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1080P Full HD 5G WiFi Bluetooth Smart Projector

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Discover a New World of Clarity and Convenience

Step into the future of home entertainment with this state-of-the-art 1080P Full HD Smart Projector. Designed to elevate your viewing experience, it’s perfect for movie enthusiasts, gamers, and professionals alike. Whether it’s a cozy movie night, an intense gaming session, or a professional presentation, this projector is your gateway to exceptional visual quality and convenience.

Key Features and Benefits

  • True 1080P Full HD Resolution for crystal-clear images.
  • Advanced 4K Decoding & HDR10 Support enhances picture quality.
  • 5G WiFi & Bluetooth 5.0 for stable, fast connections.
  • Auto Focus & ±50° 6D Auto Keystone Correction for perfect alignment.
  • 700 ANSI Lumen Brightness for great visibility even in ambient light.
  • Up to 150-inch screen projection for an immersive experience.
  • Dustproof design for longevity and consistent performance.

Unmatched Visual Experience

Enjoy movies and games in stunning detail with the projector’s 1080P native resolution and 4K support. The high brightness and contrast ratio ensure vibrant and lifelike images, making it perfect for any content. With HDR10, you get enhanced visuals with deeper blacks and more dynamic colors.

Seamless Connectivity

This projector’s dual WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities mean you can connect it to a variety of devices effortlessly. Sync it with your smartphone, laptop, or even Bluetooth speakers for a more immersive audio experience. The 5G WiFi ensures stable and fast streaming, reducing the chances of buffering and lag.


Easy Setup and Use

Setting up is a breeze with auto focus and keystone correction. Get the perfect picture in seconds without the hassle of manual adjustments. The zoom function allows you to adjust the image size easily, making it suitable for different room sizes and distances.

Why Choose This Projector?

This projector stands out for its ease of use, superior picture quality, and versatile connectivity options. It’s not just a projector; it’s an all-in-one entertainment system. Perfect for home theaters, outdoor movie nights, and professional settings, it’s a purchase you won’t regret.


  • Resolution: 1920x1080dpi (supports 2K/4K)
  • Brightness: 21000 Lumens, 700 ANSI Lumen
  • Projection Size: 35-150 inches
  • Keystone Correction: Auto and Manual
  • Connectivity: HDMI, USB, Bluetooth 5.0, 5G WiFi
  • Weight: 2.47kg

Don’t wait any longer to transform your entertainment experience. Buy now and dive into a world of vibrant visuals and seamless connectivity!

53 reviews for 1080P Full HD 5G WiFi Bluetooth Smart Projector

  1. Adriel Huels

    Everything functions smoothly! The picture quality is outstanding, but there’s a noticeable loud humming/buzzing sound when it’s on. After some time, you might not notice it as much, but it’s advisable to use an alternative sound source.

  2. Neoma Hudson

    I’ve been considering upgrading to a larger TV for my living room. A buddy suggested opting for a projector instead. I’m thrilled that I followed their advice and chose this brand. It’s truly incredible.

  3. Archibald Kreiger

    I recently upgraded my home entertainment setup with this incredible device, and I must say, it’s been a game-changer. The clarity and sharpness of the image are outstanding, bringing a cinema-like experience right into my living room. The wireless connectivity is a breeze, allowing me to stream my favorite series and movies without the hassle of cables. The added Bluetooth functionality means I can easily pair it with my sound system for an immersive audio experience. Setting it up was straightforward, and I’ve been thoroughly impressed by its performance during movie nights. It’s become the centerpiece of our family gatherings, and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase

  4. Brant Wolff

    Positioned on a low coffee table and angled, the projector’s auto-focus and adjustment capabilities are remarkable. The volume from the internal speaker is surprisingly robust! The image quality is fantastic for both movies and gaming. It comes highly recommended as an affordable home projector that doesn’t skimp on quality.

  5. Nikki Wisozk

    This product is of great quality and incredibly durable. It’s simple to use and comes with a remote control.

  6. Gustave King

    For its price point, this projector offers exceptional value. It delivers a high-quality image without requiring complete darkness in the room. The built-in speaker performs above expectations, and the remote control is very effective. It’s an excellent investment for a portable projector. Hopefully, you find this information useful. The investment is justified by the outstanding picture quality, even in well-lit rooms. This versatile projector is perfect for use in both office settings and home theaters. We are very fond of it.

  7. Lester Stroman

    While the sound quality is decent, for a truly immersive experience, I suggest hooking up a more sophisticated sound system, which is a simple upgrade. The image quality is phenomenal. We’ve opted to enjoy movie nights at home instead of going out to the cinema, and we’re absolutely content with this choice.

  8. Roscoe Walker

    From its professionally designed packaging to its responsive remote control, this projector is a quality device.

  9. Iliana Brekke

    As a tech enthusiast, I’m always on the lookout for innovative gadgets to elevate my entertainment experience. Needless to say, this projector has completely blown me away with its impressive features and performance. The high-definition resolution ensures crystal-clear visuals that rival those of a professional cinema. Not to mention, the 5G WiFi connectivity provides lightning-fast streaming speeds, allowing me to enjoy my favorite shows and movies without any buffering issues. Furthermore, the built-in Bluetooth functionality adds another layer of convenience, enabling seamless wireless connections with my speakers and other devices. Whether I’m hosting a movie night with friends or giving a presentation at work, this projector never fails to deliver impeccable results. It’s truly a game-changer in the world of home entertainment.

  10. Nettie Jerde

    This projector is a solid purchase for those undecided. It excels in clarity and brightness, boasting 700 ANSI lumens. Given its price, its performance is superior to many others I’ve tried and returned. This one has earned its place in my home for its exceptional brightness and clarity.

  11. Brielle McCullough

    This Ultimea projector is the real deal. For the value, it’s unbeatable. You won’t have any regrets making this purchase.

  12. Lamar Zieme

    I find this projector to be a good value for the price. It performs adequately in lit conditions but shines in the dark. There’s a small black spot at the top that becomes increasingly noticeable once you’ve seen it. The single HDMI port is a bit inconvenient, especially when switching between a Firestick and a gaming console, but as my first projector purchase, I didn’t consider HDMI ports beforehand. Overall, I’m very satisfied with my first projector experience.

  13. Guy Jaskolski

    The image and sound quality are excellent. Setting it up is straightforward.

  14. Hugh Stokes

    I’m thoroughly impressed by this projector’s capabilities. Its range and auto-focus functionality are superb. Setting it up for movie viewing with my children was incredibly straightforward. The built-in audio quality is remarkably good for a projector, and the image quality is stunning. It’s hard to believe such a high-quality projector is available at this price point. I wholeheartedly recommend it.

  15. Elfrieda Stehr

    The picture quality is impressive, it operates quietly, and both the keystone correction and auto-focus work well. However, the brightness falls short for use in a well-lit living room and seems more suited for darker settings. Additionally, the customer service is exceptionally attentive!

  16. Baylee Weissnat

    I attempted to create a detailed video review, but it was not accepted; nevertheless, I can affirm that this product is commendable.

  17. Kacey Schmidt

    I must express my astonishment at the superior construction of this projector. The setup process is a breeze. While I await my projector screen, I’ve tested it on various walls, and the auto-focus consistently delivers sharp images. The picture quality is commendable. Although there was slight lag when using screen mirroring via Airplay, it performed adequately. The fan noise is minimal. I strongly suggest adding a sound system for the best experience. I’m looking forward to using this for backyard events and will provide further updates. We’re eagerly anticipating warmer weather to enjoy a movie night with our neighbors outdoors — this projector is phenomenal.

  18. Linnea Boyle

    Setting up this projector was a breeze, it offered great sound and was impressively bright. It’s easy to understand how to use, making it the best projector I’ve ever tried. I highly recommend it.

  19. Judd Powlowski

    After testing numerous sub-$300 projectors, the Apollo 40 stands out for its vivid, sharp, and quiet operation. A week in, it performs exactly as promised, and I plan to update on its long-term reliability.

  20. Erik Jaskolski

    Of all the projectors I’ve tried in this price range, this one stands out as the best. The build quality is excellent too.

  21. Wendy Grant

    The projector delivers outstanding picture quality for movies, and the auto-focus feature is a major convenience. It’s become a part of our daily routine. Pairing it with the Ultimea sound bars is a must.

  22. Melyssa Stoltenberg

    As someone who values both quality and convenience, I couldn’t be happier with my recent purchase of this projector. From the moment I set it up, I was impressed by how easy and intuitive it was to use. The user-friendly interface guided me through the setup process, and within minutes, I was ready to enjoy stunning visuals in full HD resolution. What sets this projector apart is its versatility – whether I’m streaming movies, playing video games, or giving a presentation, it consistently delivers exceptional performance. The inclusion of 5G WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity options further enhances its appeal, allowing me to seamlessly connect with my devices and stream content without any hassle. Overall, I couldn’t ask for a more reliable and feature-rich projector. It has truly exceeded my expectations and has become an essential part of my home entertainment setup.

  23. Walton Brakus

    The projector, capable of a 150-inch display, offers great value, especially when found on sale under $300. Despite the lack of auto-focus, manual adjustments are effective. A minor annoyance is a persistent notification about audio output, but it doesn’t detract from the overall satisfaction with this purchase. It ranks highly on my recommendation list, especially with promotional discounts.

  24. Stanton Boyer

    Highly Recommended

  25. Robb Block

    This is one of the best item I bought for myself. Everything about it is amazing.

  26. Wayne Dibbert

    I find this projector to be a good value for the price. It performs adequately in lit conditions but shines in the dark. There’s a small black spot at the top that becomes increasingly noticeable once you’ve seen it. The single HDMI port is a bit inconvenient, especially when switching between a Firestick and a gaming console, but as my first projector purchase, I didn’t consider HDMI ports beforehand. Overall, I’m very satisfied with my first projector experience.

  27. Jolie Sanford

    The sound quality is acceptable, the brightness is fairly good, and the remote responds well.

  28. Norma O'Hara

    Considering the price, getting HDR 10, auto-focus, and auto-keystone right out of the box is quite impressive. I also appreciated how the sound bar could be converted to tower speakers. I’ll definitely be recommending these products to my friends, especially those who are gamers or movie enthusiasts. Just plug it in, and it takes care of everything else.

  29. Elinor Boyle

    Despite some challenges activating HDR, this projector is a standout, delivering vibrant colors and a striking 4K display that far surpasses my previous projector. The visual quality, especially with games like MK1, is stunning. It’s a purchase that has greatly enhanced my viewing experience.

  30. Alena Heathcote

    Absolutely love this! The performance is stellar, and the picture quality makes you feel like you’re right in the cinema.

  31. Ima Hettinger

    The picture quality of this projector surpasses all others I’ve tried, displaying true 4K resolution and exceptional brightness. The auto features generally did the job, but I made a few manual tweaks using the remote. Having tested many projectors, I can sincerely recommend this one as my top choice moving forward.

  32. Korey Bahringer

    The image quality is excellent, and it’s very user-friendly. My grandchildren are going to adore outdoor movie nights!

  33. Raoul Schultz

    Solid construction, user-friendly interface

  34. Jordi Koepp

    The ULTIMEA Auto Focus Projector comes in a well-organized package with easy-to-follow instructions and handy storage. The autofocus works impressively across different screen distances. Although I had some issues with screen mirroring via Miracast, it might not be a flaw of the projector itself. The built-in audio is decent for small, quiet gatherings, and the USB plug-in for video playbacks adds convenience, provided you have a power source. Overall, the projector impresses with its durable build and quality components.

  35. Tyson Koch

    Works fine with my Chromecast!

  36. Lucie Gleichner

    I recently upgraded my home theater setup with this incredible piece of technology and I couldn’t be happier with the decision. The image clarity is absolutely stunning – watching movies feels like being in the cinema, with vibrant colors and crisp details. The wireless connectivity is a game-changer for me; streaming from my devices is seamless, and I love the convenience of not dealing with cables. The addition of Bluetooth functionality allows me to connect my sound system effortlessly, enhancing the audio experience significantly. It was surprisingly easy to set up, and the user interface is intuitive, making it accessible even for those who aren’t tech-savvy. This projector has truly transformed my viewing experience, making movie nights with family and friends something to look forward to

  37. Dexter Anderson

    This projector is a fantastic addition to family entertainment. It makes movies look spectacular and is a breeze to set up. Highly recommended.

  38. Tillman Ullrich

    In essence, if you’re in the market for an affordable 1080p projector with 4k upscaling capabilities, this is an unbeatable option. I also own a high-end Sony 4k projector, and while there are noticeable differences in HDR quality, brightness, and clarity, the value proposition of the Ultimea projector is exceptional.

  39. Celia Dickinson

    Goods for 5 days👌 Projector for all parameters. I use the phone to connect the tablet to the HDMI cable, it is very important.

  40. Dallin Zemlak

    High quality compared to price and delivery was very fast and the seller was helpful I recommend it

  41. Gisselle Mertz

    In my opinion-the best projector for your money. Something like this for the price I have not seen. The picture can really scale up to 4 K with the HDR on, which is not bad for this price range. But like any projector has Its but. First-there should be complete darkness in the room, then all the charms of the image will be visible on the face. Second-is it possible to play? The answer is yes! You can. But occasionally a strange bug with an input lag happens, the usual reboot of the projector helps. According to the picture, if your device supports HDR, then you will need to slightly Tinder in order to configure it, but it’s worth it. You will get excellent quality, and color rendering in such price. About watching movies-definitely 10/10, of course you shouldn’t expect much from the built-in speaker, but if you have a stereo system, you will get the very pleasure you paid for. My 9/10 estimate, taking into account its price.

  42. Matilda Marquardt

    Good project looks very good easy to install. Very happy with it

  43. Jasper Larkin

    The product is perfect image is 4 k, but the projector menu has changed and in the description is not mentioned, the rest is perfect image 4 k

  44. Marianne Kautzer

    This projector is the clear winner in its price category. I’ve compared it against six others, and it excels in smart features and ease of use, especially considering the price. The auto keystone and auto focus are particularly effective, even with an off-center setup on an inflatable screen. It’s a bit less bright compared to others in its price range, but the image quality is sharper. It’s fantastic for movie watching and even for playing certain video games on a PlayStation five. It may not rival a high-end projector, but it’s a solid choice.
    I recommend taking an anti reflective gray tarp for a top image quality.

  45. Cristopher Schaden

    Spectacular arrived on time and works very well connected to a xbox series x!!!

  46. Marguerite Schulist

    I like it very much. Well packaged wine without dents. I turned it on and it works great. Self-focus alone and the sound of the fan doesn’t bother me. It must be said that I came from a cheaper one so that was very noisy. The image quality very good. Is seen with light on in the room. I was able to hang it from the ceiling with the same system as the previous one so the suspension size is universal. A little thing that I didn’t like was that the projector in the box came with the lens cap open, plus it seems that there is an open space in the lens that connects to the interior of the projector. For me luck without dust and clean lens.

    There are miracast and other screen connection method. I didn’t test them because I use fire stick so I use all those options besides the internet from there. But it allows to connect bluetooth, wifi and others.

  47. Jerrold Kub

    The projector is not only lightweight but also robustly constructed. It feels premium, not at all like a budget option. The auto-focus and auto-keystone features are impressively accurate, though it’s best to dim the lights for optimal performance. However, manual adjustments via the remote are straightforward and precise. It supports various projection modes including rear, front, and ceiling projection. While it has smart capabilities, a streaming device like a Fire Stick might still be necessary due to unlicensed network content. The image quality is surprisingly good for its price, and it even includes a USB port for powering external devices.

  48. Beth Stokes

    Very good quality price. Impressive the quality of this projector all very good,
    The image and sharp and bright The sound and loud and crystal clear never distorts even at maximum volume, the only thing I couldn’t get HDR to work but maybe and a compatibility problem that I’m trying to solve.
    The build quality and very good I was satisfied.
    I recommend taking an anti reflective gray tarp for a top image quality.

  49. Westley Hartmann

    Very good Retro projector. I’m 1m87. Efficient Autofocus. I don’t even turn on the 75 inch TV anymore. The sound is really, really good. I turn it on mainly in the evening or during the day with the shutters closed

  50. Duane Bayer

    I’m not one to typically leave reviews, but I felt compelled to share my experience after using this projector. The picture quality blew me away, and the auto-focus feature worked flawlessly. Even though I hooked it up to my Bluetooth speaker without any trouble, the built-in speakers delivered surprisingly good sound quality. I’m really looking forward to hosting many movie nights this summer with this device.

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