve got a 50-inch 4K but prefer the 120-inch projection. The immersion is unreal—it’s like everything’s happening right in my room. Honestly, it doesn’t feel inferior to my 4K TV, especially since most content I watch isn’t in 4K anyway. It’s been a game-changer.

  19. Jeffery Lang

    Dived deep into projector research for a month before pulling the trigger on the Wanbo X5. It’s been about 10 days, and it’s exceeding expectations. Bright, vivid images on a 120-inch screen from 13 feet away. On a budget? Don’t second-guess this one.

  20. April Nader

    For what you’re paying, this is the best projector out there. Just a heads-up, it maxes out at 1080p, but that’s plenty for most.

  21. Luisa Carter

    Crisp and clear images every time.

  22. Dave Homenick

    The picture quality’s sharp, and the sound’s decent enough for my small bedroom. A Firestick really elevates the whole experience.

  23. Adelia Connelly

    This thing’s a steal for the price. Pairing it with my PS5 has been awesome—great screen size and quality.

  24. Sandrine Schaefer

    Snagged the perfect projector and now I’m streaming Netflix, Amazon, and Sony live in full HD right on my wall. The clarity and sound are top-notch.

  25. Afton Miller

    This product is a hit—stellar picture and sound quality.

  26. Jaydon Boehm

    Spent a month researching before I settled on this. A tip for anyone looking—focus on ANSI lumens, not just ‘lumens’ like some brands mention. Got blackout curtains to make daytime viewing better. The video and audio quality are top-tier. Adding an Amazon Firestick makes streaming a breeze.

  27. Carlo King

    Got this as my first projector three weeks ago, and after using it for 3-4 hours daily, here’s the breakdown:
    Daylight picture quality is solid.
    The built-in speakers fill a 180 sq. ft. room nicely.
    Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connect quickly and stay connected.
    Autofocus does its job well, always finding the best frame.
    Adjusting the projection is so easy, even kids can do it.
    The remote can be a pain, sometimes needing a few presses to respond.
    Built-in apps max out at 720p, so plug in a Fire Stick to really get that HD quality.
    The UI could be simpler, or at least make the remote more intuitive like a Fire Stick’s.
    For a newbie like me without sky-high expectations, it’s been a great buy.

  28. Colin Harris

    This Wanbo projector is something else—feels more like a piece of art with its vibrant colors and sound quality that pulls you in. The color accuracy, brightness, and contrast come together for an experience that’s pretty much cinematic. And it doesn’t stop there; the auto-keystone feature is just icing on the cake.

  29. Nina Davis

    Superb picture quality, the brightness is on point, and the remote’s a breeze to use. The UI’s straightforward, and I’ve had zero issues with Miracast and HDMI.

  30. Garrett Welch

    Top-notch on pretty much everything except the OS, but that’s no biggie considering what you’re paying. Hook it up with something like an HDMI cable for your media, and you’re golden. The colors look fantastic. Opting for a projector instead of a TV was smart, but picking this particular one? Genius. Don’t even bother with other portable projectors; this one’s got it all and is easy enough to take along on trips without missing out on quality.

  31. Camilla Hessel

    The picture really pops, especially in a dark room—it’s like magic. And the speakers? Way better than expected for a projector.

  32. Kyleigh Rohan

    Looking to turn your space into a mini home cinema? This projector is a solid bet. Been using it myself and it checks all the boxes. Considering the price, hovering around 15k, it’s a steal. Some might wonder if 450 ANSI lumens is enough brightness – for home use, it’s more than adequate. Plus, it’s got a premium look to it. From about 10.5 feet away, I’m getting an impressive 110-inch display.

  33. Nathen Keeling

    Been using this bad boy for a while now. Before I decided on this, I literally scoured every option out there that promised the best bang for the buck based on brightness and picture quality. And let me tell you, it lives up to the hype.
    The auto-focus feature is a lifesaver – makes everything crisp without me having to fiddle with settings.
    A heads-up, though: don’t even bother with the built-in streaming apps. Do yourself a favor and grab an Amazon Fire Stick for a way better experience with Netflix, Prime, Hotstar, and the rest.
    I’m throwing the picture up on a plain white wall, and it’s more than satisfactory. You could go for a screen, but I haven’t felt the need. It’s my go-to for chill evenings. For daytime viewing, you might want to consider other options, but for a cozy, dim setting? Perfect.
    All in all, I’m pretty happy with my purchase.

  34. Neha Mohr

    The color output’s spot on. Did exactly what I hoped it would.

  35. Clement Hudson

    Solid choice!

  36. Claudine Klein

    I tried the wanbo T6R max before and wasn’t really thrilled with it, especially considering the price point. But this one? Totally changes the game for me. It’s like they’ve dialed up the picture quality to 11. Sure, there’s the Wanbo Mozart that’s got killer audio but sacrifices some on the visual front compared to the x5. This projector, though, hits the sweet spot in image clarity and color, but yeah, you’ve got to stay on top of cleaning because of its open design.

  37. Berniece McClure

    This projector is a total win. Packs everything – HD quality, huge screen, auto screen fit, runs Android, and it’s a complete value for money.

  38. Jacques Emard

    The quality and colors on this are next-level; feels like you’re watching in a cinema hall. The pixel density is on point, and even when you crank up the brightness, the image stays crisp and true to life. No fake brightness like some other projectors out there. I suggest keeping the sharpness around 40 to 42 to avoid it getting too sharp.

  39. Jordy Wyman

    The clarity on this projector is just killer, like you’re in the movie theater. It’s brighter than you’d expect, which makes a huge difference.

  40. Rosamond Stehr

    This is my inaugural experience with this particular brand, despite having previously used projectors from established names like Epson, BenQ, LG, among others. I must express that this product either matches or surpasses the performance of many models from those renowned brands. The build quality is exceptional, reflective of what one might anticipate from a subsidiary of Xiaomi. The projector itself boasts an aesthetically pleasing white body adorned with golden accents around the lens and front, complemented by ample vents on the sides for air circulation.
    What distinguishes it from its competitors is the impressive 1080p HD resolution support (with 4K compatibility) and a high-caliber sound system equipped with internal 5-watt speakers. It also facilitates easy connection of external audio systems via Bluetooth.
    Moreover, the projector supports WiFi6 and is compatible with both 5GHz and 2.4GHz WiFi networks, ensuring seamless streaming from your smartphone and the capability to mirror your phone’s screen or media content using various technologies such as Aircast, Miracast, SmartView, or your phone’s specific video connectivity feature.
    Envision watching a movie like Avatar across a 15-foot wide wall; I can attest that this projector is more than capable of delivering such an experience.
    If you’re considering this projector, I would suggest pairing it with a media stick, like an Amazon Firestick, to elevate this remarkable device into an entertainment juggernaut.
    Despite its price point, which may be deemed steep by some, I assure you, it is a worthwhile investment.

  41. Madge Schmeler

    I’ve had it for about a year now. Although it’s well-built and looks pretty sleek, it just doesn’t pack enough brightness for my liking, leaving me somewhat disappointed with its performance. In contrast, the X5 model shines quite literally, offering a brightness level that really justifies the price I paid for it. The difference in picture quality is night and day, allowing for an enjoyable viewing experience. I also have a high-end Benq projector, and while there’s no comparing the two due to the vast difference in price, the X5 holds its ground remarkably well for something that costs less than a third of the price of the Benq. Projecting an image of around 70 inches onto a wall (sans screen), I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the quality it delivers. Naturally, the best picture quality is achieved in complete darkness, but the projector still manages to deliver a decent image even with a 5-7w LED bulb lit in the room. For anyone in the market for an entry-level projector capable of replacing a TV and delivering large images, this model comes highly recommended.

  42. Karley Jenkins

    Pros: Stellar picture, decent audio, and solid build. Cons: A Bluetooth remote would’ve been nice, and the power cable could be better. But these aren’t deal-breakers.

  43. Asa Hoppe

    It’s great for daytime use thanks to the bright bulb. Definitely gets you your money’s worth.

  44. Beverly Senger

    Grabbed this for an extra setup to watch stuff on the wall, and it’s been a great buy.
    In a room that’s not totally dark, the brightness and color accuracy it pulls off on a white wall is more than enough for a good watch. It’s really decent for a budget projector.
    I’ve hooked it up with a 4K Chromecast, and it handles resolution and sharpness like a champ on a big 100″ display. The built-in sound does its job well, but I’ve paired it with a Bluetooth speaker for that extra thump.
    Auto-focus nails it every time, but auto keystone is a bit hit or miss, works best when you’re not too off-center. Not a huge issue since you can tweak it with the remote.
    The fan noise is noticeable with quieter videos, and it doesn’t get too hot, but running some AC helps keep both the room and the projector cool.

  45. Cameron Moen

    For the money, this projector’s a solid pick. It’s got a sleek, minimal look to it. A lens cover would’ve been nice, but it’s just open as is.
    Feature-wise, it’s pretty good, giving off decent brightness that lets you watch without needing pitch-black darkness. There’s a slight jitter in super detailed scenes with lots of fine lines, like cityscapes in drone shots, probably due to the resolution. But overall, image quality, color, and brightness are solid for the price.
    The open lens does catch dust, which is mostly easy to blow off, but it’s a bit annoying to clean every time. Best to keep it covered when not in use.
    The sound is surprisingly clear and good quality for the size.
    All up, it’s a bright, solid buy.

  46. Isabel Swift

    Getting a crisp 150-inch display without a hitch, and even at 80 inches, it holds up well in daylight.

  47. Jaren Nitzsche

    Solid choice.

  48. Estell Mann

    This projector’s turned my living room into a home theater dream. Movies, TV shows, games—it nails it all. Way beyond what I was expecting for the price, and easily one of the best buys I’ve ever made.

  49. Else Bogan

    This thing feels and looks top-notch, made from quality stuff. I didn’t have a proper screen, so I just threw the image onto a yellow wall, and wow, the colors still came out super vibrant and clear. It’s super bright too, like 1100 ANSI lumens bright, which is pretty standout for what I paid.
    Getting it connected over Wifi, Bluetooth, and HDMI was a breeze, everything just worked straight away.
    Was expecting the audio to be meh, but those dual 5W speakers surprised me with how good they sound.
    The user interface is alright, runs on Android 9 with a bunch of apps already there. You can grab more from the Google Play Store. Took a bit to get used to, but it’s pretty straightforward after a few days.
    It plays 1080p natively but can handle 4K videos too. For streaming stuff in 4K, you might want a Fire TV Stick, but for most things, the onboard stuff does the job. VLC Media Player is a good shout for playing your own videos.
    The remote’s basic but does the job. Would’ve been cool to have quick buttons for stuff like YouTube or Netflix.
    Value-wise, it’s a winner. Beats out other projectors in its class by miles. Definitely recommend it.

  50. Adan Weber

    Got this projector to ramp up movie nights at home because honestly, nothing beats the vibe of a huge screen. Snagged it at a sweet deal for less than 25k, and the performance is pretty solid, gotta say.
    So, here’s what I dig about it:
    It’s got this insane brightness, like 1100 Ansi Lumen kind of bright, which makes everything pop with color. It’s a game-changer compared to other projectors ’cause you can actually see what’s happening on screen with the lights on.
    You can get a massive 300-inch display with it. I’ve got it set up across my room, about 13 ft from the wall, and I’m getting a crisp 120-inch picture.
    The sound’s surprisingly good for what it is. It’s got these 5watt speakers on each side, totaling up to 10 watts, and honestly, just leaving it at 25 or 30 volume does the trick. Plus, there’s an option to hook up an external speaker or sound system with a 3.5mm jack or Bluetooth.
    It’s rocking the latest WIFI 6, so streaming’s a breeze with no lag.
    Autofocus is on point with this thing. Turns on, focuses itself – sharp image every time. You can tweak the focus manually with the remote if needed.
    Speaking of the remote, it doubles as a mouse for navigating the menus, which is pretty handy.
    It’s got all these neat features like 4D keystone correction, zoom, and even dodges obstacles somehow.
    Video from any HD source looks fantastic on it.
    Now, for the not-so-great bits:
    No way to mount this on a tripod straight out of the box. It’s got spots for ceiling mounting, but I ended up just shelving it.
    The built-in OS is a bit outdated (Android 9), so some streaming apps get fussy and ask for updates. Ended up plugging in a streaming stick, and it fixed all that.
    It can only play 4K from a USB. Streaming caps at 1080p, but honestly, the picture still looks sharp and vibrant.
    This thing pumps out a lot of heat on one side, which can warm up the room a bit.
    Came without batteries for the remote, which was a bit of a hassle during setup.
    Only has one HDMI port, so if you’ve got the streaming stick plugged in, that’s it. No room for a game console, DVD player, or laptop unless you swap out. And no ARC support either.
    All in all, despite a few quirks, the viewing experience is legit amazing. Hooked up with a streaming stick, it’s like having a cinema at home.

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