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12L High-Capacity Air Fryer with Visualization Window – Healthier Cooking Made Easy

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Discover the Magic of Healthier Cooking

Introducing the game-changing Light Eating Machine Air Fryer, a modern kitchen essential designed to transform your cooking experience. With its substantial 12L capacity and innovative oil smoke-free technology, this air fryer is perfect for health-conscious food lovers. Say goodbye to unhealthy oils and hello to delicious, crispy meals prepared with the utmost convenience.


Key Features

Our Air Fryer boasts several features that set it apart in the world of healthy cooking:

  • Large Capacity: A generous 12-liter space (3.1 Gal), perfect for preparing meals for the entire family.
  • Visualization Window: Keep an eye on your cooking without opening the fryer, ensuring perfect results every time.
  • Advanced Heating Technology: Equipped with four light wave tubes for even and efficient cooking.
  • Electronic Temperature Control: Precise temperature settings ranging from 60-200℃ for tailored cooking.
  • Built-in Lighting: Illuminates your food, making it easier to monitor the cooking process.
  • Smoke-Free: Enjoy frying without the worry of oil smoke, making your kitchen cleaner and your food healthier.


Why Choose Our Air Fryer?

The Light Eating Machine Air Fryer is not just a cooking appliance; it’s a lifestyle choice. Perfect for busy families, health enthusiasts, or anyone looking to make a shift towards healthier eating. Its substantial capacity makes it ideal for large meals, gatherings, or meal prepping for the week. The smoke-free feature ensures a pleasant cooking environment, and the visualization window adds a touch of convenience and fun to your cooking routine.

Product Benefits

  • Healthy cooking with less oil.
  • Large capacity suitable for family meals.
  • Easy to use and clean, thanks to its non-stick material.
  • Stylish and compact design, fitting well in any kitchen.
  • Energy-efficient, saving on your electricity bills.


Bring Healthy Cooking Into Your Home

Ready to take the plunge into healthier, easier, and more enjoyable cooking? The Light Eating Machine Air Fryer is your perfect kitchen companion. Order now and embark on a culinary journey that’s healthy, efficient, and downright delicious!

57 reviews for 12L High-Capacity Air Fryer with Visualization Window – Healthier Cooking Made Easy

  1. Craig Upton

    I really like it a lot.

  2. Willard Willms

    I really like the color of this air fryer. It feels sturdy, works well, and the clear glass lets me see my food as it cooks, improving the cooking results.

  3. Adriel Fadel

    It looks great, heats evenly, and well.

  4. Hailee Hirthe


  5. Shirley Carter

    I call this my “easy bake oven” because of its retro style and color. I’m excited to see how the oven and air fryer functions work.

  6. Lea Eichmann

    Hello! I recently bought this digital air fryer, and it’s been one of my best purchases. I got it as a Mother’s Day gift for my mom, and since we live together, I’ve also been using it. It’s incredibly easy to clean, which is fantastic. The air fryer is quiet, and the baking feature works wonderfully. Plus, it fits perfectly on our kitchen counter.

    I absolutely adore this oven. The design is very sleek and attractive, adding a nice touch to our kitchen. Thank you for this wonderful product!

  7. Clarissa Connelly

    It’s a versatile and efficient appliance. Definitely worth the money.

  8. Reta Roberts

    You can cook a lot in it because it’s quite big. It’s simple to use and cooks food really fast. We made chicken and fries, and they turned out crispy on the outside and tender inside.

  9. Carroll Sipes

    I have no complaints. It’s a very nice-looking oven.

  10. Montana Jaskolski

    It’s a nice oven. It heats up quickly, so there’s a bit of a learning curve, but overall, it’s a great buy.

  11. Walker West

    This little oven/air fryer is perfect in size and I love the color.

  12. Natalie Glover

    The green color was exactly what we were looking for.

  13. Alexandrea Kutch

    I’ve been using this air fryer for over a year now. Initially, what caught my eye was its retro, luxurious design that reminded me of a record player. I was surprised to find that beyond its good looks, it came with features you’d expect from professional-grade kitchen equipment. It boasts light wave technology and a large capacity, making baking hassle-free. I hardly ever need to flip the food, which is a real time-saver and eliminates one of the more tedious aspects of cooking.

  14. Lucienne Kuhic

    I really love it, it’s easy to clean, and thank you 😊

  15. Augusta Sanford

    It seems to be of good quality, has a nice compact size, and bakes well.

  16. Clara Hansen

    I don’t know why I waited so long to buy an air fryer. It’s made “frozen” food taste so much better, which might not be great for my diet but definitely makes eating more enjoyable.

  17. Esteban Rowe

    I’m so glad I bought this. It was a great purchase with no regrets. It’s easy to use, easy to clean, and looks good.

  18. Kenton Daniel

    The best present ever!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  19. Harley Marvin

    With very limited space, this air fryer/oven has been a game-changer for me. I use it every day for everything from roasting chicken to baking garlic bread. It’s encouraged me to try new recipes and made cooking fun.

  20. Jevon Schiller

    This is the only appliance I need in my small kitchen. It’s well-designed, easy to clean, and worth every penny.

  21. Gunner Dicki

    I’ve done a lot of experimenting with this machine, and I’ve found it to be incredibly versatile and user-friendly. Its compact size is perfect for my family of three, and its stylish design, reminiscent of a record player, fits right into a modern kitchen. The combination of light wave heating, hot air circulation, and baking capabilities means it heats up super fast, making it an excellent alternative to traditional air fryers. It’s capable of cooking more food at once, and cleanup is a breeze. The temperature control is precise, satisfying the needs of both professionals and baking enthusiasts, and its multifunctionality extends to grilling, frying, making yogurt, and drying fruits, saving me from buying separate appliances and conserving precious kitchen space.

    However, I did notice a couple of areas for improvement. The frosted finish, while attractive, tends to show oil marks easily, and the maximum temperature caps at 200°C. It would be even more effective, especially for larger cuts of meat, if it could reach up to 220°C. Despite these minor issues, the performance has been outstanding. It’s a great fit for small families or anyone with limited kitchen space.

  22. Leila Donnelly

    I rent a small room and only had a microwave and fridge before getting this. It’s like having a full oven. It’s effective for baking and air frying. Just a tip: if you’re air frying breaded items, a bit of oil helps keep them from drying out.

  23. Viviane Hettinger

    I’ve only had this air fryer for a week, but I love it. It’s sturdy, made of metal and aluminum.

  24. Reuben Rath

    I’ve used it daily for about a year, and it’s been fantastic. It heats up and cools down quickly, making it ideal for summer. It’s almost as versatile as a full-size oven. The color is lovely.

  25. Abbey Cummerata

    I find thisair fryer adorable, easy to use, and stylish.

  26. Brennan Grant

    This has been a great addition to our kitchen! It’s not too big, looks great, and cooks food amazingly well 👏

  27. Cleta Nienow

    We got this to replace an ancient toaster oven. The biggest adjustment was getting used to how much faster and efficiently it cooks. We chose it for its versatility and cute look, like a fancy Easy-Bake Oven. It’s been a great addition to our kitchen.

  28. Rowan Fay

    This oven is just adorable and fits well with my other kitchen appliances. It does everything you’d expect from an air fryer/oven combo.

  29. Theodora Heller


  30. Daphne Ernser

    I’ve had this oven for a while and it’s fantastic. It replaced my big air fryer and does everything I need.

  31. Susie Hills

    I’ve had my eye on this air fryer for quite a while, and the moment it arrived, I was smitten. It was securely packed, looking sleek and compact, not taking up too much space on my counter. The experience of turning the knob and hearing music play felt so luxurious. On its first run, I made both salty and sweet egg yolk baked sweet potatoes. They came out deliciously oil-free and low-fat. I’m thrilled because I know this means my afternoon teas this summer are going to be wonderfully varied and healthy. So happy with this purchase!

  32. Jordane Heller

    There weren’t many reviews when I bought this, but the retro look and color convinced me to go for it. I’ve used it a lot since then and love it. It’s easy to use, shuts off on its own, and heats up fast. I recommend it to anyone, especially those in small apartments.

  33. Favian Shanahan

    I’m so happy with it, especially the color. 😉

  34. Tyree Smitham

    I’m giving it 5 stars because I can’t find anything to complain about.

  35. Suzanne Muller

    This cooker may look small and pretty on the outside, but it’s incredibly spacious on the inside. It’s equipped with four heating elements and an enamel interior, providing amazing cooking abilities. Despite its compact appearance, it can easily handle baking an 8-inch chiffon cake or a 450g loaf of bread. Plus, it comes with 12 preset functions, making it as versatile as an oven, air fryer, dehydrator, yogurt maker, and bread machine all in one.

    Overall, I’m really happy with how this air fryer works. The only thing I noticed is that the light inside the oven doesn’t stay on all the time. This seems to be a design choice to save energy, which makes sense since you don’t really need to watch your food constantly. Personally, I prefer having the light on, but I understand that’s a matter of preference and doesn’t take away from the cooker’s performance.

  36. Hailey Marks

    It’s great because it can be used both as an air fryer and an oven. It does both jobs really well.

  37. Karson Gislason

    This air fryer is the perfect size for me, more like a big toaster oven. I love the color. I’ve used it for broiling, toasting, and air frying and it’s been great. Haven’t tried baking yet but I’m sure it’ll be just as good. It’s easy to clean too, especially with silicone liners.

  38. Edwardo Leffler

    I was doubtful at first but was pleasantly surprised. It’s replaced my toaster and cut down on how much I use my big oven. It’s a great product.

  39. Darrion Keebler

    It works exactly like you’d expect and does a great job with everything I’ve tried.

  40. Virgie Tremblay

    The performance of this appliance surpassed all my expectations. Right after it arrived, I decided to test it out by making shrimp cakes and chicken wings. Previously, when I tried making shrimp cakes in the microwave, my child didn’t like them at all. But this time, using the bake function for just six minutes, the shrimp cakes came out smelling wonderful, and my child loved them. The chicken wings were just as easy to make. I simply chose the chicken wing setting, and it automatically set the timer for 11 minutes, which saved me the hassle of guessing the right cooking time. The ability to see inside and hear the sizzle of the chicken wings cooking was a delightful bonus. It’s been a fantastic experience.

  41. Lenny Collins

    We love it!!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  42. Noe Altenwerth


  43. Frances Treutel

    This countertop oven is gorgeous and makes me feel nostalgic because of its color. But it’s got all these modern features, making it the perfect mix of old and new for my kitchen ✨

  44. Terry Cole

    I just love this oven.

  45. Savanah Cronin

    I picked this up during the Double Eleven sale, and after a bit of a wait, it finally arrived. The packaging was really impressive. Overall, I’m totally happy with it. The color is exactly what I wanted, and after using it once, I know I made the right choice out of all the options I looked at in different stores. This air fryer has got a lot of room for cooking big meals, which is perfect for me. Plus, being able to see inside while it’s cooking without opening it is super handy!

  46. Esta Macejkovic

    It’s so easy to use that even my 13-year-old can handle it.

  47. Rozella Mueller

    It got delivered fast and was packed really well. This oven can do everything – it cooks food evenly and is easy to clean. I use it for almost everything except when I need to bake something big. It’s my favorite kitchen gadget.

  48. Dasia Greenfelder

    I absolutely love this oven!

  49. Hope McGlynn

    The best purchase I’ve ever made!🎉

  50. Tiara Beatty

    When I first laid eyes on this appliance, I mistook it for a retro vinyl record player because of its stylish old-school look. But to my surprise, it turned out to be a super versatile and practical food processor in a captivating dark green color that adds a touch of mystery and chicness to the kitchen!

    Let’s talk about its air frying capability – it’s not just for show; this thing is powerful! Whether it’s baking, frying, fermenting, or drying, this gadget does it all, saving a ton of space in the kitchen by replacing a dozen other appliances. I tried making garlic ribs with the air fry feature, and it was amazing. It heated up instantly, no need to preheat, and the ribs came out perfectly crispy on the outside while juicy inside.

    Then there’s the baking function, which I used to whip up egg tarts and cookies. The results? The egg tarts practically melted in our mouths, and the cookies were just the right kind of crispy and flavorful, rivaling anything you’d buy at a bakery. It manages temperature so well, ensuring everything is cooked evenly and looks fantastic.

    The device also boasts 12 easy-to-use menu settings that anyone can operate with a simple click. It’s great for beginners because it has a visual window that lets you check on your food without opening it, making it super easy to see how your dishes are coming along.

    In summary, this all-in-one food processor, combining an oven and air fryer functionality, has completely transformed my daily cooking routine. It’s fast, efficient, easy to use, and perfect for anyone who loves making delicious meals at home.

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