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1080p Full HD Smart Portable Projector with Wi-Fi, Auto Focus & HiFi Sound

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Discover Immersive Entertainment Anywhere

Step into a world of crystal-clear visuals and captivating sound with the latest innovation in portable projection technology. Ideal for home entertainment, outdoor movie nights, and presentations, this Full HD 1080p projector with Wi-Fi connectivity brings your media to life in stunning detail. Whether you’re streaming your favorite series, sharing memories, or making presentations, do it with unparalleled clarity and vibrancy.


Product Features

  • True 1080p Full HD Resolution for sharp, detailed images.
  • Powerful 450 ANSI Lumens brightness offers great visibility even in well-lit environments.
  • Android 9.0 system with Wi-Fi & Bluetooth 4.2 for seamless streaming and connectivity.
  • Auto-focus and multi-directional keystone correction ensure a perfect picture every time.
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth connectivity for hassle-free wireless connections.
  • Portable design, weighing just 1.1kg, makes it easy to take entertainment on the go.
  • Long-lasting LED lamp life of 20,000 hours for endless hours of enjoyment.
  • Built-in 3W HiFi speakers deliver stunning sound quality, enhancing your viewing experience.


Why Choose This Portable Projector?

With its lightweight design and powerful performance, this projector is perfect for transforming any space into your personal cinema. Experience movies, games, and presentations like never before, with vivid colors, deep blacks, and sharp images, thanks to the 3000:1 contrast ratio and support for up to 16 million colors. The AI intelligent focus and efficient noise reduction ensure your viewing is not just visually stunning but also comfortably quiet.

Perfect For Every Occasion

Whether it’s a cozy movie night at home, an exciting outdoor viewing party, or a professional presentation at work, this projector adapts to your needs. Its easy setup, versatile projection modes, and extensive connectivity options make it a universal multimedia companion. Enjoy up to 120 inches of display size for immersive viewing in any setting, from the comfort of your living room to the great outdoors.


What Makes It Special?

This projector stands out with its high-resolution image quality, portability, and smart features. The integration of Android 9.0 allows for direct streaming from your favorite apps, while dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth ensure you’re always connected. The auto-focus and keystone correction offer hassle-free setup, so you can focus on enjoying your content. Plus, with its strong bass and HiFi sound, you’re guaranteed an audio experience that complements the stunning visuals.

Bring Home The Ultimate Viewing Experience

Don’t settle for less when it comes to your entertainment. With this Full HD Smart Portable Projector, elevate your viewing experience to cinematic heights. Ready to transform your space into a dynamic cinema, gaming arena, or presentation hall? Click to order yours today and embark on a journey of visual and auditory delight!

51 reviews for 1080p Full HD Smart Portable Projector with Wi-Fi, Auto Focus & HiFi Sound

  1. Macy Haag

    Totally loving this! It’s got an awesome picture that’s super easy to control with the remote that comes loaded with features. What really makes this thing stand out for me though is how amazing the sound is. I mean, it’s loud and clear enough for a big room with like thirty people. Totally perfect for what I need. Seriously, it’s a keeper!

  2. Janis Boyer

    Got this projector for our not-too-big, not-too-small conference room and it’s been amazing. Setting it up was a breeze, and the picture quality is just awesome.

  3. Serena Hilpert

    This thing works like a charm!

  4. Nestor Konopelski

    Really happy with this buy. Went for this instead of a big screen TV and it’s been a great decision. It does everything a 70″+ TV does but without taking up all that space, and it didn’t break the bank since it’s refurbished. Fits perfectly on a bookshelf. Totally worth it for what I need, and I’d say go for it if you’re considering.

  5. Brooklyn Hartmann

    Would totally recommend this to anyone.

  6. Delphine Champlin

    Love how bright the display is, perfect for using in the church where others just didn’t cut it. The remote works fine as long as you’re within 20 feet.

  7. Pat Walsh

    Switched to this after trying a cheaper, smaller projector for the church, and wow, what a difference. Needed something that could handle the bright Sunday morning light, and this nails it. Even managed to tweak the picture so it’s clear from the far side of the room. If you’re after quality without spending a ton, this is the one. Just wish it had a USB port and Bluetooth like the old one. Still, it’s a fantastic find for the price.

  8. Jolie Muller

    Really satisfied with this purchase.

  9. Alaina Bernhard

    This thing’s been super efficient and works like a dream so far.

  10. Ottis Tremblay

    Got everything you need, pretty sweet setup!

  11. Georgianna Volkman

    I’ve had an older model fixed in my classroom for ages and it’s been great. Needed something for teaching in different locations without the hassle of detaching the permanent one. This new one popped out of the box ready to go, made running a class and a webinar straight after super easy.

  12. Marquise Roberts

    This is exactly what I’ve been searching for. You can adjust the screen size to pretty much whatever you want, and the built-in speakers are surprisingly good for a projector.

  13. Jannie Ullrich

    I give you a 85% of satisfaction with the product for the fact that some apps are not compatible unless you connect sync another device, for me, the brightness and control should be increased a little more, as sometimes it does not hold very well, but in short, Are points that for people not so demanding go unnoticed. In relation quality price I think k is perfect. The sound is super good, and the autofocus function is perfect👌, The noise is noticeable but it is not something that bothers or disturbs your experience with the device. The photo I uploaded is projected on a salmon-colored wall, so on obvious white wall is much better.

  14. Candice Toy

    Huge upgrade from our old setup. The image is crystal clear and really bright, plus it’s a breeze to use.

  15. Adonis Turner

    The image quality is brilliant, colors pop and the video playback is just smooth and lively.

  16. Gaetano Sawayn

    Set up was a breeze, really straightforward to use. Perfect for showing movies or slideshows on a big surface. Also makes enlarging my art for big projects way easier, saves me so much time.

  17. Franco Nienow

    I am very satisfied.

  18. Lucious Bergnaum

    Super affordable and does the job just as well as the bigger, pricier projectors. If you’re always on the move for presentations, this is the way to go.

  19. Harmon Fritsch

    It performs really well, especially bright enough for professional presentations. Totally happy with it.

  20. Gardner Kovacek

    It has an exelent image quality, this is very good in image quality and brightness. The sound is much better than the previous model

  21. Justus Hickle

    This projector is amazing!!!
    For this price, you get a really great quallity device with 2 powerful speakers and 450 ani lumens brightness. The image is amazing, even if the room has some light.
    1 gb of RAM that sometimes makes the projector lagging, but it’s not the regular case. Contrast is not so good, but for this price it’s really great.
    Also, there’re something with the google Chrome I 6 sync my account to see saved bookmarks.
    I compare this device with XGMI mogo 2 pro, and I can say that XGMI is totally not worth that money. This little monster for this price is the best choice🔥🔥🔥
    It was very quick

  22. Pearl McDermott

    Grabbed this for our mobile church setup. It’s super bright, easy to handle, and was a good deal. Definitely recommend it.

  23. Vidal Erdman

    The picture and sound adjustments are top-notch, really good value for what you’re getting. Great for work or movie nights at home.

  24. Roderick Huel

    Works great, really nice.

  25. Delphia Sipes

    Love it

  26. Olen Homenick

    Does exactly what I expected, works great.

  27. June Predovic

    Used it for a graduation party slideshow and the picture was fantastic. It was a hit with everyone.

  28. Moses Walter

    Excellent purchase, fast delivery. Happy for the product

  29. Clemens Lemke

    The projector arrived well packed and in good condition, so far I have seen a couple of series with my daughter and it has worked well.

  30. Lysanne Heathcote

    It’s super compact, way better than another bigger, blurrier one we had. The picture on this is super sharp and bright, and the sound’s pretty good for its size. Plugging in extra speakers adds a nice bass boost, but it’s great on its own for movies or shows. Plus, the buttons are user-friendly and work flawlessly. Love it!

  31. Denis Schroeder

    Excellent quality, even having light

  32. Holden O'Connell

    Didn’t expect much because of its size, but bought it for my son’s band tour. Turned out way better than our full-size home projector. It’s now a staple for their gigs too. The display is incredibly bright and the picture sharp. Blew our expectations out of the water.

  33. Keanu Schmidt

    Can’t go wrong, it’s incredibly good. Great for Movies, Tv Shows and Series.

  34. Amy Jones

    The cost is really good, the automatic screen customization function is completely satisfied

  35. Estell Stark

    Mainly got this for decorating my sugar cookies and it’s been fantastic. Plus, it’s super easy to hook up and use.

  36. Delphine Reichel

    Just got this and I’m already loving it. Super user-friendly, the picture quality is crisp, and you can adjust the size easily. The built-in volume is decent enough for outdoor use. Planning to use it for teaching at a summer camp, might need extra speakers for a bigger sound. It’s adorable and tiny, was worried it might not perform well, but it’s awesome. Highly recommend.

  37. Arnold Hills

    It’s a nice piece more than I imagine. If you use it without a fault, it’s good. I tried to use a Bluetooth speaker. It sounds good. I think I bought it well.

  38. Amani Kshlerin

    Excellent Product good specifications, sound image, Tone (need to calibrate but I achieved this picture), brightness, excellent in quality price

  39. Ethyl Parisian

    Cool Stuff

  40. Bernie Walsh

    Needed something for my work conference room and was totally over the big, clunky projectors and all the wires. I hardly ever write reviews, but this thing is just too cool not to share. It’s unbelievable how something so small can produce such vibrant, bright colors on a screen or wall.

  41. Lukas Lemke

    a great product

  42. Keyshawn Wyman

    the best you will find, good resolution, good brightness, large size and sound is great and if you do not have co. That connecting it the Android saves, if you want a protector for part or travel this is the best, my camera does not do justice to how good it looked, I recommend if you are looking for a balance of brilliance and contrast that suits you

    for gaming also this is super

  43. Buster Green

    Since the movie theaters were a no-go and I didn’t want to be stuck indoors, I bought this for outdoor movies. Turned out to be a pretty good purchase.

  44. Camilla Breitenberg

    The best quality protector in addition to being able to play your console in 1080 at 60p

  45. Bert Lind

    Very good projector, it really is quality price, be more than satisfied with my purchase

  46. Shane Durgan

    I snagged this projector specifically for a cookie decorating project that had me a bit out of my depth. The design I needed to tackle was intricate, and after hearing so many good things about this projector, I decided to give it a shot. To say it exceeded my expectations is an understatement. Not only did it handle the complex design with ease, but it also played a pivotal role in creating a truly memorable moment for the mother and daughter involved. By projecting the mascot vividly and allowing me to precisely replicate the font from their invitation onto the cookies, it brought an extra layer of personal touch that was deeply appreciated.

    This experience was one for the books. It demonstrated not just the technical capabilities of the projector, which are impressive on their own, but also its ability to contribute to meaningful personal experiences. The level of detail it helped me achieve made all those long nights of preparation and decoration absolutely worthwhile. I’m not just satisfied with this projector; I’m genuinely enthusiastic about it.

    Beyond its performance for my specific need, I’ve found this projector to be remarkably versatile. Its user-friendly interface and seamless connectivity options have opened up a range of possibilities I hadn’t considered before, from enhancing learning experiences with visual aids to adding a fun twist to family gatherings. Its compact size means I can easily take it with me wherever I go, making it a go-to tool in my creative arsenal.

    In short, this projector isn’t just a device that exceeded my technical expectations; it’s a gadget that has significantly contributed to my creative projects, making them more engaging and impactful. Whether for professional tasks or personal projects, it’s proven to be an invaluable asset. I’m looking forward to exploring even more ways to use it, confident in the knowledge that it’ll continue to be a key player in bringing my ideas to life. Love this projector, indeed!

  47. Laurel Haley

    Arrived earlier than expected looks good quality

  48. Ona Ernser

    I use this on the side of my shed for summer night movies and it’s AMAZING. Despite its small size, this projector really delivers on quality.

  49. Genevieve Durgan

    Good, 2450mm 100 inch projection. T my first projector, just wow efect))

  50. Gonzalo Franecki

    Probably the best thing I’ve ever bought. Well recommend this projector. No need to go to the cinema from now on. Whole family loves this.

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