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Because They're Part
of the Family...

Upgrade your LED Experience By Including a Disc For You, or Your Friends / Family's Dog..

~ DURABLE: This LED disc toy is tough and suitable even for aggressive chewers. For the pup who loves to catch and retrieve, this disk is ideal for outdoor fun for the pups!

~ QUALITY MATERIALS: Made of quality material, this toy is easy to throw far and light enough to fetch again and again.

~ LIGHTWEIGHT: Containing no stuffing, this toy is light and easy to carry for dogs of any size or age.

~ COLORFUL: This brightly colored LED toy is great for indoor and outdoor play since it stands out in the grass and is highly visible for a fun game of toss.

At our core, we stand for only giving your dogs the best.

"My lab has 45 minutes of frisbee time per day and she won't give this thing up! We have had a lot of good frisbees, but this one is the best!"
Greg L.
New York, NY

Why others love this doggy disc:

Just a doggy frisbee blooper ๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿคฃ

"My dog absolutely loves this frisbee! We purchased it 3 times for other dogs at the park. It has great distance as a frisbee. Itโ€™s pretty durable as far as dog toys go. We go through about 1 a year for a small / medium chewer. A go-to park toy weโ€™ll continue to rebuy whenever needed."
Abby J.
Austin, TX