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21-Inch 56-Volt Cordless Select Cut Lawn Mower with Self-Propelled Touch Drive Technology – Battery Powered

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Discover the Future of Lawn Care

Introducing a revolutionary leap in lawn maintenance – the 21-Inch 56-Volt Cordless Select Cut Lawn Mower. Melding power with precision, this mower is designed for those who demand efficiency and ease in their lawn care routine. The blend of a high-efficiency motor and self-propelled touch drive technology brings you a mowing experience like no other.

Advanced Features for Optimum Performance

At the heart of this mower is a suite of features designed to make lawn care not just a chore, but a pleasure:

  • Self-Propelled Select Cut Technology: Glide through your lawn with ease, thanks to the variable speed control ranging from 0.9 MPH to 3.1 MPH.
  • Extended Run Time: Enjoy up to 60 minutes of uninterrupted mowing with the recommended 56V 7.5Ah ARC Lithium battery (sold separately).
  • Multi-Function Mowing: Tailor your mowing approach with 3-in-1 functions including mulching, bagging, and side discharge.
  • Versatile Cutting Heights: Adjust the blade between 1.5 inches and 4 inches with 7-position settings for the perfect cut every time.

The Ideal Mowing Solution for Every Lawn

This lawn mower shines in a variety of settings. Whether it’s a small backyard or a larger landscape, its 21-inch deck ensures efficient coverage, while the bright LED headlights allow for clear visibility during early morning or late evening chores.

Unmatched Durability and Convenience

Constructed with long-lasting materials in a sleek black and green color, this mower not only looks good but is built to last. The lightweight design at just 54.5 pounds ensures easy maneuverability, while the automatic operation mode and quick push-button start make mowing a breeze.

Why Choose This Lawn Mower?

What sets this mower apart is the combination of its cutting-edge technology, user-friendly features, and reliable performance. It’s not just a tool; it’s an investment in making lawn care an enjoyable, effortless part of your life.

Ready to Transform Your Lawn Care Experience?

Take the first step towards a more efficient, enjoyable lawn care routine. Elevate your lawn to the next level with the 21-Inch 56-Volt Cordless Select Cut Lawn Mower.

53 reviews for 21-Inch 56-Volt Cordless Select Cut Lawn Mower with Self-Propelled Touch Drive Technology – Battery Powered

  1. Barbara McClure

    The self-propelled technology and touch drive make it a breeze to use, significantly reducing effort and time spent on lawn care.

  2. Lina Schmitt


  3. Ignacio Blanda

    As a gardening enthusiast, finding a mower that could handle my diverse landscape was crucial. This electric mower exceeded expectations with its easy setup, effective mulching blade, and lightweight design. It offered a seamless transition from my previous gas-powered model, enhancing my gardening experience with its eco-friendly and efficient performance.

  4. Clyde Simonis

    The dual-blade system provides a superior cut, making my lawn look professionally maintained with minimal effort.

  5. Greyson Stokes

    Never having used an electric mower before, I was skeptical but quickly won over by its consistent performance across my uneven lawn. The mulch bag’s design doubled the mowing capacity before needing to be emptied, making it both efficient and less labor-intensive. The convenience of storage and maintenance-free operation solidified my satisfaction with this eco-friendly upgrade.

  6. Eryn Howell

    Good quality

  7. Elwin Erdman

    Transitioning from a gas mower, I was skeptical, but this EGO model has exceeded all expectations with its power, efficiency, and quiet operation.

  8. Benny Feil

    The ability to fold and store vertically is a huge space saver in my garage, making it one of the most convenient mowers I’ve ever owned.

  9. Devan Tillman

    Transitioning to this electric mower was a revelation. Its quick setup, enhanced by a user-friendly battery insertion and handle adjustment, streamlined my lawn care routine. The mulching blade’s performance, coupled with the lighter design, made mowing effortless, especially around my garden’s obstacles. A notable improvement in maneuverability and lawn appearance, despite missing the hand brake control of my old mower.

  10. Raven Kirlin

    I appreciate the environmental benefits of using a battery-powered mower, significantly reducing noise and eliminating emissions, without compromising on performance.

  11. Candelario Skiles

    Assembly is straightforward, cutting performance is outstanding, and its quiet operation and low profile make it a standout choice for any lawn.

  12. Cristopher Hand


  13. Jerald Labadie

    While suitable for frequent lawn maintenance in suburban areas, it struggles with taller grass in rural settings, challenging claims of surpassing gas mower power.

  14. Germaine Rempel

    The mower’s lightweight design makes the self-propelled feature almost unnecessary, offering ample battery life for small yards and simplifying maintenance compared to gas mowers.

  15. Grace Lang

    This solid, quiet mower offers good maneuverability and battery life, comparable to mid-range gas mowers, with occasional blade wobbling as the only minor issue.

  16. Paul Powlowski

    Adjusting to this quiet and smooth mower can take some time, and larger lawns may require more than one battery charge, but its quality is undeniable.

  17. Isac Mraz

    Although the battery depletes faster than expected, purchasing an additional battery ensures uninterrupted lawn care, underscoring the mower’s quality and value.

  18. Amira Funk

    Operating this mower is a breeze thanks to its quiet, powerful performance and efficient bagging capability, with plenty of battery life to complete the task.

  19. Alexis Marks

    The twin-blade system and high torque make this mower capable of handling tall grass with ease, offering significant battery life and a lightweight design that rarely requires the use of its self-propelled feature.

  20. Isobel Hill

    Seeking hassle-free lawn care, I found this mower’s ease of use, adjustable cutting height, and self-propelled feature perfectly suited to my needs, streamlining my lawn maintenance routine.

  21. Rocky Johnston

    Improved over older models, this mower features dual blades, enhanced self-propulsion, easier battery management, and better overall performance, making it a pleasure to use.

  22. Tyshawn Rempel

    Matching or exceeding the power of gas mowers, this model offers convenience, ease of storage, and simple operation, eliminating the need for traditional mower maintenance.

  23. Percival Fahey

    The EGO mower excels in handling dense, forest-like yards with ease, offering quiet operation and efficient mulching capabilities, making it a standout choice for challenging landscapes.

  24. Hermina Jones

    After several uses, I’m impressed by the long battery life, quiet operation, and lightweight design, making it a highly recommended alternative to gas-powered mowers.

  25. Lavina Morissette

    This mower outperforms competitors like Kobalt, offering better battery life and a broader range of tools, justifying its higher cost with superior performance and reliability.

  26. Charles Toy

    Initially skeptical, I quickly recognized the distinct advantages of this mower over traditional gas-powered models, marking it as a valuable investment for my lawn care routine.

  27. Cale Hansen

    For years, I was a staunch advocate for gas lawn mowers, convinced of their superiority over battery-powered alternatives. However, the demise of my budget gas mower after six years prompted me to reconsider. Opting for an electric model was a decision that I didn’t take lightly, but the difference was immediately clear. The quality of the cut with the mulching blades was unparalleled, leaving my lawn looking its best.

    The quiet operation of the mower was a game-changer, allowing me to listen to music without the need for additional ear protection. The battery life was sufficient for my yard, but I appreciated the recommendation to have a spare battery for added reassurance. Adjusting the mower’s height with a simple lever mechanism was another feature that made the mowing process more convenient than ever.

    The mower’s lightweight design and the ability to store it indoors without worrying about gas fumes have freed up space in my shed, solving storage dilemmas. Despite its light frame, the mower feels sturdy and well-built. While I haven’t had the occasion to use the lights, the inclusion of self-propulsion, which I often turn off for battery conservation and exercise, demonstrates the mower’s versatility. Coming with three blades and a collection bag, this mower has everything needed for an efficient and enjoyable mowing experience. My transition to an electric mower has been incredibly positive, proving that sometimes change can lead to significantly better outcomes.

  28. Eldred Ritchie

    Exceptional at mulching, this mower’s battery life exceeds my yard’s needs, making it a highly effective tool for lawn care.

  29. Vida Anderson

    The mower is nearly perfect except for occasionally missing tall grass blades, a problem solved by newer models with dual blades.

  30. Vilma Hammes

    As a 56-year-old, I appreciate the lightweight design and excellent cutting performance of this mower, making lawn care easier and more enjoyable.

  31. Roscoe Hudson

    This EGO mower has outperformed my expectations, especially with its self-propelled feature and battery efficiency, making it superior to my previous Cub Cadet mower.

  32. Vivian Wiza

    While it doesn’t match the cutting quality of my Honda HRX, this model excels in ease of use and overall performance, making it a minor concern compared to its benefits.

  33. Jake Wisozk

    Testing different blades provided with the mower, I found the eco blade to be the most efficient, offering a satisfactory cut while conserving enough battery for additional tasks, despite the high lift blade providing the most even cut.

  34. Agustin Luettgen

    The mulching insert is the only aspect of this mower that could be improved, as its removal and reinstallation can be cumbersome.

  35. Amelie West

    Transitioning to an electric mower for the first time, I was immediately impressed with its performance. This mower handled the varying densities of my Bermuda grass lawn without faltering, maintaining a consistent speed even in thicker patches. I found that the mulch bag’s design contributed significantly to this efficiency, sitting at a more horizontal angle which allowed for greater capacity and less frequent emptying compared to my previous gas-powered mowers.

    The convenience of storage with adjustable handles and the absence of routine maintenance associated with gas mowers—no more dealing with gas, oil, or spark plugs—highlighted the benefits of switching to electric. This mower not only simplified the mowing process but also offered a more sustainable and user-friendly solution to lawn care, marking a significant improvement in my gardening routine.

  36. Josh Mante

    Already a fan of EGO’s chainsaw, I opted for their lawnmower and found it to be equally reliable and efficient, prompting me to gradually switch to EGO products entirely.

  37. Joseph Treutel

    My limited use has been very positive, highlighting its quiet operation and compact storage as key benefits.

  38. Maxie Klein

    This is my second purchase of the same model due to the first one wearing out from normal use. Its ease of use and lightweight design remain its strong points.

  39. Jaime Sawayn

    Despite initial skepticism about battery mowers, this EGO model has proven to be a superior replacement for my old gas mower. It offers an excellent cut, quiet operation, convenient height adjustment, and compact storage, making it a highly recommended upgrade.

  40. Zena Wilderman

    The battery life and ease of use of this mower are commendable, with it delivering a consistently good cut across the lawn.

  41. Wilma Yost

    After a disappointing experience with a Mikita electric mower, the EGO electric mower has proven to be exceptionally robust, handling any grass condition with ease. Its performance validates EGO’s reputation in battery-powered equipment, making it a worthy investment for those with demanding lawn care needs.

  42. Lilliana Maggio

    The LM2130 performs admirably on my large yard, offering convenience with its battery compatibility with my snow blower. It’s powerful, easy to operate, and simple to clean and store, making it a preferable alternative to gas mowers.

  43. Francesca Weissnat

    This mower cuts very well and is notably lightweight. However, the stated battery life doesn’t quite meet expectations for 0.5 acres, requiring two charges to complete 0.4 acres. I bought an additional battery to accommodate this.

  44. Jeffery Upton

    As my first electric mower, this model has exceeded expectations. It handles Bermuda grass well, maintaining performance even in thicker, fuller areas of the lawn without straining or slowing.

  45. Alan Treutel

    This EGO model, with variable speed control for the self-propelled feature, is highly recommended. It excels in cutting, efficiently captures clippings and oak leaves, and is easy to store thanks to its foldable design. The battery’s hour-long lifespan is sufficient for large yards, and its fast charging is a bonus. This is the best mower I’ve used, outperforming both smaller electric and gas models.

  46. Anibal Vandervort

    I bought this mower to accommodate my husband’s inability to do extensive yard work. It felt a bit awkward at first but became more manageable with use. The battery performed as advertised, and the convenience of not dealing with gas and oil is a major advantage.

  47. Dane Quigley

    The mower is of good quality, lightweight, and the battery lasts impressively long, often running for 1.5 hours on a single charge. It also operates much quieter and cleaner than gas mowers.

  48. Soledad Casper

    An excellent choice for average-sized yards, this mower impresses with its suction capability for bagging, effectively picking up leaves and straws. Its lightweight design enhances ease of use.

  49. Antonette Bergstrom

    The product seems solid, lightweight, and has a long battery life, though getting used to the maneuverability takes some time. Overall, it’s a worthwhile purchase.

  50. Eldred Brown

    Transitioning from a 6 horsepower Snapper that no longer worked, I opted for this mower due to my positive experience with EGO’s leaf blower and hedge trimmer. The setup was quick and straightforward. I noticed the blades were sharper than I was used to, which contributed to its effective cutting, even managing to trim evergreen tree roots and onion grass in one pass—tasks that previously required multiple attempts with my old mower. This new model is significantly lighter, making it easier to handle, and it completed the job in 45 minutes instead of an hour, leaving two out of five battery cells unused.

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