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1080P Full HD Smart Projector with Auto Focus, 4K Support, Android WiFi 6 & Daylight Video Technology

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Discover Unparalleled Viewing Experience

Step into the future of home entertainment with our state-of-the-art 1080P Full HD Smart Projector. Designed to elevate your movie-watching, gaming, and content streaming experiences, this projector offers a perfect blend of technology and usability. Whether you’re setting up a home theater, indulging in gaming marathons, or presenting in bright environments, our projector is your ideal choice.  

Product Features

  • Native Resolution: Experience true Full HD with a native resolution of 1920*1080p, supporting up to 4K content for crystal-clear, detailed images.
  • Advanced Auto Focus and Keystone Correction: Ensures a perfectly proportioned picture every time, effortlessly.
  • Ultra-High Brightness: With 16000 Lumens, enjoy vibrant, clear images even in well-lit conditions.
  • Built-in Android 9.0: Access a world of apps and streaming services right from your projector.
  • Wireless Connectivity: Features dual-band WiFi and Bluetooth 5.0 for seamless streaming and sound.
  • Large Projection Size: Offers a stunning 40-300 inch display, turning your space into a personal cinema.

Benefits of Choosing Our Projector

Our projector not only delivers superior picture quality but also takes care of your eyes with its diffuse reflection technology, reducing strain and glare. The powerful built-in speakers with Dolby audio support create an immersive audio experience. Its versatile connectivity options, including HDMI, USB, and more, make it compatible with a wide range of devices.


Why This Projector Stands Out

What sets our projector apart is its combination of high-end features and user-friendly design. The auto-focus and keystone correction ensure hassle-free setup, while the built-in Android system and WiFi 6 support offer a seamless streaming experience. Its robust dustproof design guarantees long-term reliability, making it a smart investment for endless entertainment.  

When Best to Use

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings, this projector is perfect for movie nights, gaming sessions, educational purposes, and professional presentations. Its versatility and portability make it suitable for various scenarios, providing entertainment wherever you go.  

Order Now and Transform Your Viewing Experience

Ready to revolutionize the way you watch and play? Click ‘Add to Cart’ now to bring home the ultimate cinematic experience. Plus, receive an 84-inch screen as a gift with your order, enhancing your viewing pleasure right from the start. Don’t miss out on this game-changing technology!

51 reviews for 1080P Full HD Smart Projector with Auto Focus, 4K Support, Android WiFi 6 & Daylight Video Technology

  1. Adaline Champlin

    I must highlight the exceptional image clarity of this projector, which surpasses what my basic camera captures. It’s an excellent device with WiFi connectivity, allowing the streaming of all popular services. Bluetooth functionality enables music streaming, enhancing the experience. Features like the adjustable tripod leg, sliding screen cover, and intuitive touch controls add to its appeal. The sound output is impressively loud, perfect for outdoor use.

  2. Carrie Ortiz

    This projector excels with its native 1080p resolution, delivering crisp and detailed imagery. Its integrated Android 9.0 system enhances the user experience with its intuitive interface.
    The availability of the Android Play Store dramatically broadens entertainment options, enabling the download of various media apps like YouTube, Netflix, or Amazon Prime Video. The pre-installed apps facilitate immediate access to favorite shows or movies.
    Connectivity is robust, featuring built-in WiFi and Bluetooth for effortless device pairing and wireless streaming. The internal speaker provides clear and adequate sound for everyday viewing, though external speakers can be connected for enhanced audio.
    A key advantage of this projector is its excellent brightness, making it suitable for use in well-lit environments or during the day without the need for total darkness. Its performance in maintaining vivid and clear visuals under such conditions highlights its superior quality.
    The projector is also designed for easy installation, being lightweight at only 3 lbs, and is suitable for ceiling mounting. The remote control functionality for power management adds convenience, particularly when the projector is mounted out of reach.
    In conclusion, the video quality is outstanding, offering bright, sharp, and engaging visuals. The efficient Android 9.0 system ensures a smooth and pleasurable navigation and app experience, rounding out the projector’s impressive features.

  3. Haylee Gottlieb

    Reliable WiFi connection, no lag or buffering.

  4. Liliana Dare

    Ultra-sharp images, easy setup, and seamless streaming capabilities

  5. April Bergnaum

    Stellar performance in both dark and light environments. The integration of smart technology provides a seamless viewing experience with access to countless apps

  6. Nikita Nienow

    When I encountered an issue with the remote, the customer service, particularly from Carol, was outstanding. Despite a delay in obtaining a replacement, the consistent communication and support provided were exceptional, making it easy to recommend this product based on service excellence alone.

  7. Janelle Gorczany

    The projector has been excellent for hosting outdoor movie nights. Despite using a budget-friendly screen, the image quality exceeded expectations, earning praise from other parents. It performs well in shaded areas by dusk and truly shines in darker settings, even with nearby ambient light, offering a vibrant display.

  8. Mason Daugherty

    Versatile, works great for movies and games

  9. Brenden Oberbrunner

    On the hunt for a compact, portable projector with built-in wireless streaming, I found this gem. It shines with its luminosity and seamless connection to Android devices, facilitating streaming from various platforms directly from my gadgets. Although it lacks pre-installed streaming apps like Netflix and Prime, it wasn’t a dealbreaker as I could easily access these services from my devices. Its brightness and connectivity prowess make it recommendable

  10. Karson Bradtke

    Crystal-clear display, even in well-lit rooms

  11. Maximillian Jenkins

    Incredible picture quality and ease of use make this projector a standout. The auto-focus feature quickly sharpens the image, while 4K content looks breathtaking. The integrated smart platform is user-friendly, offering quick access to apps and streaming. The strong WiFi connection and daylight performance are just icing on the cake

  12. Zita Boyer

    Brilliant picture quality, even in daylight; smart features are a plus

  13. Odessa Schamberger

    Comprehensive connectivity options, very adaptable.

  14. Roslyn Schoen

    To upgrade the visual equipment in our church’s children’s chapel, I chose this projector. Its ceiling installation was straightforward, and it projects a clear image on a large screen, maintaining clarity even in well-lit conditions, enhancing the viewing experience for all attendees

  15. Mireille Will

    The device’s user-friendliness stands out, offering effortless Bluetooth pairing with external speakers to bypass the built-in speaker’s limitations at higher volumes. The image quality remains top-notch, making it a worthy purchase.

  16. Kaelyn Crist

    I acquired this projector as a special addition for our Super Bowl gathering, anticipating it would revolutionize our viewing of games and movies. Its impressive appearance alone suggests a significant enhancement to our entertainment setup, making it a worthy investment for future purchases.

  17. Luigi Mohr

    A top-tier projector that excels in both technology and performance. The sharpness and color accuracy are outstanding, with auto-focus and 4K support enhancing every visual. The Android system and WiFi 6 connectivity make streaming and browsing a pleasure. Plus, its ability to project clear images in daylight is a significant advantage

  18. Tierra Harvey

    I’m delighted with this projector’s quality and features. The image is sharp and detailed, thanks to the auto-focus and 4K support. The Android platform provides a seamless streaming experience, and the WiFi 6 ensures stable connectivity. Its performance in daylight is impressive, delivering clear, bright visuals in any lighting

  19. Shanon Denesik

    This device exceeded expectations with its crystal-clear display and quick setup. The wireless features are fantastic, allowing for easy streaming and gaming

  20. Gaetano Wisozk

    Absolutely thrilled with this device’s performance! The image clarity is top-notch, making every scene come alive. Its quick auto-focus feature ensures a sharp display every time, while the built-in Android system offers endless entertainment options. Even in daylight, the video quality remains crisp and vibrant. The wireless connectivity is robust, providing a seamless experience

  21. Neva Gislason

    High-definition visuals are impressive, perfect for any content

  22. Shaylee Lindgren

    Remarkable detail and color, the smart system offers endless entertainment

  23. Jon Moen

    Outstanding clarity, vibrant colors, seamless streaming.

  24. Michel O'Kon

    I recently acquired this projector for my home theater setup and am thoroughly pleased with its performance and features.

    The design is sleek, combining advanced functionality with the convenience of Android integration, making it a standout in terms of aesthetics and utility. Its sturdy yet lightweight build facilitates easy maintenance and portability.

    Connecting to Wi-Fi is a breeze, enabling me to download apps, stream content, and play games effortlessly. The device’s versatility is further enhanced by its array of connectivity options, including HDMI, USB, and Bluetooth, catering to a variety of external devices and speakers.

    The display is remarkably sharp, boasting a 1920×1080 resolution and an impressive 9000:1 contrast ratio, ensuring clear and detailed images. The projector also allows for distance-based projection settings, adding to its adaptability.

    Audio quality is solid thanks to the built-in speakers, which provide satisfactory sound for most purposes. However, there’s also the option to connect external speakers for an amplified audio experience, though the internal speakers are quite competent on their own.

  25. Effie Purdy

    This projector offers a fantastic combination of high-definition clarity, smart functionality, and robust wireless connectivity. The auto-focus and 4K support provide an immersive viewing experience, while the Android system offers convenient access to streaming apps. It performs exceptionally well in daylight, maintaining a clear and vibrant image

  26. Dustin Rempel

    Amazing visual clarity and easy to use, perfect for home cinema

  27. Lorine Yost

    Exceptional image quality, even in well-lit rooms. The user-friendly interface and robust connectivity options make it a versatile choice for entertainment

  28. Dawson Smitham

    Brilliantly designed, offering sharp, vibrant visuals. The automatic focusing is a lifesaver, making setup a breeze, and the smart capabilities are a major bonus

  29. Osborne Walsh

    Our recent acquisition of this 4K projector has transformed our poolside movie nights into a fantastic experience.
    Firstly, the image quality is exceptional, bringing a cinematic feel to our viewings, greatly enhanced by HDR technology.
    Connecting to our devices wirelessly has been seamless, ensuring uninterrupted entertainment.
    While the internal speakers are adequate, we opted to enhance our experience by syncing it with our poolside speakers through Bluetooth, achieving impressive surround sound.
    Its Android operating system opens a world of streaming possibilities, with easy access to apps like Netflix and YouTube, adding convenience to our movie selection process.
    The setup process was straightforward, with the projector adeptly adjusting to different angles, ensuring a perfect screen projection every time.
    Our outdoor movie nights by the pool have been significantly upgraded with this projector, making it a valuable addition for anyone looking to enhance their outdoor entertainment setup.

  30. Brielle Zulauf

    Incredible resolution and color accuracy, enhances movie nights

  31. Nora Bogan

    I’m amazed by the sharpness and detail this projector brings to my living room. The auto-focus works flawlessly, creating a perfectly clear picture every time. Its smart capabilities allow for easy access to streaming services, and the WiFi 6 ensures a stable connection. Even during the day, the image quality is fantastic

  32. Daphne Johns

    A top-notch projector that brings a cinematic feel to your home. Its ability to handle high-resolution content flawlessly is remarkable, offering a truly immersive experience

  33. Boris Ferry

    Impressive brightness, great for daytime viewing

  34. Halle Davis

    Fast setup, user-friendly interface, worth every penny.

  35. Queenie Hodkiewicz

    This 4K projector outshines the two previous models I tried, delivering exceptional image quality with sharp details and rich colors. It excels in bright environments where others fell short, justifying its cost with a superior viewing experience. I highly endorse it for anyone seeking top-tier visual performance.

  36. Keara Wiza

    This projector is super bright! I had some doubts if it would be visible during daytime use, but it works great. The images were crisp and in focus. The wifi and bluetooth are easy to connect to. Very user friendly.

  37. Yoshiko Kshlerin

    Exceptional visual performance with this projector has made movie nights extraordinary. The auto-focus feature ensures sharp images, and the 4K support offers incredible detail. The built-in smart system is a major plus, allowing easy access to apps and streaming services. Even in daylight, the picture remains vivid and clear

  38. Gilberto Keeling

    Exceptional image quality, supports high-resolution content

  39. Henderson Schoen

    After my bedroom projector failed, I was on the hunt for a replacement, specifically aiming for something 4K and luminous. This model caught my attention due to its impressive specifications, sleek design, and attractive price point, prompting me to make the purchase. The outcome was immensely satisfying. The setup process was straightforward, aided by a comprehensible user manual. The projector’s ability to auto-focus and align itself with the screen was a standout feature, streamlining the initial configuration.
    The performance of the projector is noteworthy. The image quality is vibrant and sharp, with the projector delivering a clear and bright display, even in well-lit conditions. The built-in applications cover all my regular streaming needs, but it also pairs seamlessly with my XBOX X, maintaining excellent image quality over HDMI.
    The included remote control enhances the user experience, providing convenient access to all necessary functions and facilitating easy switching between input sources. I encountered no drawbacks with this projector; it has met all my expectations and more. I’m thoroughly pleased with this acquisition.

  40. Polly Hermann

    Although the purchase was generally satisfying, I had to replace the included screen due to some imperfections. Aside from this minor hiccup, the projector itself is impressive.

  41. Lucinda Walsh

    Integrated smart system offers vast app selection.

  42. Shea Padberg

    This projector is a game-changer for home entertainment, offering stunning visuals and an intuitive smart platform. Its ability to handle high-resolution content is impressive, providing a cinema-like experience. The daylight viewing capability is exceptional, ensuring clear and bright images at any time of day. The wireless features are convenient and reliable

  43. Gerald Rohan

    I’m really impressed with this projector’s high-definition image quality and smart features. The auto-focus mechanism is speedy and accurate, providing a crisp display. The 4K support enriches the viewing experience with superior detail and clarity. The Android platform and robust WiFi make streaming a breeze, even in bright environments

  44. Orval Torp

    Talking about image quality, the 4K resolution here is transformative. Watching movies, the scenes are crisp, colors vibrant, and the depth of the image is astounding. Gaming has taken on a new dimension of realism, with detailed textures and dynamic lighting enhancing the experience. The projector’s HDR10+ capability and its DCI-P3 92% Color Gamut contribute significantly to this high-quality visual output.
    The projector’s dual WiFi bands eliminate the common frustrations of streaming interruptions, providing a seamless viewing experience. The ease of wirelessly projecting content from my smartphone onto a large screen feels almost magical, adding a fun and impressive element to gatherings.
    The setup process was straightforward, offering a variety of connection options for different devices, from old-school Blu-ray players to the latest gaming consoles, ensuring versatility and user-friendliness. Image adjustments are intuitive, catering to both tech beginners and enthusiasts.
    The build quality and thoughtful design of this projector are evident. Its robust construction paired with an air filtration system underscores a commitment to durability and long-term performance.
    Initially, I was cautious, prepared for potential shortcomings common to projectors, but this model surpassed my expectations across the board. It’s not merely an electronic device; it’s a gateway to an extraordinary viewing experience, revolutionizing how I consume media. For anyone looking to elevate their home entertainment setup, this projector is a definitive choice, offering a blend of high-quality visuals, reliable performance, and user-centric features.

  45. Herbert Sporer

    The image quality of this projector is impressive, featuring an auto-focus function that swiftly adjusts to deliver the expected performance.
    The user-friendly design of the projector made it simple to operate. Upon powering it on, the image rapidly came into focus, producing a sharp and clear display. The on-screen interface was intuitive and easy to navigate.
    The inclusion of a remote control adds convenience to the projector’s use, enhancing its functionality. I am considering connecting a Fire Stick to access my usual applications, which seems like a feasible option with this device.
    Overall, the projector’s performance and quality have left me satisfied, making it a worthwhile investment.

  46. Golda Kassulke

    Positive Aspects:
    The projector’s 1100 ANSI LED brightness delivers clear, vibrant images even in well-lit environments, ideal for daytime use or presentations.
    It supports 1080p resolution but is also compatible with 4K content, offering a measure of future-proofing.
    Smart home compatibility allows for seamless integration with home theater systems, controllable via a smart hub through its RJ-45 Ethernet connection.
    Suitable for casual gaming thanks to its low input lag.
    Offers versatile connectivity options, including HDMI and USB ports, accommodating various devices like streaming sticks, gaming consoles, and laptops.
    Features an air filter to extend the lamp’s life by protecting it from dust and other particles.
    Negative Aspect:
    Despite handling 4K content, the projector’s native resolution is only 1080p, not providing the full detail of true 4K. The 4K marketing may therefore be somewhat overstated.

  47. Queen Blanda

    After my previous projector broke down unexpectedly, I embarked on a quest for a new one. My journey involved testing and subsequently returning several models due to poor image quality or their inability to smoothly stream popular services like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. My attention was captured by this projector, which was recommended on several consumer lists, prompting me to give it a shot – and I’m thrilled with the outcome. The setup process was straightforward, and I was immediately impressed by the superior picture quality. This device offers easy access to all the major streaming platforms and features an excellent auto-correction function. The colors are vivid and the resolution sharp, maintaining quality even in well-lit conditions. What really stands out, though, is the exceptional customer service. While I’ve had no problems with the projector, the team proactively reached out to ensure my satisfaction and even provided a complimentary air mouse for an enhanced experience. Overall, I’m extremely pleased with this purchase!

  48. Lambert Leffler

    This projector has genuinely exceeded my expectations! Initially, I had concerns about needing a specific screen, but to my surprise, projecting onto a textured white bedroom wall and an even more textured white brick wall outdoors yielded incredibly sharp images. This versatility makes it ideal for use in various indoor rooms or for outdoor movie nights.
    What caught me off guard was the potential size of the projection. It seems the only limit to how large the image can get is the distance from the wall. During an outdoor setup, I accidentally positioned it too far back, causing the image to stretch beyond the intended area, over windows and even onto the trees and roof. I had to adjust it merely to fit the space, but the image quality remained exceptional.
    Additionally, the projector’s WiFi and built-in apps are user-friendly, with a WiFi range that impressively extends over 50 feet, penetrating multiple barriers like drywall and brick. For those who prefer a more straightforward setup, connecting a Roku or Fire Stick to the HDMI port is a breeze.
    The Bluetooth audio connectivity is another plus, offering the convenience of pairing with any Bluetooth speaker for superior sound quality in any setting. For indoor use, the optical connection is available for optimal audio fidelity.
    Overall, this projector has become a delightful addition to our home entertainment, bringing joy to family, friends, and especially the kids.

  49. Camren Blick

    This projector impresses with its superior video and surprising audio quality, capable of delivering a solid sound experience without external speakers. It comes fully equipped, boasting WiFi connectivity for immediate access to content, and supports both Bluetooth and wired connections. Although it arrives without batteries for the remote, its overall performance and features are commendable.

  50. Odell Purdy

    After using this projector for several weeks, here are my observations:
    Positive Aspects:
    The 4K resolution and 1200 ANSI lumens brightness offer a vibrant and clear picture, even during the day, despite only projecting on a light grey wall. The optimal viewing experience is in a dark environment, yet the picture quality remains commendable for its price.
    The availability of two HDMI ports is a significant advantage, accommodating multiple HDMI-enabled devices, allowing for easy switching depending on the content being projected.
    The design is visually appealing, featuring sleek, curved edges that are likely to attract many users.
    Durability is a strong suit, with the projector running coolly even after extended use of about three hours, and it boasts a long lamp lifespan.
    The focus adjustment is smooth and user-friendly, complemented by an automatic keystone correction feature.
    The built-in WiFi and familiar Android interface enhance the user experience, with smooth app functionality and additional Bluetooth connectivity.
    The sound quality from the built-in speakers is satisfactory for use in smaller spaces, although it’s the least impressive feature on the list.
    The inclusion of a manufacturer’s warranty boosts confidence in the product’s reliability and support.
    Negative Aspects:
    This projector is not designed for travel due to its size.
    The built-in speakers, while functional, could benefit from increased volume and better bass response.

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