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220V Smart Air Fryer Oven

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Discover the Ultimate Cooking Convenience

Introducing the 220V Smart Air Fryer Oven, your all-in-one solution for healthier cooking and unparalleled convenience in the kitchen. Say goodbye to clutter with this innovative appliance that combines the functionality of an air fryer, deep fryer, and microwave into one sleek package. Designed for the modern home, it promises to elevate your cooking experience with its visual and automatic features.  



Key Features & Benefits

  • Advanced Visual Interface: Monitor your cooking without opening the door, ensuring perfect results every time.
  • Generous 8L Capacity: Cook meals for the whole family or entertain guests with ease.
  • Non-Stick Inner Liner: Easy to clean, ensuring your food slides right off without hassle.
  • Efficient 1100W Power: Quick heating time saves energy and gets meals on the table faster.
  • Top Heating Technology: Ensures even cooking and the perfect crisp for your dishes.
  • Compact Design: Fits perfectly in any kitchen, measuring just 310x255x200mm and weighing 2.9kg.
  • CE Certified: Peace of mind with high standards of safety and quality.


Why Choose Our Air Fryer Oven?

Our product stands out with its visual frying technology, allowing you to watch as your meals cook to perfection. Whether you’re whipping up a quick dinner or preparing snacks for a movie night, this air fryer oven is best used when you’re looking for a hassle-free cooking experience that doesn’t sacrifice on taste or quality. With the ability to fry, bake, and microwave, it’s versatile enough to handle any recipe you throw its way.  

Transform Your Cooking Today

Don’t miss out on the chance to bring efficiency, convenience, and deliciousness into your kitchen. With our 220V Smart Air Fryer Oven, you’re not just buying an appliance; you’re upgrading your entire cooking experience. Whether it’s roasting for a special occasion or frying up some comfort food, this is the kitchen companion you’ve been waiting for. Ready to make the leap to healthier, faster, and more enjoyable cooking? Order yours today and experience the difference!

60 reviews for 220V Smart Air Fryer Oven

  1. Jaylon Kuhn

    Nice air fryer, sticks to the counter well, and love being able to watch the food cook. Only wish it reminded you to turn the food halfway.

  2. Aurelia Hagenes

    The space inside is a huge plus, fits loads of food and cooks them quickly. Super straightforward to use, and cleaning is no hassle.

  3. Frieda Eichmann

    Just hit a button and it does its thing. It’s lightweight, the buttons are clear, and watching the cooking without opening it is great.

  4. Randall Little

    What sold me was the basket that comes all the way out for easy cleaning. It’s a dream to clean, even after cooking bacon. It’s quick, cooks evenly, and it’s not too tall, so it fits perfectly in the cabinet.

  5. Lauryn O'Reilly

    Perfect for pork chops and chicken, keeping everything moist. In Vegas, where you don’t want to heat up the house or grill in the 100-degree heat, it’s a lifesaver. Also great for roasting veggies. Very happy with it.

  6. Adriel Auer

    It’s got a small footprint, you can see your food cooking, and the parts are dishwasher-friendly. It looks a bit different but does a fantastic job. Plenty of space for a chicken, and veggies come out great, just cook ’em a bit longer. Very pleased with it.

  7. Waino Dach

    The glass top is the star of the show. Had a scare with the plastic smell at first, but that cleared up. For the price, it’s a steal, even without the extra bells and whistles.

  8. Oceane Mayer

    Took me a minute to adjust since it cooks faster than my old one. Just trim a few minutes off the cooking time. Being able to watch it cook without opening it? Game-changer. Love this air fryer.

  9. Lora Swaniawski

    It’s a bit larger than I needed, but being dishwasher-safe is a win. The glass top is great. After my last one caught fire twice, hoping third time’s the charm.

  10. Leslie Halvorson

    I’ve tried a few air fryers, but this one’s top-notch! The clear glass top is a killer feature, and I prefer opening it up over pulling out a drawer. Can’t recommend it enough!

  11. Brown Spencer

    Our last air fryer conked out suddenly. Needed a new one ASAP. Found this one online, and it stood out. Arrived quickly, fits perfectly in the old spot, and my wife loves using it daily. It’s efficient, easy to use, and a great value.

  12. Kelvin Considine

    This airfryer is incredible!!! Super thrilled with it. It’s my second purchase, and it’s absolutely fantastic!!

  13. Lee Bogisich

    Love it

  14. Irma Harvey

    The food comes out super crispy, it’s easy to handle, and watching the food cook is a big perk. Awesome product.

  15. Guillermo Gusikowski

    It cooks way faster than my old air fryer, and being able to see the food without opening it up is a plus.

  16. Evalyn Murray

    Cooking with this is a breeze, and I can peek at the food through the see-through top without lifting the lid. Using it daily. If it ever conks out, I’m definitely getting another.

  17. Anjali Rogahn

    Been using this for a few months and wanted to really test it out before reviewing. It’s easy to read, use, and clean. Best one I’ve had by far!

  18. Ike Tremblay

    Really happy with this one. The color looks great in my kitchen. The suction cups are strong, though they make moving it a bit tricky. I park it on the stove because of my counter setup, but that’s no biggie. The large basket and digital dial are winners, and the glass top lets me spy on my food. Cleaning’s easy peasy.

  19. Lisette Rempel

    Got this for my granddaughter and she was thrilled. She suggested I get the same one to replace my old noisy one. It’s quiet, straightforward to use, with controls that are easy to read and a clear lid to keep an eye on the cooking. Just need to pull it out a bit under the cupboard to open it up.

  20. Ada Rau

    This air fryer’s been a great addition. Light, easy to clean, and since I got it in October 2023, it’s been a time-saver and a step up for healthier meals.

  21. Roscoe Swaniawski

    Wasn’t sure I’d be into air frying, but this one’s super user-friendly, a cinch to clean and stash away. It’s opened up a whole new world of cooking for me. Highly recommend giving it a go.

  22. Diego Romaguera

    Despite being roomy, it fits on the counter no problem. Its sleek design is a plus. Frying is quick and even, and I was worried about cleaning the glass top, but it turned out easy. The burner shield’s a cinch to clean, too. And watching the food cook? Love that feature.

  23. Keira Hintz

    Totally digging this air fryer! It’s got loads of room and the digital temp and timer are a breeze. My old one was pretty basic and cramped. Cleaning this bad boy? A solid 10 out of 10, no sweat.

  24. Jewell Borer

    Digging the glass top on this one—you can watch your food as it cooks. Super easy to use, and it’s changed our cooking for the better. Food just turns out better than using the oven or stovetop.

  25. Lulu Stehr

    Absolutely in love with my air fryer! It’s changed the way I cook. The food comes out so crispy and it can handle a bunch of different dishes. The controls are easy and cooking’s efficient. If you’re looking to step up your kitchen game, this is the way to go.

  26. Sylvester Klein


  27. Joyce Beatty

    Gave this air fryer to my son, and he’s all over it. Cleaning the lid’s a bit of a pain since it doesn’t come off, but overall, it’s an incredible air fryer.

  28. Heaven Dooley

    Picked this up for our boat, and it’s fantastic. The glass top lets you keep an eye on the cooking, super easy to use, and cooks evenly. Tried to grab another for our house but it was out of stock. Definitely keeping an eye out for it.

  29. Ole Kuhic

    Been through my fair share of air fryers, and most just don’t last or start smoking out of nowhere. This one? Cooks perfectly, no smoke, and cleaning’s a piece of cake. Even my wife’s impressed with how consistent it is. Burgers come out just right every time without even checking.

  30. Santa Rosenbaum

    This machine’s a looker and does the job well. Love watching my food cook in it.

  31. Melyna Beahan

    This air fryer’s pretty solid. Makes cooking a breeze. It’s a bit louder than others, but the size and ease of use make up for it.

  32. Giovani Kohler

    Me and my wife are digging this air fryer, even though it’s been a bit of hit or miss at the start. Like, selecting the chicken option doesn’t always mean it’s cooked all the way through.
    My wife’s been trying to figure out the best temps and times since the internet’s full of different advice. But she’s getting the hang of it, tweaking things as she goes.
    Besides that, it’s simple to clean, easy to use, and pretty quiet.
    All in, we’re pretty happy with it.

  33. Danielle Gaylord

    This thing is a lifesaver! Grab some paper liners, and you’re set for easy cleanup. Forget preheating; this air fryer’s all you need—ditched my oven, microwave, and toaster. Got two of these bad boys, and whipping up a full meal for the family in 15 minutes is no sweat. The see-through glass is the cherry on top. Totally recommend!

  34. Althea Beier

    Snagged this for my daughter for Christmas, and she’s all about it. It’s versatile, simple to use, and just works great. She’s been telling everyone how much she recommends it.

  35. Aurelie Bahringer

    Just snagged this air fryer, and wow, what a game-changer. It’s sleek, fits anywhere, and has more room inside than you’d think. The controls are a breeze, making it perfect whether you’re a kitchen pro or just starting out. It does it all – crispy fries, roasted veggies, you name it. Cleaning up is the easiest part, with everything non-stick and dishwasher-safe. It’s built solid, feels like it’ll last a good while. If you’re thinking about an air fryer, this is the one to go for. Big thumbs up from me.

  36. Sasha Champlin

    This air fryer’s user-friendly and a breeze to clean, unlike my old one. I love the top opening—it’s so easy to use tongs to get the food out. Cleaning’s a snap with a rubber insert.

  37. Cora Kohler

    This is my third try at finding the perfect air fryer, and it’s just right. Fits my space and perfect for two. The removable, washable basket is a major plus.

  38. Aletha Torp

    The instructions were a bit funny to read, but the air fryer itself is awesome. Food comes out crispy and delicious, super easy to use, and fun to watch. The digital keypad beats the old knobs any day. Really loving it!

  39. Merle Blanda

    Been through a bunch of air fryers and always ended up giving them away or donating them because they just didn’t cut it. Wasn’t even looking for another one, but this one caught my eye, and I didn’t expect much. Turns out, it’s pretty great. It’s compact enough to live on your counter but easy to stash away too. The glass lid lets you keep tabs on your food, and it’s surprisingly simple to clean. Figuring out cooking times and temps took a bit since I’m not an air fryer pro, but it’s pretty straightforward. Plus, it doesn’t get too hot on the outside. The 8-quart pan is bigger than any I’ve tried before, which is a plus. Just watch out when you open the lid because it can tip back if it’s empty. No biggie, though. Really loving it.

  40. Bria Block

    This air fryer’s doing great so far. It’s roomy enough to feed four adults in no time.

  41. Buford Howell

    So easy all around—using it, cleaning it, even storing it. It’s got convenient shelving for when it’s not in use.

  42. Michele Kertzmann

    Using this air fryer beats standing over a hot stove any day. It’s sped up our meal times like crazy, easy to clean, and those suction cups on the bottom? Genius. It’s not going anywhere if you bump into it. Big thumbs up from me, it’s shaved off so much cooking time.

  43. Callie Mertz

    Gotta say, this air fryer is a game-changer. It’s way faster than an oven and even beats our old air fryer that had a fold-down door. French fries come out super crispy, and it handles breaded stuff without making it soggy. Tried some burgers and chicken, too—everything tastes awesome, especially with those grill-like crispy edges.
    Cleaning is a breeze compared to the old one. The basket and tray just pop out and wash off easy. Haven’t tried the dishwasher yet, though.
    It’s got these suction cup feet at the front, which is cool ’cause it stays put, but kinda annoying when you wanna move it. Might tweak that to make it work better for us.
    Only minor snag is the lid doesn’t open all the way under our cabinets, but moving it to a more open spot does the trick.

  44. Mack Schulist

    My first genuinely good air fryer. Super easy to use, lightweight, and those little suction cups keep it in place. Worked like a charm right out of the gate.

  45. Kayli Batz

    Super easy to adjust the cooking to exactly how you need it. My old air fryer would burn the top of food, but not this one.

  46. Arch Crist

    This is one of the best air fryers I’ve owned. Cleaning is so easy, just cool it down, dump, wipe, wash, and you’re done. Beats all others hands down.
    Highly recommend this air fryer for:
    🍗 Easy cleaning
    🍗 Simplicity in use
    🍗 Cool design
    🍗 Sturdy suction cups
    🍗 It’s quiet
    🍗 And fries like nobody’s business
    Don’t think twice, this is the air fryer you’ve been looking for!

  47. Orin Osinski

    It’s quicker and gets things crispier than the oven ever did. Super simple to clean since everything comes apart. And we’re finding excuses just to use it because it’s that good.

  48. Rafael Reichel

    Got it as a gift and it’s cooler than I thought. My sister’s family’s gonna love it. Cleaning my old toaster oven/air fryer was a nightmare, so I might just get one of these for myself.

  49. Tobin Satterfield

    Totally in love with this. It cleans up in no time, and watching the food cook is pretty neat.

  50. Mikayla Konopelski

    Just got this and boom, we’ve already whipped up mozzarella sticks and hash browns. Perfect for my teenager; she even made mozzarella sticks on her own. This morning, I knocked out some hash browns in less than 20 minutes, and they were spot on! My daughter’s been on my case to get one after she got to use one at cooking camp. We’re always rushing around, so I figured this could help us eat a bit healthier without always grabbing takeout. Was a bit worried about cleaning it since the last one I used was a nightmare, but this one? Cleaning’s a breeze.
    Big enough for family meals.
    You can peek at the food cooking thanks to the light.
    Super easy to clean.
    Haven’t found any real downsides yet. Some folks say it’s noisy, but it didn’t bug me.
    Curious about how long it’ll last, but for 60 bucks, feels like a steal.

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